Disney's Shake It Up!

Shake It Up! The Disney Channels hilarious hit show has just had it’s 2nd season extended and new parts will be coming for up and coming new talent like you.  This is your chance to be a part of one of the most watched programs in Disney history. Whether you love to act, dance or both Shake It Up! has something for every performer.

Shake It Up!  stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya as Cece Jones and Rocky Blue, two best friends and aspiring performers who get jobs as dancers on a local TV show ‘Shake It Up, Chicago!’.  Adventures and laughs abound as the girls and the rest of the zany characters in the Shake It Up! universe deal with the day to day hi-jinks both on their show and their lives outside of it. This program has been a crown jewel for Disney since it’s debut in late 2010. The ongoing second season finds the show only getting better and now America will be getting even more of it.  More episodes means more chances for you to score a number of new roles.  Auditions and open casting calls will be popping up soon so leave a comment below if you are interested and stay tuned for more exciting details.

Take a chance on your self and show the world your amazing talents. This is your shot at becoming a Disney star and showing everyone every week how you can Shake It Up!

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Divyanshi mohanty

    Hi Disney my name is Divyanshi and I am not as boring as my name . I am 13 years old live in bangalore I am very well known among my friends for English . I have brown eyes and black hair . I don’t want this part because I am madly in love with your shows but honestly I do . I have learnt dance and dance a lot and can pick it up easily and I sing too and acting ! I can act all day. But to be honest I do get stage fright but when I go on stage o make it happen

  2. Divyanshi mohanty

    Hi Disney my name is Divyanshi and I am not as boring as my name.i don’t want this part because I am madly in love with your shows but to be honest I do . I have learnt dance and dance most the time and sing and can act all day.to be honest I get stage fright but when I get on stage I make it happen . I am 13 years old I was born on 21 August 2005 and am very well known among my friends for my English . I have brown eyes and black hair

  3. Divyanshi mohanty

    Hi Disney my name is Divyanshi and I am not as boring as my name . I don’t wanna get this part because I am madly in love with your shows but I am trying to be honest here. I have learnt dance and dance a lot and sing and can act all day everyday. To be honest I get stage fright but when I go on stage I make it happen . I am 13 years old and live in bangalore and am well know among my friends for my English , I have brown eyes and black hair

  4. Mauriana Marshall harvey

    Hi I’m mauriana Marshall Harvey and I love to act and sing and dance and you know being me. Disney channel has been my childhood since I was born and being in a disney channel series or movie is probably my main goal.

    Height:5’3″ and a half
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown
    Skin tone: Light brownish
    Shoe size: 9’0 8’5 8’0 9’5

  5. Sarah khurana

    Hi Disney , I am Sarah khurana, I am 12 years old. I am currently living in Delhi, India. I have participated in many drama and anchoring competitions. I speak fluent English. I love Disney and always wanted to participated.if I get a chance to perform in Disney I would be grateful

  6. Sarah khurana

    Hi Disney , my name is Sarah khurana and I am 12 years old and I live in Delhi ,India . I have participated in many drama and anchoring competitions. I love Disney and always wanted to participated . I would be grateful if u give me a chance

  7. Sarah khurana

    Hi , my name is Sarah khurana and I am from Delhi . I am in 7 grade and study in Venkateshwar global school. I have participated in many drama and anchoring competitions. I love Disney and I would be gratefully if I get one chance to perform any character.

  8. Rohan Abu

    hey! my name’s Rohan Abu, I am 14 years old and 5 ft 6 inch
    i am a bit fair and can speak fluent English…
    i am an comedy actor and have a YouTube channel where i put all my skit videos…
    doing a work at Disney would be an great honor for me as it is my biggest dream and I am sure you wont be disappointed with me..
    Thank you and hope you would reply me…

  9. Adhya Hebbar

    Ola I am Adhya Hebbar from Bangalore .I am 5 feet tall with a wheatish complexion . I have always had the dream to work with disney and i hope it gets fullfilled . And i just want you to know that I would give up anything to work with Disney

  10. Adhya Hebbar

    Ola, I am Adhya Hebbar from Bangalore. I am 5 feet tall with a wheatish complexion. My dream is to work with disney I hope it gets fullfilled . I just want you to know that I would give up anything to work with disney.

  11. Adhya Hebbar

    Ola, My name is Adhya Hebbar.I live in Bangalore .I am 5 feet tall.My skin tone os warm brown.I have a dream to work with disney and I will try to do everything to make it happen.I speak fluent english and can speak spanish.I have won many awards in singing and I am a budding dancer.Whenever I watch disney which is all the time I look at the actors the way they act the way they react and try to learn from them .I am addicted to disney. My inspiration is ZENDAYA , she is the best of the lot zac effron is also good.I just want you to know I would give up everything to work with disney. I hope I get a chance.

  12. Joshua Rathore

    Hello my name is Joshua and I am English but staying in india for the moment


    Eye colour:Brown

    Hair colour:Brown


    please choose me I have wanted to be in disney since I was 5

    Thank you,
    Joshua Rathore

  13. Unnati Kundara

    I am Unnati Kundara. I’m 4’5 and really good at dancing and acting.

  14. Unnati Kundara

    My name is Unnati Kundara .I am a Indian girl . I am very good at theatre . I would love it if you would cast me in Shake It Up .
    Age – 19 years
    Height – 4’5

  15. Heeral

    Hello Disney, I am Heeral from Karnataka. It has always been a dream for me to get a role in Disney and I can say I am good at acting skills, if not I’ll improve them. I maybe too young for it but I thought why not give it a try. Thank you for considering my response, if I won’t get a reply I really hope I’ll get it soon in the future from you guys.
    Thank you 😊

  16. Heeral.N.L

    Hello, I am Heeral from Karnataka.
    It has always been my dream to play a role in Disney character,maybe I’m too young for this but I’ll try my best as I can say I have good acting skills.
    Please consider my response, if I don’t get a reply I hope I’ll surely get it in the coming future from you guys.

  17. Ruby Barnes

    Hello, I’m ruby and i have always been interested in acting, dancing an sing. so it looks like this is the show for me. I would love for you to text me the time and place for these auditions. Thank you:)

  18. Mahek Mehta

    Hello, My name is Mahek Mehta.. I am currently living in new Delhi, India. I was born in UAE and raised in Africa. I speak fluent English, I am 5’2, brown hair and eyes. My skin tone is warm brown.. It would be a pleasure to work for Disney.

  19. Puran Dewasi

    Hi my name is Puran Dewasi and I’m from Mumbai.
    I’m 15 yr old and 5 ft.8 inch.
    Have a dream of work with DISNEY since childhood.
    I’hv seen many response regarding this casting why all are saying that he/she is fair listen its all about talent not color.
    if i get a oppurtunity to work with DISNEY I will love too.

  20. anisha chakrapani

    hi! i am Anisha and i live in Bangalore.
    I am 5 ft. 5 inch.
    i am fair and i am very fluent in English.
    i am a western music singer and can play the keyboard as well.
    i have performed with well known artist Ricky Kej.
    I participated in BSSD(well known acting centre n Bangalore) shows.
    i would love to be part of this show!
    thanks 🙂

  21. Manpreet K Nandrajog

    Hi I am Manpreet and I live in jharkhand, jamshedpur. I am 17 year old , height-5 2″, and my complexion is fair. I am fluent in English and if given a chance , I would love to be a part of this show. Thank you.

  22. Vaishnavi Devadiga

    Hi there!
    I’m Vaishnavi and I’m 13. I am from Karnataka but currently living in Gujarat. I maybe a little small for this opportunity but, as this is my biggest dream which got to me because of Karan Brar, my inspiration, I am up to it. So, Thank You for giving your time to read my letter, I hope you reply to this. Bye!

  23. Manpreet K Nandrajog

    Hello. I am Manpreet kaur . I am 16 years old and live in jharkhand, jamshedpur,india. I always wanted to work for Disney and if given a chance it will be an honor. Thank you.

  24. Manpreet K Nandrajog

    Hi. I am Manpreet kaur . I am 16 year old and I live in jharkhand, jamshedpur. If given a chance it will be an honor to work for Disney and live my dream.

  25. Tarun Kamath

    Hi I am Tarun
    and i would love work in Disney. I love Disney very much,
    It will be great chance for me to work in Disney. I can dance and i can act very nicely. So give me one chance to work in the wonderful show.
    Name- Tarun Kamath
    Hobbies- Acting, Dancing and Singing
    Height- 5 ft 7 inches

  26. Tarun Kamath

    Hi I am Tarun,
    I am 15 yrs old, I am very big fan of Disney ,
    I can dance, i can act, . It will be a great chance for me to act in the wonderful show, i can speak English fluently. It is my dream to work on Disney.
    Name- Tarun Kamath
    Age- 15 yrs
    Hobbies- Acting, dancing and singing
    Height-5 ft 7 inches

  27. Anvita nag

    Hey I am anvita nag I wanna be an actress here some information about me;
    Name – anvita nag
    Age – 14
    Address – bhadrak
    Zip code – 756101
    Hobby – dancing, singing, and acting
    Height – 5 ft 5 in
    Hair colour – red hair naturally
    Eye color – brown
    Nationality – Indian
    I am really interested in acting in America

  28. Divya

    Hi I am sanya I can dance, act, sing also I am good in sports I have never went to an acting school but I do participate in all of the programs arranged by my school I would love to get this opportunity I will make sure I give my 100%
    Name -divya, age 12,height -4’7,i can speak fluent English, talent-acting, singing, dancing, sports ,hometown -Delhi, India
    I love shake it up when it ended I use to watch it at 12:00am every night I mean repeat shows
    Thank you

  29. Ayaana a

    Hi I’m ayaana I’m 11 years old
    I was born on 4 July 2007
    I’m from India
    I’d love to be a singer and actress so I love to speak English
    If your interested I’m me contact me on

  30. Shreya

    Hey i m shreya
    I m 15 years old.
    No, i can’t dance but can if someone will teach me steps but ya i can act and it would be honour to act in a disney show.
    I have black hairs. I m a proud indian. Dark brown eyes and can speak fluent english.
    I m 5ft 1inches tall. And i love disney programs. Of course who doesn’t? And would love to act.
    That’s it. Thank you!

  31. Ananya Nandan

    Hey I am from Kolkata i am trying
    really hard to get a chance to act in one of the outstanding Disney TV shows.
    I would be more than just happy if I even get a chance to audition.
    My bio ;

    Name -Ananya Nandan
    Age – 16
    Hobbies -acting dancing and singing
    Done some theater dramas here and there within the state .

  32. Nelle

    Hi I’m 16 years old I’m from paris I speak English very well, that would be a dream for me to be an actress. I’m talented.

  33. Roshan Narayan

    It is my dream to be a part of diseny .if i got a chance i can show all a lot.

  34. Akshita joshi

    My name is Akshita joshi and I am an Indian ….I would love to be a part of the Disney channel and I really want to be . ..cause Disney is one of my favourite channel and theee best👍…
    age:15 yrs
    gender: female
    height:5ft 5inches
    Hobby: singing and dancing

  35. akanksha thakur

    i am akanksha thakur, and
    i am 14 teen year old
    i am from new delhi
    i would loved to act for disney shows
    i love to sing and dance
    i am self trained belly dancer
    it was my child hood dream to act and sing for disney , i get inspiration to act for disney from shows like wizards ,haanah montana ,antonella and etc.
    milly crush , selena gomez and brenda aniscar are my favroute disney actress.
    i am fully english spoken person and i can speak american english too.
    If possible I will definitely be on this show it would be my honoured to act for disney
    Name: akanksha thakur
    Age: 14
    health: healthy
    Eye color: black
    Hair color: brown and black and long
    complection: fair
    Weight: 45
    Height: 5 foot 6 inch
    Gender: female
    study in class: 10th
    iam very open minded girl and little bit talktive
    i loved to speek and talk in english , i use less hind to communicate with others
    i also know to speak other languges like gujrati
    telent: singing in english and hindi, dancing belly dance and acting
    i would be very glad if i get this chane to be on the show

  36. Dhruv Oberoi

    Hi my name is Dhruv m from India I really want to become a Disney star m. 16 years old my height is 5.9 inches

  37. Valerie

    The name’s Valerie.
    I am from Singapore,13 years old.
    I am around 1.59 meters tall.
    Weight: 48.9.
    I am a female. Some physical details:
    Hair colour: black
    Light skin colour
    Eyes: black
    For me, I Guess I have always wanted something different. I have always loved acting, so I Guess that’s the path I am setting my sights on


    hi am Bharti Khan from India and I want to be a part of Shake It Up.

  39. Irene

    Hi I’m interested

  40. Anita Anaedevha

    Hello, my name is Anita Anaedevha and I’m an African. I am 12 years old and I love, love acting. I have started my acting and modelling career in Africa and I am totally ready to explore the outside world, keep me updated 💋💋💋

  41. Shreya

    Hey team Disney..
    My name is Shreya Thite . I am 16 years old ,I would love to showcase my dancing talent . I really want to work with Disney channel. I am 1.68 cm tall and have tanned skin with dark brown hair..

  42. Sheen nagri

    Good Evening/Good Morning,
    Hello team disney! My name is Sheen Nagri and i am 14 years old. I live in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. I am 5″6’/171cm in height. I love to sing and i am also a member at my school choir. I also have acted in street plays at my school.I am confident that if you’ll give me a chance i will prove it. Its my dream to be performing at disney channel. I speak fluent english. And i am a good orator.
    Just wishing the best!

  43. Kate Aldana

    Hi I am Kate Aldana I am from India and I.want to join this show, I speak English very smoothly and my age is 13

  44. Jay

    Hello, I’m jay parekh… I’m from Bombay and I’ve just seen this and I think that I’ll give ma best to rock the Disney channel I’m havin’ slightly fair skin tone and my height is 5’3 , brown hair , I’m currently 17..

  45. Arabella Louise

    Hi I’m Arabella I’m from Colorado!!
    I’m a competitive dancer
    I’m 13 years old
    I’m 5’4
    I have brown hair and brown eyes
    I am a female
    I would absolutely love to star in this show I remember watching it as a kid it was amazing I’ve always wanted to act on Disney Channel!!

  46. Minati

    I’m Minati from India.
    I’m 15 y/o.
    I am fluent in English.
    I love to dance, sing and act.
    I would love to on the show.
    I’m 161cm or 5’3 inches.

  47. Makayla

    Hey My Name is Makayla Stephens i am 13 i am really hoping that I would be on shake it up I growed up watching shake it up. Also it was a good show I loved it so much and it went so wonderful if I got a chance to be on shake it up

  48. Wasim kagdi

    Hey Disney,
    My name is Wasim Kagdi and I am a very good actor. Well you won’t believe this because I am saying that. The first thing why I want to join Disney is because I love acting and once you join Disney you have a lot of opportunities in front of you. And although I am an Indian I can speak very fluent English. And for the record “Calum Worthy” is my favourite Disney character….

    Name:Wasim kagdi

    Age: 14

    Height:5feet 2 inches

    Hair color:dark brown

    Eye color:BLACK


    Thank you for reading and I am telling you I am the best for this show.

  49. JIeya

    Hi I am Jieya Batra from Faridabad ,Delhi and I would love to act in Disney as I speak very fluent English
    About me
    Name: Jieya
    Gender: female
    Age: 12
    Height: 5 ft and 1 inch

  50. saanika

    Hi i am Saanika Singh from Delhi, India. i am 13 years old. it would be my pleasure to be on disney chanel show shake it up. i can speak fluent English .i can dance well and singing and acting are my special talents. it would be an honor if you consider me for the show

  51. Hussaina

    Hi !
    I am Hussaina Turabi
    I am Indian and i am just 13 yrs old
    I speak english in 1)Aussie accent 2)American accent
    My english is very fluent
    I am 5ft 2inches
    I am also a part of school drama club ( if that counts)


    Hey’ I m Amit Bhatt 26 yr old.I love disney all programmes.i want to join this show

  53. Shubham Shreya

    Hey! myself Shubham shreya and I am from Delhi, India.
    i really like these disney shows and even i want to be the part of this, if I’ll get a chance then I’ll be highly thankful of all of you for this kind act.
    my details:

  54. Evan Pegu

    Hi I’m Evan and my age is 12 and I want to give audition for Disney it is my dream..I can act very nicely and in age of 4 to7 I have act in local theatres…

  55. Shashwati Kashyap

    hey disney!
    I’m shashwati kashyap from karnataka,india
    i just turned 15
    im 5 feet 1 inches tall
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: Brown
    i can speak very fluent english
    i’ve acted in some private videos before
    acting in a disney show is one of my BIGGEST dreams.
    hoping for a positive response