Shameless - Showtime

Shameless – Showtime

The family dramedy Shameless has been an absolute revelation for Showtime since it’s debut in 2011. With multiple Emmy nominations and a large and enthusiastic fanbase, this one of kind series has become one of the most respected productions on television today and now it is gearing up for it’s next highly anticipated season. Casting calls for several roles in Shameless will be taking place soon and performers of all ages can submit themselves today for available roles in what promises to be the most entertaining season yet.

Shameless follows the trials and hilarious tribulations of the unforgettable and unapologetic Gallagher family. This prickly Chicago brood is composed of alcoholic dad Frank, and his good hearted but scheming kids Phillip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, Liam and his put upon adult daughter Fiona who tries to keep them all together. This series delights millions of viewers each week with it’s whipsmart humor and equally unforgettable pathos that sets it apart from any family series that has ever come before it. Shameless is produced by TV legend John Wells (ER, The West Wing, Mildred Pierce) and British auteur Paul Abbott (State of Play, Cracker, Hit & Miss) and is based on the original Shameless that airs on Channel 4 in the UK. In addition to these two titans of television as showrunners the production also boasts one of the strongest casts on TV that includes the talents of Academy Award nominee William H. Macy (Fargo, The Lincoln Lawyer, Jurassic Park III), Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful Creatures, Poseidon), Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds, Weeds, Josie and the Pussycats), Steve Howey (Reba, Sons of Anarchy, Bride Wars) and two time Oscar nominee Joan Cusack (Broadcast News, Toy Story 3, The School of Rock).

Casting calls for the latest season of Shameless are happening soon and interested performers of all ages can submit themselves for available roles today by heading here to fill out the casting application. More casting updates will be posted shortly so keep checking back for more news and information and leave a message below and tell us why you would like to audition to be a part of the cast of Showtime’s Shameless.

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  1. Sabrina

    Hi, my name is Sabrina Pregler i am 15 years old i will be 16 in November. I have always had a passion for acting and i have tried other agencies but as soon as i get the call they have someone else come. My natural hair color is brown but no its split down the middle faded pink on right side and dark purple on the left. I am 5’4 i am Caucasian and Latina , basically im mixed and i want to be an actress so i could help around my house. My mom doesnt have a job and my dad doesnt live with us. So me being the youngest and me not having an medical problems as bad as my older sisters would put me at fault to try helping around the house. Thank you

  2. Sabrina

    Hi, my name is Sabrina Reyes i am 15 years old i will be 16 in November. I have always had a passion for acting and i have tried other agencies but as soon as i get the call they have someone else come. My natural hair color is brown but no its split down the middle faded pink on right side and dark purple on the left. I am 5’4 and i want to be an actress so i could help around my house. My mom doesnt have a job and my dad doesnt live with us. So me being the youngest and me not having an medical problems as bad as my older sisters would put me at fault to try helping around the house. Thank you

  3. Joey v

    Hi my name is Joey I am a male but I’m also like a feminine boy who just likes to do their own thing I am 18 years old and I would be incredibly honored if this was my first official job as an actor to be on Shameless season 9 I am 5 9 and I weigh 120 lb and I have copper red hair. I am different and I would really feel like I could bring something different to a show with how I look and how many people that I could connect myself with. So I hope you guys are reading this and if so please feel free to contact me on my email and my Instagram thank you so much and I hope y’all have a blessed blessed day.

  4. Ashley B

    Hey it’s ashley I am a 22 year old female whose always had a desire & talent in performing/acting dance , etc. on my free time from my work schedule I find new music to vibe to & my biggest hobby is hula hooping. I don’t t ally associate to most people, mostly because I can’t relate. My main goal in life is to be a positive role model. Ever since I started watching Shameless I have felt a connection with it. Basically, I can relate to how my whole life is just as crazy, complicated and extra in every single episode & it’s kind of inspiring so here I am writing this comment because I got curious 😛

  5. Presley Cornell

    Hello, I am Presley Cornell, I’m 20 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m 5’1 as well.
    I haven’t stard in any shows or movies, or can relate to the show, but it’s all about acting. Regardless if you, relate or not. I can fake cry, I can scream on top of my lungs, and honestly I feel like this would be an amazing expierence! I’m up for a lot of work, I’m a very hard worker, and I would love to audition for this show!

  6. Briana Zawadzki

    Dear God,

    Sup, I’m from Long Beach City where we fuck it up. TrIpPin On FinEsS. I strip In West Hollywood, but only when I need money because Eff it. I’m also a straight B student at L.B.C.College, so you sould say, “Briana should be a straight A student (who majors in Psych)”.

    The point is…. oh, I like to sit up straight. *emojis and cr*p*

    19, female, Brunette, 5’3, lightweight, skinny, (puffy and brown) wavy hair, and I don’t talk to people until I get a grasp of their personalities.



  7. Destiny Starks-Corthion

    Hi ,my name is Destiny Simone Starks – Corthion. I’m 15 years old turning 16 in December. I have green eyes, they change colors sometimes ( weird right) , also i’m 5″4. I love watching shameless its a good show to watch and really funny. I don’t know why but i really connect with the characters. (kind of hard to explain.) Anyway i’ll really like to join the cast of shameless sometime. If you are interested on need anymore info, please contact my Instagram or email.

  8. Chancey

    Hi, my name is Chancey Im 22 year old male. I’m a huge fan of Shameless and I would love to have a part in the making of it. I’ve been through a lot that relates in the show. I believe I’d be a great person for the job. Lmk thanks…

    • Chancey

      I have dirt blonde hair blue eyes I’m 5’10 170 lbs athletic/muscular great personality. I tried correcting the post I put but, it wouldn’t let me do I figured I’d comment. This is Chancey Hardesty by the way of Ohio.

  9. Tyara

    My name is Tyara. I took one class on Theatre in 6th grade. So I’m not a perfect actor, but I know what it’s like to live the shameless life.. To live in poverty, break the rules, wear thick skin, life full of chaos and still try to manage to take care of yourself and your family regardless of the mayhem. Would love to hear back! Thanks for your time.

  10. stephany

    Hey. my name is Stephany. I am 15 years old but will soon be 16 in July. I speak two languages Spanish and English im 5″5, long brown hair, brown eyes. I literally love shameless. would honestly lovee it if i could have the opportunity to be in some episodes. Maybe be carls girlfriend anything any spot would the awesome i really wanna pursue an acting career and well my life all about drama so i would be able to fit right in. since shameless is all about drama and oh gosh even appear as debbys friend or babysitter. i live in Wisconsin so not far from Chicago available whenever email me if your interested so i can send some shots and let me prove myself into your amazing show.

  11. stephany

    Hey, I’m Stephany I love acting and especially drama type scenes and emotional ones. you can contact me if anything comes up for a casting audition for a part even background. I can fly mostly any day anytime. available whenever. have a big passion for theater and tv shows. email me for shots

  12. Gianna Glorioso

    Hi my name is Gianna, I’m 15 years old about to be 16, I live about 45 minutes from Chicago and I absolutley love Shamless. I have long dark brown curly hair with big brown eyes, I’m 5’3 and 116 lbs, and I’m Italian. I’ve fell in love with Shamless because it is located in my home state and is so close. I do act in my free time but mostly in musicals but I would die for a chance to appear on Shamless. I hope to hear from you soon!!

  13. Alexis Carpenter

    Names Alexis. Previously, while living in Atlanta, I was an extra for two television shows. I know the routine, “quiet on the set.” although it would be nice to get a line or two. E-mail me for face shots, body shots, age, etc.. I haven’t missed an episode, so we can skip the small talk. Thankkkss!

  14. Brittney

    Hi my name is Brittney i am 24 years old. I been watching shameless since it came out and i am inlove! i can relate so much because my childhood was so disfunctional and i raised my younger sibiling. I have blue eyes brown hair. right now it is short from my chemo i had done but it is now growing back! I am 5ft 120lbs, i live in wilmington de area. Hopefully i get a chance and get to prove myself! thank you!!

  15. todd simonson

    i would realy like to be in a couple seasons of shamless make a big twist id like to be franks lost brother a big pot head lol i think it would be realy awesome

  16. Devin Martz

    My name is Devin, I’m a 26 year old single father of 3. I love Shameless and I would love to play a role on the show. I think it would be an unbelievable joy to be apart of such an amazing show. I don’t have any formal acting experience or training but I’m a fast learner.

  17. Daniel

    Wuss up guys first of ALLLLL I love shameless!!!!! & I want to be part of it!!!! My name is Daniel/Danny whatever you want to call me I’m 23 I have hazel eyes i have dirty blonde hair I’m 5’8 I’m Hispanic from New Jersey New Brunswick/south Brunswick area I’m a real outgoing guy funny can be serious at times but still a good person to be around I have a passion to be a actor to be in shameless I have cried ,laughed, told everyone about this show haha! I just love the show ALOT but please please if you guys can just give me one Chance I promise you I won’t let you down!!!! for contact !!!! Have a good day!

  18. Imani Shamsuddin

    My name is Imani and I am 17yrs old. I am an African American girl who live on the south side of Chicago. The show shameless has saved me time again because when my life gets a little Too crazy to handle I can always tune in to the shameless and connect with the shameless family. I have a connection to all the characters in someway and I would love to be a part of the cast. I have a passion in theater and I’ve been an extra in the shows Chicago fire and the boss. I love to express myself through acting and I would love to be a part of the creative and beautiful shameless team. Thank you for this opportunity.

  19. Jorge Vasquez

    Hi my name’s jorge ,I’m very interested in casting for shameless. I’m Hispanic 5’8 158 lbs ,I just finished watching all 7 seasons on Netflix’s and I like what the shows about .

  20. Jaizell Bay


    My name is Jaizell Bay and I’m currenly 18 years old. I’ve been watching Shameless since it’s debut in 2011 and fell in love with it since! Shameless is truly an amazing show. Being in the atmosphere of such talented actors would motivate me more to enhance my acting skill. I would really love an opportunity to be on the show, even if it’s an extra that walks by for 2 seconds.

  21. Rico

    The name’s Rico. Age 17, African American, 5’4

    Yea, I like shameless. I’d be pretty cool to be apart of the cast and further my acting career. You thinking about considering me? That’s awesome. I’ll Look out for an email from you guys. You can’t go wrong by choosing me. Have a good one, or not. ;-}

  22. Brittany

    Hey, my name is Brittany and i am 13 years old. I wear clear contacts, my normal eye color is brown. I am 5’3 and have black curly hair. I’m Hispanic, and born in Georgia. To me Shameless is the one of the best shows out there because its really realistic and good. I really hope you guys can choose me to be a part of tis wonderful show.

  23. Megan McGarrah

    Acting is a dream of mine- not just the small gigs that I get here and there already- but to actually be able to make a living off of it. Shameless is my favorite show, and it would be amazing to have the opportunity to be a part of the cast! Even if it’s just as an extra…

  24. Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley I’m 19 my ethnicity is African American, I’m light skinned 5,3 i do wear contacts that is sterling grey but they look like my natural eyes i have my hair color a dirty blonde. I just want to say i truly admire shameless iam from Chicago i truly know the struggle i can relate in so many ways it’s crazy, I’d love to play a role on the show and show my tru raw natural talent, if you’d give me a chance I promise you won’t regret it.

    Sincerely: Ashley!!!!!!

  25. Kayla Vollkommer

    I am Kayla. I absolutely love the business of acting. I also absolutely love the show Shameless, it stands out among most tv series I’ve seen because it actually shows some daily struggles people face in reality. My life can relate to the show in a way and would mean the world to me if I got to play a role on Shameless. I am 13 years old, 5’3 with dirty blonde hair and blue green eyes. Please get in touch with me if any roles open up that I can possibly play. Thank you!!

  26. Hailey

    Hi my name is Hailey and I would love to be on shameless and just act I feel like I can relate to most of the characters and I beileve I can play a really good part and just would be so happy to have the opportunity to act on this show…

  27. Nories Louis

    From New Orleans LA, “I’ll be bringing that down South flavor with me”. Meaning… I’m ready to show case my talent, I was featured in the New TV show #Claws #Ep6 #Chaz. I would love an audition, but I would really love to work with some of the #Koolest “people in the world” I think.

  28. Carissa Copa

    Casting call for shameless

  29. Kevin

    My name is monica my dad name was frank who was a frank in real life who passed away my mom was a monica who passed away the same way i can play any part on shameless i know that show i have watched every episode 4 times our more its real life of what people go threw and i can relate to it all

  30. Kevin

    Ex drug addict and drinker been clean a year now best friend was joey kovar from tv i can play any part for extra on shameless

  31. Kay Collins

    My name is Kay, I’ve been acting for years I love the show and can relate to most of the fucked up shit that happens in the show. Being apart of the shameless family would be the best thing to happen. I have longer blonde hair but can. hangs hair color quicker then any i’m about 5’2 hazel eyes fair to tan skin and i’m 18 years old.

  32. charlie bane

    I grew up on those streets been a gang member done drugs drinking worked for a union local 52 now it’s 21 been to prison twice have 4 kids they say that show was made after us na I know my 17 n 21 yr old daughter s be perfect on the show and Ashley can fight better than a boy and missi would dazzle you with charm and a big mouth Danny 26 perfect fuck up bad Ass Charlie 22 fits in anywhere me well I’m real and just need a break

  33. Kenai

    My name is Kenai Aguilera I am hispanic/Latino I live in Sacramento CA and have brown eyes and black hair im 5’7 and I have no acting experience

  34. TaNia

    Please I want to do this for my family I have always wanted to work with Emmy Rossum I am 11 going on 12 please I really want to do this I have had dreams about shameless every night since I found out it was going to be delayed to October or around that time please this is my dream to be on shameless.

  35. Miguel lane

    I have the shameless attitude. I can do what ever part for the show. Let me show you what I got.

  36. Alexander Acevedo

    Hey love the show check me out if interested

  37. Ta'Nia

    I would like to get on those parts in shameless first of all that is my favorite show 2 it has been my dream for so long I have always wanted to be on shameless do you have any open parts that a new family member no one new about come home that could be me please I want to live out my dream and make it a reality I would also love to meet everyone please please

  38. Katya

    My name is Katya Kesl.
    I’m 22, 5’4, with red hair and blue eyes. Caucasian female.
    I relate to shameless so much, and it’s an acting style I would love to get behind.

  39. Brianna

    Im 18, mixed , willing to do anything ,also I would love this job! Shameless is my favorite!!i feel i would play my role so good, i can deeply relate to this show because in my family we are all crazy , and something really always ends up happening to us. I can relate to the story line . pleaseee

  40. Frankie Imbergamo

    a member of sagaftra–i would lovwork in eto shameless/ Is there an email where i can senHi My name is frankie Imbergamo im an actor andd my headshot.resu,e?
    thank you
    Frankie Imbergamo

  41. Lydia

    I want to be on shameless because it’s my favorite show and I really want to be an actress. Also it looks super fun.

  42. Leslie Bemis

    Shamless is one of my favorite shows. I have work in an administrative for 12 and was a stay home mother
    For 13 years. Now that my kids
    Are out of high school I want to make a complete change in my life starting with my career. I know acting is hard work but I want to do some I love and will enjoy now that it’s only me. Hope to hear from you

  43. Shelby Salters

    Hey I’m shelby. I’m 5″4, 120lbs, 19 almost 20, tatted, love this show and relate so much. Would love to be considered for a major role especially with the ability to bring my emotions to the show!

  44. Joyce Williams

    Hey, my name is Joyce, I’m about to be 15, and I feel like I would be a pretty decent extra, or at least be able to participate in shameless in any way possible. I have a dark style, but it changes so much that at this point I don’t know what I’m even doing. I actually have no acting experience, but I saw this and thought, ‘what the hell, why not’, because this show really hits home with me and conveys feelings that I never knew I could feel about a TV series. I may not have too much experience, but I do have passion. Passion to learn, to grow, and to be involved in something that I love so personally like Shameless. Thank you for considering me as a possible candidate for Shameless.

  45. Shannon

    Want to be an extra for shameless!

  46. Teresa Stacia

    Looking for work in Chicago

  47. Cadriane

    Hi I would like a job, ill say more when we meet.

  48. Kya Dale

    my name is kya. i switch my hair colour all the time! i’m british and native but born in canada. i’m fare skin with blue eyes!

    shameless to me isn’t about being hot or “the in thing” which to me is normal. i am normal ahah! i’ve acted before in recent years and would love to be on my favourite show

  49. Rocco

    Hello my name is Rocco baba 12 years old actor model I have dirty blonde hair green eyes I would love to be on shameless maybe you could give a chance thanks (:

  50. Jordan Telaroli

    Hey my name is Jordan I have brown/blonde hair blue eyes I have clean dreadlocks willing to cut them, I am a 19 year old 6′ 1″ Caucasian male 185 pounds and very lean/cut.

  51. Steve Norwood

    My name is Steve Norwood, I am an Actor and Model who is hoping to be considered for the upcoming casting of Shameless. I am a William H. Macy lookalike, 58, confident, outgoing personality, slender with long wavy hair. I would love to be a stand-in, body double, photographic double and extra. I’m available in both Chicago and Los Angeles. I would like to submit my professional headshots. Thank you.