Disney's Shake It Up!

Shake It Up! The Disney Channels hilarious hit show has just had it’s 2nd season extended and new parts will be coming for up and coming new talent like you.  This is your chance to be a part of one of the most watched programs in Disney history. Whether you love to act, dance or both Shake It Up! has something for every performer.

Shake It Up!  stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya as Cece Jones and Rocky Blue, two best friends and aspiring performers who get jobs as dancers on a local TV show ‘Shake It Up, Chicago!’.  Adventures and laughs abound as the girls and the rest of the zany characters in the Shake It Up! universe deal with the day to day hi-jinks both on their show and their lives outside of it. This program has been a crown jewel for Disney since it’s debut in late 2010. The ongoing second season finds the show only getting better and now America will be getting even more of it.  More episodes means more chances for you to score a number of new roles.  Auditions and open casting calls will be popping up soon so leave a comment below if you are interested and stay tuned for more exciting details.

Take a chance on your self and show the world your amazing talents. This is your shot at becoming a Disney star and showing everyone every week how you can Shake It Up!

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Lovisha makhija

    I’m an lovisha , i am 20 yrs old and 5’5. I like to act and i wanna be a part of this show , so badly . I am an indian


    hi my name is Amy Chongloui .I am 11 yrs old ,I am 4 feet 10 inches, I live in India, Assam ,Guwahati.
    I have black and brown hair I am 75 pounds.Hope to get a chance on this show. Thankyou

  3. Amy Chongloui

    Hi my name is Amy Chongloui.I am 11 yrs old, I have black and brown hair, black eyes, I am 4 feet 10 inches, my skintone is fair.I am an Indian and i live in India,Assam,Guwahati. I can speak American English.I can dance.I am a female.

  4. Khushi Rai

    Hello team Disney!,
    I’m Khushi and I want to act/ sing on the very famous disney channel.
    Here’s more of my intro: )

    Age : 11y/o.
    Birthday: 4th Oct. 2006.
    Gender: female.
    Height: 5″5.
    Talents: Singing, dancing, and acting.
    Hair color: brown with few streaks of black.
    Eye color: caramel/ light brown
    Skin: fair-skinned

  5. Taylor Rickaby

    Hi! My name is Taylor Rickaby, and I would like to be a star on this show! Here are some things you should know about me:

    Name: Taylor Rickaby
    Age: 10
    Race: white
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: brown (highlights in the summer)
    Times on TV: 4
    Weight: 75 pounds
    Height: 4 feet 8 inches
    Gender: female

    I will understand if I will not be chosen, but I would like it if I was.

  6. Malik joy

    Hi, I’m joy, from Nigeria I’m 16.. I’ve always been a fan of Zendaya since I was a little girl.. It would mean the world to me to play a role in shake it up!..
    I’m 5’4 tall
    I can dance plus sing
    Please Disney channel take a chance on me:)

  7. Megha Singh

    Hey! I am Megha. I am a 15 years old girl from India. I am 5 ft 8 inches tall, beautiful, well built and punctual. I can act very well. I would be grateful and honoured to work with Disney.

  8. Priya datta

    Hi! My name is priya datta who is about to be 14 yrs old this year. I am from kolkata, west bengal. I would like to be a part of this show. I learn to dance and the dance form which i learn is kathak but i can also do western. This has been my biggest dream in my entire life.

  9. Okpako Clara

    Hi I am Clara and I Leave in Nigeria I will like to audition for this show. I am 15 and 5.6 feet tall.

  10. Kavya Bhatt

    I am a 13 year old girl. My name is kavya bhatt. My dream is to be on disney channel and it would be a pleasure to be on shake it up. I love acting and dancing. I put my whole heart in doing what i care for. Really hoping for a reply.

  11. shivam

    Hello I am shivam from Delhi, India I am 17 year’s old dancing since 12, want to be a part of Disney shake it up

  12. Techi Mary

    Hi.. I am techi Mary…. I m 23 I would love to give the audition…i am 5 ft but healthy enough to be on the show.. Both sweet and crazy I have never gave any audition ever, this will be the first but will give my best performance…💖💖💖💖💖

  13. Aarthi

    I am Aarthi from Chennai,India . Interested castings for the role .

  14. Anshu

    Hi anshu this side I’m a gud dancer n love acting so if u give me this chance I’ll never let u down guys so hoping for the best reply.

  15. Anshu

    Hey this is anshu Chaudhary I’m a great dancer n love acting . I’m from india.if u give me this chance sure I’ll never let u down guys .thats all I got

  16. Ravi

    Hi …i am from India aged 20 …i would like to be a part of this show and audition for it!I can act and my height is 5.6 .

  17. Ravi

    Hi …i am from India aged 20 …i would like to be a part of this show and audition for it!

  18. Khushi Gupta

    Hi I’m Khushi gupta.from Delhi and I learn and sing Western music and I’ll very grateful to get part in Disney show shake it up.

  19. Anisha Goyal

    Hi I’m Anisha and I am 13,I really want to be in the show. I love to dance and this is a dream of mine

  20. Saanika Singh

    Hey ! I am Saanika Singh. I am 13 years old. It would be my pleasure to work in disney. Acting , dancing and singing is my passion. I am a big fan of disney and shake it up. It’s my dream to be casted in disney. I will do great.

  21. sara manoj

    hi i am sara manoj. i am 13 yrs old. i can sing,dance and act too.its my dream to be a disney actor. i would love to work with disney

  22. chris

    I’d like to audition for Disney roles,hopeful to hearing a reply

  23. shreya sanyal

    hi, i am Shreya. I am from kolkata. i can sing.i would love to take part in a disney indian show.It is my dream

  24. Jay suri

    Hi, I am jay wardhan suri, I am of 12 years and I live in india. I am a really really big fan of shake it up, And I would really love to be in shake it up!! It’s my dream….

  25. Jay wardhan suri

    Hi, I am jay and I am of 12 years, i live in agra and I really like to dance. I studie in sherwood college. I am really a big fan of shake it up and I always wanted to take part

  26. Vinay

    Hi my name is vinay and I am 17yrs old and I would to work in Disney in any role and to work in Disney is my dream and all I want is opportunity

  27. vinay

    Hi my name is vinay and I am 17yrs teenager love to be a part in this show I always wanted to work in disney India all I need is a one opportunity

  28. Agastya chauhab

    Hi i am Agastya chauhan an Indian and i would love to become a part of shake it up season 2 I am 13 years old.

  29. Akash kumar

    my name is akash and i am a 17 years old teenager and i am so passionated about dancing and its my life and also a big fan of shake it up and wanted to be a part of it .”):)

  30. Sneha singh

    Hi, My name is Sneha Singh. I am from Delhi. I wanted to be actress and I would love to work at Disney . It is a huge opportunity for me. I will love to work with disney . It is a dream for me. I am 13 year old. If I will get this opportunity I will give my best because it is very significant for me and I will try to make my parents proud.

  31. Anupriya Ganguli

    Hi! My name is Anupriya Ganguli and I am from Kolkata, India. I am 11+ and a girl. I would love to take part in a Disney India show.

  32. Niharika

    Hi ,I m niharika from assam.so guys since I was a kid I always wanted to become a Disney Star not to become famous but to also fulfill my dreams.

  33. Tishawna

    Hi my name is Tishawna and I’m 12 years old. From since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be on TV to become an actor, not just for me but to intertain the audience and this would be the best opportunity to show my true colors

  34. Urja

    I have a dream to bring a Disney princess or star so I want to act in shake it up and I’m 12 from India my height is 5 feet 3 inches and I’m nationally Indian and my weight is 52kgs

  35. Bevin Ashly Ammanna

    Hey I’m Bevin Ashly I’m interested to act in one of the successful Disney’s program that is Shake it up

  36. Ana

    Hello. My Name is Ana Imperial. I am a 14 year old girl 5’1. I would love to be in this show

  37. pranjal sharma

    Hi i am pranjal sharma and i am 11 yrs old i want to work in shake it up so plz select me and i promise i will wrk hard if you select me. So plz select me. Thank you..

  38. ishika sharma

    Hi i am ishika sharma. i wnt to work in this show. and my height is 5 inch 3 feet. and i will work hard . so please select me for this show. thank you. and please reply on this message please….

  39. ishika sharma

    Hi i am ishika sharma and iam just 14 years old and i am crazy about this show. i think i have the talent to perform in this show. and i promise if you select me you will get no complaint from me . so plz reply and plzzz…. select me for this show.

  40. ishika sharma

    HI i am ishika i want to work in shake it up because i think i have that talent in me and i am crazy about this show and i promise if you choose me i will definetly work hard. and i am only 14 years old. so please select me for a lead role in this show….

  41. Kylie long

    I would love to act in shake it up I am 10 years old and this has been my dream for a while and I would love to act in shake it up.😜


    Heya!! My name is Anmol and I am a girl. I am 16 yrs old and my height is 5 feet 9 inches. I am a big fan of Disney and am so much influenced by it and it’s hard work. I would like to show up for auditions. I live in Ambala , Haryana. Hope you guys will reply.

  43. shailza singh

    Hey i m a girl my name is shailza i m 13 years old i m so curious about this show its my dream to be the part of this show “SHAKE IT UP MUMBAI” i know each and every dialouge of this show..my ctchng pwr is so gud…plz reply waiting…plz

  44. shailza singh

    I m 13 years old..n i m a girl n i know each and every dialouge of shake it up… my catching power is so gud n m so curious about dis show..its my dream to be d part of this show…so plz must reply..plzzzzz reply

  45. shailza singh

    Hey this audition is for shake it up mumbai or for shake it up chicago!?plz must reply..waiting…

  46. Mahir

    Hey I m Mahir D. and i m 18yr old i want to act in shake it up with shake it up team it is my dream to act on disney channel. Plz select me… Thank you.

  47. aashi

    i’m interested in this plzz…i love singing and acting