Sleepless Night Starring Jamie Foxx

Sleepless Night Starring Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is heading back to the big screen and his latest project just could be his most thrilling yet. Cameras are set to begin rolling on the action thriller Sleepless Night and casting calls for a host of incredible roles will soon be underway. The next Jamie Foxx blockbuster is here and so too could be your shot at a star-making part.

Based on the 2011 French hit ‘Nuit Blanche’, Sleepless Night will follow undercover police officer Vincent Downs who finds himself wounded and in possession of a large amount of a powerful mob leader’s drugs after a robbery gone wrong. When the mob boss kidnaps Downs’ son in retaliation, the dirty cop has one night to return the drugs, save his son and restore some of his once good name.

Academy Award winner Foxx (Django Unchained, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Any Given Sunday) will lead the film alongside a growing cast that so far includes Golden Globe nominee Michelle Monaghan (True Detective, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane, The Birth of a Nation, Good Deeds). Swiss auteur Baran bo Odar (The Silence) will direct from a script by Andrea Berloff (Straight Outta Compton, World Trade Center) based on the story by Nicolas Saada.

Sleepless Night Starring Jamie Foxx is set to begin production very soon and casting calls for roles in this powerful action thriller will be taking place shortly. Performers of all ages will be able submit themselves for consideration for all available parts quickly so check back right here for more audition and production updates and leave a message in the area provided below and tell us what you think of the film and why you would like to be a part of the upcoming open casting calls for Sleepless Night Starring Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan and Gabrielle Union.

Are you ready to spend a Sleepless Night with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx? Your chance at roles in this outstanding new project are coming so stay tuned!

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678 Casting Responses

  1. Ryan

    Hi my name is Ryan Young and I would love the opportunity to work on this film. It sounds like it will be a success. My acting experience consist of multiple school plays and a few acting classes. It would be an honor to work on this film and to work with Jamie Foxx. Thank you.

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’8
    Eye color: brown
    Hair Color: Black

  2. Kenneth Crawley

    24 Caucasian male 6ft 200 lbs dirty blonde hair blue eyes

  3. Joseph Tolliver

    I’m Interested

  4. Dante Venafro

    Caucasian 5’9”

  5. Hannah Dunwoodie

    Hannah Dunwoodie
    Age: 15 (almost 16)
    Height: 165cm
    Brown hair
    Blue eyes
    Ethnicity: White
    Build: average
    Accent: Australian, English (all areas), American (all areas)

    I’ve basically wanted to be an actor since I was three (I know pretty much everyone has ?)
    But anyway I’m in accelerated drama at school and I’m undergoing private acting tutorials outside of school. I’m planning on studying at NIDA (National Institution of Dramatic Arts)
    I’m featured on Starnow and with the agency Talentbank.
    I’m sure you get heaps of these but hey, it’s worth a shot.
    Don’t leave me hanging ?

  6. Phoebe

    123POUND 5’5”
    My name is Phoebe Gao, I just saw youraudition, and I really want to be a part of it.

    I am almost 16 now, and live in CA. and I have been learning singing for 9 years,and dancing for 6 years. I always perform in my school’s show, and I once performed in a Chinese national TV shows called “pop stars”.

    I just wanna say that I really love acting and will be really appreciate if you
    give me this chance to perform

  7. Julia Carlson

    Julia Carlson
    50 yrs.
    African American

    I would like to be a part of this venture. The cast , the director, writer and the story; all of these put together sounds like a blockbuster. No real acting experience except for things i’ve done throughout my school years and an infomercial for a previous job but am always up for a challenge. Thanks for your consideration.

  8. Evangelo Morris II

    Hi! My name is Evangelo Morris II
    (Age) 20 (Ethnicity) African American (Height) 5′ 9″ (Weight) 154 lbs
    This movie sounds like it’s definitely going to be a thriller; I can already imagine some suspenseful scenes for Mr. Foxx! I’ve enjoyed his work all the way from “Ray” to “Django”; getting to work with him would be an honor, as with the rest of the cast as well. I believe my military experience and attraction to thriller/ action films would set me well for a part in “Sleepless Night”. This would be too fun to miss! Thank you for your time.

  9. Maxine Sears

    I am a 50 year old A/A female that has spent my life in corporate America and now want to pursue my dream.

  10. Omolade Ajayi

    Name: Omolade Ajayi
    Age: 18
    Race: African
    Height: 5’4
    Hair Color: Black
    Weight: 156

  11. Shaunte Moore

    Hello My name is Shaunte Moore, And it would be exciting, amazing and a dream come true to be in a film with great actors such as Jamie Foxx , Gabrielle Union and Michelle Monaghan.
    I am a inspiring actress and music artist.
    height 5’5
    weight 135
    African American
    Age in my 30’s but can look like I am in my 20’s
    Have some film experience
    very talented and reliable.

  12. Rachael Chapman

    Hello my name is Rachael Chapman. I love acting and doing skits for people and events in my college. I am very energetic and able to play serious roles. I’ve always dreamed of having an opportunity to be a part of a community of different talents and backgrounds. This movie sounds like it is fun and filled with comedy but also embarks meaning and purpose. I would love the opportunity to embark in this movie.
    ethnicity- African American, Puerto Rican and Irish
    Hair color- Black
    Eye color- Brown

  13. Nahomie saintfort

    Hello,my name is Nahomie Saintfort ,I am 2Oyears old and I think i will fit perfect for this movie because action thriller is my type. I love the idea of the film, I am an inspiring actress I have been to an academy school for acting for over 3 years I recently graduated . this would be a perfect start for me, I would love to get this opportunity.

    Name: Nahomie saintfort
    Ethnicity:black/African American
    Eye color:dark brown
    Location:lake worth/FL
    Hair/eye color: Brown

  14. John Pangia

    I like to audition for this production it has a great storyline and a great leading Actor to go along with it. I had a leading role in a short story as a gangster type running a gentlemen’s club. I go after a drug dealer that sold heroin to my now dead son and whack him out .I had a blast. I love to act I enjoy it. I was born and bred in NYC. I’m a Italian American with that gangster character look perfect for this production. I just recently got my SAG/AFTRA membership and I’m ready to jump into all types of exciting film roles. Well all I can say is when and were can I audition.?

  15. Deon Simmons

    Hi my name is Deon Simmons. I would love to be apart of such a great opportunity as this one. Especially being in Film School it’s nothing better than being on set. My passion is to act, being on this film will mean so much because it’s a shot for me of jump starting my career and becoming something great, such as Jamie Foxx. I know I have what it takes to drive this film forward in anyway possible and bringing energy. I’m tired of dreaming and this can be a chance to make that dream a reality. THANK YOU.

    Ethnicity – African American (Black)
    Height – 5’11
    Eye Color – Brown
    Hair – Black
    Location – Los Angeles, California

  16. James Michel

    My name is James Michel I am black, 6’0 , age 22. I don’t really know anything regarding the film, but willing to audition for it. Never acted in a movie before, but I can act.

  17. Tatmain

    Name : Tatmain

    Height: 5.7″
    Ethnicity: East Asian
    Complexion: fair
    Hair n eye color : dark brown
    Body type: slender
    Previous movies: Kandahar break , operation 21, Maalik
    ( detail available on IMDb )
    Story sounds quite interesting.. I have always had a thing for action thrillers.. Would love to launch myself in Hollywood through this interesting project .. In my opinion this sounds like a winner so I wud love b a part of it ..


    Hello, my name is Christina. The movie seems very exciting, definitely an action/thriller and hopefully a little comic relief thrown in the mix. Jamie Foxx is very talented! I would love to be apart of the making and gain the experience. I am 25 and have been acting since I was 10. I possess a lot of knowledge on acting, I can remember a script or just sit there and look pretty. I own my own business so I can be available whenever I am needed, for however long. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,
    Christina Fletcher

  19. Edward Currie Sr.

    Most intriguing story, i would love to have a role in this film.

  20. Sabrina G.

    Heyyyy, Jamie, I think the film Sleepless Night is an interesting story. I enjoy watching action-thrillers especially if it is mob-related and Jamie Foxx you always bring your A-game to every project you are connected to whether it be comedic, musical, dramatic although your first love is music. I would like to be apart of Sleepless Night because I am interested in working in film and tv as an actor and use that platform to work behind the scenes and open up opportunities for others who look like me because I never stopped dreaming.

  21. Stephanie

    My name is Maria-Stephanie Quinones I’m 20 years old Hispanic 5’2 colored eyes and I would love to be part of this. There’s so much to say about me but I would truly desire to even be an extra here would be satisfying to me or even being an intern just to be part of the team to make this film happen.

  22. Ezra Daly

    This film sounds perfect. I have a lot of experience with sleepless nights. I also have 30 years of acting experience. Hook me up!

    Thanks — Ezra

    Age: 45
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 145
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Salt-n-pepper
    Eyes: Green

  23. Jose

    My name Jose and I stand at a sturdy 5’2. I am a fan of all types of art. I have credentials in psychology and communication. Your cast would be an honor to work with. My experiences are many and applying them to your film would be a great fit and a blessing.

  24. Yajaira bash

    Available asap

  25. Kevin lopez

    Hello,my name is kevin lopez,i am 24 years old and i think i will fit perfect for this movie because action thriller is my type. The plot of the movie sounds like it would be so much fun to be apart of. I have no acting experience but i can easily get into character. I believe having an audience understanding the character is what makes for good acting and i have that quality.

    Name: Kevin Lopez
    Body type:Athletic
    Eye color:Light brown

  26. Monica Scott

    My name is Monica Scott. I am 17 years old. I am mixed ethnicity. I live in Fort Worth, Texas but am willing to travel anywhere to pursue my dreams of being an actress and singer. I love to act and sing. I want to start a career in this industry or go to college to be a performing arts major. I would love to be a part of this movie. From the looks of things I would definetly love this movie whether I am in it or not. Thank you for your time.

  27. Belindja Eustache

    My name is Belindja. I’m a 22 year old Haitian decent girl: I’m 5’9, 135 pounds. I’m optimistic, dedicated and out going. I have such a desire to learn and a committed attitude that I take with me everywhere. I’ve been watching Jamie Foxx since he had the Jamie Foxx show with Garcelle. The fact that Garcelle is also Haitian, I felt as if I was connected to it and I knew then acting, and hopefully inspire others through my work and personality, was all that I wanted to do. I do currently participate in movies in the Haitian Industry therefore it’s only local. It would be an honor, a pleasure as well to be apart of this project. I would work even harder and give it my all. I will certainly not take any of this for granted.

  28. Ashley Brown

    Hi I’m Ashley B
    I would love to play a role in this Movie;
    I’m excited, as if I’ve been called already.
    Acting comes naturally for me.
    I’m a very mature and fun
    Spirited 28 year old Black female. I always
    Get compliments on my smile and personality.
    I can play the role of another person and be able
    To gain and hold control. I Support versatility
    And I believe a role in this movie is definitely
    my calling and every Fiber of my being would
    be ecstatic and blessed to attend the upcoming
    casting call. Mrs. Union and Mr. Fox are Great,
    outstanding actors And beings and I would love to
    share my passion Of acting with them. I’m best for
    this role because I can put my soul in all that I do.
    I’d accept all opportunities without set back or delay.
    I don’t have any children of my own yet and can commit
    Self and time. Actions speak louder
    Than words and I have what it takes , respectively
    you guys just don’t know it yet.

    Sincerely Miss. B

  29. Jamica Lee

    Ethnicity: african american/black
    Gender: female
    Eye/hair color: black

    I am an aspiring actress! I am very talented and happy spirited person. I auditioned for disney and made it but i had a mom that wanted me to focus on school before anything. I love and need to become a star! Yes I am very different from many others but thats what makes me unique. My personality,facial expressions, and smile always win the heart of someone. I would love to be apart of this film!

  30. Amber bynum

    hello my name is amber I love to model, act, dance, and sing. I’ve danced for 11 years, modeled for 4 years. and I’ve always wanted to show my acting to the world its my dreams dream. I would love to see and meet everyone I will be working with, and have the chance to show the art of acting to the world. and I always wanted to get the chance to travel the world and do what I love to do. I really want to show my acting not in just a tiny phones camera in performing arts at school but in a real movie film camera where the world will see, IM READY. I hope I make it and I hope I see you all soon thank you so much

  31. Joe hibbard

    Gender: Male
    Elthicity: white
    Hight: 5’3
    Weight: 110
    I have been acting for several years and I have made several movies in school and we’re in a bunch of plays and musicals. I have even writen my own movie script. I have always been the star of the movies I’ve made and always stole the laughs in the plays.

  32. Ashley

    Ashley groves
    Multi racial
    Brown hair and brown eyes

    I am 23 years young! I am moving to California from Vermont and want to try something new. I’m young and exciting I work well with others. I love a good challenge and would love the opportunity to be a part of this movie! I love to travel and can adapt very easily! I hope that you will consider me when making the selection for the movie!

  33. Roxanne Meyer

    I’d love the opportunity to pay a part in Jamie Foxx next “Big Hit”!  
    Action can only be played by those willing to take action and since that’s the story of my life I’m not short on filling the bill for what you may need. 
    Life has a way of getting off track such as this film portrays.  My life over the past year and a half has done the same.  I believe that if we can take bad situations as this movie portrays and change the outcome then our own life has the same chance of making a bad situation better in some way.  Living out loud is better than living in silence!  
    Happy Acting All! Respectfully,  RM

  34. Alina

    I would love to be in the movie to challenge myself and prove I can do something totally different and do it good!

  35. jeff

    I would like to audition just to see if I have what it takes.i’ve always wanted to try acting.

  36. Kristina Karpechenkova

    20 years old
    Originally Russian, studied acting for film in LA
    Blond-brown short hair
    Blue eyes
    115 lb
    Act, stunts, sing, dance

    Kristina Karpechenkova

  37. Harry

    I would love to be in your film
    I am 18 years old white male
    and have been acting for years doing panto ( in the last one I was a dame for Cinderella ) and took performing arts as a double award GCSE
    So I know all of my terminology
    But I would really love to do some screen acting.

  38. Paul Hkyet

    I’d love to work on this film. Contact me at my email that I’ve submitted through my application.
    I have no experience and will play as almost anything. Thank you.

  39. Johnny

    Name: Johnny
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’08
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Race: Caucasian

  40. ola hoskins

    I am outgoing and will like to leave present field. I take directions well, on time and like to be 100 percent on top at all times.
    I would love to work with Jaime Foxx, I actually met him 20 years ago in Phoenix at all star weekend. We chatted for a minute and he thought I was quite funny with the come back line ” oh no i do not want any of the easy Jesus” LOL. He is so funny but a business man, I love this mans vibe and at this point in my life I want to be happy and follow my dream of acting.

  41. Michael

    Name: Michael
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’10
    Body type: Athletic
    Weight: 167lbs
    Ethnicity: Black
    Location: Jacksonville, Fl

    I am merely taking a chance with a door that was presented to me. I’ve taked drama and acting classes during my years of high school and that alone opened doors to me modeling. I shot with many photographers for various shoots that require different character personas. Modeling has opened a door into the fitness industry for me. I’ve competed for 2 years in OCB natural and NPC mens physique category and placed in a few shows. I am also a hip-hop dance choreographer and have been for the past 9 years. I have danced along the side of Dave Scott, Chuck Maldonado, Ceasare Willis (Tight Eyez-Creator of Krump Dance), Adam Sevani (moose from step up), Debbi Allen and a few more. I am in School for Chemistry and Biomedical Science, but would also like to kick this door down that God has brought to me. I believe I have what it takes.

  42. Jemala Mabone


    My name is Jemal Mabone. I am an inspiring actress who is looking to gain more experience. Being apart of this movie would give me that chance to challenge myself as an actress. The movies plot is action packed, with multiple possibilities to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Thriller brings in an aspect of realism, that allows the audience to relate and or questions actions within the film. Furthermore, I would be honored to be apart of this film.

    Name: Jemala Mabone
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 129
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair color: Balck
    Eye color: brown

  43. David Liu

    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 195
    Hair/eyes: black/brown

    Pure raw talent. Will amaze if given the chance. Thank you

  44. Larry Lindsey Jr.

    Hello, Im Larry Lindsey Jr. I love to act. I would love to be apart of this project

  45. Terrell

    Jamie Foxx great actor ofcouse who wounld wamt to work with him.From what I’ve read this movie seems to be right up my alley.I have no actual acting experience but would like to take part if possible.
    Age 19
    Gender Male
    Height 5’7
    Skin Brown
    Hair black-brown afro
    Weight 130

  46. Jeremy Horton

    I am a fan of the actors and actresses in this film and the project sounds fantastic. I’m eager to advance my career and start acting at a higher level. I believe I’d be right at home in a project like this and I’m prepared to give it my all. Also, though largely unlearned, I am a fan of French cinema. I look forward to the opportunity to become a part of this film.

  47. tyla savage

    would honestly be the luckiest girl ever,
    I love acting, ive done drama for 3 years studying acting and role playing, ive been dreaming of an acting career ever since I was 11.
    I have done many of school plays and public functions, and would love for this to become a true dream. I love being around people, I love laughing, I’m so outgoing and just get along with everyone. ive modelled many times and hve become so comfortable with people I don’t know
    thankyou x
    Age: 16
    Height: 154
    Body type: Athletic
    Weight: 54 kgs
    Race: Black

  48. Kaci Wright

    The movie sounds great! Hello my name is Kaci Wright, I am 17 years old from upstate New York. I am very interested in acting and I put 100% effort in anything I do! I am a 5’7″ brunette with a curvy body type. I would love to get a chance to step outside my comfort zone and move forward with my acting career. Hope to hear back! Thank you

  49. Demetrice Byrd

    Hi there, my name is Demetrice Byrd I would love an opportunity to audition for this upcoming film. It sounds very interesting and my favorite entertainer is starring Mr. Jamie Fox. I am as well as he a comedian, comical actress, as well as a dramatic actress. I’m great at psychotic roles as well. My phone number is 706 558 2106. Thank you

  50. Valerie


    My name is Valerie, I speak FRENCH
    Height : 5’1
    Age: 31
    Ethnicity :black
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color : brown

  51. Steve Fuller

    I’m 25 with distinctive features able to look 20-30. I’ve been in countless theatre plays, but began looking for screen work last week. I’m 6’2, mild tan with an athletic build. I recently became whole hearted in pursuing acting as a career, stepping away from my business career. I doubt this even is read as I am just now researching where to begin finding work. I have had three agents recently ask to represent me but have not yet felt comfortable with any. I am able to submit photos at your convenience and would be greatful for any inquiry on who I am and what talents I may offer.

  52. Robert Monoson

    Currently working on – Live by Night – as a combative rum runner extra in Ben Affleck’s new prohibition-era epic drama. My filming should wrap by mid-November.

    I am eager and hungry for more work. I am extremely dependable, I work hard, and I have very good reviews from my casting and fellow peers. I would love to be able to contribute in a speaking role, just looking for a chance. Thanks for any considerate.

    Mature, WM, 44 years old, very physically fit, 5’10, athletic. Full thick head of dark brown hair, brown/green eyes. Currently reside in Jacksonville, Fl. Can travel to casting calls or filming.

  53. Shakira Jones

    Hey Jamie! I call myself the female version of You and Kevin Hart. I’m caring, thoughtful, very funny (well that’s what they tell me), and loving. When it’s time to get serious, I’m that person too. So I like the concept of your action thriller “Sleepless Nights”! I hope you have a go-hard role for me to do if I make it. Never act before but since I’m funny and like to play roles for instance the movie “Friday”, acting like Smokey. Trust me you’ll love me. Always dream of becoming a actor and why not start with one the best actors/singer ( know most of your songs. Play CD almost everyday) out here Mr. Jamie Foxx himself. Would be a dream come true!!! Much love.

    My Name: Shakira Jones
    Age. : 33
    Height. : 5’2
    Weight: : 170 pds. of sexy
    Eyes. : Dark Brown
    Hair. : Dark Brown ( change color in the summer)
    Ethnicity : Black

  54. Priyanka Prasad

    Age: 22
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Ethnicity: East Indian and Guyanese
    Hair: Dark
    Eyes: Chocolate brown

    I always love watching his movies and I think the opportunity to be in one would be spectacular!

  55. Jadalynn Thomas

    Hello! My name is Jadalynn! I am an African American 12 years old female, 105 lbs and have a very bubbly personality. I am an aspiring actress who would love to share the movie screen with any of the characters in this movie. I have done several auditions including comedic and dramatic monologues along with auditions for commercials. This opportunity would be fantastic and a great start to doing what I absolutely love to do- ACT! I have participated in an acting class on camera called Cast Kids with Shauna Bartel in Orlando, Florida. This class has helped me to learn how to relax and be myself on camera along with just having fun. I would love this opportunity to show you that I will work hard and be the very best “Me”!

  56. Aia

    Hi, my name is Aigerim. I’m 29 years old and I’m from Kazakhstan, but now live in NYC. It will be honour to me acting with most talented and extraordinary actor like Jamie Foxx in such an amazing upcoming film!

  57. Eric

    Age: 37, i look like i’m 30
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 140
    Race: Asian
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Athletic built, strong work ethics

  58. Brianna Wells

    I’m just a 22 year old, small town girl from Dallas, Texas. I could write an entire paragraph explaining why I would be the perfect person to cast for a role in this film, but I won’t. I’m not perfect, but I do know what I want to do in life and that is to act. To help show people that dreams can come true. I want people to feel what the characters are feeling and hopefully make the members of this cast Oscar Award winners. Acting is all I have, it’s all I want. I would do it for free. If you give me this chance you will not be let down. That’s a guarantee.

  59. Derrick Eleazer

    My daughters 13 very pretty long hair she’s very upspoken and eager to begin a career in acting. She love Jamie Foxx and will be a great fit if one is needed at her age

  60. Kiaya Davis

    I would love to work for and learn from Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx, I’m very teachable and want to learn more. I’m 9 years old , black female, natural/wavy/curly hair.
    Please give my mom a call if you have any question 501-690-3929

  61. Tiffany

    I think the film has a chance at being the next big thing!

    I can guarantee, giving someone like me, A mixed American Female 27, Little Chunky with a authentic personality a chance… oh yeah, we’ll definitely OWN it!

  62. jas wilkes

    I’m an African American male, 34 yrs old.. This year I did the jfk movie 11/22/63, and played a male nurse in queen of the south. And playing a historic slave figure in stealing America. I’m versified and very dedicated

  63. Marcus McCreary

    The role is perfect for me. Coming from the projects of Florida and experiencing the life of this movie makes me perfect. I am 6 ft. tall 200lbs. black male, I am a veteran and I am also a motivational/inspirational speaker and have been acting for 2 decades.

  64. Orintia Daniels

    Sleepless Night sounds like an amazing movie! This movie seems that its based on temptation, a feeling that every human being goes through. I would love to be a part of this movie, as a 21 year old African American Female I’m under so much pressure based on what society view me as. I would love to be a part of a movie where so many great actors, and actresses will be a part of.

  65. Matt

    Hello, I’m Matt. I am 20 years old and i am 6 ft. and 2 inches tall. I would love to get a chance at being an extra or apart of the cast even. From man eating sandwich #1 to Robert i feel i can deliver whatever role thrown at me

  66. Daniel Chachanashvili

    This is totally a Jamie Foxx type of film. I think this will turn out to be a very well made adaptation. I see this as something that will get me the experience that I need and push me over the edge to where i can finally do something I am good at.

  67. Jessica Armstrong

    Hello my name is Jessica and i am asking to be in this movie. I have a lot of experience in acting. I’ve been acting since i was 10. Seeing that me and Jamie Foxx are both African-American people it can be a win win for me. I love acting deeply. I’m only 16 but i’ve been acting since i was 10 at a performing arts school. The only one in my county of North Carolina. It’s been a dream of mine. I pray for this moment so many times, and i also cried and i love inspiring others to do the same. I may be young, but it’s a lot in me. I can be perfect for a role.

  68. Vallery

    My name is Vallery , I live in Miami, FL. I am Latina, 5/3 and 130lbs. Brown eyes and hair. I am 27. I would like an opportunity to be in this movie.

  69. triplethreatboy

    I would love to be a part of this film. I’m a fan of Mr. Foxx’s work and it would be pretty amazing to work with him. I have acting experience through theatre, film and commercials. I have done plenty of local productions and would like to take my career to the next stage. I would be so blessed to be selected for this film production.

    Age: 13 (almost 14)
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 125
    Hair Color: Brown, shaggy
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

  70. Valarie Griffin

    Hello, all I ask is a chance. I’m not the prettiest, I use to have a body of 19 year old athlete and don’t have any acting experience but what I do have is the ability to follow instructions a dedicated and hard worker and very ambition. I never quit. Thank you for any opportunity.

  71. Enau Solis

    I think the movies plot is sounds pretty good because it deals with temptation. Something we all go through on a daily basis. In this case the dirty cop officer Vicent Downs is tempted with drugs or and the value of drugs over his son, now that’s deep! I mean any man in their right mind will easily return the drugs for the love of his son but it seems like this character is so shady he is contemplating wether he should return the drugs or not. They say you will know the true man when given power so in this film you will see just that.
    I would like to be part of this film because i think it will be cool for my family to see me in a movie. You guys didn’t ask for details about my look or age but I’m a naturally red headed, weight 160 and 34 yrs young ?. I look like I’m Irish but both my parents are from Mexico unless i was adopted ? If you want or need further details about myself just let me know and i will gladly let you know. Until then you guys have a bless time. ✌

  72. Michael redmond

    Hi my name is Michael Redmond. I would very much like to play in this movie it sounds fun and full of action thats my kind of movie. I havent had anytime on set with anything yet but i can give my word that i wont give you guys anything short of my best. Acting is something that i could see myself being one of the best at. When i hear action! Ima make it do what it do baby. Thanks for reading. Now i dont have have alot of ways of contact yet but via phone or facebook. Im praying that someone can get in touch with me. I would be honered to work with one of the great actors of our day Jamie foxx. I can see it now!

    Name: Michael Redmond
    Age: 24
    Height: 6’3
    Body type: Athletic
    Weight: 186lbs
    Race: Black
    Location: Pearl, Ms
    Contact info: /Facebook. (Michael G Redmond) / cell. 601.383.8187

  73. Cheyenne

    I’m a 20 year old girl with acting experience. 5 feet 3 inches, long brown hair, hazel eyes, 150lb and I live in Austin. I’ve been in looking to get out of theater and into movies and t.v shows. I hope you give me a chance.

  74. Josh Mast

    My name is Josh Mast i am 18 years old being part of this movie would give me a chance to expand my skills as an actor not only that but it would also give me a chance to become a better person. i have some experience when i was young and I’ve been in plays before. I am 5’2 and i am willing to take on any challenges that comes my way as an actor

  75. Beverly Ortiz

    Age: 24
    Ethnicity:black/African American
    Hair/eye color: black

    I am an inspiring actress. I have been to Barbizon school and have done both acting and modeling. I have been in plays in school and church where I’ve been casted as lead. I’ve been dreaming of an acting career since middle school and I am completely ready and committed to start making my passionate dream a reality. To be able to come out yourself and become anyone you want is something that excites me. I love to have people believe the pain, the joy, the drama, the realism of whatever character I become.