Robocop – Movie

Robocop, the hit 1987 film that spawned two successful sequels, three live action television series and a animated program is being reimagined for the next generation of fans and producers and casting directors are on the lookout for new, undiscovered actors for the all new feature film version. Casting calls and auditions for Robocop will be happening soon and roles of all sizes for actors of all ages and experience levels will be available. This is your chance to be a part of one of the film world’s most anticipated projects.

Robocop is set in the city of Detroit, Michigan in the near future and tells the story of veteran police officer Alex Murphy who is fatally wounded by a major criminal gang that is rampaging the city. Murphy is revived by the Omni Consumer Products Corporation and their brand new ‘Robocop’ which turns Murphy into a perfect crime fighting cyborg. Now Robocop must defend the his downtrodden city from the gang of thieves that control it and attacked him and from the corporate enemy that has reared it’s head all while he uncovers new memories thought to be erased during his Robocop procedure. Will Murphy uncover his true former self and be able to reconnect with his past? Can Robocop save his once proud city? The stakes are high and so is the anticipation for this fantastic reboot of a science fiction classic. Robocop has all of the making of a true summer blockbuster film that will be seen by tens of millions of moviegoers around the world. The film has already cast an intriguing group of acting talents including Joel Kinnaman (AMC’s The Killing) as Robocop, Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight Rises), Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers), Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch) and Hugh Laurie (House) and there are many more roles available. This is an amazing opportunity to work with some of the finest actors today. Auditions and casting calls for this exciting new project are happening soon. If you are interested in being involved in this huge Hollywood hit stay tuned for every casting update and leave a comment below and tell us why you would be perfect for the cast of Robocop.

The next science fiction blockbuster is on it’s way and so is your chance to make your big break in a major film production. Stay tuned for all of the exciting updates for the all new MGM feature Robocop.

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  1. Travis Coleman

    Im Intrested In Auditioning 4 This Movie I Ricived A Call Last Night But My Phone Died So If You Would Please Call Me Back That Would Be Great

  2. Bobby

    My name is Bobby, I live in Minnesota. I am a model and train/teach/fight martial arts!
    Height, 5’7″
    weight, 160
    Hair, brown
    eyes, green blue

    I would love to act! I love to meet new people. I would really love to be apart of this! I can bring a lot and I look forward in speaking with you! thank you for your time

  3. Gwynne Hooser

    Hello I’m Gwynne~! I have some expirence in acting in a school musical, and some preformance in ballet. I have also taken IMPROV classes, I’m am 5”4′ , short golden-brown hair, blue eyes and am 14 years old. I would love to be anyone in the movie and would give the movie and the role some spark.

  4. Telisha Gonzales

    My name is Telisha Gonzales I’m 24 years old, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking for someone to give a girl from a small place a chance to do something I dream of. A chance to be a part of something they love more then anything in the world. I know that I have the heart, passion, and drive to do something like this.I want to make people laugh, and cry, and feel all the things I do when I see a movie. I want the chance to be anything I have ever imagined, A superhero or an adventure seeker like Indian Jones, maybe even the girl that gets the guy. All I need is someone willing to help me make it possible. I hope that you read this and find it in your heart to consider giving me an opportunity to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the time you took to read this.

  5. Lonnie Travis

    hello my name is lonnie travis i am 23 got black hair and i am 6’2″ and i would love the chance to be in this movie

  6. Kaitlyn

    Name: Kaitlyn
    Height: 5’5 1/2 or 5’6
    Training with casting directors & introduce to theater at a very young age.
    Contact me for more info.

  7. Tyrone Davis

    well all i can say is that im 6ft tall, muscular, love boxing, martial arts, i sing and 27yrs old and i live in chicago now currently living in chicago west suburbs and i always watch and understand all movies and use my creativity and see what else actor or a actress should use or do in their roles to catch more attetion from veiwers, and i always wanted to be apart of something i can cherish for a long time, say i was apart of that experience and it change my life, i mean this is something i always wanted my life to be about a part of a commercial, a franchise and a real movie, not because of the fame or publicity, money, becuase i actually have the heart and passion for acting, i believe everyone has a calling in their life you just have to take it as it come and honestly i had alot of chances to be an actor back then a couple of years ago the exact i audition in different states with my mother being there for me and the rest of my family envy me said i will amount to nothing and that its just a dream im living in including my father lack of support and downgrade his oldest son, jealousy and criticism, finances, lack of belief and that took a big affect on me thats why i didnt succed, only my mother believed in me, but what im saying is life too short and you only live once and you should follow yours dreams and goals, if you get picked or not for a role dust yourself off and try again until you succeed and thats what im doing trying to succeed at what im at heart of doing and complete my goals.

  8. Hyo Sim

    Hi I go by Holly. I am 18 years old. I am 5 foot 7 inches. I am South Korean. If you guys need an Asian actress, here I am waiting for you guys to call me up. I am confident in myself and I know I can do a good job. Thank you!

  9. Kitty Harren

    Hello! My name is Kitty Harren and I am 17 years old, 5′ 2″, and 115 lbs. I am caucasian but naturally tan with light brown hair and light brown eyes. I am a cheerleader and gymnast with an athletic body. I have a bubbly personality and love to work with others.

  10. Amanda Agana

    Height: 5 4
    Weight: 114
    Physique: Athletic (runner)
    Hair: black,
    Ethnicity: African
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Complexion: Dark Brown
    State: Arkansas
    Language: English, some french, and 3 African languages
    Talent: Novice actress, singer, dancer, athlete, writer,

    i have a lot of talent, and i can prove it if i am given a chance.

  11. Raphael Debraine

    Name: Raphael Debraine
    Nationality: Belgium
    Born/raised: France
    Languages: English, French (both fluent)
    Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’12″-6’0″
    Weight: 140 around
    Shoe: 13
    High-school student
    Aspiring actor

    Theater classes through-out high school
    Moving on to IB level classes next school year
    -The crucible- Arthur Miller
    – Captive audience- David Ives
    Co-directed: In memoriam- Marlene Remington

    I think i would be great for this project because I am willing to give it more than my all. I think being part of this project will allow me to show my true talent, and it will also allow me to explore new levels of my personality.

    Thank you very much for considering me.
    Have a great day.

  12. Michael E

    Hi, my name is Michael E.

    I am 5’8”, approximately 240 lbs., long brownish hair, and blue eye. I am not the handsome leading man type of person, but have a great range of character, from comedy to drama. I am willing to travel.

    I have had one speaking role in the movie: Vile 21 – Character; Craig

    I am looking to get into Movies or a Series (Network or Cable)

  13. Ray Ryder

    My name is Ray, i live in Michigan. I’m a police officer, fire fighter, and train/teach martial arts!
    Height, 5’10
    weight, 190 (muscle) love to lift
    Hair, brown
    eyes, brown

    I love to act! I love to meet new people. looking to find my page in the acting career!! and well there you have it short and sweet! 🙂 thank you for your time and i look forward in talking with you

  14. Daphne Sagun

    Daphne S. Sagun

    Age:12(I know that I’m probably too young)
    Hair Color:Black,straight
    Eye Color:Dark Brown
    Skin Color:Natural tan

    Hi,I know that I might be too young to audition,and I’d probably never get a role,but here goes nothing.I am currently in the seventh grade.My hobbies include reading and writing.I can also sing and dance.I’ve had a few experiences in all three and I’m willing to learn more.I am known to have a positive attitude,energetic,mild-mannered,a bit serious,but all in all,I am basically just an ordinary girl.If you do choose me,I promise I’ll try my best.Thank you for taking the time to read this

  15. Derick Strickland

    Hello! My name is Derick Strickland. I am a very fit 19 year old man and I’m currently living in Houston, Texas! The reason why I definately know I could be a major role actor in this Tyler Perry series is because in every single play, acting class, and interview that I have ever been in, I’ve always been able to grasp my audience’s attension with my outgoing personality. My first year in acting class my acting teacher requested that I go to acting 3 rather than acting 1 because of my God-Given ability to snare the attention of my audience. I’ve done comedy, drama, and action productions and in all of those ive had the lead roles. I’ve been blessed to be in the newspapers multiple times and every single job that ive needed to be interviewed for, regardlees of how many people I competed against, I’ve gotten. I know god has blessed me with the ability to entertain crowds of people and I am determined to use my blessing to make my mom, my future fans pleased.
    Thank you and I look foward to auditioning!
    Race: Black/Caucasion
    Body-type: ripped/fit
    Height: 5’8
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 180
    Gender: Male
    State: Texas

  16. Enrique

    hi.. Im latino 34 years old.. 5’7 ..170 lbs .experience in theater and short films. I was a cop for 12 years /swat team, a US Marine and now am a boxing/mma coach. alot of real life experience. a bit of a vin diesel look.

  17. Tommy McDonald

    The film/movie industry always needs someone with new creative ideas for whats next. I believe that’s where i come in. Recently I’ve been looking at colleges for theater to be more involved in acting/filmography areas. I just got an honorable discharge from the Navy and looking for something new. Working with your company would be a great kick start to a new career. I have a wild and creative personality There isn’t any challenge that i don’t think i can not complete. I’ve been doing modeling recently and theater in high school days. Ready for something to to kick start this year.

    age: 23
    height: 5’11
    weight: 158
    build: athletic
    hair: dirty blonde

  18. Malcolm Cook

    As I look at this list everyone generally has the same thing to say. Hi, i’m blah blah blah… That’s entirely to boring for me. I’m a 20-year that literally eats a bowl of excellence in the morning and go to my bathroom and urinate glitter on my toilet seat. I have an extreme confidence that will radiate any and every room I enter, that is countered by since of humbleness and respect that everyone I encounter appreciates.
    I’m a 5’7 slender young man full of charisma, talent and ambition. Hopefully I will be considered to be apart of this project. Although I know a brief paragraph cant show any ones full potential of anything, I hope I persuaded whoever reads this that I have TRUE STAR QUALITY!!

  19. Kameron

    My name is Kameron Purcell (Male). 16. I am 5’7, and weigh 125 lbs.
    I think I am qualified for this experience because I am very well-rounded. I took martial arts for 7 years (Hapmudo); Am in my 3rd year of AFJROTC and am currently a cadet Captain with a 3.0 GPA. I am also on my school’s Track Team. I am very athletic and mentally strong. Can run a 6 minute mile, do 35+ diamond push-ups and 50+ sit-ups, along with 15 dead-hang pull-ups (both ways). I’ve taken the ASVAB twice and scored a 50 & 60. I am amicable and can make friends more quickly than most. I work well with teams and exceptionally well under pressure. I also love challenges. I hope for you to get back with me for this amazing experience.

  20. Alex Creamer

    Hello, my name is Alex Creamer. I am an actor currently looking for work. Currently working on theater acting and would like to act in a film. No problem playing any type of roles, small or large. I am 19 years old, ex-military, and have many hobbies.

    Age: 19
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 160lbs athletic build
    Gender: Male
    Race: White

    If you are interested please contact me

    Best Regards,

  21. Jennifer McGuire

    I have over 5 years modeling experience and have been told I am a natural at acting.
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 140
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: West Carrollton, OH
    Talent: Dancing and Acting

  22. kathleen kaye

    23 years of age, 5 ‘ 3 in height with Asian decent and a local tittle holder as Miss LAX for the MISS California USA 2013 pageant, would be honor to be given a chance to be part of this show. pls feel free to contact me anytime of your convenience

  23. Adam Alb

    As an actor trying to pay his dues, this seems like a very good opportunity. I’ve had opportunities to act in the past, and was most recently an extra for the Lifetime movie “Liz and Dick.” To be able to be apart of this project, and have a chance to audition, could be a stepping stone of having my dream of being an actor for a living becoming a reality.
    I turn 30 in May, but can pass as a 20 year-old if need be. I can play guitar and drums, am caucasian, am 5’11, have brown hair, and have green eyes. Thanks.

  24. Keisha

    I have always dreamed of being an actress and I love to take this opportunity to show my talent and be apart of this classic!!

  25. Brandon Beal

    I’d love to be a part of this movie!! I LOVED the original movies and TV shows!! I’m a former professional football player who’s career took a turn for the worse after an injury. SO now at the age of 27, Ima fitness model/Personal trainer/Gym manager so needless to say i keep myself pretty fit at 6’4 230lbs.
    Id love an opportunity to be a part of the new ROBOCOP film and would do whatever it took!!
    Brandon Beal

  26. Omarr Salgado

    To Whom it may concern,

    My name is Omarr Salgado I am 39 years of age 195lbs 6 feet 2″ but can easily pass for a young male in his late twenties or flip it to a more mature seasoned older male in his mid forties. Throughout my life I’ve been approached on several different occasions about the idea of acting. Partly because of my look and the company I keep. I am a seasoned musician, producer , song writer, artist. The many experiences I’ve encountered in my life good bad or indifferent allow me to adapt to most settings in life. I would like the opportunity to bring some of those real life experiences to the screen. I believe i can be a tremendous assets to your production bringing in a quality of high energy , motivation and focus. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,


  27. Terrell Martin

    i kid you not!
    well…my Name Is Terrell Martin i’ve been acting around the house ever since i can remember and i would love to give my raw Talent a try!

  28. Kimberly Banks

    To whom it may Concern:
    I would love to try my hand at the oldest profession. I could tell you all the things you have heard before about all my talents and how much I think the movie will be amazing. You guys already know how awsome the movie is and have no Idea if im telling you the truth! So that being said I would love a chance to try an art form that comes from experience in life not just classes.

    Age: 31, Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 139
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond

  29. Jessica Henderson

    I am a former runway/print model, I would describe myself as a chameleon type of person. Very stern look but a outgoing and liked by many personality. Everyone describes my look as unique..I transition very well. Born a blonde at present time pixie black in color present..I am 5’7, 135 pounds…currently I am studying forensic science crime scene investigation this role would contribute greatly in that field…thanks for your consideration Miss. Jessica

  30. Dante Whitley

    Hello I’m Dante Whitley, And Why I Should Be Consider Is Because I’m A Devoted And Inspiring
    Actor Trying To Make It And Conquer The Acting World. – Future Actor , Dante Whitley

  31. Wanalee

    I would love to be in a movie like this! It sounds edgy with alot of action and that describes me. I love science fiction and I love anything futuristic. My friends even describe my character as a person to be robotic and science fiction. I am also very fit and this movie sounds like the type you should be in shape for. That is why I think this is a perfect movie for me to try audition for. I have never been in a movie before but I have auditioned for an upcoming film and almost got the lead role. Acting is a natural talent for me and I am hoping to expose that side. Even though I live all the way in Hawaii, I would LOVE an oppotunity like this and I will travel whenever wherever. Please consider me:)

    Ethnicity: Thai/Caucasian
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Bust: 32
    Waist: 24
    Hips: 32

  32. Paul Houston

    Hello my name is Paul Houston and I am 29 years old I am 5’10 170 pounds’ athletically built I have brown eyes. I have played roles plays here in my town. I have wished to pursue since a very young age. I would be homered to work with you all in the future thank you.

  33. Meagan

    Meagan Davis.
    Weight: 118
    Race: White
    Talents- Dance, Softball, Acting and Soccer
    I was born on April 21, 1993. In Alabama
    I have never been in a tv show, movie or anything but I have the ambition and the drive in my heart to be the best at whatever I do.
    I am a very fast learner and have a very good memory
    If you picked me, you would not be disappointed. This is my second application I have sent in to get picked for a role in a movie.
    I would also like to add, just because I have never been to acting school or in a minor show, does not mean I don’t know how to act. Acting
    is in your heart.
    I have also done some modeling.
    I can send pictures if you would like.

  34. Mindi

    I don’t know if I’m to late for this or not. I would love to have the opportunity to be in a reboot of a movie that my family and I grew up watching! Please let me know of and parts still available!
    Thanks Mindi

  35. Alf Brand

    Hello my name is Alf Brand I am 18 years old I am 5’10 157 pounds’ athletically built I have light brown eyes. I have played very important roles plays here in my town. I have also did print work acting is a passion of mine that I have wished to pursue since a very young age right now I am enrolled in college and I am majoring in theatre I am the perfect candidate for any acting job I can perform many different personalities I am very athletic and I will due just about anything you ask me to do. I would be homered to work with you all in the future thank you.

  36. Tanya Price

    I am quite a perfectionist, but not so that it makes me arrogant.
    My ambition is to do well in my acting as well as modelling. I’m confident outgoing and a natural blonde with a brain. “YOU DON’T CAST TANYA, YOU DISCOVER HER” ……..!!! I am a dress size 12, shoe size 6,long blonde hair blue eyes and 5’9″ in height, aged 34 but look mid 20’s. Trying for my lucky break and NEVER GIVING UP!!….got down to the final six in the auditions for the role of ‘Serena the mermaid’ in latest Pirates of the Caribbean (4) movie.
    My philosophy is ‘its not about the fame, its about the life experience, the places you discover and the people you meet”

  37. Quy Nghiem

    Hello my name is Quy Nghiem, I haven’t taken up acting but I definitely will be soon. I love watching action movies repeatedly which is my main goal is to become an actior star. I have a red belt 3 in taekwondo, and will be taking up muay thai as well and many other forms of MMA. I’ll do anything to be in the movie, even as a extra or background person just to gain more experience and be able to give advice to young ones one day that i was taught by the industries best. Jackie Chan and Jet li are my inspiration and would like to be next to them in a movie one day, any action star is a big inspiration. I am healthy, and always take up any challange, even if its executing daring maneuvers. Acting has always been my dream career/job and i hope to gain many opportunities.

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Area: Adelaide, South Australia
    Ethnicity: Asian, Vietnamese
    Height: 5’6

  38. gypsy brown

    Hi! im Gypsy i will love to be a part of history in the making. im very sporty n i have good energy,if Im lucky to get a part i will do my best.Im a good listener and i follow directions very well.

  39. gypsy brown

    hi! I’m gypsy i will love to be a part of history in the making,robocop is one of my favorite movie of all times.If given the opportunity for a part in this movie I will get the job done.I don’t have alot of experience but I’m a good listener n i follower directions very well.

  40. Michelle Clausen


    I saw you casting on casting call hub for the new movie Robocop, and I would like to be considered for a role. It really sounds like an amazing project, and I personally believe that I can contribute to make this movie a big hit. I strongly believe that I’m the right person for one of the roles.

    Thank you

    My name is Michelle, I’m 22 years old and I am from Denmark. Ever since I was a little girl acting, has always been a big part of my life, in one way or another. I am a very energetic and funny girl to be around, and serious when I need to be. I love what I do and do everything to make it work. I am a girl who’s very open, honest, faithful and work incredibly hard to make my dreams come true.
    I’m always happy, smiling/charming and helpful to others.
    My biggest passion is to make a career in action
    It would be an honor for me to have the opportunity to get to audition/casting

    • Gender: Female
    • Hair: Blond
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Height: 5’4″
    • Weight: 121 ibs
    • Waist: 28’’
    • Hips: 35’’
    • Etnicity: Danish

    My experience spans over the following roles:

    Theater & Movie:
    • Klovn the Movie (Movie)
    • All for one – Alle for en (Movie)
    • My sisters kids – Min søsters børn (Movie)

    • Cinderella – Role: Cinderella
    • Robin Hood – Role: Lady Marian
    • The Smurfs – Role: Lady Smurf
    • The Princess and the Pea – Role: Princess
    • Beatles Tour – Role: Paul McCartney
    • Romeo and Juliet – Role: Juliet
    • Peter Pan – Role: Wendy
    • Musicalius – Role: Musicalius
    • Thumbelina – Role: Thumbelina
    • Clumsy Hans – Role: Clumsy Hans
    • The ugly duckling – Role: The ugly duckling
    • The little girl with the matchsticks – Role: The little girl with the matchsticks
    • Nightingale – Role: Princess
    • The shepherdess and the chimney sweep – Role: Shepherdess.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Sincerely yours,

  41. Raymorn Edden

    Hello my name is Raymorn Edden I’m 27 5’9″ 196lbs. I am African American and I really enjoy doing extra roles. Please email me for more information.


  42. Ylienna Alicea

    Name: Ylienna Marin Alicea
    Location: Baltimore County, Maryland – Will/Can travel on little/no notice
    DOB: 4/11/11
    Weight: 22 lbs is commonly mistaken for younger
    Ethnicity: Mother of Scottish heritage but 4th or later generation American, Father Puerto Rican first generation born in America
    Hair: Brown & medium length
    Eyes: Brown & large

    Ylienna has been approached three times by companies asking to represent her but the timing was wrong for our family. She just turned 18 months though appears younger, she is much smaller than you would expect. People often see her walking or running or hear her speak and are shocked and impressed, immediately asking her age. She is beautiful, we are constantly stopped and approached. She has an extensive vocabulary and listens and comprehends unbelievably well for her young age.

    I am her mother, Melissa Martin and her sole legal guardian. I am 26 years old and as I mentioned above, we are in Baltimore County Maryland. Lutherville to be more specific. We are willing and able to travel on short notice.

    My daughter is incredibly talented and outgoing. I am a young single mother and I want my daughter to have the beautiful opportunities in life she deserves. Opportunities that I was not able to have. I can assure you I am not just an overly-impressed-with-her-own-child kind of mother. I am of course overly in love with my baby but as I said we’ve been approached on several occasions by representation. I am not the only one who sees what is in my daughter. I can be reached at this email

    Please let me know if you would like me to send her pictures. Thanks for your time!

  43. Lucian Pagano

    Hi, as you can see my name is Lucian Pagano. I have no previous acting experience and I’d be really shocked if you chose me over any of these qualified people. I bring nothing extraordinary to the table, just your average Joe… I’m 5’7, 140 lbs. Brown hair and eyes. I could gain or lose weight if needed, height may be more of a problem though. I have no agent or anything of that nature, again, I am nothing special, just applying for this position in the off chance I get extremely lucky. Thank you.

  44. Emerson and Jefferson Cortez


    We are twin brothers and martial arts fanatics, specially kung fu and we are able to perform very entertaining fight scenes
    We have already a experience shooting in a big French action movie production in Hong Kong entitled Largo Winch, so we can act very well in action films!!

    If you can take a look at the videos, we will be very grateful for your consideration!!

    Thank you very much!!

    Cortez Brothers

  45. Corey White

    My name is Corey White, and I’m an aspiring actor. I’ve played on TV in small roles, and in many plays. I’ve been told I’m easy to work with, and I know I’m great with dialects. I’m funny, and I love doing my own stunts, as well as playing a bad guy. I’m 15, but can pass for 26. I’m 6 feet tall, with dark brown, semi long hair. I’m Caucasian, attractive, and fit.
    I loved all 3 Robocop movies, and I’m just trying to get my name out there. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  46. George C

    Seriously, you need to help me get a part in this movie.

  47. Abraham Navarro

    I’m Abraham Navarro, Hispanic/Latino, I’m 5″6 , Bilingual, I am an up and coming actor who’s starting at the bottom and well I’m very interested in this casting call and well I love Robocop and I would love to have a part in this no matter how big or small of a part in this movie

  48. Abigail Null

    Hello, I am Abigail, Abbey for short, and I would be honored to be a part of the “Robocop” – Movie

    Age:19 (Look and sounds much younger)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 135
    Body Type: Athletic
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Personality: Outgoing, energetic, determined

    About Me: I have experience in dance, cheer, dive, singing, and acting. I’m a dancer and I love to act and perform. I have been in multiple productions such as, dance shows/competitions, theater productions, & small skits. I enjoy meeting new people and influencing those that surround me. I am a very determined, hard working young woman who is just trying to get discovered.

    Short Resume: Personal Summary
    • Seven years as a dancer and performer.
    • Experience in multiple theater/dance productions/shows/competitions
    • Very bubbly, determined, and flexible.
    • Outstanding coordination and sense of rhythm.
    • Great performer with confidence.
    • Very determined & hardworking
    Expertise In
    • Dance: Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, Contemporary, and Ballet
    • Other Skills: Choreography, Quick Learner, adaptable for Change, memorizing lines, practicing till perfect
    Experience in Fine Arts

    West Dance Academy Studio Peoria, AZ (2002-2006) Dance Member

    • Performed in multiple productions at Glendale Glitters
    • Dance: Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, and Acro

    Raymond S. Kellis High School – Glendale, AZ (2008-2011) 3-year HS Varsity Cheerleader/Dancer/Theater
    • Promoting school spirit for athletics by cheering/dancing at various athletic events.
    • Choreographed several half time and sideline routines as well as for dance pieces in dance productions.
    • Participated in multiple dance, cheer, and hip hop competitions.
    • Senior year Dance team Co-Captain (2010-2011)

  49. Rose P

    Hello, my name is Rose P, I am 23 years old with a Bachelors degree in Theater from West Texas A&M University. I am currently employed as an Electrics Apprentice, but my main focus is on acting. I have enjoyed Robocop ever since I was in first grade, and I would love to be a part of the new re imagined movie.

    For more information and a copy of my headshot/resume, please email me Thank you for reading, and please let me know of any updates.

  50. Ahni M


    Ahni M
    Age range: 13 to 16
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Short, dirty blonde
    Eye Color: green
    Race: caucasian
    Skin tone: tan
    body: thin/athletic
    language: english

    Hello i’m Ahni, I am Home schooled & and in 7th grade, I have a flexible schedule,love to be enthusiastik, Funny person, athletic, Great swimmer, I’m very out going & good looking 😉

  51. Nephi G

    Hi my name is Nephi. I am a aspiring actor/stunt guy very athletic only 31 years old. I know I can turn some heads in the movie and would love to get shot by Robocop and even back him up. I grew up pretending to be Robocop, so this is awesome there are doing a sequel! Thanks again!
    Nephi G.
    145 lbs
    hazel eye
    fit, fast, sexy , tan, paintball, soccer, full contact football, outdoors man and bi-lingual

  52. Cameron M

    Hi my name is Cameron M im a 15 year old African American.Im a very talented actor I been told by main talent agents but when they told me I wasnt ready to follow my dreams but I learned that I cant follow them I have to chase them.So I hope that you concenter me a role in your wonderful movie.Thank You have a good day.

  53. Maryka

    My name is Maryka. I am 16 years old. I speak both English and Russian fluently and know basic Spanish and Hebrew. I have some acting experience and have done ad work. I am looking to expanding my acing career. I am about 5’7 and full figured. I hope you will consider me for a role in this movie. -Thank You!

  54. Thomas G

    I am:
    160 lbs
    white with
    dark hair
    blue eyes
    and I’m incredibly handsome and talented.

  55. Aria Camielle

    Hey there! My name is Aria!
    I live in Washington D.C., I’m a singer, dancer, actress, and I’m extremely eager to gain experience in film, TV, and theatre. I love to work hard and be challenged by new and difficult things. I absolutely love stories like this one, with supernatural or mystical elements that are so imaginative and really can only be experience through film, literature, music, or other forms of art. Most importantly, I’m truly passionate about performing, art, storytelling, and its incredible power and presence in society.

    Name: Aria Camielle
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’4’′
    Weight: 130
    Build: Thin, Athletic/Curvy
    Hair Color: Brown (long, naturally wavy but easily straightened or curled)
    Eye Color: Brown/Hazel
    Ethnicity: half Iranian, half Polish
    Skin: white (olive undertones), tans easily
    From: Washington D.C.
    Skills: Vocal music training (classical & contemporary), dance training, speaks Japanese, athletic

  56. Sasha

    Hello! I am Sasha : ) I’m 20 years old graduate of sociology and a skin care professional. I can play as a 14 year old and higher. I look young and most people think I’m that age. I can say I’m an attractive individual. I have confidence in myself and with my body.
    I’m well experienced in front of cameras and am well with direction. I’ve been in school musicals and armature movies. I’d like to expand my acting career and I believe this will be the best opportunity for me. I’m very down to earth, I love to have fun, I’m out going and friendly. Others will describe me as loyal, respectful, independent, determined, organized and social. I love to try new things. I like to play all sorts of sports especially volleyball and swimming. I love to stay in shape and exercise and eat healthy. I love dancing, singing and acting. I have great communication skills. I’m mature and I can adapt to things easily. I have the ability to work under pressure. I am a hard worker. I spoke both English and Spanish fluently and I have a knowledge of basic French. I love to travel I’ve been to 12 different countries. I love to explore new cities, meet new people, try different cuisines and explore at the moment I work as a visual designer. On my free time I volunteer at the boys and girls club. I have been living in central Florida for 3 years now. I was born & am originally from Connecticut.
    Measurements: 34-24-35
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican descent
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    DOB: April 14, 1992
    Shoe size: 6
    Hair length: below shoulder length (curly)
    Skin tone: olive

  57. Jason Levine

    Hi. I would like to be cast in the remake of Robocop not only because I loved the original, but also because I was in the first one (Robo’s son) and would love to be a part of this production. Please consider.
    Thank you

  58. James

    Hi, my name is James. I am 25, and a young professional actor in the Dallas area. I would love to be considered for any future auditions for this project. Thank you very much.

  59. Natasha

    i am 23 and i live in iowa. I have not acting history but i am fresh and eager and i believe given the chance i could be really good. Acting has always been my dream and a huge passion of mine. I loved robocop when i was younger and think these kind of movies are amazing. I would love to be given a chance. I would be dedicated and work hard.

  60. Case McCallister


    My name is Case McCallister and I ma a professional fitness and fashion model. I am your man for the job. I am 6’1, 175 lbs. very athletic build, blue eyes. Contact me to view my portfolio. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks for your time.

  61. jordan endsley

    Hi I’m jordan a 15 year old male sophomore 5’6 athletic body I can have many different personalities Im funny and also serious when I want to be I have black hair style it any way you want I would live to star in this movie I’ve always wanted to be an actor or be on TV I have hazel eyes a nice smile and nice face I’m nice and caring and I could be perfect for any role please consider me for this amazing opportunity if you need further information contact me by email thank you, jordan

  62. Dakota (Cody) Kasprzyk

    Hi, my name is Dakota (Cody) Kasprzyk. I am a 17 year old high school student at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, MD. While I have no real acting experience, I am consistently getting into hot water at school for my acting (improvising) during class and thought that it would be good if I channel my energy in a positive direction. I am very likeable, prefer standing around for hours, and the girls say I am too cute for my own good. Thanks mom for making me so handsome!

  63. Athena Pikras

    I’ve been a part-time actress on a tv show filming in Pittsburgh, if needed I can provide a number for a reference from the Editor and Script Supervisor, Sandy Schklair. I just did a movie (The Lifeguard) featuring Kristen Bell, and can provide a reference from actor Alex Shaffer AKA Kyle from the movie Win Win with Paul Giamautti.

    I can work any amount of hours, I do exactly what I am told to do on set. I work to get it right and make the scene perfect. In the many short films I have done, I have acted as anything from a tough, edgy and rebellious to soft hearted and frilly. I become the role which I am filling. Consider me for a role. Thank you.

  64. Stephani Anne Kirkman

    Hi. My name is Stephani Kirkman. I was born on July 6, 1992 in San Antonio, Texas. I’m 20 years old. I graduated high school in 2011, and in college studying and receive a degree in both Music and Theatre. I love to become a famous actress and singer because it’s my goal, my dream, and my desire. This will give me a great opportunity to have so much fun and meet other stars. I even love to make people laugh by starring in a comedy series and make friends on set. I’m gentle, peaceful, calm, really friendly, aathletic, and outgoing.

    Experience- been singing since elementary school, been acting at young age. Can play some guitar and piano.
    Training- Took theatre for 3 years in elementary school, 2 years in middle school, and 3 years in high school. Sang in a choir since 3rd to 5th grade, took music classes from middle school to a senior in high school. In college taking more music classes.
    *This could give me a opportunity to meet my favorite celebrities: Ross Lynch, David Henrie, Mitchel Musso, and Big Time Rush*

  65. Juliet Smith

    Hi, I’m Juliet Smith.
    I’m 15, and I just started my sophomore year in high school, and I live in the DC area.
    I really hope to be considered in this film, I have a ton of experience for my age, I have been in many Shakespeare plays, most recently as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, and I have much film experience in short films, both in local companies.
    I have bright red hair, I am 5′ 3″, I have grey/blue/green eyes and tons of freckles.
    I have a good work ethic when it comes to theatre and films and I hope to be considered.
    Thank you for your time!
    Juliet Smith

  66. Chloe

    Hi! My name is Chloe Bednorz. I am 14 years old and have been playing around with acting here and there ever since I was 3 years old. Recently, I have gotten very involved and serious about acting and this seems like a film that I would enjoy working in. I am a very hard worker, obedient, good at memorizing lines, I always get my work done when it needs to be done and I am very serious about acting. I’m very outgoing, I am 5’7, weigh 119 pounds, dark blonde hair and I will be sending in head shots soon. Please contact me for more information! Thanks!

  67. michael

    its been my dream since i can think of to be part of a great cast as will as being part of history in the making, im 5-10, about avrg., 290ibs, brown hair/eyes, short hair at times shaved, and light skin with a goatee. i think with a chance could allow me to work with the best, and get the chance to improve myself.

  68. Cyrus

    Hello i go by Cyrus I am 21 years old( i am 5’9-10″ with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes) 1st generation persian I participated in theater throughout my time in catholic schools because my parents thought the city i was being raised in did not have good public schools (haha) i graduated high school from a public school near by because of my curious nature. I am very disciplined(i train in martial arts all and have received my black belt) I am considering finishing my pre law schedule however i thought id give this a shot please let me know if you would like a hard worker who is willing to work with others and happy to show plenty of respect and follow instruction while giving his individual flavor to things.

  69. Sascha Shamkin

    My name is Sascha. I have the willing to perform and work as long as it takes to make a great movie or TV show or series. I would love to be a part of this as an actress because I love to act and love to be in fort of people one of the reasons you should think about auditioning me is because I know what it is like to be on stage so to speak for 24 hours seven days a week every week and even for years at a time since I was about six weeks old. Since my dad was the GM of several 5 star resort hotels which gave me the opportunity to express my talents to a wide variety of people wither they are having fun or not.

    So let me tell you about me and my experience on stage in my life so far note a real stage not in the hotel. I am great with people I have been on stage since I was at least in first grade I have lived in the Caribbean my whole life and spent summers in MD where I live now so I love to travel. I am twenty years old will be 21 in May I am great with every kind of animals even exotic ones. I am also special needs high functioning Autism called Aspergers syndrome but willing to work as long as it takes and whatever it takes to be the best actress I can be.
    I also love drama I’m really good at it wither in so called comedy or intense drama séance it does not really matter though I would probably have to work on the comedy one a bit more than the intense one. I am willing to try any type of acting you have. I really love acting I have just about my whole life.

    I also like singing but to be honest I am not sure how good I am different people tell me different things about my singing.

    I also love to dance use to dance on stage in the Caribbean for few years.

    I have been in plays have had my own lines been on stage singing dancing and acting.

    I know I want to be in fort of people and love to act it would truly be a dream comes true for me if I got a part. I am also really good with babies’ toddlers and kids of just about any age also great with babysitting.

    I would love to be a part of this movie because I am a good actress and believe whatever you through my way I can do with a smile on my face and complete it. If you could please send me an email and let me know if I can audition when and where or if I did not get a part I would appreciate it a lot.
    Sascha Shamkin.

    Name: Sascha Shamkin
    Age: 20

    Huntingtown MD 20639
    Height: about 5 foot 5 inches
    Weight: I am currently losing weight so it varies but right now is about 179.6 LB.

  70. Ina shiba

    I’m a young actress from NYC who would love to have a role in the robocop movie! I grew up watching this movie and I would live to be a part of it! I’m very talented and I can show it! I’m 22,5’6, blue / green eyes and dark hair! Hope to hear back!

  71. Sascha Shamkin

    My name is Sascha to be honest I do not know why you should chose me so I am going to tell you about me and my experience on stage in my life so far. I am great with people I have been on stage since I was at least in first grade I have lived in the Caribbean my whole life and spent summers in MD where I live now so I love to travel. I am twenty years old I am great with every kind of animal even exotic ones. I am also special needs high functioning Autism called Aspergers syndrome but willing to work as long as it takes and whatever it takes to be the best actress I can be.
    I also love drama I’m really good at it I am willing to try any type of acting you have. I really love acting I have my whole life I also like singing but to be honest I am not sure how good I am different people tell me different things about my singing. I also love to dance use to dance on stage in the Caribbean for few years. My dad was the GM of several 5 star resort hotels which gave me the opportunity to express my talents to a wide variety of people. I have been in plays have had my own lines been on stage singing dancing and acting. I know I want to be in fort of people and love to act. I am also really good with babies’ toddlers and kids of just about any age.
    I would love to be a part of this movie because I am a good actress and believe whatever you through my way I can do with a smile on my face and complete.
    Sascha Shamkin.

    Name: Sascha Shamkin


    Huntingtown MD 20639
    Height: about 5 foot 5 inches
    Weight: I am currently losing weight so it varies but right now it is 181 LB.

  72. Sascha Shamkin

    Hi my name is Sascha to be honest I do not know why you should chose me so I am going to tell you about me and my experience on stage in my life so far. I am great with people I have been on stage since I was at least in first grade I have lived in the Caribbean my whole life and spent summers in MD where I live know so I love to travel. I am twenty years old I am great with every kind of animal even exotic ones. I am also special needs high functioning Autism called Asperger syndrome but willing to work as long as it takes and whatever it takes to be the best actress I can be.
    I also love drama I’m really good at it I am willing to try any type of acting you have. I really love acting I have my whole life I also like singing but to be honest I am not sure how good I am different people tell me different lings about my singing. I also love to dance use to dance on stage in the Caribbean for few years. I have been in plays have had my own lines been on stage singing dancing and acting. I know I want to be in fort of people and love to act. I am also really good with babies’ toddlers and kids of just about any age.
    I would love to be a part of this movie because I am a good actress and believe whatever you through my way I can do with a smile on my face and complete.
    Sascha Shamkin

  73. Tonya Jimenez

    Hi I’m Tonya! Jus read that your lookin for new undiscovered talent for this movie. I don’t have acting background but did a little acting many moons ago in high school…I’ve always drempt of acting n would put forth all my energy to do this n work hard…I’m 35 n latina. I speak Spanish n English…I’m 5’3″ n weigh 127…I have a good sense of humor n very down to earth…extremely motivated to do my best if given an opportunity…yes I stil believe dreams do come true at any age is what I’ve said in all of these submissions…

  74. Jasmine Lassiter

    🙂 Hello my name is Jasmine I am 19 years old and only 3’9 I can pass for the age 7 to 25. I have dark brown eyes and dark Brown and black hair. I am African American with a little French and Indian. I live In Michigan. I speak more than five languages I’m a quick learner. I’ve done pageants competed in National Beauty pageant’s. I think I will be great for this because my uniqueness. I stand out, that’s just how I was born so I learned to accept the fact I’m a little person, something that helped me with that was acting. I recently just finished a major film for Disney, coming soon March 2013 OZ. It was one of the most Amazing experience ever. After I finished that project I fell in love with Disney and Acting and said I must continue and further my acting. I’m. a very determined, hardworking and positive fun person to be around . I am a actress , comedian,model and entertainer. You will absolutely fall in love with me guaranteed .

  75. jalisa "leah" moore

    Hi my name is jalisa “leah” moore. I am an aspiring actress. I am 21 years old and this production seems like something that I would enjoy being apart of. I am a hard worker and I feel that this production would be a movie that fits me.