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TV Reality Show Audition

Are you interested in applying for a reality TV show?  Have you been unlucky in love?  There is a new audition notice to help turn your love life around.  Lucky8 TV  is searching for single women ages 33-46 for an exciting new show about finding lasting love.  If you are fed up with the dating scene and looking for true love, there is an awesome new casting call for you.

About Lucky8

LUCKY 8 is an unscripted production company founded in 2014 by veteran producers and partners Kim Woodard, Greg Henry, Isaac Holub and George Kralovansky. In just two years, leveraging the combined experience of its veteran creative team, Lucky 8 has created and produced a wide range of successful series and specials, from blue-chip documentary to formatted reality, in genres spanning comedy, science, food and adventure. []

What They Are Looking For

Are you exhausted by the dating scene, but ready to settle down? Are you dating all the wrong people — or wondering where all the good men have gone? If you are ready to try something new and exciting in the name of love – let our experts help you find your match!

Perhaps you’ve been focusing on your career and now feel love has passed you by? Or maybe you’re from a small town where there are few men to choose from. If you’re still searching or find dating a struggle — we want to hear from you.

Women of all backgrounds and locations welcome!

How to Apply

If you would like to submit yourself for the new reality television series email with your name, age, location, email, phone # and a recent photo along with a brief description of your current dating status.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find your true love and appear on TV and submit yourself today!

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10 Casting Responses

  1. Shanika

    Does this casting call includes Caribbean women?

  2. DORIS Simmons

    Are there shows for 30 and up? Possibly LGBT?

  3. E. Lynn

    Hello. Thank you for considering my response. I am a 45 y/o divorced, professional, SWF. I am ambitious and fun but most important, I love to laugh. I love most animals (sans snakes) unconditionally and truly believe that a society can be judged how well we treat our animals. I love to cook and bake but would not consider myself a food snob. I would definitely consider myself a water snob! I despise Dasani and a couple other bottled waters and will not drink it!
    Deal breakers for me are smoking, chewing (gun is fine!) and street drugs. Previous history of repeated cheating. (Once a cheater, always a cheater!). Otherwise, please be honest and have a sense of humor, be a social drinker not a drunk or at least a mean drunk! I love Ron White. IF you can handle your booze like Ron White and are as funny, well, I am willing to make some concessions. LOL.
    I consider myself funny, my music preferences are eclectic and span a great deal over the 80’s and 90’s. and I sing terribly and loud but have fun doing it. I enjoy organization and clean clothes and am more laid back than I have ever been. I work out daily and its very important to me. Im 5’8″ and athletic Im nowhere near overweight by anyones standards, I don’t think…. and comfortable in my own skin. That covers it. I am looking to move forward in my life.

  4. Krystal Williams

    My name is krystal Williams. I am 33 years old I have 2 kids a boy and girl. life sucks in I’m looking for love.

  5. Karen Golphin

    My name is Karen. I am a 43 year old divorcée and mother of three. I’ve been divorced since 2011 and was married for 15 years. He dating scene is tough. Most of the guys I’ve dated since being single have been from my past in some way or other. I haven’t really stepped out of my comfort zone. And when I do it seems I’m very untrusting and picky. I’m ready to move forward and find love again. My children will all be grown soon. Although I don’t feel as confident in my skin as I used to, I feel like I have a lot of life left in me. I just want someone to share it with!

  6. Carlita (Carla) Campos Stewart

    I’ve been single since 2012 and only have had as many dates in the same number of years. And it’s odd because I’m hot. No joke, maybe not smokin’ hot but for an old Black chick (43), I’m hot. And nope not that delusional fat Black chick kinda hot. Like I workout, regularly. I also have blonde loc’s, grande chichotas, and real Hazel eyes. Maybe it’s because I was living in Hawaii for about 5 years I dated so little and maybe now it’s because I have no wing woman here in the Bay area but I should not be single. Email me, trust me, I should not be single.But again, nada…

  7. Dawn Thompson

    Hello. My name is Dawn. I have been single for 4 years now i have been abstinent for the same amount of time. I have no children. I am 46 years of age. I have been in a very long marriage to the same man. I havent been able to find someone i can say is special. I live in a big city with no connection to that man. I know know i need to get help. I am loyal and very honest. I am a country woman in a lost city. Help me if you csn. Thank you

  8. samantha j sevrey

    I have been single for 3 years and abstinent for 3 1/2 yrs. I want LOVE in all ways! I am 44 I have 6 children, all but 2 are grown and out of the house. I live in a town so small that if you have lived here more than 5 yrs, everyone you know has been with everyone you know, now you see why I am single. My best and worst trait is that I am “Loyal and Honest” to a fault as my father would say 🙂 I am old fashion, I like to make the one I am with smile, which in turn makes me smile, which makes me want to do more to make him smile. I call it my “cycle of life” 🙂

  9. Kelly Sykes

    I’m very interested in trying out for this! I’m a 35 year old divorced mom of three kids. I’m a good ole southern girl from Kentucky. I’m from a extremely small town and finding a guy around here seems like the impossible. Plus I’m the local preachers daughter and I think that my dad may be scaring some off lol. But I keep hearing that I won’t stay single to much longer thanks to my looks but it’s going on three years and I’m still single. But hopefully maybe you all could help me with that. I’ll be sending you my info soon.

  10. Daphne Jackson

    Hello and happy holidays ,
    I would love to be on your upcoming new dating show True Love. I am an atractor 44 year old black woman who has been unlucky in love. I have been in three serious relationships two of them long term and one brief marriage. I am currently getting back into the dating scene after losing my third serious boyfriend of 4 years, he passed away last year. I tried going out to clubs and bars, dating sites, even news paper and online personal ads. But I’m meeting nothing except creeps and weirdos. I would love help from anywhere at this point.
    Thank You