Shameless – Showtime

Shameless - Showtime

Shameless – Showtime

The family dramedy Shameless has been an absolute revelation for Showtime since it’s debut in 2011. With multiple Emmy nominations and a large and enthusiastic fanbase, this one of kind series has become one of the most respected productions on television today and now it is gearing up for it’s next highly anticipated season. Casting calls for several roles in Shameless will be taking place soon and performers of all ages can submit themselves today for available roles in what promises to be the most entertaining season yet.

Shameless follows the trials and hilarious tribulations of the unforgettable and unapologetic Gallagher family. This prickly Chicago brood is composed of alcoholic dad Frank, and his good hearted but scheming kids Phillip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, Liam and his put upon adult daughter Fiona who tries to keep them all together. This series delights millions of viewers each week with it’s whipsmart humor and equally unforgettable pathos that sets it apart from any family series that has ever come before it. Shameless is produced by TV legend John Wells (ER, The West Wing, Mildred Pierce) and British auteur Paul Abbott (State of Play, Cracker, Hit & Miss) and is based on the original Shameless that airs on Channel 4 in the UK. In addition to these two titans of television as showrunners the production also boasts one of the strongest casts on TV that includes the talents of Academy Award nominee William H. Macy (Fargo, The Lincoln Lawyer, Jurassic Park III), Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful Creatures, Poseidon), Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds, Weeds, Josie and the Pussycats), Steve Howey (Reba, Sons of Anarchy, Bride Wars) and two time Oscar nominee Joan Cusack (Broadcast News, Toy Story 3, The School of Rock).

Casting calls for the latest season of Shameless are happening soon and interested performers of all ages can submit themselves for available roles today by heading here to fill out the casting application. More casting updates will be posted shortly so keep checking back for more news and information and leave a message below and tell us why you would like to audition to be a part of the cast of Showtime’s Shameless.

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  1. Trisha Mc Intosh

    My name is Trisha Mc Intosh I’m seventeen and five two. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I’d like to audition for shameless because the show is great and certain aspects are thing I’ve gone through .
    Thank you for your time

  2. Nikina Emelle

    Nikina, 17 but I look like I’m in my early 20’s. Female.
    Born in New Jersey, dark skin, brown eyes, or hazel contacts, natural hair
    petite build, , 5″5.
    Inviting and open, sensual personality. Shameless represents voices often unheard and documents the trials and teibulations that can come from being in an oppressive situation. The execution and deliverance provide comical relief while still discussing and somber topic. I deeply respect the artistry that goes into each subtle portion of the show, and admire the ability of the actors, director, writers, and production to steadily drive plot while introcately incorporating truths. I feel I’d be a great addition to the cast. It would be a humbling experience frought with learning, and I could bring an interesting, different dynamic to the show with whatever direction I’m pointed in. It’d be an honor to join the cast!

  3. Keara D. Singerhoff

    Hello To Whom it may concern, I would love to be on Shameless. It is a wonderful show and I would love to be a part of it, even if it was on one episode. I live in Clarksville Tennessee right outside of Nashville. I am an anime model and a singer in a cover band. I have had experience in theater but never film. Although I am working on an independent horror movie with friends. I am 16 and will be 17 in three months. My mother is very supportive in all of my endeavors. I am 5 foot 2 have black and red short hair am notorious for changing my hairstyles with wigs and color. If you wish to look at my anime cosplay looks. I am Harley Quinn or Clarksville. I have always been interested in voice over as well. It would be amazing to be part of such a successful television show. Sincerely,
    Keara Dawn Singerhoff

  4. Patty

    Patoromu, (Patty), 18 but I look like I’m in my early 20’s. Female.
    Born in New Zealand, brown skin, brown eyes, dark roots with blonde balayage.
    Medium build, , 5″5.
    Naturally bubbly, welcoming personality. I find the show so addictive to watch and I love both the situations and cast members in every ep! Living in Australia, I’d love to go abroad and start a new life for my family. Acting in small bits, here and there, I’m confident I can give the show a good twist. I can handle anything you throw at me and I’d love to join the shameless family!

  5. Caitlin Mo

    Caitlin, 16, Caucasian, 5’6″, blue eyes, natural brunette currently dyed blonde with natural roots, thin.
    Id love to be considered for this opportunity because I love the show and I love the real aspects of it. I find it so easy to connect with the characters and the situations of real life. I have drama experience and acting is a big dream of mine and hard to start in a small unknown city in New England.

  6. Sean P Cormie

    Hey I’m 20 years old I’m kind of an odd one. Smoke maryjane , I think ill be a perfect actor in Shameless. Cali born and 6’0 tall/weigh 145. Fit

  7. Ashlynn

    I’m 13, 5’4 and I think I could tackle any role you’d give me. I love the show shameless, I really would like to be a part of the cast for even one episode.

  8. Hazel Davidson

    My name is Hazel Davidson. I am 21 years old. I am interested in being part of this show because I connect deeply with the story. Growing up, my life resembled the story of the Gallagher family. I am 5″9, I have green eyes and brown hair.

  9. Amy

    i’m 15 years old , 4’11 , hispanic and i’ve always wanted to act and this show is funny and shows the reality of what families go through . i would like to be apart of it .

  10. Mia

    My name is mia bollenbach , 23, 5’4 , drama major, looking to go for my dream. Blonde hair , blue eyes , motivated to add a strong character roll under ny belt

  11. Autumn

    My name is Autumn i am 16 years old and i am obsessed with shameless! I watch it all the time and i would love to be part of the cast. I think i would be good at it because i have grown up in the same situation as this family and i can relate to them

  12. Marisa martinez

    I’m 18 I believe I’d be good for this I grew up the same way as they did in the show I love role playing always wanted to be on tv

  13. Maurice Walker

    I would like to audition for the show Shameless because I am a great participating youth to the culture. I know my city well. I am Chicago. I live down the street from the area it’s filmed as well. I would be beneficial for the film. A real African American youth feel to the show. I also have a skill for acting.

  14. Camryn Branch

    my name is camryn branch. love the show, would love to be part of Shameless!! im 13, dirty-blonde hair, tall and skinny. hazel eyes and a great actress and a great person! thanks for your time! -camryn branch

  15. Wisdom Kev Agossou

    Wisdom is my name. I’m black and I play soccer, basketball, baseball. My height is 6.1

  16. Leah Sumner

    Hi my name is Leah i’m 14 LOVE acting and would love to be on shameless.. I watched all 6 seasons on Netflix and went to Hulu to finish #7! I am from Oregon and would love to play a role, I am an aspiring actress. I’m 5’4 Brown hair with pink and purple tips. Hazel green eyes. I would potentially like to play a love interest for carl.

  17. Kiah Wilson

    My name is kiah I am 25 and an African American women. I’m 5’5 with brown eyes. I have been a big fan of shameless since the day it came out, I have always dreamed of being in the show mainly because I can really relate to each character in some way with the way I’ve grown up not only that but this show is just amazing and the cast is awesome. Acting is something I have always been into and I have always wanted to do. You can really be whoever you want and I have so much personality that I know I could do this!

  18. Aileen Nicol

    Aileen, Caucasian, 5″6″, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, 18. Born and raised in the Boston area. Im confident that I would be a compelling character and a great addition to the shameless cast!

  19. Chloe

    I’m 17 and in love with the show and would love to be apart of shameless

  20. Mia Harris

    Mia Harris, 17 going on 18 year old african american/west indian girl. Slim, 5’2”. I feel as though I am very fit to be possibly Veronica’s long lost sister of the sort, or, just a neighbor. I grew up watching the show and have dreamed for an opportunity like this. I will put my blood, sweat and tears into this and be very dedicated to my work. I can tackle any role that I am told to play, even if completely different from myself. Willing to break out of my comfort zone as well.

  21. Alan Pinto

    The reason I love acting is because you can be absolutely anything you want, at any given time. Just like we were made to believe when we were kids. Acting is a gateway of self expression as well as a path that leads down the journey of discovery. To act is to remind yourself that the world is yours, and you can do or be anything you want. And once you remember that, you cease to be an actor, and you become a performer. No longer acting as someone you’re not, but performing someone you could be.

    My name is Alan. Latin Chicago Resident born and raised in Brasil. Multilingual, eager and passionate. Average build, 6ft, hazel brown eyes, and brown hair with a small mixture of blonde in it. Always sporting a 5 o clock shadow or beard.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  22. Noah

    Hey , im a 17 year old male and I love shameless. The reason I want to be on this show is because it would be a great experience to get out of my town and have some new experiences. I feel like a lot of the events in shameless relate to events in my life. Thankyou.

  23. Nicole hawkins

    I’m 22 from Michigan love to I’m short 4’10 but my attitude is bigger and my mouth is another thing lol . I think i can make a good character somehow

  24. Med Boufaied

    Hi, i’m from Tunisia, brown hair, 5ft11. I would love to be apart of the shameless casting because its one of my favourite shows

  25. Emma Fairchild

    White 16 year old female blonde slim 5ft 10. British. Would love to be on shameless cause I grew up with the show both the British and the american version and I feel as if I could add something new to the show.

  26. Stephanie Godio

    Stephanie, 26, normally I’m a blonde but I’m silver at the moment, medium length hair. I’m 5’7″ and olive complexion. I have tattoos, piercings and brown eyes. Im born and raised in northeast Philly, done some modeling and have taken acting classes. I’m a huge fan of the show and would love to be considered!

  27. marin

    marin, 19. dark curly hair square round face like emmy. 5’7.
    maybe you could make it that since monica died you could have it be a plot twist where she had twins but was so fucked up she didn’t know and i was in foster care or something.

  28. samantha

    My ability to morph into any look and role is never ending and its all about knowing where you fit. So someone with my ability to transform and bring it to life and show it all with the eyes, that is why I am a great addition to this show.

  29. Alannah wilson

    Hey, my names alannah I’m 13 I’ve watched the show for a while now it’s great, I’m a good actor can play pretty much any character I have too I’d love to be on the show, thanks 🙂

  30. Kionna

    I am 10 and I would love to be experienced in shameless even though it is my fist time I think it would be awsome

  31. Laura Johnson

    Relate to shameless like it was my own family. Lived in Chicago and to this day visit often to family and friends that still reside. But what is the real kick is that so many situations remind me of my family and friends growing up can totally relate. Would love to get a chance to be part of this craziness that is part of me.

  32. Nick Nayersina

    I think I would be a great fit for Shamless. I am a decent looking guy, not afraid to act and try new things, and I live in the Chicago area. Please let me know and I’ll be at the auditions.

  33. Alexandr J Milbrandt

    Hay I’m a 23 yeard old male 6 foot average fit long hair to shoulders blue eyes blonde

  34. priss

    I know im a bit late to the party but i recently got turned onto the show. I watched the show and immediately assumed the demo was people who might think “oh wow, thats how the other half live”…but I personally related and bonded with the characters. Through my ~”interesting”~ past as people like to call it. I try to distance myself from the repertoire my town has.

    although my background is in standup comedy and i dont have formal acting training i know i could be an asset. i lived through foster care/ been on my own since 15 put myself through college etc.

    That being said, I love the dark realistic humor ive seen on the show and how it portrays people as they are not trying to show a happy go lucky getting out of the bad situation because lets be honest…that’s not always what happens…I as a kid volunteered with the boys and girls club cause i love kids etc..

    anyway, i believe i could contribute to this cast because i not only have real life experience in the subject matter and situations but this show really speaks to me and where i come from.


  35. Miral Gath

    If i was to act in any movies or show it would have to be shameless i know i could play the part so well not only can i really relate to the charters so it will make acting much easier. This show makes me so happy so being able to be in the shameless family is a dream come true.

  36. Alexis Lawler

    Hi! My name is Alexis Lawler. I am 14 years old and would love to be on Shameless! My whole family watches Shameless (not together, it’s not a great family show) but I would totally love it!

  37. Michael P Farley

    Hi I would love take part in this show. I love the t.v. show series shameless. Even if I’m just an extra its still a great way for me to start out in my acting career. This would mean the word to me and I also would be good for this show because it reminds me of my life and there is so much I can relate to.

  38. Maribel Barrios

    Would love to be a part of the cast.
    A female, Mexican-Chicana and mother of four would be pretty darn amazing.

  39. Lauren Troup

    Can I still audition for the casting?

  40. Janay

    Hello 😊 My name is Janay aka as Nay nay. I LOVE your show! Shameless is what I look forward to when I get up. My brother told me about this, and he left a detailed message about himself.(Isaiah aka Zaya) As am I. We are big fans! Would kill to be on the set even for a quick second. I am mixed everyone knows my family as the “Oreo’s” I have curly poofy hair. When I brush it out it goes into a fro and yes I rock it lol I am known as a very bubbly, fun, outgoing, spontaneous person. Can make anybody laugh usually (even if they’ve had a real shitty day) I am 20 years old and still looking for the right path to walk along in my life. I’ve taken many and I’m sure many more turns to come. Shameless is exactly almost my life and my family’s. 😁

  41. Isaiah Reggans

    Hellow, My name is Isaiah but my friends and family call me Zaya. I’ll keep this short and easy. I am currently 16 And have back hair, I am a mix baby from my parents who my mom is white and my dad is black, so I’m light complicated. My height is 5,9 And have a Athlete body for a 16 year olds. I have no experience but do know how to act by my own. I also love at Colorado and know the experience of living in the poor. I would like to be on the show because I love all the casts or people on it and there personality. I think I would make the show more entertaining. I hope I can get a position for the show. Thank you for reading and hope I can get a response from you guys.

  42. Sassy dogg

    Good site

  43. Maria

    Hi my name is 29 but I hear I dnt look my age. Shameless is one of my favorite shows of all time.. The show is crazy and I feel like I live the same now in my home so being on the show will be like I’m living my life now. I live in Chicago and willing to work hard to be on the show. Thank you

  44. Maria

    Hi my name is Maria. Shameless is one of my favorite shows of all time.. The show is crazy and I feel like I live the same now in my home so being on the show will be like I’m living my life now. I live in Chicago and willing to work hard to be on the show. Thank you

  45. Maya

    Hayy! I’m Maya and im 16 and live in boring Iowa and i did acting classes for 2 years and i just started watching Shameless and i love it so much already and itll be super badass auditioning for Shameless and i would love been an extra!! 😘😘😘😘

  46. Sharon Cali

    Please I need this more then anybody

  47. Sharon Cali

    So I think I’m probably more desperate then anyone else. I just really need this opportunity I can’t let this get away

  48. Sharon Cali

    Hey my name is Sharon Cali, so I’m not gonna sugar coat this , I’m gonna make this quick. I want a part in the cast because my family needs this and I can sure as hell relate to what ” Debbie Gallagher ” goes through. Mainly I need this for my family because we deal with our money problems the same as they do. I’m 14 turning 15 in a couple of days and I don’t know if you need some type of talent but I can sing that’s for damn sure, I mean I don’t think I’m going to be singing on shameless hahaha . Hope that this message doesn’t get ignored. Thanks

  49. Megan Reimer

    Hi i would love to be on Shameless. I live in Chicago, I am 13 i have a lot of experience with acting as i act in many plays at my school and at the theatre in Winnetka. I have been in love with this show and would be love to be an extra!

  50. Alexis Lopez

    If anyone can contact me with business inquiries for shameless 2016, please let me know. Any role available is doable, I am a 14 year old female. I have experience 😊