Relative Race Reality TV Show

TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

Are you interested in finding a relative through your DNA? Maybe a parent, sibling or cousin? A new series is looking for you! A 2018 reality TV show casting call is looking for teams to take part in a compelling and exciting new series. The show will follow four teams who embark on a ten day odyssey through America to meet undiscovered relatives and compete for the chance to win $50,000. With DNA as a road map, each team will navigate the country, complete challenges, and discover new family members they never knew they had.

Casting directors are looking for spouses, siblings, parents and children and more. You don’t have to be biologically related to participate. Men and women must be between the ages of 21 and 60 years old. Selected individuals will have their DNA screened and their family tree researched. This is a television show that will take you and your family on a wild ride. The team is on a nationwide search so anyone from the United States is welcome to apply. Check out the reality show audition information below!

About Relative Race

Four teams embark on a 10-day odyssey throughout America to meet undiscovered relatives and compete for the chance to win $50,000. With DNA as a road map, each team will navigate the country, complete challenges, and discover new family members they never knew they had.

What They Are Looking For

-Must be between the ages of 21-60

-Teams may consist of spouses, siblings, or parent/child (team members do NOT need to be biologically related)

-Must be willing to submit to a DNA screening test and family tree research for genealogy eligibility

-Must have valid drivers license, clean driving record and carry medical and auto insurance

-Also Must be willing to dedicate 2 consecutive weeks for filming (exact dates TBD) and must also be available for several “re-shoots” as needed to complete production and marketing prior to series premiere

-3rd Generation US citizens preferred

-Compelling personal and/or family story and interest in family history is a plus


How to Apply

To apply please fill out our online application here:

For more info go to:

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7 Casting Responses

  1. Holli Boyer Wengel

    I think this would be pretty cool to do! I have heard rumors my dad may have sired another child before he met my mom! My dad passed away when I was 17, and really never got to know him well. Would love to know if I have a brother or sister out there with my dads DNA! Sounds like an adventure for sure!

  2. Angela Marie Fecteau

    My name is Angela Fecteau and my story doesn’t seem as interesting as the ones I just read below but I have a lot of unanswered questions about my family and think that this show would be a great and possibly my only way to have them answered. I had never met my biological grandmother on my mothers side. From what I can gather she and my mother had a falling out while my mom was regnant with me. I asked about her frequently throughout my life and all I was ever told was that she was crazy and I wasn’t missing anything. When she passed I was told that she left some items for my sister and myself but we never received them. On my father’s side I only had a chance to see my biological grandfather twice when I was very young. I know that there is quite a bit of family on that end of things but I don’t know any of them either. I do know that he only lived a couple of city blocks from my dad when he was growing up and didn’t try to have a relationship with my father and even went as fr as to have another son whom he gave the same name as my dad John Amore almost like replacing my dad all together. My great grandparents took care of mu sister and myself when we were younger and I know that my great grandfather had a sister in California whom he corresponded with through mail so there is family out there that I don’t know as well. The biggest mystery to me though is my mothers brother Gregg. I only vaguely remember meeting him once when I was young and have never seen or heard from him since. From what I understand noone has spoken to or seen him in about 33 yrs and there is no trace of him on the internet or anything. When I was a teenager my mom told me he had passed in a motorcycle accident which wasn’t true but I’ really like to find him some how. Everything is a big secret for some reason in my family and I fear that what answers there may have been died with the passing of my great grandparents and my grandfather on my mothers side. I know my grandmothers name from my moms birth certificate but that is all. I was never given the chance to make my own decisions about these people and am sad that that chance was taken from me. l have only one sibling my sister whom I haven’t spoken to in years. Her I see on facebook every now and then but it would be crazy if our first encounter after about 14 yrs would be to embark on the journey of your show. I doubt she would ever do it though. She and I have plenty of unresolved issues from when we were growing up that have never been talked about out loud or at all for that matter. I have children that she has never even met. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Diane Goguen

    I’m 56 years old and have 3 siblings from my mom but approximately in 1962 my father in the US Army stationed in Germany had met a woman who gave birth to my brother whom we’ve never met. I’ve spent many, many years thinking about him. My dad even went to Germany about 10 years ago and went to his former love and mother of his sons home but was afraid to knock on the door. I’ve got one picture of her in front of that house and on the back of the photo she wrote in German however I don’t know what it says. My only other brother from my mother was murdered in 2001 at which time my desire to find my other brother grew stronger. I’d also love to see and meet any remaining family I have in Italy (Calabrese) as my father’s mother and siblings parents (my great grandparents) had immigrated to Ellis Island on or about 1923. I know to be Antonio and Santa Voci. When my mom passed at 42 in 1985 from brain cancer I became estranged from my father’s side of the family and really want to piece all this together for my only son and granddaughter. It would be amazing if you could help me. Thank you

  4. Cassandra Smith

    I met my dad when I was 11. He has alot of family history thats hes unsure of. He was a rape baby. So we’ve never met his dad. I also have a brother whom my father has never been able to see…..being that my favorite sibling in the whole world died 2 yrs ago(one of my six brothers, overdosed) I would love to met another brother whom is right around my age(27) would love to get my dad to do this show so we can get some information.

  5. Brianna

    My name is Brianna Youngs and I happen to come across your page, and I am interested in competing in the Relative Race. I’m 25 years old and I’m a unique, entertaining, fun, and can make people laugh.

  6. aanisah

    I was 13yrs old runaway from home on the 31July family found me on the 3 August 1998.I went to go live by mom in Jhb. But anyway on the 16 October 1999 my mom’s ex boyfriend shoots my mom 4times and her new boyfriend 4times,both died. Ja then 4yrs later I found out my dad and grandparents is not my biological family.

  7. Suzanne Walker

    For Relative Race:
    If it is a parent child team, does the child have to be 21 also?