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The CW Reality Show Casting Call – NY

Is your family looking to adopt a dog?  Would you like the chance to appear on The CW?  A new reality TV show audition is looking for families who are looking to adopt a dog.  The casting call is looking for families who are local to the New York tri-state area. The CW series will be called “Ready, Set Pet”. It will follow families as they adopt new animals.  This is a fantastic opportunity to not only get a new family member to your home but to educate children on the animal adoption process. The television series will be airing on The CW on Saturday mornings.  Chosen families will be needed to film for two days both at their home and the shelter.  View the 2018 CW casting call below!

About the Show

Ready, Set, Pet is a docu-style series that follows families through the animal adoption process. While the families are adopting new animals, series host Phil Torres is creating a sustainable space for the new animal to live. The purpose of the series it to teach kids about the animal adoption process and the importance of sustainable nature! The series will air on The CW on Saturday mornings.

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for families in the tri-state area who are adopting a dog later this summer, and are interested in being a part of the TV show. The filming will take place over two days, both at your home and a shelter in the area.

How to Apply

Please reach out to Erika at for more information and further casting instructions. Thanks!

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Tykeisha Norfort

    My family and I are looking to adopt a dog because my daughter is the only child and I her mother suffer from infertility. More than anything my daughter would love to have a sibling and that’s something I feel like I can not give her because month after month its a disappointment when taking a pregnancy test and getting negative results. She has expressed how much a dog would mean to her because it will help her with the loneliness that she feels everyday. My husband and I just want to see our daughter happy so this will mean a lot to our family.

  2. Justine O'Kelley

    Our family consists of 5, 2 adults, and we are engaged to be married in a year, my 13 year old daughter Harley Quinn, my 9 year old daughter Akira and my son Dorian. We have a small backyard and two floors , more than enough space to bring in a new family member.

  3. Annika

    HI, I’m Annika
    I’m 11 year’s old and I have always wanted a puppy! But my family does not have enough money to buy one. SO I hope that I could Actually Act and be happy and make money!!!!

    Thank you for ur time

  4. Joseph Torres

    We are the torres family lookibg to adopt a dog. Husband n wife and 2 very smart girls 13 and 7