Sinister 2 - Movie

Sinister 2 – Movie

Horror films have shocked, frightened and transfixed audiences for generations and every once in a while one comes along that truly makes it’s mark. In 2012 that film was Sinister starring Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke and now shooting is set to begin on another chilling chapter of this unforgettable story. Casting calls for several roles in Sinister 2 are being held and aspiring actors can submit themselves for consideration.

Sinister followed followed Hawke’s novelist character as he moved himself and his family into a house that he believed to be haunted in order to make it the subject of his next true crime writings. Once there he and his unsuspecting family got much more than they bargained for and audiences around the world were enthralled. Sinister 2 will take place in the aftermath of the horrific events of first movie and will find

a mother moving her twin 9 year old sons into a new rural home and uncovering an evil lying within. This fantastic follow up will feature an exciting cast that includes Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight’s Tale, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, How to Make It in America), Tate Ellington (The Walking Dead, The Invention of Lying, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23), James Ransone (Broken City, Treme, The Wire), Nicholas King (Paranormal Activity 3, The Green Hornet, The Fantastic Four), Delphine Pontvieux (Chicago Fire, The Mob Doctor, LOL) and Lea Coco (J. Edgar, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Southland). More roles are still available for up and coming performers and casting is happening now.

Casting calls for the highly anticipated sequel Sinister 2 are happening now and will continue throughout production. Auditions are being held for a number of different roles of all sizes for actors of all types and ages. Interested performers can head here for more casting and shooting information. We will be posting more updates as we get them so check back for more details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this project and why you want to be involved in the casting calls for Sinister 2.

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  1. Talique Metz

    I’ve been a fan of horror movies. Especially the Halloween series and The Woman in Black. Sinister was the scariest film in 2012 no doubt. And I think it’d be great to be part of a horror film.

  2. Rosalind Cavallaro

    Musical Theatre graduate LIU Post. 22. 5’6″. Curly golden brown hair. Have taken TV/Film acting classes and have on-screen experience. I am a pleasure to work with (if I do say so myself) and I take direction very well.

  3. Aushahn Chung

    Hello, I’m Aushahn Chung originally from New Zealand but i’m now living in Western Australia.

    The reason I would like to participate in this project is because I’ve been watching horror movies ever since I was a child! I’m a horror movie fanatic! I’m not going to lie, I don’t have much experience in acting but i’ve been taking acting classes (which are great) I’m also taking up drama classes at school. I’ve been told ever since I was little that I should go into acting and I haven’t really though about it until last year or so. Since then i’ve been researching and researching on how to be a better actor. Being in this film could get me into some other big movies and really get my name out and that would be appreciated a lot. I’m with just being an extra too. Please get back to me when you can, please and thank you.

    Name : Aushahn Chung
    Gender : Female
    Age : 16
    D.O.B : June 25 1998
    Location : WA, Australia
    Height : 5’4″
    Eye Colour : Brown
    Hair Colour : Dark brown
    Nationality : New Zealand

    Contact :
    (I’m also trying to do FX makeup so maybe just seeing the makeup would be alot of help too)

  4. JB

    I am looking to have fun to bring life to the movie!
    About me: I am 5’5 female
    Have had the opportunity to model in the past.
    Currently into cross fit exercise, very friendly, happy to assist.
    I love watching movies and growing up with people who are now professionals in that industry makes me want to be apart of the industry. I am exotic looking, charismatic, sing, play the piano, and can follow directions. I am really ecstatic to have the opportunity to submit a chance to be apart of the selection process regardless of the outcome.

  5. Amanda Nolasco

    Name: Francine Amanda Nolasco
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: unknown at the moment .
    Talent: singing, and acting

    Hi, My Name Is Francine. Everyone calls me by my middle name which is Amanda 🙂
    I’ve been looking for a chance to audition for any type of role in a tv show or movie ever since I was younger. I started searching for roles to audition for at the age of 12. I knew way before the age of 12 that acting would be something I can see myself doing and enjoy doing it at the same time. I haven’t been able to audition for roles I’ve applied for because I had to be a paying member or something like that. :/
    It has always been my dream to become an actress 🙂
    I have been in beginners drama class and in advanced dramas class. I’m quit familiar with acting and what I am supposed to do. I would like the chance to atleast be contacted and given some information on how I would be able to audition or if there are other auditions for any other roles. I just wan to be given a chance 🙂 I am very confident in my acting and I am hoping to be contacted 🙂

  6. Kennedy Harris

    My name is Kennedy Harris, im 18 years old. Im 5″5 with an hour glass shape and green eyes. Ive never acted before, by you could send me a script and have me recite it via video. Just looking for an opportunity to get myself out there. Thanks

  7. Kearstyn Jones

    I would love to be in this movie. I’m 17, blonde, and female. I really liked the first movie and I think I could be a really fantastic actor for this film. Please consider me.

  8. Sophie Smith

    Hello! My name is Sophie Smith and I am 16 years old (17 on the 27th January). I believe I should be considered for a part because I am a dedicating performer in acting singing and dancing. In addition I am studying performing arts at college. i am interested in all genres of the industry which will give me more experience as well as the enjoyment factor of it all. It has always been my dream to be a part of this exciting industry and to even be considered would be an honor.

    A little bit about me:
    -I am 5’2″
    -dirty blonde/brown hair
    -big hazel eyes
    -Enlgish but can do some accents including American, Australian and others on request

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you

  9. Ciarra Page

    I’m 17 years old will be 18 in June. I would love love love to be apart of the Sinister 2 cast. I am very interested. Please email me! Thank you

  10. valentina medina

    hi my name is valentina medina
    ever since i was a little girl anbout 3 years old i will watch horror movies with my dad, my dad said i loved them and it will be an awesome experience to actually live that if anything contact me to this email

  11. Makenna Lytle

    I’m Makenna Lytle and iv’e been interested in being in a horror movie ever since I started watching them (2 years ago). I’m 13 and blonde and I am short and i could pass as maybe an 11 year old if you need that. I couldn’t pass as 10 or under but could pass as 11-14 from what other directors from tryouts have told me. I have tried out for an episode of icarly once, and they picked 3 people including me but they ended up wanting $1, 250 just for lessons, therefore i wasn’t able to do it. But the people judging us did say i had a lot of potential and that I was very good at listening to the directions that i was given which is why they had picked me. they also told me, to try again to get into a commercial or anything. I love the first sinister and I am extremely interested in being in the sequel. 🙂

  12. Jasmin Garner

    I’m Jasmin Garner I would love to be apart of a horror film. I have a passion for acting and have been acting and performing my entire life. I would love to take part in any productions. I have the heart and commitment for television acting and performing.

  13. Howard Campbell

    I should be considered because I WILL MAKE YOU MONEY and I am a very talented young man. I’m black and Hispanic and 5’7″. Please, you won’t regret giving me a chance. My face is pretty I’ve been told

  14. Charlotte Whitely

    Hey I’m 15 and I want to do this. But I want more info. So can you at least e mail me some more info.

  15. cedric wesley


    My name is Cedric Wesley. I have attached a couple of pictures of myself to this email. I’m 29, an athletic black 6 foot 4, 200 pound male that would love the opportunity to act. I live in the famous Willachoochee Georgia “Cedric The Entertainer” always says he’s from. I’m from palm beach county Florida, (all my family is from Willachoochee Georgia though). I was always the front runner for plays and talent shows in elementary school, ( I played co-lead role “Henry” in a play and book called “The Boxcart Children” which was very fun and my best performance in which we performed 3 different times for K to 2nd graders, 3rd to 4th graders, and 5th graders in elementary,( I was in the 3rd grade). When I walk into a building, I’m always the center of attention without even talking, I’m serious, (See it for yourself). I’m used to being in front of big crowds due to my MBA (Powerpoints), Bachelor in Business (Presentations), and sports (Basketball and Football). I haven’t been able to find my way into the corporate world, for some strange reason, which I think it’s a sign for me to do something else. I have exhausted all my resources trying to work a 9 to 5 and trying to find a business type of job. Acting is something I loved to do when I was young but never thought it could be a career for me because I was focused on playing basketball. Now, because I really need a job, I had to think way back into my childhood to see what I was really good at and acting was it and is something I want to pursue. I’m one of the hardest workers you will meet, a quick/fast learner and very persistent. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and want a chance to act. Give me a chance!!


  16. Romeo Garibaldi

    Im 17 and live in California. I’ve taken a couple acting classes. I’ve always been interested in horror films. Please let me know

    Ethnicity: Mexican & Sicilian
    Gender: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair: black
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 160
    Nationality: American

  17. Betsi zelaya

    Hi my name is Betsi , I dedicate myself to theater and acting . This would be an opportunity to show people my talent of performance . I am hard worker and comfortable around others and accustomed to my self to my surroundings . I am currently in theater in my high school . I have been taught theater by my acting teachers wich are professionals . They highly get me in my character mode
    I am Brunette
    I am Hispanic /European
    5’6 ft
    Weight 129
    This would an experince that nobody will regret casting me

  18. Dilara Erkoc

    Hello from Switzerland!
    Name: Dilara Erkoc
    Age: 15 soon 16 ( 19.02.1999 )
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Clothing: 10 and 12
    Hobbys: YouTuber; ChunkyDough and Acting School

    My biggstes dream is to play in a movie or serie, but now I work in a Hospital and that makes me really sad, bc I really want to be a actress! So I hope you give me a chance, if you want I like to make a E-Casting.

  19. Briana Lee

    Hey there! I’m Briana, 14, living in Dallas, TX. I’ve got dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and I’m 5’2. I’d say I’m very competitive, dedicated, and hard working. I’m not afraid of trying new things and very confident. Oh, and also, I’m great at being dramatic (ask my mom, she can’t stand it).
    Anyway, I’ve always really taken an interest in acting but never took so much action. I used to take acting workshops at KD Studio for a while and my mom has been looking back into them since I’ve decided it’s something I would really enjoy doing again. I guess you could say I’ve done practice by myself, as well. Nothing big, just made short films on iMovie, which doesn’t mean anything. Also, I’ve been to a casting call in Dallas a few years back for something that had to do with Disney Channel (which I barely remember anything about), and got a call back. I was probably only 9 or 10. I’ve taken a speech class which was VERY beneficial, have spoken in front of a couple of audiences, been in a few plays as one of the main characters so I’m comfortable in those sort of positions.

    That’s it, I believe. Thank you for taking your time to read and please get back to me if you’d like to! 🙂

  20. Tessa Mateer

    Hi, I’m Tessa Mateer, I’m 17 years old and have acting experience and currently living in Arizona, but can travel!
    I have the following features:
    height: 5 foot 6 inches
    hair: medium length, auburn
    race: Caucasian
    eyes: brown/hazel
    weight: 125

  21. Alissia

    hi! my name is Alissia and i have 14 years old and I am french but don’t worry I speak english and spanish .I live in miami in weston. I would appreciate to particiapte on this horror movie because I love horror movie and when i watch Sinister for the first time I was really scared but I love the story !! And all my life I dream to be an actress , so please give a chance .
    Sometimes with my friends we creat horror movie and they told me that I can play in an horror movie because I make them feel scared =p .Well sorry I don’t know what say more but if u choose me you can have chance to know me more ahah. So please give me a chanceee.

  22. Gavin McNeely

    Hello my name is Gavin Ray McNeely. I live in Eldorado Springs, Missouri. I am 15 years old. I am not going to tell you about all of the plays I’ve been in or how good i am. Just about who I am: I love horror movies and action movies, and I plan to go to Julliard when i get out of high school so that i can be an actor. I would love to be in this movie just as much as everyone else that are sending in the these messages. My talents are singing, acting and running. Thank You for looking at my message

    Hair color: black
    Height:: 5 ’10
    Age:15 years old
    Birthday: November 10

  23. Natalie Cervantes

    Name: Natalie Cervantes
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’2
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair : ombre , but originally Brown
    currently in Modeling school.
    Location : Northern California
    Hello, My name is Natalie and i would like to be interested for this because only god knows if this would be the start of my career. I want to prove my family, especially the ones who think i can’t do this amazing career. I am currently 15 years old and next year i will be 16. I am not shy to speak in front of a group of people or none of that type of stuff. i like being an outgoing person and speak when i am spoken to. i would just love to be part of this movie so i can prove my parents wrong (: if you are reading this thank you for your time on reading this.
    Thank you once again and have a GREAT DAY ! (:

  24. Alexis Hudson

    Well, let’s start by saying I’m a city girl with Hollywood dreams. And Sinister is only the beginning. I’m 17 years old a Sr. in high school. Acting is just one of the things I’ve always dreamed of. I have multiple personalities that can be good and useful for any project; I’ve always been a one of a kind character. I’m truly easy to get along with, energetic, uplifting and I stay with a smile on face, so do the people around me

  25. Kimberly mejias

    To whomever it may concern,
    My name is Kimberly Mejias. I am a hispanic woman, 19 years of age and have taken four years of theatre. During that time I participated in roles as an actress in various musicals and plays and developed to become a stage manager as well. My current hobbies are cooking and following my four year psychology degree at the University of South Florida. I would appreciate to be working by the side of very talented actors and actresses. I would love to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Ms. Kimberly Alexa Mejias

  26. madison

    im 15 and 5’4 and I’ve always dreamed of being a big star and sinister is one of my fav horror movies i always get scared when i watch it and i would love to be apart of the great film work you have done.

    ethnicity is white
    gender is female
    i swim and competitive cheer
    i love to get scared

  27. nastassja vargas

    Hi. My name is nastassja Vargas and I’m a 19 year old single parent. I think doing this would benefit me and my daughter. I would love to participate in this movie, I’m willing to do anything. I’m also great with directions and instructions, and I really love horror movies. Please let me know, thank you 🙂

  28. Ana Diaz

    I’ve been working really hard on my acting and have been to an audition and if you give me a chance on a role for this movie I promise you would not be disappointed. I’ve seriously put a lot of time into the acting business and I would love to be part of this movie.
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown/Long
    Height: 5’2
    Wieght:114 lbs
    Nationality: United States of America

  29. Kylie Short

    Hi, my name is Kylie Short and I am a 17 year old in love with acting.I am 5’4 and no more than 110 pounds. I have naturally brown hair and blue eyes. I have had many acting experiences and have portrayed many different emotions. I connect to every emotion! I have a love for acting whatever character it may be! I am easy to work with and very high spirited!

  30. Taylor

    This movie sounds really good. I would love to audition for this. Please email me if you would like some info about me!

  31. kayla white

    my name is kayla and im in love with horror films literally thats all i watch i could watch them all day everyday i watch the first siniter and it scard me to death i loved it. acting is my life.i dont want to be an actor just for the fame and money. i wanna go cause i enjoy doing it and i wanna do it for the rest of my life!
    hieght: 5’2
    ethnicty:mixed (african-american\white)
    even during my free time i get scripts from online and
    act them out.

  32. Jacky Ramirez

    Hello my name is Jacky Ramirez and I would love to be a part of this movie! I had always love to watch horror movies and dreamed to be in one. I would bring my positive attitude to the set every day. I would be very responsible and do what I am told! I have experience from my local theatre and when I was in elementary school I did a couple of plays. It would be an honor to be a part of this movie and I would be thankful and appreciative in any role that I get. Thank you so much for reading this it is very much appreciative. Email me for any further questions about myself.
    14 years old
    15 in February 16, 2015
    Brown curly hair with straight fringe bangs (I straighten my hair)
    Dark brown eyes
    95 pounds
    Mexican- American

  33. Janelle Marie

    Hello my name is Janelle Marie Lara,
    I am Latin & White. I look good with these 3 different colored hairs red, brown or black. I know Spanish and a bit of sign language.
    I’m 16 years old
    127 lb

  34. Kelvin

    Hey my is Kelvin I am 18 and I think this is a great opportunity to be apart of this movie, I have been an extra for a few shows such as revolution and the upcoming show American crime.
    Height- 6’1
    Weight- 150
    Hair- Short Black
    Race- Caucasian/African American

  35. Stephanie Trevor Alyssa Baylee

    Any of us would love the opportunity to be a part of Sinister 2 for obvious reason’s. Please take a look at our site which includes everything from head shot’s, reels and Bio’s. Thank you .

  36. Nathaly Garcia

    Hi everyone, I’m Nathaly I’m 16 years old and soon turning 17 on January 8th. I just loved the first movie and would die to be on the second movie. Please contact me (:
    Thank you

  37. Michelle

    Would love the oppurtunity to act or at least try to!!! ; ).
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dirty Blonde w/ auburn tent.(long length) Will cut if needed!!
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 115
    Skills: Whatever is needed.

  38. Sierra Collins

    Hello, my name is Sierra and I am 13 years old and currently in grade 8.
    I can dance, I have been dancing for just over 5 years now.
    I am from canada.
    I have long wavy dirty blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.
    I am thin (skinny).
    I am 5′ 7.
    I am enthusiastic and am always smiling

  39. Abby Whisman

    i love these types of movies and watch them all of the time. i also, as being a dancer, would be able to do any exorcism parts in the movie.

  40. Arianna Herron

    My name is Arianna. I am 5’3″, thicker build, long brown hair, brown eyes. I have wanted to act since I was a little girl and never really had the chance to make my dreams come true. I would absolutely love to be considered for this film, even as an extra. I would be happy with anything just to get my foot in the door and learn a few things about what it takes to make a great film. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  41. Henry Robinson

    Always been a fan of scary movies I’d love to have a role in one
    5’11 athletic African American 19 Male

  42. Matthew Moreno

    Name: Matthew Moreno
    Age: 15
    Sex: Male
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 6′
    Weight: 148
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Hi, I’m Matthew I’m 15 years old I would absolutely love to be apart of this coming move Sinister 2. It’s is my dream to become an actor and model and I think this would be a great experience and opportunity for someone like me who loves horror and thriller movies. I am in love with the first Sinister. I would enjoy being involved with the cast and play a role in the second Sinister. I will put 100% effort in this if I get chose to be in this movie. I’m very nice, outgoing, and open to anything. I’m also confident, responsible, and very trustworthy. Whatever role you give me to play I will make the best of it. I hope you pick me and get back to me soon! Thank you

  43. Amanda Lynne

    I’m intrigued and All in for this screening!!! Email for more personable info

  44. Thomas Delose

    I am not expecting much more than an oputunity to see what happens. I don’t watch these types of movies usually so I haven’t seen it. Before staying home I worked in sales 5yr, management 4yr and security in sobe 1yr. I have a great deal of patience, an open ear and a selective tongue.

    Male 30
    hair multi/some grey
    Weight 192
    height 72″
    Hazel eyes
    awesome freckles
    left shoulder Jesus on a cross covered with shirt
    right shoulder pit bull with southern underneath it. Covered with shirt.

  45. Hanna L Sotolongo

    I would love to be involved in Sinister move to because I love horror story’s and I am in love with the first sinister. I would enjoy being involved with the cast and play a role in the second move. I am a actress that can not sing! I will always try my hardest and I am 12 years old if you are looking for someone young. I hope you get back to me. Thank You for this wonderful opportunity.

  46. Ashley osborne

    Hi! My name is Ashley and it is of course like most peoples Dream to be an actor/actress. I’m 26 years old with no kids so I would solely devote all my time to this project. I could be an amazing part of your team! Thank you for even reading my message if you did! I will have my fingers crossed!
    26yrs old
    132 lbs
    Mixed race black and white

  47. Krista Blundell

    Hiya, I’m Krista and I’m 15 turning 16 next year in April, I have brown hair, blue eyes and I’m 5ft 1 and weigh 7st 8lbs. I absolutely love horror movies. Horror or Thriller has to be my favourite genre. Being apart of something big like this would be an absolute dream! I’d love to be involved in scary things. I’m a dancer but I do like pranking friends so scare them! Sinister has to be in my top 10 horror movies. I put 100% effort into anything I do and I’m a selfless person. I’m known to be bubbly, wild and sometimes loud. I’m not the most confident person but I will try anything new. I take drama as a GCSE so I do have a little acting experience but not the best. Any role would be the best! Thank you

  48. Chance Muscianese

    Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 175
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    Comfortable with anything. Trying to get my foot in the door. Would rather audition than give reasons to be considered.

  49. Ryan Rodriguez

    I don’t have the most experience but in the past year I’ve been in 8 on stage performances and I’ve been wanting to move towards film. I’ve modeled and taken 3 acting classes and one was a professional commercial and film class. I have so much passion towards acting and I’m pretty comical 🙂 …
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 135
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

  50. Ryan Rhodes

    Hello, I am a 19 year old male named Ryan Rhodes and I enjoy movies.The music, atmosphere, cinematography, the acting, the sets and just over all the world it creates. In fact one of my favorite horror movies as of late has been Sinister. Here are something I’m sure you want to know.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 167
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Light Brown and Long ( to shoulder blades )
    Location: Wichita Falls, TX ( will travel if necessary )
    Skills: Guitarist, Painter, Prop maker, Voice actor, Concept artist, Writer, Cameraman, and Script checker and/or supervisor

    Hope I can hear from you soon. I can’t wait for the movie


  51. Jennifer Peters

    Im very interested in print modeling, commercials, voiceovers etc. I have been trying to get into it for a while now. Since I was a kid. I stopped for a little because I got into a motorcycle accident and gained a little weight. I would like to get back into it and follow my dreams. Thank you for your time

    Jennifer Peters
    Height 5’ 4”
    Hair brown
    Eyes brown
    Shoe 7.5
    Photo/Video Shoot Tv commercial, Tv32 WMOR, 2009
    Photo shoot, American model and talent, 2001
    Photo shoot, RDII Productions, 2009
    Beach shoot, Heather Rouse, 2009
    Model quest fashion show, Orlando, 1999
    Bailey’s model management, 1999
    30 hours film/television, American model and talent, 2001
    Contact info
    727 452 9890
    Model mayhem#1084691

  52. Kennedy

    Hello my name is Kennedy Rousseau. I live in Atlanta GA, but am willing to travel. I am not an actor but I would love to be an extra or a part of the crew as a makeup artist. I have done some work with these fx materials for Halloween on my college campus. I am an flexible person and do well under pressure. I have been told that I can be very dramatic and I feel that I can do well with anything that you would be asking me to do. I am a very enthusiastic, and energetic person I get along with many other people. I would love an opportunity to act or participate in this movie in anyway.

    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 157

  53. Thomasina Tooley

    Hello I’m Thomasina and I would love to be apart of this movie. I have always loved horror and suspense movies and the idea of being in one would be a dream come true. I am not experienced but I do have a great personality and work ethic and can work with anyone just give me a chance to prove I belong in this movie.

  54. Renee

    I love love love scary movies! I’m 30 years old, slim build, 5’4″, brown hair, dark brown eyes and would love to snag a told in this movie even if it’s just being an extra!

  55. Samuel Judd

    I was Sgt Judd us army infantry and left the service in 2009. Since then I have worked manufacturing. I have been looking and looking for a way to break into this industry but it seems impossible unless someone gives you a chance. I’m still very athletic and I watch more films than anyone I know. My emotions are always bubbling below the surface and ready at my becan call. This is the only thing I could see myself doing and finding even an ounce of satisfaction. I pray that you find it in your heart to give me that chance. I will travel any distance for the opportunity.

    Vital stats:
    29 years old.
    6″ 1′
    175 lbs
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Slim athletic build

    I’ve been told I resemble Edward Norton and Ryan Reynolds, which is quite a stretch. No one is that sexy.

  56. Kaylee

    Hi my name is Kaylee and i would love to be in a horror movie. i show expression, can fake cry and more. So here are some things about me:
    Age-11. Acting Experience- Writing Scripts, go to classes, been in plays
    Gender- Female
    Height- 5ft 3in
    Hair: Medium Length, dark brown
    Eye Color- Hazel ( sometimes brown)
    Language- English
    Heritage- Mostly german and Italian

  57. Thomas Jenkins

    Greetings and thank you for reading this in advance. To start off I think I’d be really good for any role in this movie spoken or extra because plan and simple I love the horror genre in general, and because of watched so many movies I really feel I could convey that level of scary or creepy that could stick in someone’s mind so they remember this movie and it’s name. I would take any role and form it into something truly unique no matter what that role may be. I can memorize lines well if I’m needed to aswell as look intimidating.

    Here’s a little more about myself
    Height: 5’10
    Weight : 215lbs
    Hair color : Dark Brown
    Eye color : Green
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Build : Broad
    I currently live in the lower part of Michigan in the town of woodhaven.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon so my dream of being in a horror movie can be a reality. Have a nice day.

  58. Abigail Palmo

    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 117lb
    Hair colour: medium brown ( just passed my shoulders)
    Eye colour: blue/grey
    Ethnicity: White Caucasion
    Location: Savannah, GA

    I fell inlove with the first film, horror/thriller is my favorite genre of movies, and the first film was done so beautifully. I was so unimpressed by todays horror movies until this came out. Truely pure genius. I had to get that out, as for me it would be a real honor to be able to be in this film. Ive always tried to looking into doing acting and modelling but could never find anything near me and what not. I am so enthisastic about this and will bring fun and great times to the set. I am in the Army as well so I know what it means to be on time, and take orders. I hope to hear back!

  59. Marquan Gray

    Hello I would like to be apart of the next sinister movie because I liked the first one honestly and I believe that I can bring a whole new level of horror to the next film. I am very new to acting, but I posses a focus and and determination unrivaled by any actor in the business to date. I take direction well and I will respond to the directors vision ; with the same passion as they do. I can be reached mainly by email:

  60. Josh Joyce

    Hi I’m Josh I have no experience in acting and I’d like to be in this movie! 🙂 I’m 14 from New Jersey and I’m half African American and Caucasian. So white and black, but I look more black. I’m 5′ 8′ I don’t know why height would be needed but there it is. I honestly don’t expect even a reply to this post but yeah. I’ve seen clips of Sinister and its really interesting. I just don’t understand why the demon does what it does. The whole point of him killing. Goodbye!

  61. Lindsey Tilles

    I am 18 years old, and currently a theatre major in college! I would love to get my acting career going, and I’m sure a horror movie would be the perfect way to start off. I am 5’7″, brown hair and eyes. I have been told that I am very talented and I take direction very easily. I just was an extra in a movie for the first time, and so I hope that I can gradually expand that role. I hope you can give me this amazing opportunity!

  62. Chelsea Lavallee

    My name is Chelsea and acting has always been a passion of mine. I try to pursue it but it is difficult to find many opportunities, which is why I would be honored to be considered for a role in a movie such as this one. I participate in drama at my school so I have acting experience, and I think it would be amazing to be able to get real experience. Sinister was a great movie so I believe that creating a second one is an amazing idea. Acting is a way to express myself, and I love how you can totally transform into a new character and bring the audience into a new world. I love horror movies and think this one will be great. I think acting is a wonderful career to go in to which is why I hope to start while I am young. I am nearly 16 years old and would love a chance at this great opportunity. Thank you for your time!

  63. Tasha Turner

    Hello my name is Tasha Turner. I am a big fan of horror movies. I am 28 years old and I live in Dallas, Texas. I am 5’6, 111 lbs. Brown hair and brown eyes. Tall and slender. I would love to be a part of something that I truly enjoy. Please pick me.

  64. Christine Lopez

    Hello, my name is Christine Lopez. I’m 28 yrs old and I live in New Orleans! I would bring such great energy to the set. I am very out going and love to have fun! However, I take direction very well and I know how to stay focus! Please, all I need is one chance to show you what I can do! 810-931-9282

  65. Carolina Vulf

    I feel this is my chance to finally follow my dream of being an actress! Nope, I didn’t pursue it for fear of instability and rejection. But, I realize life is too short not to take risks. The yearning has always being there for me and practice privately a variety of roles. I know I can project whatever is asked to the fullest. I love the idea of transforming into another personality and character. My daughter is in theater and act as her coach. Sinister is a captivating horror movie and to be part of it would be exceptional! I live in Miami and fluent in English/Spanish.
    I hope for just a chance to prove myself. Thank you truly.

    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Age: 41 (do not look it)
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 128
    Hair: Black/brown
    Eye: Brown
    Nationality: Colombian

  66. Fenella Whiteley

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 133lb
    Hair colour: ash blonde (shoulder length)
    Eye colour: blue/grey
    Ethnicity: white British
    Location: Gloucestershire, UK

    I find it unusual to come across fellow horror movie lovers such as myself. Sinister was a brilliant movie and that’s coming from a harsh critic. I’d love to have a part in Sinister 2. Currently in college, I haven’t had any acting training but I have performed in shows many times from a young age. I’d said that I’m quite good with improvisation but I’m also a good listener and I take in everything that I have to do.

    Many thanks
    Fenella Whiteley

  67. Brandenburg Rayane

    Hello, I want to postule for this role , I’m French and i speak english , My dream it’s to be an actor because i love acting in front of a camera and i love spend many hours to learn some script

    physical description :
    Age : 15 years old / tall : 1.80m / I am quite muscular / eyes : blue/green / I quite my self quite beautiful

    I can acte all role you give me and i hope you will contact me

  68. Maia Plucinski

    My name is Maia Plucinski. I am a 17 year old actress residing in central Florida. I have tried out and acted in many plays and competed in several acting competitions as well. I am good at what I do, but I am starting to realize theatre acting isn’t my main priority after high school, it’s film acting. I am outgoing and easy to work with, very friendly and determined to succeed and do my very best. Hope to hear back soon.

    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 96
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue/Grey

  69. Andre Clark Jr.

    Hi, Im Andre Clark Jr. I should be considered to play in the movie or whatever you guys need because its my dream and something I live up to daily. I have played in many plays so I have good stage and a little bit of movie experience. I jus hope that you guys will follow up more so I can give you more information. also I not to picky about my role, with that being said whatever you give me I will make the best of it period. i hope that you have it in your hearts to get back with me. God Bless…..

  70. kamran taherpour

    Loved the first movie, and honestly would rather audition for a role than to state why I should be involved, I’m an actor, that’s why.

  71. Camila Badaracco

    Sinister is my favourite horror movie ever, that’s why I was shocked when I saw this post. The way how this film combines the realistic with the supernatural makes this film awesome in my opinion.
    I know it must be difficult to pick the actors, because there’s a lot of people that want to play one of the roles, but what I have to say is that I personally think I have what it takes. I might not have so much experience, but my passion for acting and, specially, for horror movies, won’t dissapoint you if you choose me. This is my biggest dream, and this is what I love to do. Thanks for the space.

    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Eye color: brown
    Hair: black
    Nationality: Argentinian

  72. Ellie

    I am a British actress looking for new opportunities and this would be great! I can do a range of accents and have just finished a play on the trauma of the survivors of 9/11 – a hard hitting and emotional performance. I’ve also studied and performed work by the likes of Sarah Kane, a British writer who wrote about her schizophrenia. I am willing to travel and will in actual fact be in Florida this month (December 2014).

    I have blue eyes and long, mixed tone brown hair.
    Height: 5 foot 4ish
    Age: 18
    Size 8-10 British which I believe to be an American 4-6?

    Thank you for your careful consideration.

  73. NIcole Oliveira

    Hi, I’m Nicole.
    I’m sending this e-mail because I’ve received another one from () telling me about new castings update, and basically it was showing some tv shows and movies that were openning casting calls.
    I just read the storyline from all of them and Sinister 2 was the one which interested me the most. I’m 18 years old, I’m from Brazil but currently living in Uruguay. I know is complicated, I don’t live in the US, but all I want is a chance to achieve my dream.
    To be honest, my dream is not to be an actress, my dream is to be a singer,but one of the things i love doing the most is take risks, try something new. I know I don’t have that much experience on acting, but I know I can do this, I put 100% of effort on every single thing I do, but obviously nobody is perfect, sometimes I make mistakes, I fail, but I give all my energy and strenght to rise up again, and I always rise up stronger than I was before.
    All I want is a chance!

    Height: 5´0
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Skills: Sing, play guitar, speak english, portuguese and spanish
    Interests: New experiences

  74. Steven O'Donnell

    I have been acting in theater and improv for the last 10 years, I have performed improv in comedy festivals alongside people like Colin Mochrie and Fred Penner. I have performed in every genre of theater from Shakespearean comedy to greek tragedy. I have some tattoos but they are easy to cover if need be, they are on my right forearm and back. I know I have a lot to bring to the table to help this project be as great as possible.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: male
    Eye color: blue
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 6’7″
    Weight: 280 lbs
    Nationality: Canadian

  75. Justin Sims

    I would enjoy working in any film high budget or low budget you have to start somewhere and i love the genre and the first film I’m 17 white 160 pounds mostly muscle fit body.