Scream TV Series - MTV

Scream TV Series – MTV

The film franchise that changed the horror genre forever is set to do it all over again, this time as an hour long TV project. MTV is heading into production on the Scream TV series, a series that promises to honor the spirit of Screams 1-4 while updating and expanding the stories and making it’s own bone-chilling mark on audiences around the world. Casting calls are being organized now for this sure to be horror classic.

Scream is set in the seemingly peaceful town of Lakewood, whose residents are rocked when a video shot by two teenagers is uploaded to Youtube and goes viral. This video causes particularly chilling and unexpected problems for

Aubrey Jensen, daughter of the city’s pastor, that ripple throughout her relationships with her family and friends and exposes the terrifying history of their town. Like the four frightening films that preceded it, this TV iteration boasts a large ensemble cast of rising star talents that includes Willa Fitzgerald (Royal Pains, The Following, Blue Bloods), Carlson Young (Pair of Kings, Key and Peele, The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow, House of Lies, The Last Witch Hunter), John Karna (Modern Family, Premature, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Connor Weil (Liv and Maddie, McFarland, USA, Victorious), Bobby Campo (The Final Destination, Being Human, Grey’s Anatomy), Tom Maden (Make It or Break It, Parenthood, Switched at Birth) and Tracy Middendorf (Boardwalk Empire, Mission: Impossible III, Beverly Hills, 90210). Superstar Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip) has also signed on to make a crowd pleasing cameo in the series first episode. Veteran writer/producer Jill E. Blotevogel (Ravenswood, Stephen King’s Dead Zone, The Twilight Zone) will serve as showrunner for the project that features the writing of Dan Dworkin (Revenge, Criminal Minds, The Event) and Jay Beattie (Cold Case, Surface, Scorpion). Franchise stalwarts Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein and master of horror Wes Craven will head an all-star producing team.

Scream will be rolling in front of cameras very soon and several exciting roles in a variety of sizes in this highly anticipated horror series will soon be up for grabs. Actors of all ages and types will be needed to round out the show’s already fantastic cast and performers interested in applying for available parts can submit themselves today by sending emails to This fabulous series is gearing up and more news is still to come. Check back right here for more updates on upcoming auditions and production details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to have a chance at casting calls for MTV’s Scream.

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193 Casting Responses

  1. edward wilson

    my name edward wilson i am 14 would love to be in t
    mtv scream show

  2. Karolynny Nasser

    Hello MTV
    I am Karolynny, 31 years old and from Spain and Brazil.
    I am in love with scary movies and since from the beginning I am watching every scream movie!
    Please get me as an candidate with potential and a lot of talent to acting! 😍😜😘

  3. Taylor

    Hi I’m Taylor Bennett, I’m from Cincinnati Ohio and I am obsessed with anything that has to do with horror. I love scary movies I could watch them all day. I’m 5’6 I have dark brown hair and olive/ tan skin. I have hazel eyes also. I’m 16 too. I’ve always wanted to be part of a film or tv show. I love being in front of a camera. I feel most comfortable when I am. I’m very confident when I’m acting whether it be a school play or improv in my drama class. I love to act. I especially love “Scream”. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and I love the show even more. I really hope you guys consider me!

  4. Stephanie Jones

    Hello, my name is Stephanie Jones and I would love a chance to be considered for an upcoming role.

  5. Donito

    Would love to add some flavs to the show I am 24 I love horror stories and the excitement that goes along with them . Id like to be apart of the scream series

  6. Donito

    Would love to add some flavs to the show I am 24 I love horror stories and the excitement that goes along with them . I love to be apart of the series

  7. destiny davenport

    i would love to play a role in this series . what seasons are available now ?

  8. JoAnna

    I could bring a more alternative character. I look alternative and super down to eart. I’m 16 turning 17 in May.

  9. McKayla

    Do you have any roles 13 and under?
    Scream is my favorite show, I have watched all the seasons and I would love to be in it.
    I am a big fan and I can’t wait till next season. This show took over and changed my life. I love Scream so much. My dream into be an actor. If you find a role please contact me, Thank you so much.

  10. Koraima Bueno

    This show has literally been my life ever since I discovered and I really don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner. This may come out as it weird and stalkerish but I watched the whole first season in one day because that’s how obsessed I am with this show. Now I’m on the second season, episode 11 and I’m very excited. Also, I can’t wait for season 3 to come out and I would love love LOVE to be on this series just like every other person commenting in this section. I hope I at least get a chance because it would literally be a dream come true, literally. God, I’m so excited for season 3 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 This series is a blessing

  11. Michael Diaz

    Hey, my names Michael Diaz I’m 19 soon to be 20. I’m a horror fan fanatic, I grew up on slasher movies and have much love for them. To get the opportunity to take part in production in any shape way or form would be amazing. I’m an aspiring actor, I’ve taken acting classes in high school and some out of school. It’s always been a dream of mine to get a chance to be apart of something amazing

  12. Aarón Osorio

    Hi, it’s Aaron.
    I’m from Mexico.
    I am 20 years.
    I just found out they’re looking for a man for the Scream series for a gay character, and I would love to be that guy; I know a lot about the history of the Scream movies and they are my favorites, I really think I could do an excellent job, I’m dedicated, I work hard and I learn fast.
    I hope you consider me, thank you for your attention.

  13. Gerardo Maldonado

    I would love to have a chance to appear on the show, i love the suspense it gives off and would love to take a shot at playing a character

  14. Albert Wood

    Hi, my name is Albert Wood I am 16 years old and love acting. I have been the lead in a play and a main character in a musical. It is my dream to get the opportunity to act on tv. I also love the show and have watched each season twice.

  15. Breanna

    Hi my name is Breanna. I am 17 years old turning 18 in 2 months and absolutely love scream, I find it so interesting and it keeps me on the edge of my seat making me feel like a detective. Would love to be apart of this show as I’ve always wanted to be an actor doesn’t career and think this show would be a great opportunity for me to get started. Would love to be considered and see where this might take me.

  16. Molly hansen

    My name is Molly Hansen.
    I am an aspiring actress looking to be a part of this production. I am 20 soon to be 21 on the 29th of may. I feel i have the potential to be any character. Female of course. I have a backstage account. Maybe you can search me up. Cant really leave my personal info below. I am really interested. If theres a way you can reply or lmk I would love to hear from you. Thank you!

  17. Afef

    Hi, my name is Afef, i’m 18 years old and i live in Italy, in a country near Milan.
    I really like this series, i love the slasher, horror, action series.
    I think i’m perfect for this series, i’m a girl with a big character.
    I hope you can give me a chance.

  18. MKate

    Hi, my name is Mary Kate Hutson, and I have watched all the Scream movies, and every season of the T.V show, and I loved every single bit of it. I think it would be a huge fantastic honor to work on the show, and really start my acting career. I’m 17 years old, and I live in Westville, Illinois. You can contact me at my dad’s email I have Burnette hair, blue eyes, and I am 5’3″. I have done plays the majority of my life starting in grade school. And, I am athletic. I really hope you can at least consider me.
    Thank You For Your Time It’s Well Appreciated!!!!!

  19. nick

    Hi, my name is Nicholas Hemb and I live in Louisiana. I am 21 years old. Links to sample performance pieces can be found

  20. Bradley Rainwater

    The name is Brad. I am 20 years old and i’ve watched this show since the series started. Always wanted to get into the acting business and would love to make my debut in the slasher series! The Brad starts here!

  21. Bradley Rainwater

    The name is Brad. I’ve watched this show since the series started. Always wanted to get into the acting business and would love to make my debut in the slasher series! The Brad starts here!

  22. robyn

    My name is Robyn
    I’am 21 years old and i’m French , i live in the north of the france . I love soo much this show TV , i love too the movies but the serie is better !!! I love Slasher ! I have watching many time season 1 and 2 of scream ! And a french in your serie is good for the show maybe . contact me a mail for question ! Thanks

  23. Beth Woods

    Hi! I’m Beth, I’m sixteen years old and I live in Wngland. I’m studying Acting at LIPA.
    I have a short blonde pixie cut, I’m 5″4 inches. I have a portfolio that I can send if you email me, Imalso have some decent headshots.
    Thank you!

  24. Destaniy Lockett

    I would be a great addition to your cast because I, a huge fan of the show , I am a huge horror fan, I’ve watched every episode of scream series, and scream the franchise.
    I’m 19 yrs old
    Being apart of the scream team would be so exciting and truly amazing and an honor.
    I’m not experienced but I learn fast I’ve always wanted to act. Please give me a chance contact me at anytime

  25. Cameron Williams

    Major scream fanatic (horror in general). Please keep me posted. Aspiring model/designer/actor. Being apart of the Scream Team would be truly amazing and really appreciated

  26. Emily

    I would love to be in at least one episode of Scream, it is my favorite show and I think I could fit in nicely. I am 18, female. I have been in a few plays around my city, so I have a bit of experience!

  27. Rashad Matthews

    I am 25 years old i’ve been a fan of the scream franchise since 1996″ and seeing the scream Halloween special and hearing that the season 3 is 6 episodes and I love the show so much that it would be an honour to be in season 3. I think if you were to give me a shot at auditioning for a role or even an opportunity to be play a huge role as a extra in a few scenes in this film, I think you will be amazed and maybe just maybe I’d turn out to be the killer after all lmao.
    I’d even be happy just to be in the first scene of the show doesn’t matter to me whatever you guy’s need me to do i can and will do it.
    It would be the greatest moment of my life
    I will do anything to become a star in scream
    Please contact my email

  28. Holden

    My name is Holden Pierce, I am almost 20 years old and a talent to be recognized. I am willing to send any Information/photograph/acting that you need. I will make your season 3 worth watching. I am the lead you need and deserve after the success of the show.

  29. Alexis barajas

    My name is Alexis barajas, I am 18 years old. I can describe myself as petite similar to Brooke but with dark brown long hair. it would be a dream to have the chance to appear on season 3 of scream. I’m a big fan of horror crime movies. Thank you for this opportunity !

  30. María Fernanda Díaz

    I speak english but for me is better to explain myself in spanish

    Me llamo María Fernanda, tengo 17 años y soy de México. Desde pequeña siempre he sido muy paranoica, me levantaba el la madrugada llorando por que no podía hablar, soñaba con una persona que me seguía y veia sobras que hasta la fecha sigo viendo. Soy muy miedosa pero puedo decir que por mi experiencia de varias situaciones que he presentado que probablemente sean una alucinación mia se que puedo plasmarlo en un personaje justo y como lo he vivido…
    btw i watched the serie in just 2 days.

  31. Kristen Jackson

    Name: Kristen Jackson
    Age: 17
    Location: Illinois, USA
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Burgundy
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

    Hello! My name is Kristen. I’m 17 years old. I love the Scream TV series. It would be an amazing opportunity to be part of the cast, even an extra. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks! 🙂

  32. Richard Cuello

    Hey, my name is Richard, Richard Cuello. Since 2015, I’ve heard about the Scream tv series. But befor I watched it, I watched all four movies of Scream and they’re outright AMAZING. and when I watched both seasons of Scream, they were pure INSANITY. And I was in love with the series. When when season 3 of Scream comes around, I would love to audition, and I would love to be a part of MTV and Scream.

  33. Jamie Perrault

    Dear scream writers
    I am 17 years old I am Canadian and seeing the scream Halloween special and hearing that the season 3 is 6 episodes and I love the show so much that it would be an honour to be in season 3 I was told in my drama class last year that I was the best actor and I think if you were to give me an audition I think you will be amazed and hopefully after be added to mtvs scream I can play any of the characters say for example maybe Emma meets a new guy and I happened to play the guy and maybe become Emma’s boyfriend kinda like Kieran just hopeful I don’t turn out to be the killer
    I’d even be happy just to be in one scene and play someone who ends up getting killed like Bella Thorne did in the first scene of the show
    It would be the greatest moment of my life
    I will do anything to become a star in scream
    To be honest
    I don’t need to be paid a lot
    Please contact my email

  34. Fabian Rojas

    Hello I would love to be in the Scream Tv Series Season 3 because I love all the scream movies and love to act ever since 7th grade I’ve took acting classes so I can reach my goal.

  35. Tyquan Johnson

    I want to be apart of scream because I am into horror movies, I always wanted to be in one, and I think I will be a good actor

  36. Josh Forbes

    I am Josh Forbes, I live in Denver, CO. Acting, film work, and theater have been a very important part of my life and have been doing theater, and training specifically for acting since elementary school. In 2014, I started film acting and voice over training and have been pursuing both ever since. Scream has been a very unique horror series, because in hour long episodes, it gives time for the actors to express their dilemmas with the killers manipulative methods, and common high school social issues. I admire how well it is written that the actors mourn over the loss of their friends and become stronger characters. Which dynamic characters are always fascinating to watch or portray because the connection an actor has to make to that character and how the connection alters is very challenging. This is how actors become masters of their craft.

  37. Haley Fisher

    Hello. I’m Haley Fisher. 22 years old… I’ve watched the show from the beginning and have just fell absolutely in love with it… I’ve been trying to become apart of the acting world for a while now, but no luck has come my way. I’ve done acting schools, etc. and nothing has become of it.. It’s make or break time, I’m just looking for someone, anyone, to give me the opportunity to do so.. And what better way, than to be on a show, that i watch faithfully.

  38. Sara Carlin

    Hello, my name is Sara Carlin, Im 15 years old and I love horror movies. Ive always loved them growing up and Ive always wanted to be apart of one. So I thought this would be a good opportunity. I am outgoing, creative, and athletic. I am 5’5 maybe 5’6, with brownish blondish hair and dark brown eyes. Id love to be apart of this project.

  39. Corey

    Hi I’m Corey Putman and I love scream and I wanted to be part of the show I think it would be fun. I’m funny smart and I love to act I really want to be part of this show I just need a shot to try to make it so please give me a shot

  40. Eileen Benzor

    Hello, I’m a 25 year old female from Los Angeles CA. I’m a massage therapist in my area. I’ve always been interested in acting since I was about 13 years old. I even went to acting school near Beverly Hills but never landed a role because the casting department wanted younger actors. I did some drama in high school and was the president of the club.
    I love this show Scream just as much as Teen Wolf(sad to see it go). Scream is an exciting thrilling horror show. I love all the cast members, they fit well into their characters. I would love to land a random role on this show even if I get killed(laughs). It would be a dream come true if I were to start acting even if it’s minor roles. I’m sure everyone else would say the same. I’m also not sure if this will go through. But if it does that would be excellent. Hope to hear back from someone. Thanks for reading this.

  41. Shelby Warren

    Hello my name is Shelby Warren I’m 15 and love acting.Ever since the first episode came on I knew I would love it and I do I still watch them and I would love to be on scream TV series because I know I can act and I know I can play the part of someone on there. I live for horror movies/TV shows . I live in henry TN I know every single actor/actress of the Lakewood 5 I can name them off the top of my head there is
    •Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval
    •Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox
    •Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey Jensen
    •John Karna as Noah Foster
    •Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox

  42. Kaitlin

    I’m not gonna leave much. I think I’d be perfect for any part in this show, really. I’m female, brown long hair, short, but cute. 19. Please just contact me.

  43. Sam Bowman

    My name is Sam Bowman and I’m a huge fan of MTV Scream. I love the series. It is the best series ever. I would like to have a chance because I feel like it would be great to be on the cast. It would be a dream for my to be on it.