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ABC TV Show Casting Call – Charleston, SC

Do you want to be on an ABC TV show? The network is adding a new show to their lineup and you could be in it! A TV Show casting call for the pilot episode is now accepting submissions. While specific background and stand-in roles will be released at a later date, the team has put out a general casting call. The series will begin filming on March 14th or March 15th. It is shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. “Savage” is starring Will Paton, Toby Kebbell and Jim Belushi. This is a paid acting job. All experienced actors and aspiring extras can view all of the TV show audition notice details below.

About “Savage”

“Salvage centers on ex-cop Jimmy Hill (Kebbell), who just wants to be left alone after moving back home to rural Florida. But when a local murder is linked to the sunken treasure of a lost Spanish galleon, he’s drawn into the investigation by an idealistic deputy and pitted against the powerful town patriarch, outside criminal agents and his own father”, according to Deadline.

What They Are Looking For

ABC Studios pilot “Savage” will begin filming in CHARLESTON, SC MARCH 14th OR 15th! Casting calls for specific extras roles and stand-ins will go up closer to the start of filming.

Those submitting for this season must be willing to work AS LOCAL to Charleston, SC!

That said, We ask those interested in working on SALVAGE to take the time and send in a general submission e-mail

How to Apply

To apply email
The e-mail MUST INCLUDE ALL of the following:
1. Recent head shot (does not have to be professional photo)
2. Recent body shot (can be photo with other people in it)
3. Name
4. Age
5. Phone number
6. Location
7. Height
8. Weight (this is only incase Costume Dept were to need it)
9. Shirt size
10. Pant size (for men we prefer to have Waist and Length measurement)
11. Dress size (if applicable)
12. Jacket size (if applicable)
13. Shoe size
14. A picture and/or brief description of any visible tattoos.
15. Color/make/model of your vehicle (if applicable,) if you send a pic too you get bonus points!
16. If you have experience as a stand-in, please let us know!
Those who send-in ALL the appropriate information/pictures will have a much easier time when applying for specific roles in the future and will not be expected to resubmit photos, sizes, etc when notifying us of their availability for a role.

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5 Casting Responses

  1. Toni C Hughes


    I would like to know if you are still in need of actors for your film Salvage.

    Toni C Hughes

  2. Charlie Lupo

    GM…I’d like to be a non union extra on one of your projects in the NYC metro area. How do I go about dong that?

    Charlie Lupo
    Jersey Shore

  3. Antionette D. Ray

    Antionette d. Ray (Toni) is the name, phone number 843-480-8945, i am interested in all of the genre, Extras, Television, TV Drama and many more.

  4. Isidora Zuniga

    I would love to, even though i’m Far away from the location where you guys are going to film I can travel whenever you guys want me to

  5. Frank Cassaday

    I am a Caucasian Male age 71, stand 5’4″ and weigh 173 pounds shirt size 16 neck 34-35 chest. pants waist 38 length 23 1/2 inches. am a small man. I live in OHIO. was an extra in a couple low budget movies in Ohio in the past, wear glasses look somewhat like maybe woody allen or Wally Cox from the 1960’s maybe that small man who played in Night Shades with Burt Reynolds several years ago, he passed on a few years ago…am balding what hair I have left is grey. before I send anything for South Carolina I wanted to introduce myself and tell a brief amount. I am living in OHIO…

    interested in some form of acting before I die…Thanks. Frank