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Casting directors are in search of talent for speaking roles in a new feature film that is being produced in Baltimore area.

What is the Film About?

The feature film that is in production is an intense love story based on the sports industry. The film is all set to be shot in the Baltimore area in the winter season. Because the film will be shot in Baltimore, casting directors are in search for talents for speaking roles in the same location.

The film is being directed by someone who has won twice for the best feature film titles. The director has also won for best films appearing on Netflix, Vudu, Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, DVD, etc. the distribution of this feature film is also in the process.


If you want to apply for a role in this feature film, make sure you send an email to with the following details:

  • Head shot
  • Resume
  • Write about the role you want

The casting directors will be organizing video auditions before callbacks.

Available Roles

The casting directors of the feature film are looking for talents for several roles in the film. Below are the roles that are up for grabs!

Monica Mclain

Require a female aged between 28 and 32. Monica is quite attractive and has a dark complexion. She also has an amazing personality and her smile is quite impressive too. Monica is someone who is a little shady, friendly, and compassionate.

Sandy Stavis

Require a female aged between 28 and 32. The casting directors want a mixed race woman (African American). Sandy is someone who is a social-bee and a former model. She is not only humble, but she also tends to get a little greedy at times.

Nigel McCoy

Require a black male aged between 28 and 38. Nigel is a man who owns a construction company and is not too tall not too short.

James Williams

Require a black male aged between 28 and 38. James is someone who is a former athlete and is quite tall. Casting directors are looking for someone who looks like NBA or NFL star.

David Franchise

Require a black male aged between 28 and 38. David is someone who is tall like James and also an athlete. Anyone interested in this role must look like an NBA or NFL star.

Frank Deluca

Require a male aged between 35 and 48 who looks like a businessman. Anyone applying for this role must be smart, stylish, and impressive. Frank is someone who is tough-looking guy who may be mistaken as a criminal.

Rogers Kenny

Require a black male aged between 30 and 40. The directors require someone who looks strong and smart. Looking for someone who can play an FBI agent.

If you want to act in this interesting feature film, then send your details by December 18th and don’t forget to mention the role that you are applying for.


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