Single Men for New Reality Dating Show

Reality Show Auditions

Are you looking for love? Are you a single guy looking for love? There is a new digital reality dating show that wants to help you find love! The reality TV show audition notice states they are now casting men and women who currently have profiles on dating websites and apps or who have dated online in the past. The casting team is looking for single men who are local to Los Angeles and who are ages 25 to 40 years old.

About the Show

Single guys looking for love – new digital reality dating show looking for males seeking females that currently have active profiles on dating websites/apps (i.e. match, eharmony, tinder, bumble, etc) or who have dated online via these websites/apps in the past. This is a paid job, the payment will be based on the number of show appearances.

What They Are Looking For

We are currently accepting submissions for IMMEDIATE CASTING for male daters who are looking for love, and believe that the Internet will be the place to find it. We need daters who are willing to show off their fun and adventurous personalities while they go on dates with our girl.

We require that single male candidates:

-Be 25-40 yrs old

-Live in the Los Angeles area

-Have an active profile on a dating website or app

How to Apply

We need your basic info (name, age, location, (2) recent photos, dating websites/apps where you have/had an active profile) but would also love to hear a little bit about you (profession, activities you enjoy, romantic history) and, most importantly, why you are ready to find love! We are looking to meet people this week (10/13-10/14) and you must be available for filming on Thurs 10/27 or Tues 11/01. To be considered, apply to

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Kieran riley

    Hi my name is Kieran Riley I am 27 from Nottingham love having a laugh and dancing and going for drinks with friends up for doing prototypes much anything and would love to really meet someone who likes me as much as I would like them just don’t seem to happen for me not found the right woman who likes me for how I am and what I am like in general I have a 3 year old daughter who means the world to me but would just like to meet a special someone who would make me happy . I am a big football and f1 fan my team I support is arsenal love my cars too would love to own a Lamborghini one day that’s my dream car .

  2. Steven Roy Barone

    Hi my name is Steven Roy Barone Special Olympic athlete and I have a learning disability and I live in Eugene Oregon and I was adopted from Bulgaria and sponsored by the baseball team of them donating $20,000 for me to fly to America at age six years old saying bravo America I am 28 years old born April 11th 1988 . I don’t have any money to be an actor to be put live on the Disney channel. I would need reasonable accommodations for applying for acting and would need transportation and air fare paid for please? Please call me or you can text me. Thank you Disney company for supporting me . Thank you for sponsoring Special Olympics . Go Disney forever . I have been a Disney loyal fan for 23 years.