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Baby Casting Call – New York City, NY

Do you have an adorable baby or toddler who you want to get started in modeling or acting? It can be a lot to take in when trying to figure out where to begin. We have a 2018 baby casting call that can help your journey begin! A name brand company is on the search for infants and toddlers for a commercial. Casting directors are looking for Hispanic, Caucasian and ethnically ambiguous male or female babies. They are open to children who are 6, 8, 12 and 18 months as well as 2 year olds. The paid baby modeling and acting job will feature the selected talent in 30-45 second product videos. Filming will be for one day between June 6th and June 15th. The pay is $300.00 per day. It will be shooting in New York City. This is a spectacular opportunity to have your baby appear on various websites. Producers will be casting 12 to 16 babies! View the 2018 baby modeling audition information below!

About the Shoot

Baby will be featured in a 30sec-45 sec product videos for a name brand company. This is part of a series of videos that are used for a popular brand’s products on various websites.

What They Are Looking For

Hispanic, Caucasian or ethnically ambiguous (light to fair skinned) Female/ Male Babies, Ages 6 month, 8 month, 12 month, 18 month and 2 yr olds.

Talent to portray a son or daughter using a variety of baby products made by the brand (baby sippy cup, suction bowl, potty are just some for example).

The product used will depend on the age and gender of the child.

Parents will be required to bring some wardrobe options according to productions brief, nothing out of the ordinary. Note if you have ever used a 15 day child performer permit before or if your Child has a Performer Permit for the state of NY.

Casting 12-16 Babies!

Pay is $300 per day. ( Most likely it will be a 1 day shoot but we need current availability for 6/13, 6/14, 6/15. That way we have flexibility when creating the shooting schedule.)

Usage: All inclusive, Global, in perpetuity. Web use only.
Shoot – Manhattan (production can reimburse travel expenses up to $30)

How to Apply

Please Include a few pictures of your baby (smiling ones are great). You can email us at dreamcastersny@gmail.com. Also include a contact number and note where you are located.

Please state the age of your baby and if he or she has any allergies to juices. Note if your child can drink whole milk, water or apple juice. Note if your child is potty trained and if they can stand without assistance. They don’t need to be able to do all these things if they are still under a certain age.

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35 Casting Responses

  1. Damion Lacosta

    I have 2 beautiful kids a boy name kayden he’s 1 years old and a daughter leilana she’s 2 I want them to model if that’s possible I’ll like to send you pictures

  2. Dr.nithesha

    My baby is 6 months old nou ! how to contact u guys ?? is there any production company in india too ??
    Please let mw know how to apply

  3. Dr.nithesha

    My baby is 6 months old nou ! how to contact u guys ?? is there any production company in india too ??

  4. Serafina

    We have 1 month old twins boy and girl. Both are the sweetest and naturals for this biz.

  5. Gracie

    I have 21 months old son

  6. Harneet

    I have twin daughters of 3 year old and they are identical twins.

  7. Alejandra

    Hello my name is Alejandra and I have a 11 months daughter she is to attractive and have a gorgeous smile she loves to play .. she actually went to a casting and got a pretty good comments.. she is too potential and said she is a freelance model. And she is ready to work 😀😀😀😀

  8. Diamond Dodd

    Hi My name’s Diamond, I have an active, advanced 3 month old son named Gracen. Gracen is not shy he is such a happy baby full of smiles and laughter and is extremely handsome. Gracen is beautiful blended with: Bahemian, Hispanic, crio, Italian, Indian and African American. He has already said one word “hi” and is trying to walk. Gracen is ready and willing!!!

  9. Crystal

    Hello Gm!!
    I have a beautiful 7 month old thats ready to work!!😏

  10. Louella Agana

    I have 10 mos old baby boy and he is mixed (Filipino-Italian) is he qualified to join? we’re currently live in Queens, NYC. Thanks

  11. Loreal Clark

    My baby has what it takes!

  12. Khensani

    Hi😀We are you based

  13. Joselyn Borges/Marisol Martinez

    Good Morning,
    My name is Marisol Martinez I am the proud mother of Joselyn , she is eight months old. We are of cuban descent. She has no allergies to juices. We are located in Miami Florida. She is not potty trained and can stand on her own a little. Joselyn can drink whole milk, water and apple juice. You may contact me at I prefer correspondence in Spanish.

  14. Michelle jack

    my name is Michelle Jack my sons is 7months and I was interested into getting him into modeling. Every day someone tells me that he his gorgeous and I should try to get him into modeling so I said why not try.. he very happy and love taking pictures for me all the time he sitting up now and also trying to crawl he still on infant farmula and also stated on baby food no known allergies at this moment his name is kaleb amasifuen and he is Hispanic and west Indian. I from Barbados and his father is from Peru

  15. Laura Tovar

    Interested in doing casting for commercial or something related with babies. I have a year old baby boy and o think he has potential to do modeling or participate in ads related to baby stuff.

  16. Krystal

    My beautiful baby girl is a little over three months. Anything going on that her age would work? And I promise you, beautiful isn’t just my opinion.. It’s everyone’s that has ever met her. Everyone calls her a human babydoll.

  17. Mrszaidi

    I want to my baby become a model

  18. Jennifer Richmond

    Male-7 months-he isn’t allergic to any thing-can drink water,a little juice, milk will just need oatmeal-still in daipers- can sit up some may need to some assistance

  19. Letta

    Am looking forward for u to give my baby a chance to model

  20. zodwa

    My baby is 6mnth old I wish her to join

  21. Lovelyshirley

    My son Kalanisitke Donny is the cutest little thing you ever did see, he is often complimented where ever we go, and I figured why not try and put his cute blessed face out there? He is 10 months.

  22. Gillian McAree

    Hi there,
    I have a almost 9 month old daughter, she is caucasian and blue eyes, blonde hair (not too much hair). She is a smiley, happy girl. She does drink water out of a bottle/sippycup. She is not potty trained.

  23. Josie

    Very interested in the for my daughter who is 4 months old she has tanned skin blue eyes a hell of a lot of hair which is dark brown and she’s super chubby x

  24. Nonkululeko Prudence Khumalo

    I have an Adore cute son who is 11months old i want to put him for baby advertising job

  25. Reeti Sisodiya

    My baby is cute, can be a baby model

  26. Bazlu Miah


  27. Treasure Great

    My baby’s is kaale Great
    She 7month old is so cute
    Have wonderful smile, very active. She wonderfully made.

  28. Ariel

    Hi my name is Ariel I have a 1 year old boy name Gianni Roberts he can walk say about 12 words he has no allergies he can drink anything he isn’t potty trained yet but we are getting to that I am more than happy to send pictures once u respond

  29. Shweta Accha

    Heya wanna register my baby for add shoot

  30. Aries Smith

    I have a 1 year old she can walk and drinks juice and mile she is still in a diaper … She has the cuttest lips and biggest eyes she is a sight for soar eyes

  31. Lakeisha M Lindsay

    makai “peedy” lindsay
    14 monthsold and he can walk stand play on his own can also baby talk and he does eat regular food and drink whole milk

  32. Mamta Sonar

    I hav a bbay girl n i stay at ranchi, Jharkhand

  33. Brett Johnson

    1 yr old twins
    Boy and girl
    SF, California

  34. Stephanie Cardo

    How do we apply for this position where do we send the pictures?

  35. Alok Singh

    my baby is 2 years old and he is too smart… how can i send his pictures to you