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Reality TV Show Casting Call – Los Angeles

Are you a plus-sized woman who is looking for a modeling or acting job? Do you love your body and want to show the world how amazing you are? A groundbreaking new television series is looking for you! A TV show casting call is looking for group of real plus-sized women of all types. You don’t have to be a model or actor to apply. The series is on the hunt for a wide variety of women. From females who started designing their own clothes to yoga instructors to confident ordinary women, casting directors want to hear from you. They want to give your group a platform to show the world how awesome, inspiring, and excitable your lives truly are. At this time the team is looking for women in Los Angeles, California. The 2018 reality TV show audition information is below!

About the Show

We are looking to cast a fun, in-your-face group of real women, for a fresh new take on an exciting reality series that aims to explore the everyday lives of a dynamic all-female plus size, cast.

What They Are Looking For

The focus is not on the plus-sized plight. Instead, we’re looking for women whose curves liberate them– and who want to show that to the world.

Do you and your plus sized click want to be showcased on TV?

Are you a designer who, after being fed up with the limited selection of plus-size fashions, launched your own sophisticated and sexy plus-size fashion line?

A yoga instructor who doesn’t fit the typical fitness model type?

An aspiring or already established plus-size actress, model, singer, comedian or performer?

Just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary plus size body that you want to confidently show off to the world?

Has your weight become the center of your career? Shaped an alternative lifestyle that you lead? Or made you a celebrity / influencer amongst a certain community?

Most importantly: Do you belong to a colorful group of plus-size friends who have bold personalities?

If so, we want to meet you and your plus-sized group and hear your stories.
Dynamic personalities is a must!

How to Apply

Please send in a short video-reel/video clip of you and your plus-sized group to, showing off your larger-than-life personalities and lifestyles, and tell us about yourselves in the body of the email. All races and ethnicities to apply.
Plus-size women only please

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4 Casting Responses

  1. karimah

    hello my name is karimah and I an very interested in doing plus size modeling I have n experience but im am a fast learner

  2. Arri

    Is this still opened?

  3. Dee Chandler

    Hi my name is Dee Chandler I am a aspiring plus size model who is very confident and comfortable in my skin. I am interesting in being apart of this show.

  4. Fashion Designer Brandon PI'Erre

    Contact Me Asap