Project Runway Junior - Reality TV

Project Runway Junior – Reality TV

For over 10 years and in over 20 countries Project Runway has been changing the way the world looks at and creates fashion and now it’s ready to change the game yet again. Project Runway Junior is coming with it an opportunity for up and coming fashion artists a shot at international glory. Do you have a passion for clothing and design that you’ve always wanted to express? Submissions from potential contestants for the reality competition spectacular Project Runway Junior are being accepted now.

Project Runway Junior is ready to give young, aspiring fashion hopefuls a chance to show the world their talents. This fabulous reality TV competition is looking to find the best and brightest fashion designers from all corners of the globe and pit them against each other in the ultimate thread throwdown.

Each week the contestants chosen will face off against each other in innovative tests of skill, will and ability with a new competitor eliminated each week by a sterling collection of judges made up of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry until one artist is left standing and crowned Project Runway champion.

The producers and casting directors of Project Runway Junior are accepting virtual portfolios from prospective artists ages 14 to 17 now. Entries should contain two recent photos of yourself (one close-up and one full body)along with a file containing 3 to 10 photo examples of your best work and a 3 to 5 minute personal introduction video in which you state your name, age, city and a description of your fashion passion – where it comes from, what your inspirations are, what your style is, what your goals and past achievements are and how many designs you have finished. You should also show your three best designs from the front, side and back. This is your chance to show the judges why you should be chosen! All videos should be linked through either YouTube or Vimeo. Interetsed talent can submit themselves at the offical application page here or via email here All future updates for this audition opportunity will be posted here so make sure to check back for more information and leave us a message and tell us what you think of this series and why you would like to apply to be a part of Project Runway Junior.

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  1. Jan Paul Efondo

    Hi i’m jan paul efondo 17 years of age, i’m a filipino I live in eastern visayas philippines. I want to join in this competition because i like to show and enhance my talent. i want to be part of this competition because i love fashion designing since i was elementary. this is my dream and i will do my best to reach this dream i hope that you will accept me and i am waiting for your reply .and if you want a information about me please check it on my email
    Thank you very much!!!

  2. Jan Paul Efondo

    Hi I,m Jan Paul Efondo , I’m 17 years of age , I am a Filipino and I live in Iloilo City Philippines, I love fashion Designing since I was a elementary student and that’s why I am interested to join in this reality show. my hair color is black ,my eye color is light brown, I want to join in this show because i want to show my talent. i am also working as a designer and i am confident of my designs and i have a wide spread imagination that i can use in this reality show. for more information just contact me i hope that you will choose me..

    thank you Thank you very much!!

  3. Christian

    Drawing or sew design!??

  4. Ria Khandelwal

    Do we need professional studies for it or we can go with the knowledge?? PLZ DO RPLY ME ASAP!!…

  5. Ria Khandelwal

    Do we have to show them the designs or the outfit we made???

  6. Katie Kennemer

    Hi! My name is Katie Kennemer, i live in a very small, rural town with a population not even increasing 6,000 people. Living in this town, i feel as if i have obstacles in my way of being who i truly am. Most of the fashion attire associated with my aquaintances at school consist of a white t-shirt, jeans, and boots. For me, i do not feel that is who i am. I have a desire to increase my fashion taste to another level and show people in my small town that you don’t need to be whatever your parents want you to be. Considering that farming or becoming a doctor is the only choice. That is why I want to become a part of Project Runway Junior.

  7. Catie English

    Hi my name is Catherine

    Hair color :brown
    Eye color :blue
    Love fashion want to be a fashion designer and I think that I will be great for the role.

  8. Kimi Marie Pickett

    My name is Kimi Marie Pickett. I’m from Oakland but I recently moved to Hemet. I’m 15 years old and I never really had a dream of becoming a fashion designer until my 7th grade year at Diamond Valley Middle school. I started to pay attention to the way my peers dressed. To me it was really basic. 90% of the girls at my school dressed alike while me and my friends dressed like ourselves and had our own styles. And 90% of the guys only wore long socks with shorts. After witnessing how my peers dressed it had me thinking. I absolutely LOVE clothes I ADORE fashion and I’m OBSESSED with texture and designs. I was voted best dressed many times because of my uniqueness and creativity.

  9. franz lawrence hernandez balgoma

    hi my name is FRANZ LAWRENCE HERNANDEZ BALGOMA 16 years old from nasugbu batangas and im interested for joining your reality show.i love fashion so much, my dream is to be a most significant designer here at our country and also one of the worlds famous designers. so i wish that you will pick me to your show….im good in making dresses and its my passion…. thank you:):)

  10. Arielle

    Hello, my name is Arielle and I am 12 years old
    I am an actress, singer, and archer
    I am 5 2″
    I am 104 lbs
    I have blonde hair
    That is my description of what I look like, but you want to know the real me? I modeled for Neiman Marcus when I was 6 or 7. I am looking for another opportunity and I really LOVE acting!

  11. Arwen Rivera

    NAME: Arwen Rivera
    AGE: 12
    HEIGHT: 5’4
    HAIR COLOR: medium dark brown
    EYE COLOR: multi-colored, switch from Brown to green to hazel to a mix of green and hazel

    Hi, my name is Arwen Rivera, and I just luv fashion. So much!!!! But sadly I can’t physically design at home, but I can draw and I have a very widespread imagination, so I should be good. I have always wanted to get a chance to make my own fashion line. If I get on this show, I can make my dreams come true. Please accept me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTICE ME FASHION DESIGNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Aly

    Hi! My name is Alyssa (Aly ) M. Price l’m 10 years old and here’s a bit about myself
    Height 5’1″
    Weight 130lbs
    I live in Winchester, VA
    I’ve loved designing any and everything from blankets to dresses. Even though I’m only 10 I believe that I can live up to a older designer. I’m very confident that I can make it very far in competition. And I want to say that I’m not in this for money I’m in it to live up to my dream of being a fashion designer.

  13. doxa


    am Doxa and am 15 years old
    i am really interested for this acting audition
    i live in Beira Mozambique
    i would really want to hear back from you,and i wont let you down

  14. Arden Cannon

    Hello! My name is Arden and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is some basic information about me-
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 105lbs
    Hair Color and Style: Medium Brown, shoulder length.
    Eye Color: Hazel with a bit of gray

    I have experience in dance, singing, gymnastics, theater, improv, and cooking. And I have a very lighthearted and kind manner. I love to joke around and make new friends, as well as watch football and play video games.
    Contact me at for pictures of more information.

    ~I am interested in being a model~

  15. chrystal

    Hi my name is chrystal Foust I’m. 14 I love fashion I’m 5’4 and I have a good confidence and love to show off my looks

  16. Megan and Morgan Garrett

    Hey, we are Megan and Morgan, we would like to try-out.
    We are African-American
    Age: 13 years old
    Height: Megan (5’1) Morgan (5’2)
    Weight: Megan (104) Morgan (105)
    We are very interested in trying out, we have been trying to in shows and movies.
    We love to sing and dance, but we are very interested in getting a role in this movie.
    You can contact us at our email us a call at 256-592-8398 or 256-268-8259.

  17. Kateria wynn

    Hi my name is Kateria

    Hair color :black brown gold
    Eye color :brown
    Love fashion want to be a fashion designer and I think that I will be great for the role I’m great kind nice and is very motivated

    Love always Kateria hope to see u soon

  18. monique

    name : monique
    hair:short brown pixie cut
    experience:I am in drama class and was asked to do kids bop commercials but my parents turned it down.
    People say to try out for this because they think I would be good so I think I will. I’d love it if you’d give me a shot
    extra:I am caucasian,brazilian and a little bit north american indian

  19. Shirelle

    Hi, my name is Shirelle

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’6
    Hair Color: Brown with blue tips (I am wiling to change the tips)
    Eye Color: Brown

    I have been modeling since I was 6 years old and I have been trying my best to become a real model, I love acting,modeling,singing,cheering, and dancing

  20. Reese Aspinwall

    I have been modeling and acting for 6 years I am very interested in this. I am really worked on this for a while and would love to be considered

    13 years old

  21. Ashlei Richardson

    Hey my name is Ashlei I’m 13 yrs old . I love to model a and act . I can rap , dance , and draw . I am multi-talented this would be a great job for me and my career thanks .

  22. Yong Beom Lee

    I am interested in modeling for this.

  23. Yong Beom Lee

    Name: Yong Beom Lee

    Height: 5’10-11

    age: 16

    build: fit

    Even though I don’t know much about fashion, I know that I can be a model for the designers as they need people to wear their clothes. I also see this as an opportunity to experience more of the model world and want to further my career as a model.

    If you wish to contact me, send me an email at

  24. tijanae love

    hello,my name is tijanae love and i would love for me to have a chance to have models wear my clothes and my sister taught me how to make clothes it would be amazing for my work to pay off!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Katie Thomas

    Hair color: blonde
    My name is Katie Thomas and I am 12 and I wannabe a model I also wannabe on tv and I love it show

  26. Aziya Cox

    Hey, my name is Aziya I’m from a small town palmetto, FL. I’m 17 years old , 5’4 I’m about 135-145 pounds but I don’t really look like it. I have jet black hair and dark brown eyes ,darkskin.

  27. Lucy V

    There’s no better person for this than me ! I’m 15 years old love the fashion industry love coming up with new styles and outfits to wear I also love upcicling . You won’t regret giving me this position and that’s a promise!

  28. wissam

    hello, i’am a moroccan 15 years old and im veru into fashion,and would love you to contact me again

  29. kaliyah McDowell

    im kaliyah
    im 5’0
    13 year old girl
    8th grade
    i live in Atlanta,Georgia

  30. Erika Wilson

    Hi my name is Erika Wilson I’m 13 I would love to be apart of project runway junior I graduated from Barbizon in Tampa fl. I would really love to hear back from you.

  31. Patience Cillo-Smith

    I’m also 13

  32. Patience Cillo-Smith

    Hi my name is Patience. I would love to be on project runway junior. I have made outfits for some years now and I feel as if this would be a great thing for me. Please contact me at 973-570-5658 or my email for my information. Thank you for your time and support.

  33. Eli

    Hi am Eli and am 2 1/2 and love to show off my looks .am outgoing and fun to be around i trun heads every where i go with my curls i got on my head thanks hope to hear from you soon .

  34. Jacqueline martinez

    hi I am Jacqueline martinez I am 14 and a mix of nationalities I would love to be part of your project runway acting and modeling have been my goal in life since I was the first grade maybe even before. all I know is I want to make acting and modeling my life.

  35. M. Roberts

    Hi im mia im 12 and id love to try out for the project of runway please contact me i would love this opportunity thx !

  36. sandra dandilon

    hey i would love to audition because i love fashion and clothes i am11 years old i think this would be nice

  37. Emily Brennan

    Hi I am Emily and I’m 13 years old and will be 14 in April. I love fashion aswell as making and designing my own clothes. I would love to take part in this show because I am a big fan of regular project runway and it seems like a great and fun opportunity.

    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color : Blue
    Height : 5’3

  38. Kayla

    Hi my name is Kayla
    I love to Model, sing, and act.
    I am 14 years
    I am African American
    I weigh 115 lbs
    I have brownish/blackish hair and brown eyes
    My height is 4’11 or 5’0
    I was hoping if I could be one of the models that wear the designers clothes instead of designing clothes because I literally SUCK at that LOL.
    Please consider me as one of the models for the show>

  39. destiney

    Hi im destiney im 13 years old about to be 14 in august just give me a chance to do whatever it takes

  40. kendra swinehart

    hello my name is Kendra swinehart
    I am Caucasian
    I was born in Pennsylvania
    I currently live in Pennsylvania
    I would love to start acting I love to act ive always wanted to act since I was a little girl I am committed to being the best actress I can be.
    im 15 years old I turn 16 in January
    im 5’1
    I weigh 120-130 pounds
    my eyes are brown and can turn to hazel
    my hair is brown
    I love to act im very outgoing I love meeting new people im not camera shy.
    contact me at 717-538-5242 if you would like to set up an audition

  41. alessia hutchings

    Hello! My name is Alessia
    i am 14 years old
    brown eyes
    brown/sandyred hair
    i am 5’3 and a half
    i am a cheerleader,twirler,band member,and athlete
    I weigh 115
    i am african American

    l really would love an opportunity to be able to act
    i love to sing and read.
    And on my free time i dance and sing around the room.
    i have lots of energy. It would be a dream come true.
    You can contact me by email at 

  42. Angeliz Rosario

    My name is Angeliz Rosario, I am a 14 year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Michigan. I’d be more ten happy to be featured on this and i think i would be absolutley great for this. thank you.

  43. Kiki Andersin

    This seems like great opportunities

  44. kaitlin clark

    I can design and sew im 12 years old I love to design

  45. kimberlin

    Hey my name is kimberlin I love them make dresses I am 10 you can contact me from my email or phone number.

  46. Adia i. giddens

    I want to really on this show

  47. Asia Yale

    My name is Asia. I’m 17 years old, 5’7, blue eyes, brown hair.
    Everything in my life revolves around fashion.
    I have a very unique, new york street style.
    Would love to be a part of this.

    Thanks so much

  48. Bianca Cipriano

    Hi I’m 14 years and I love modeling and all things fashion. This is something I’m very serious about so if you could contact my email it’d be amazing. Thanks xx

  49. Oulimata

    Hello my name is Oulimata, Ouli for short(Oo-lee) I am 12 years old and I would love to model these masterpieces. I would like to wear the clothes down the runway if I am old enough because i might have to be an adult professional model but it is worth a try

  50. Jasmine Parker

    Hi my name is Jasmine Parker
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 120

  51. kylie mcneel

    Hi im kylie im 11 years old. my birthday is april 15 2004. i love to make close and up cycle. contact me for further info thank you have a nice day

  52. Moriah

    Hey! My names Moriah Stewart! I think you might be in luck because, I LOVE fashion, makeup, acting, and basically anything like that! I get exited about everything and I’m a total extrovert. I’m obsessed with both teen beach movies! I accually memorized all the songs and some of the dances! I also love designing teen beach inspired ooutfits! I love to hang out with my wonderful family, and friends! I love planning bake sales, garage sales, snow cone stands, etc! I accually love to be busy! I’ve been told I am driven in everything I do. I have accually made my own clothing line before on my own! Anyway i love fashion and make-up! And I’m great with kids, I have a baby sister and volunteer at a nursery at my church. I’m happy to say I’m confident in everything I do! Convince is important and I love helping other people be confident too! Some people have said I look mature for my age, which is a good thing, right? ok bye now

    Anyway now a little fact about me

    Age: 13 (going on 14)
    Height: 5″4
    Hair: dirty blonde, average length ( getting longer)
    Gender: female
    Personality: outgoing, funny, sweet, love, driven, friendly, motivated, confident, creative, driven
    Skin tone: white, average ( kinda pale and kinda tan)
    Weight: 105
    Eye color: blue

    My email is not working so good, so if you need to reach me call 541-749-0625, leave me a voicemail, Or contact me throw Instagram @moriah_stewart

    thank you so much for your time! and thank you for taking your time to read this!

  53. Riley

    hi I’m Riley and I’m a really really good designer me and my grandma would blow u away!!!!!!!!!!

    just give me a call

  54. Tia Imani Robinson

    My name is Tia Robinson I’m 12 years old bout to turn 13 in July
    Hair color-Dark Brown
    Eye color-Brown
    I’m not an experienced model but I can catch on to modeling very quickly ever scene i was a little girl I’ve told you will be the worlds next top model.That’s my dream to work with models from all around the world from Natalie Vodianova to Tyra Banks.Its always been my mood that if I can get along with you you can get along with me .I’m a very successful girl I do what you asked when its asked of me I get good grades. Look forward to working with you if i get the audition you can contact me at my home number 9198947770 or my email at thank you for your time I hope i get to meet you in person soon.
    Address-36 Tudor Way
    I’m also on any social media except for twitter and Facebook.

  55. Tia Robinson

    Hi,my name is Tia i love acting,singing,and modeling
    Age:12 years old
    Hair color:Dark Brown
    Eye color:Brown
    I’m African-American my personality is if u get along with me then there will be no problems
    I listen to what other people have to say I have great Ideas I make sure my grades are the best they can be I’m never rude to others i get along with everyone around me I look forward to meeting with you and meeting you in person
    My mom is the same way she is a good person you can get along with her and I’m new but I catch on really fast …..Look forward to being with you if you chose me to audition you can contact me by my house phone number

  56. Maddie

    I have always loved fashion and wanted to be a fashion designer. I am 14 years old. I would love the opportunity to do what I love! Please contact me info. Thanks!

  57. Lauren Breckenridge

    Hey my name is Lauren and i know how to sew and i’m very into fashion. I’m 14, though young i learn fast and think i could go far in this competition.

  58. delanna rice

    hi, im delanna rice, im 16 years old. I would love to try this out. I have just graduated from the studios @ Michigan and I am looking for something to put my time in to. please contact me at 3137599580,or email me aty

  59. Emerald McFadden

    Hair color:Brown,black
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 5′
    State:South Carolina ,country :United States , lake city
    Fashion : Disney
    I’m feeling :

  60. Emerald McFadden

    Hair color:Brown,black
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 5′
    I’m feeling :

  61. Brandeja Christensen

    Hello my name is Brandeja, Pronounced Bran-daja. I am 14years old and really will like to try this. I really hope i hear back from you guys soon!

  62. Kaitlyn Bracety

    Hi, I am Kaitlyn Bracety and I am 14 years old and I am mostly American-Mexican-jerman-and Apache/Cherokee.
    Ever since I could dress myself for school I have loved fashion because every time I dress myself I have a different mood so when I am happy I would put on a bright shirt and maybe shorts or a skirt, when I am not feeling happy I put on a blue or grey shirt then jeans.
    See I understand that the way you dress yourself is the way you mood is.
    Thank you for reading this, I hope you consider me.,
    Kaitlyn Bracety

  63. Levoghn hill

    Hi my name is levoghn hill I’m a 12 year old boy And I’m passionate about fashion and I love to sew and I had my first fashion show xperinse when I had to make 13 pecies for rondel fashion show I create unique precise you will only see unique people in I make risky clothes in a short amount of time you can count on me to make some thing out of the Bo’s you wanna see bright new a-semetrical diffrent trust me you’ll fit it from me

  64. KYLIE mcneel

    I would love and want to try this out please contact me. I’m 11

  65. Kassandra Matias

    hi my name is kassandra i am 14 years old and I love fashion.I am smaller than the average girl of 14 but I would still like to try .I am interested please contact me on my email thank you.

  66. Shalisa

    Hi my name is Shalisa I am 10 years old and I love fashion.Remaking clothes to make them look better is my perfection.One more thing I sing well thats all and I am a little shy but that does not stop me from sewing.

  67. Janet Galiano

    i love modeing i would love to if i have what it takes and i have tan skin with brown hair and eyes i am 8 just about 9

  68. rania Dela mar

    NAME: Rania Dela mar
    AGE: 14 years old
    HEIGHT:5 1/2
    HAIR COLOR: light brown
    EYE COLOR:brown
    Hi I’m RANIA delamar I’m half British and half filipino I really want to be a real professional model I’m already a model in Philippines but not that so perfect. I want to be a professional model I really want to join in this contest plsAME: Rania Dela mar
    AGE: 14 years old
    HEIGHT:5 1/2
    HAIR COLOR: light brown
    EYE COLOR:brown
    Hi I’m RANIA delamar I’m half British and half filipino I really want to be a real professional model I’m already a model in Philippines but not that so perfect. I want to be a professional model I really want to join in this contest pls plspls

  69. Courtney

    I can design but I can not sow as well, hopefully thats not a bad thing!

  70. Zyon Richardson

    Hey im Zyon a 10 year old and im tall and LOVE fashion i hope i get the chance because most girls dont get to adution hope i get it bye.

  71. Michelle Monheim

    Hi my names michelle I’m 12 years old and I love project runway i always watch that show and it inspires me to sew and to make things.

  72. Siarra Rayne Meyers

    Hello, my name is Siarra Rayne, I am Caucasian, Indian, German and Italian, I am from Michigan. I’m a 15 year old teenage girl that is wanting to make a career out of acting, I’ve been trying to get a role in movies/shows since I was 10 years old, I’m very interested in trying to get a role in this movie. You can contact me at my email OR any of my social medias..
    Thank you so much!

  73. destiny

    I would love to try this i do speech at school it doesnt take long to remember my line I have good experience.

  74. sadie corter

    I would like to try out for this

  75. Ruben Estrella

    I would be interested in this acting audition I am 16 years of age please contact me on my email or email for my mobile phone number thank you.