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It’s here! The TV show that kids everywhere have been waiting for. The Lifetime Network is giving people from all over the country the chance to pull a fast one on their parent with Prank My Mom. Auditions and casting calls for participants for this awesome new series will be held soon. This is your chance to pull hilarious pranks on mom while millions of viewers at home watch the fun.

Prank My Mom is ready to give regular people just like you the chance to pull a fun and elaborate gag on good ol’ mom. The producers of this new series will be choosing a handful of charismatic folks to work with in devising, planning and executing some of the biggest pranks in TV history. If you have always wanted to really fool your mom Lifetime is ready to give you the chance. Prank My Mom will be hosted by the lovely and talented actress Vivica A. Fox the star of such classic feature films as Kill Bill: Vol. 1 , Independence Day and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood and will be produced by the creative team behind the hugely successful A&E reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels. This show truly has it all – an exceptional collection of creative producers, a top flight host and possibly the best reality TV premise of all time. If you are interested in submitting yourself or someone you know to be a part of the upcoming casting calls and auditions for this sure to be hit you can apply or send any questions here Stay tuned for more auditions details for this project and leave a comment for us below and tell us why you want to be cast on Lifetime’s Prank My Mom.

Sons and daughters everywhere get ready. Apply today and you could be a part of the next great television series  Prank My Mom.


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  1. asahar elmi

    i would love to prank my mom i have an amazing crazy unpridectable prank and pranks in store for the sshow cast me please !!!!

  2. Cassie stephens

    My name is cassie stephens im 18 years young. I am the prankster of my family . I would be a great candidate for casting . I am very funny and persuasive. My mother is a middle school teacher and im trying to give her the prank of her life.

  3. Marcie LeAnn Wilson

    I would absolutely love to pull a fast one on my mom. She’s not easy to prank at all, I’ve tried many times. Although, with the help of some others I think I could succeed. I think it would be awesome to show my momma that I can pull a prank on her and it actually go through.

  4. Amanda Mendivel

    I want to really prank my mom. She is a control freak and a serious old fashioned mexican mother and I love pranking her and hearing her accent lol

  5. Toni Lynn

    I’m always the culprit of the pranks and jokes. Haha soo funny! I don’t play to many games or joke around to much so noone would ever expect it coming from me. No matter what the prank or joke is it will be epic!!!

  6. Laura Don Diego

    My mom is the ultimate prankee and I am the ultimate pranker. I like to prank her on a daily basis because her reactions are priceless. She’s very sensitive and is easily triggered, which produces the most sincere responses. I like to trick her and put fake bugs in her bed, saran wrap on top of the toilet seat, hide in the snack closet and pop out, call her from spring break in Mexico and tell her I’ve been arrested, fake vomit, you name it. Sometimes while we are driving in complete silence, I scream on top of my lungs and hit the breaks. She dies a little inside but it’s super funny. I’m a good kid, but I truly get satisfaction out of pranking my mom. I’m (almost) 26, I live in Hoboken NJ and my mom lives in Manalapan NJ. Let me know if you wanna link up and scare the crap out of her. She’s a good sport and a good laugh.

  7. Emeral

    Hello my name is emmy and I’m 22 me and my mom are close and I feel like I will be a good candidate because she will be completely off guard and she will laugh at this experience.

  8. Stephanie

    Hi, my name is Stephanie I’m turning 16 in about 5 days and I’m from Florida. My mom has always been running around like crazy, getting things done and I feel like this would be a great time to prank her. She’s soo gullible and she’s the type that when you prank her, her reaction is priceless. Sometimes my family always says, we need a reality tv show because we all say or do something soooo funny that we wish we could catch on camera. Some of our very close family friends even tell us this. So if you are interested, I’ll be more than happy to work with you and PRANK MY MOM😂

  9. Tiffany

    I’m signing as my mom I would love to prank my mom she is scared to death of bugs and she tells me my jokes are not funny I want to get her approval I’m the best I want her to snatch her wig off and scream like a church lady OMG my brother got her Soo good I want her to say I’m the best she thinks I’m good two shoes she will never suspect this please help me get that seal of approval I’m jahleitra by the way my mom is Tiffany I want fake roaches everywhere so epic

  10. Ariana Stephens

    OMG i so wanna prank my mom! This would be great!

  11. Charmaine

    Hi, im Charmaine i would love to prank my mom she is always so serious about things so just getting her to laugh and have a good time would be awesome.

  12. Jaleiaalston

    Hello This is jaleia alston my mother name is Latoya alston when it comes to funny things she laugh once before I was a model in cara. but I felt like acting was my favorite . my mom is a serious type & aswell funny type so if I prank her she`ll laugh I`m really good at pranks . . but sometimes some days is not the right day to feel to prank my mom certain days . .

  13. Indyjah

    Hi. My name is Indyjah. I am 14 years old and my mom is 25. My mom can be very gullible and she enjoys having fun and I think it would be a great way to show her that I love her even if she isn’t my biological mom. But she takes care of me in the home we live in. I’d really love to be on prank my mom!

  14. Tawana💟🤘

    HI,My name is Tawana chidy I’m 10 Years old 11 in July 1 and love to laugh and talk with my mom we are so so close we talk about so many things and doing a prank on her would be very unexpected and very new to her that I think it will get a good reaction out of her and I’m pretty good at hiding stuff especially from my siblings ….. but don’t tell them that! We currently live in Ontario,Canada in Burlington well ya bye thank -Tawana💟🤘

    get back to me thank bye -C

  15. Alexus

    Hey there! My name is Alexus Channell and I’m 20 years old. I would love to play an epic prank on my mom simply because she takes everything really serious and I kind of just want to loosen her up a bit. Haha. I love my mom and will always respect her. I just think she deserves a good laugh….even if it scares her in the beginning 😃

  16. Alexus

    Hey there! My name is Alexis Channell and I’m 20 years old. I would love to play an epic prank on my mom simply because she takes everything really serious and I kind of just want to loosen her up a bit. Haha. I love my mom and will always respect her. I just think she deserves a good laugh….even if it scares her in the beginning 😃

  17. natasha

    I am natasha I have 17 I would like an opportunity to try, can be of any ethnicity the characters?I’m from Latin ethnicity

  18. Marie Corado

    Hello my name is Marie. I am 15 currently a sophmore in highschool. I saw this and i thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me and my family. My mom recently just got bad news from her doctor saying she might have cancer and ever since then she’s been depressed and not just as herself anymore. This would be the perfect opportunity to get her mood up. Also i always play pranks on my family its kinda a fun thing to do. My little sister loves being on camera so she’ll be sure to be smiling at all times. The rest of my family (Dad and Older sister) Loves to play pranks/mess around with each other. I hope you get back to me and thank you!

  19. Deandre

    Hi my name is deandre , I’m 16 I feel like this would be a good show because me and her are really close and I would want to see her reaction to how it would feel to be pranked and not even know it’s by her favorite son

  20. Beatrice McParland

    I’d love to prank my mama! lol I love her to bits and what a great way to show her how much I love her, but a good old fashion prank.

  21. Madison Murray

    Hi! I’m Madison. I’m a twenty year old college student, and my mother, sister, and have always been best friends; it’s just us three. My mother was a young single mother to us both and worked every day of her life to send my sister to Harvard and myself to Sarah Lawrence College. We are all pretty much Boston stereotypes: outspoken, loud, goofy, and, of course, accents included. I would love the opportunity to give my mother a scare and a laugh, not to mention how hilarious she would be on camera. We’ve been through so many serious things, and I think it’s time for us all to share a laugh. In addition to this, I’ll be emailing you a picture with some more contact info! Thanks!

    – Madison Murray

  22. Zaree

    Hi, My name is Zareé,i’m 16 years old and i live in a small city in Northern California. Being on this show would really be a great experience for my family because things have been a little hectic lately and tensions in our home are running high. My aunt just died and my whole family has been quite distressed since,especially my mom. She goes to work everyday and sacrifices for everyone but i don’t think that she is truly living her life anymore,at this point i would call it surviving. Now i know that being on this show wouldn’t just clear her of all of her stresses ,but i definetly think it would help relieve some tension and being a little laughter into our home. I know and understand that there are many other applicants that have applied to be on this show but it truly would mean a lot to give my mom that fun moment that she hasn’t had in years. I hope i am up for consideration,

  23. JADORE

    Hi my name is Jadore I’m 12 my little sisters is jazare and she’s 9 we think my mom nicci would be great person to prank on this show bc she gets me every year and I think it final should be time to get her lately there’s been thing sad happening to her and I think this would left her soul a little more she works 7days a week and only is home at night this is why my mom should get pranked on this show THANKS BYE

  24. Tamia Smith

    My names Tamia (15) and I would love to be on this show because my mom has a stressful life. She’s really uptight sometimes so i think that pranking her will be a good laugh for everybody. She always has me, my sister, and my niece and i think she needs a laugh

  25. Emma Pesitelli

    Hi i’m Emma and i am 18 years old. My mother, Trish would be perfect on this show because she is a very serious person, and when she’s not she is always pranking or scaring me. She hates spiders, snakes, bugs and the thought of me getting any visible tattoos! It’s funny to tease her about things but I never get her as good. She needs a good payback and this is the perfect opportunity! I want to get her back because every time I try, she laughs it off and gets me back. I watch shows like this and imagine what my mother would do and how she would react. Please pick my mom and I because it’s time for payback!

  26. Anthonica Johnson

    OMG, finally a show where I can show the world all the funny stuff I do to my mom on a daily basis lol. This is not just about the views people, this is my everyday life. My name is Anthonica, but everyone calls me Annie. I am 20 years old and will be turning 21 in May. I live in Saint Gabriel, Louisiana. My moms name is Ivy. And our relationship is hilarious. She is my best friend. I would love for the world to be able to experience what I experience every single day. My mother and I would be an outstanding pair for your show. Her reactions to my foolery are seriously the best ever. Lol, ask my friends. We crack ourselves up laughing at my mother all the time. They always jokingly tell us, ” You guys should have your own show…” And then I saw the title of this, and I thought to myself, ” I just have to be apart of this show.” It’s seriously never a dull moment.

    Please email me if you’re interested.

  27. Ashly Salgado

    Hello! My Name is Ashly and im 23 from good ole Savannah, Ga. My mom has been very stressed out and down in the dumps and I would LOVE to get her on this show and give her a laugh. Shes recently moved here from PA so after being apart for 5 years- I think this would be the PERFECT welcome back to living close to your daughter. When I was a child I was always pranking her. Some funny and some not so funny. This would be a great opprotunity!

  28. Chantell marks

    I’m chantell marks n me n my mom just a like think we kno everything so I’m trying to beat her of her own game.She is crazy soo trust me it will be funny.

  29. Aaliyah Upshaw

    I really want to be an actor and maybe this will launch my career. I am 11 years old and I was born July 16, 2005 please just think about having me on the show. Thank you

  30. Ashley Underwood

    Hi my name is Ashley & im 27 years old & i would love to prank my mom! My mother js very easy to prank and blows up, shes very gullible and is always believing what ever someone tells her. Ive watched your show before and i love it and it would be good for her.

  31. amiya

    Hi my name is amiya and I will love to prank my mom

  32. Jamee

    Hi my name is Jamee I’m 12 and I prank my parents all the tile and I would like to prank my mom big time by being on this show

  33. Charmaine

    Hi my name is charmaine and I would like to prank my mom my mom is so funny so I will watch it back to back I told my aunt about it and she said she will help if I get chosen I live in Philadelphia I would do it when she comes from work and I am 11 years old

  34. Jharleni

    Hi my name is Jharleni I’m 20 and my mom is pretty young she’s 37 I have a brother and sister my mom is a very serious lady and I’ll love to prank her and just bring some excitement into her life .

    We own a restaurant and she’s always working . She’s very humble and slow she won’t catch one fast and when she does all hell breaks lose .

    I love to see her when she’s fired up she just acts hilarious she gets so mad but then laughs about it

  35. Henry williams

    Hi my name is Henry Williams I’m 20 years old my mom is 37 years old and I would love to be casted on the show prank my mom the reason I want to prank her is because she have always pranks me and my sister as kids and I always have told her mom when I get a chance to prank you really bad man your going to get it but it will be even better even tho she doesn’t know that she will be on tv the prank I was looking for to do will be castes Around her loosing her job or getting fired I would love to see the outcome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Jadore

    Hello my name is Jadore I’m 11 years old my mom has pranked me many of times and I’ve never got to get her back this would be a great opportunity for me she is very happy and joyful again this would be a great opportunity for me to get her back for all those time

  37. Jaelyn hollis

    Hey,my name is Jaelyn I am 15 and I would absolutely love to prank my mom (Tammie) GOOD! Since I was little she would go around the house scarring me with things and always up to something so I’ve been watching your show for a couple years and figured why not prank my mom just one REALLY good mom overreacts over the smallest things..she always has tricks up her sleeve but this time she won’t know what’s coming to her?

  38. Chris

    My name is Chris I’m 24 years old and I would love to prank my mom!! I was always in trouble when I was younger so it would be really easy to get her to believe in any scenario!! She gets kinda crazy when it comes to protecting her kids and is really funny 😉

  39. Brittany

    Hi, my name is Brittany and I’m 27 and my brother Randy is 24 and we would LOVE to prank our mom! Our mom is pretty hilarious to prank because of how easy she is to get fired up. Also, she is super gullible and believes ANYTHING someone tells her. We never know what kind of response we’ll get from her because of how unpredictable and drastic/dramatic she is about things! I must say however, her reaction is always hilarious! I’ve seen the show before and feel like she would be perfect for it!

  40. Olivia

    Me and my mom would be perfect for this my mom is always hard on me and never really gets to relax pranking her would help her loosen up right my mom is blond with blue eyes and I have auburn Carmel colered hair
    I am 13 and would like to prank my mom Mary

  41. Alyssa Burgess

    Hello my name is Alyssa and I would LOVE TO PRANK MY MOM my main reasons are because she is so overly dramatic, she’s a hot tempered woman and she is so gulliable when it comes to me I’m the only child . I want to show her that she doesn’t have to take life so serious and to loosen up a little bit. She also doesn’t appreciates how good of a daughter she has so I could also show her how bad of child she could have had. This experience will also bring us a lot closer .

  42. Tamara Haun

    Ooooo! How I would ❤️ LoVe!! ❤️ To prank my mom. She is great, but has been pranking me since I was little.. (Even with the help of strangers?)
    I have never got her back this would just be great! I need this in my life! Hahaha
    I say it every time I watch the show?

  43. Hali Hester

    I would to prank my mom simple because it would be fun. My mom has been dealing with a lot of stressfull things ,some because of me . A time just to give my family a laugh is much needed and this could be something we could laugh at forever.

  44. christina

    I will love to be on here my mother work so hard she need a good life n her life

  45. Dezjah Reid

    Hey I’m Dezjah I would be so overjoyed if I got to prank my mom. We literally go back and fourth scaring and pranking each other all the time . I want to get her good and so unexpectedly so I can be the queen of pranks (between me and her that is lol) . I hope I get the chance to really prank my mom good thanks !

  46. Roger Contreras

    Hello this seems like a great opportunity to prank my mom she is a Latina mother who overreacts to many things but I would like to scare the living crap out of her name is Patrica Contreras and it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to pull a really elaborate prank that is sure to get her good

  47. Jasmine Graham

    Hi, my name is Jasmine and i would love to *PRANK MY MOM* Robin.
    My mom is extremely down to earth and she loves to have a good time with her family/ friends. My mom is such a hard working lady and she really goes above and beyond with everything she does in life. My mother is a little bit of a prankster however she is one of those people who thinks she cant be fooled and I SO NEED TO CHANGE THAT! 🙂 My mom is calm in most situations however, its only a few things that really make her loose it! 1.Her Kids (my little brother and I) 2.Bad grades , 3. being in trouble with the law, 4.Extremely rude people and 5. Bad Customer Service. My mom can be a worry wart sometimes and i think she is well overdue for a great laugh , with your help i would love to make that happen. I really hope you consider me and help me put a smile on best friends face !

  48. Emily Zurita

    Hello , my name is Emily Zurita .
    I’m 20 years old almost 21 , I would love the opportunity to be on prank my mom .
    My mother and I are always having prank wars , at least twice a week she is very funny and recently been failing at pranking her. This would be the all time PRANK ever , we have the best and funniest relationship .
    Thank you so much I hope I can be able to audition for this .

  49. Special mead

    I would love to prank my mother, just because she doesn’t think anything would happen to her but when things do tend to happen, she over reacts but she also curses a lot or tries not to whenever she can.
    Mom’s name: Erica little
    Child: Special Mead

  50. Adrianne

    I would love to prankmy mom she let’s every thing get to her but it’s so funny at the same time it can be the smallest thing and with in 3 seconds flat shes freaking out

  51. Lariza Abelard-gomez

    My name is Lariza,
    My mom overreacts about everything! She’s pulled so many pranks on me, and once where I ran out of the house almost naked!
    I feel like it’s time to get her back good since she loves pulling pranks on everyone!
    And catching her on camara would be the best revenge!
    She’s so funny! And my best friend!
    Please Email me at

  52. frances buckner

    i would love to prank my mom just one time. she always helps me. when i need any thing she helps me. i would like to prank her and make her think she won a contest or some movie star wants to date her. thanks

  53. Courtney Richard

    Hi there! My mom is my best friend in the whole world, and since I’ve joined the military Its been hard being away. I think a surprise visit to prank her would be the best! She would totally kill me but be so excited. Pretend I’m AWOL and the police are coming to get me or something. This would be a wonderful opportunity for us, and make her so happy. Thanks! 🙂

  54. Jessica Hicks

    My brother and I have watched every episode of this show, thinking how great it would be to get our mom on. Our mom is one of the most reactive and gullible people on the planet. Her overreactions are so entertaining and over the top that seeking out a reaction from her has become a part of our parent/child relationship dynamic. I’m amazed at how easy it is still. We’ve done every prank from disappearing ink to fake lottery tickets, never failing to get her goat. Deep down I think she likes it and we always get a good laugh in afterwards.

  55. Julia Hunter

    Hi my name is Julia Hunter and I’m fourteen years old. My mom really needs to chill out lately. She is so dramatic that I want to rip my ears off! She’s always messing with me and I think she needs a taste of her own medicine for once. If we prank her, her reactions would be HILARIOUS! I just think she needs this to loosen up a bit and give her a little thrill, please contact me back.

  56. Faith Gonzalez

    hi I am Faith and I am 13 years old I would love to work with the cast prank my mom. it would be my dream . I have worked with the company Barbizon . I have auditioned , modeled , and took acting classes with Barbizon as well thank u for taking the time to read my message and hope to get feed back from u soon . thank u

  57. Mercedes Battles

    Hi, my name is Mercedes I’m 20 years old and I would love to prank my mom because she thinks she knows every prank in the book. She’s not gullible at all. She’s not afraid of anything as she says. I just want to show her that it is definitely possible to be pranked!

  58. Ava B

    Hi, my name is Ava, and my moms name is Ann. i would like to particapate in this show, because my mom is really uptight, and always act like i am the worst kid ever even if i do the tiniest mistake. i just really want her to relax and take a joke. i am 12. my mom is the best. she works really hard to keep me alive, these past 3 years have been really hard on her with my illness. but i want her to be a little like…. WHAT!!! then reliaze its a joke. its really hard to prank her. ive waited quite a while for this oppurtunity and here it is. hopefully this works. my email dosent work and my mom would kill me if i give out any phone number if she knew but if u contact me in contacts i will give you my grandmas phone number.

    Thank you!

  59. Sarah Moreau

    My mom is an amazing woman. But I need to get her scared and then see her laugh. I don’t have any good stories of her pranking me or anything, but I’m a good girl and she would never expect this from me.

  60. Khailee stoughton

    Hi my name is khailee stoughton and I live in Oneonta NY. My mom is obsessed with her phone. And when I say obsessed I mean OBSESSED. My mom is always either on her phone,working, or watching t.v. My mom doesn’t really have a lot of fun. I can never think of a good prank to do on my mom. I think my mom needs to stop being so uptight about everything and take a joke once in awhile. I really hope you will help me I really need this to happen soon haha I’m afraid she might be one of those old uptight old people. It would make my life so much better my mother will never expect me to be doing something like this she would never see it coming!

  61. Catherine Woodruff

    Hi! I’m here with my brother (23) and I am 16. My mom is a single mom and is always serious (as expected). She gets annoyed easily at my brother and I and always has something new to yell at us. If we got a chance to prank my mom, her reaction would be priceless. She would never expect it and I think it would be a great way for her to learn to let lose a little.

  62. Shataura Hughes

    My name is Shataura and here with me are my cousins Keara and Teara. We are the daughters of twin mothers . My mother name is Tracy and their mother name is Stacy. Our mothers are so stuck up and by stuck up we mean, Tracy doesn’t do anything but sleep all day some like a stay at home mom and Stacy works at a daycare and doesn’t like to have fun. Don’t get us wrong, they have a sense of humor and like to joke on everybody . Tracy does all of the joking while Stacy back her up with the laughing and amens. Its time for there to get a taste of their on medicine.

  63. Carly Austen

    My mom and I would be perfect for this show!!! My mom thinks she’s a queen and I’m her perfect princess! She would have the funniest reaction to any of your tricks on your show. She’s convinced that I’m perfect and she is too! I love my mom and I’m her only child and being on this show would make my world!!! I hope you take a chance on me, because I guarantee this would be the funniest episode ever!!! Love You! Take a chance on me!!!!

  64. Teia brown

    I really need to prank my mom she’s like my best friend and she hates when I do things wrong . Even though I’m a good child she always acts like I’m the worst when I do something she doesn’t necessarily approve of . So I want to prank my mom and show her that she had it good because I could be 10 times worse & In a lot of trouble! Ps . She’s pregnant with twins and her birthday is coming up I would really like to prank her she loves this show as well !

  65. Anthony Womack

    i would love to prank my mom i am 15 and she needs to loosen upp!!! about everything

  66. Maleeyah L. Richardson

    So my mom is 33 and 5ft tall I call her my little shrimp dip. She is so over the top dramatic its like everyday she wakes up starring in a dramatic role and looking for an Oscar nod. My aunt lives with my mom and I we both take turns getting a rise out of her because it’s so hilarious. as a team we take turns placing items high up as possible because she has to climb on a chair, counter to reach it. in my house we have really high ceilings and ledges my mom likes to clean them I always fantasize about moving the ladder while she was up there since I know she wouldn’t be able to get downand leave and go to the mall or something with my aunt and come back and see what her response would be she’s kind of scared of heights by the way. Please pick me u will not regret it contact me 6784781386

  67. Katawna Brissey

    Hello, my name is Katawna, and my mom’s name is Traci.
    My mom really needs to loosen up, she is the kind of person who likes to have a good time, but lately bills are crazy, her husband is kind of a Richard, so consider me and help me give my mom a good laugh for the first time in a while.
    Email me at:
    Thank you for your time,