Rollin Stone Docu-Series Casting CallCasting Call for Rollin Stone Docu-Series

A new casting call has been released for the Docu-Series Rollin Stone.  The show is filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

About The Project

Are you seeking answers from a parent who you lost contact with? Are you a parent seeking forgiveness and a second chance from your child? If this sounds like you, here’s a chance to gain the closure you’ve been looking for. A pilot reality show, “Rollin Stone”, is now casting.

Requirements For Application

This show is seeking guests African-American/Hispanic guests between the ages of approximately 16-25 or parents with children in this age range who, with support of a licensed therapist, are ready to have an open conversation and a second chance at a fresh start with their parent.

How To Apply

If you are a parent or young adult who is ready for this opportunity, please submit a 2-3 minute video submission by email to and include the following information in your video:

  • Name
  • Age
  • City
  • Brief background of your story

The deadline for video submissions is April 23, 2016 and filming will take place in Atlanta, GA in May, 2016.  All selected guests need to reside within 50 miles of the Atlanta Metro area and will be required to sign a filming consent form.

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1 Casting Response

  1. Redbone Brooks

    Okay so this is something’s that truly caught my eye….i am 24 years old….and I come from a family of extremely dark secrets….I am one of six kids but surprisingly I am the black sheep the out cast whatever you would like to call it…my father remarried….and his wife worships the devil….she has turned my entire family against me. And I have yet to reach my full potential of becoming successful…i am a CNA but I cant quite find my way because no one quite took the time out to be honest about anything and pushed all the blame back on me. I dont know who my father is. Yes I can see him but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DARK SECRETS HE IS HIDING AND I KNOW HIS WIFE IS A SATANIST DUE TO THE FACT I caught her chanting. I need your help because I have prayed and prayed for son many years…literally all my life to be happy…maybe this is my only opportunity to break free of the demonic force among my entire family because since his wife came around my family has failed tremendously….not just me it just so happens in the only one that has gotten it the worst. Help me