Pitch Perfect 2 Starring Anna Kendrick - Movie

Pitch Perfect 2 Starring Anna Kendrick – Movie

Pitch Perfect, the surprise 2012 musical comedy that made a cappella cool, introduced the world to the crazily catchy song “Cups (When I’m Gone)” and made millions fall even more deeply in love with the massively talented Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson is coming back to big screens everywhere and you could be a part of it. Pitch Perfect 2 has been announced and is set to begin filming soon. Casting calls for singers, dancers and actors of all ages are being organized now and performers can submit themselves for consideration today.

Pitch Perfect 2 told the hilarious and music filled story of Beca, a displaced college freshman who reluctantly joins The Bellas, her school’s premiere all girl’s singing group. With the addition of the wildly talented Beca and some new, colorful members, the group takes on a new life and breathes new energy into their performance on their way to victory in the collegiate singing competition. Now The Bella girls are back with new songs, a new competition to tackle and more hilarious adventures.

Two-time Emmy Award nominee  Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Lego Movie, 30 Rock) will not only be returning to reprise her unforgettable role in the incredible new chapter of this singing and dancing sensation but she will be making her directorial debut on Pitch Perfect 2 working alongside the stacked returning cast that includes Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air, 50/50, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1), Brittany Snow (Hairspray, American Dreams, John Tucker Must Die), Disney Hall Of Fame entertainer Demi Lovato (Camp Rock, Sonny with a Chance,  Frozen), Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Night at the Museum 3) and Anna Camp (The Help, True Blood, The Mindy Project).

Casting calls for Pitch Perfect 2 will be starting soon and interested performers of all ages can apply today for consideration for roles of all sizes. Actors, singers and dancers can submit themselves for PP2 by sending emails to pp2casting@gmail.com. More details on this outstanding new production will be posted as soon as they are released so check back for more updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this all new musical film and why you wan to be considered for casting calls for the all new sequel Pitch Perfect 2.



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  1. Dana

    Hi I’m Dana and I currently live in Ireland.
    I would love to audition for this because I
    Would love to dance or act in the film
    I always act before bed and act in the day
    sometimes aswell
    I am 14 and will be 15 next year
    I hope I will be considered
    Thank you

  2. jazper

    youtu.be/wuyy7PMLg4g id really love to audition for this. Take a look and hopefully ill hear from someone. 🙂

  3. Sarah Henry

    Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m 19 years old and I will be 20 in July. I live in Indiana. I loved the first Pitch Perfect movie. My favorite scene was the riff-off. My sister and I always try to play it and I have to give these actors and producers props because it is a very difficult thing to do just off of the top of your head. I know that everyone says it, but I love to sing. I was the lead singer in the children’s choir at my church when I was younger. They also had an adult choir there and one time I actually had to show the adults which note to hit. Also, my sister and I tried out for America’s Got Talent back in 2014, but we didn’t make it past the first audition. Pitch Perfect is the perfect movie to sing along to. You learn so many awesome songs too. It would be an honor to act/sing in Pitch Perfect 2. Thank you!

  4. Aranza

    Eye color:brown
    Measurements :34-24-34
    Hair color:brown
    Skin color:tan
    Please contact me at: aranzasuemar@hotmail.com

  5. Sophia Collender

    Hi my name is Sophia Collender and I would love to be a dancer and/or singer in the next Pitch Perfect. I was a huge, huge fan of the first one hence actually being in the second one would be a literal dream come true. I have been dancing since I was three and have performed in countless productions of Gissele, Copelia, A midsummer Nights Dream, and The Nutcracker at my studio, and Alladin, Wicked, and (a younger version of) Cabaret at my Acting school. As far as Singing goes I’ve been taking voice lessons for three years along with choirs and the fore mentioned training from my acting school and those musicals.

    Age: 13 (but can pass for 15 hehe)
    Height: 5’7″ ( a large part of the reason I can pass for 15)
    Live: Colorado
    Appearance: light brown/dark blonde hair, tan-ish skin, hazel eyes.

    I would love to be considered for this amazing opportunity and hope I hear back soon!

  6. Martin Gaston Ducharme

    Why?… When I first Watched the movie it was like déja-vu like I’ve seen you guys before, past life, a vision of my future who know’s … All I know is I belong beside all of you.. doing what I love and do best. Let the music flow through me… I am made of music and art. And I can’t wait to show the world who I am. Here is a little info on my training.
    Kiwanis Festival – age 5 – 12 (piano)
    PreSchool Chorus – age 5 (vocal – solo)
    Les Troubadours – Actor / Lead Role age 13 – Theatre Play
    Ontario PoP – participant – age 16 singer – songwritter
    La Ruche des Artistes – Member – Producer Musical Arangement
    Studied at Sudbury Secondary School of Performing Arts,
    Major in Band (Flute) Piano an Vocal Minor also Visual Arts
    La Brunante de la Nuit – Keys, Guitar and Vocals Lead
    La Nuit su LÉtang – BAND StingRay
    Keys, Guitar and Lead Vocals
    Studied at Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology – Piano Major Vocal and String Minor
    Up With People World Tour 1989
    Numerous Medals for Karaoke Competition
    Les Castaphiores (Chorus) Musical Review
    Lead Roles and Back Vocals
    Bee Gee’s – Tribue Journey – Quartet
    Awarded the Heart Throb of The Year Thorphy
    Festival de la Chanson, Joliette QC Silver Medal – for Vocal Achievement
    Montreal’s St-Jean Baptiste Parade Performed with Ecoute Ça – Keys and Back Vocals. Televised.
    Recorded Chorus Tracks on a Christmas Album to raise money for
    ENFANT SOLEIL – Montreal QC Canada raised 10,000$
    DJ & Sound Tech / Karaoke Animation /Entertainer

  7. Haley Gaudet

    Hi my name is Haley Gaudet and live in Houma, Louisiana. I am 13 years old and 5’3. Pitch Perfect is literally my favorite movie. I watch it so much my mom gets mad when I put it on. Its my dream to be an actress. Pease take a chance to give me an audition.

  8. Jayden Figueroa

    Hi my name is Jayden and I am a really good singer and dancer. Im in 8th grade and I am 13. I live in Dublin, California.

  9. Riley

    Hi my name is Riley I’m 13 I would really like to start my acting or singing career. Everyone tells me that I’m a wonderful actor and singer. For singing I have gotten solos in our concert. I will soon be going into high school. I always make people laugh. Pich perfect was one of the best moves of all time. I would love to be apart of it.
    Hair: long and brown
    Eyes: blue
    Hight: 5’2 ish
    Weight: 85lb

  10. Rebecca Rivera

    Hi I Am Rebecca,
    Im 18 And I Live In Brooklyn New York
    And Im A Great Singer And IEould Love To Be Apart Of This If You Can For Any Questions Call 14845461290

  11. Devona Zhane Graham

    Hello, my name is Devona. i am 19 years old. my birthday is october 17, 1995. i have been singing since i have been in diapers. i sang the national anthem for my 8th grade graduation with three other classmates. sophmore year in high school i joined choir. junior year i was in do re mis choir and had concerts and reicitals. senior year i was in do re mis and madrigals choir and performed some acapella songs from pitch perfect. singing is my passion and i would love to be picked to be in a movie. i am a first soprano and i have a very high vocal range. i can sing as high as mariah carey and as low as adele. i am 5’6 and i can play piano and the guitar. i live in springfield ma. im really talented and get along with everyone. i am a social butterfly and good with following instructions and love to act. so please give me a chance.

  12. Rylee Roberts

    Hi. My name is Rylee. I love acting and I hope to be in a show.
    Hair: blonde/brunette
    Eyes: brown
    Age: 13
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5 feet 5 inches
    Hobbies: acting, soccer, volleyball
    I am currently taking acting classes in school. I would love to be considered for a role.

  13. Elisabeth Augustin

    I’m different and weird and have an amazing voice plzz consider me!

  14. Kloie Gorrell

    Hello my name is Kloie Lynn Gorrell.
    I love to sing, love to act, I play a lot of sports, I like to write songs, and or short stories.
    I am 5 feet 6 and 1\2 inches tall.
    I have a light golden tan completion.
    i have sang at fairs, and bar & grills with my father.
    I have thick, long, and wavy brown hair.
    My greatest hopes Kloie Gorrell

  15. Leah Grace Reed

    Hi. My name is Leah Grace. I am 15 years old but could easily pass as 20 lol. I love to sing!!! I sing at cafés and churches and have recorded with a handful of groups. Such as SALT studios. I live in Nashville, TN. And adore Pitch Perfect!!! I would love the opportunity!!! Thank you

  16. Brooke J

    I have always been known to have a soft voice, but I truly enjoy surprising people with its strength. I am an insomniac, known to be out there person, and am expressive. I happen to be a dancer and perform well on stage while singing and dancing because I have been in many plays and drama following my brothers steps for a while. I am probably the closet you’ll get to the edge, but I ask that you come to see what I mean by giving me a chance, unlike many first look judging people who don’t know me.
    I’m 5’2 have brown/purple hair and green eyes. I am a state champion dancer and state champion in weapons in Taekwondo of which I have 13 years experience. So I have athletic/petite body type. I’m 16 years old.

  17. ceaira Lynn tidwell

    Hi ime ceaira I am 11 years old and I watch pitch perfect every night

  18. Samantha Schultz

    My name is Samantha Schultz, 23 yrs old, based out of Los Angeles, CA. I am 5’7″, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, a slender build, and I am of Caucasian/Asian decent. I have been singing professionally since the age of 13 years old, and I have written my own original music and played acoustic guitar since 11 yrs old. I believe that I would be perfect for a part in this movie, due to the fact that I have experienced the real life version of Pitch Perfect. I was a part of Berklee College of Music’s co-ed a capella group, “Pitch Slapped,” from fall of 2009 to the spring of 2013. We competed in the 2010 ICCAs and placed 2nd, and returned the next year to compete in the 2011 ICCAs, where we placed 1st. In the fall of 2011, the group went on to compete in the SoJam A Cappella Competition and placed 1st. One of our songs for the SoJam competition was “Bright Lights Bigger City.” The group released two albums while I was a member and I went on to become the music director of the group in my senior year of college. I have a ton of experience in a cappella music, and I understand the importance of quickly (but thoroughly) learning music; blending (matching vowels and tone); choreography; arranging; directing a group/team work; stage performance ability/being visually appealing, but overall, making sure that the group is having an awesome time bonding and singing together, which ultimately leads to a great sound. I have a great personality; I am a very easy person to work with; I am easy to direct/lead; I get along with others really well; and I am a fast and hard worker. I would love to be a part of this movie and eagerly look forward to hearing from your team!

  19. Cora Miller

    Hi I’m Cora Miller I am 15 I’ll be 16 on June 28th I can act very well I was in Theatre and I can sing. I’m from Texas I’m 5’6 brown hair hazel eyes I would love to have an opportunity like this and really show you what I can do I’ve dreamed of this for a LONG time. Please give me a chance
    Thank you (:

  20. Phoebe Nelson

    Hello my name is Phoebe and I am 14. Now I have never had true acting experience but I’m telling you I am qualified. If I could have this chance it would be life changing because this is something I have never done but always wanted to do. So please don’t scroll past mine. Give a chance to a girl with a dream. Thank you.

  21. Kyla Palmore

    Hi my name is Kyla and I’m a 13 year old girl but I’m turning 14 in May. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m also 5’3. I live in Virginia with my mom and little brother. I’m in eighth grade and in all honor classes except math. I have two high school credit classes, Algebra 1 and Spanish 1. I don’t struggle in Algebra, my school just doesn’t have enough room in their honor class. I’m very outgoing and smart. I love to be around friends and family. But all in all I love having fun. I would describe myself as a tomboy because I would rather be playing sports than getting my hair and nails done. I loved the first movie and I know I will love the second. Acting is my life. I literally wake up thinking about acting and go to bed thinking about acting. My dream in life is to become a famous actress and I think this movie would help me fulfill my dream. I believe this because the first movie was really popular so I know the second one will be popular too. I appreciate you for taking time and reading my comment. Thank you. If you would like to contact my mom you can at mandypalmore@gmail.com or 804-205-7831. Thank you

  22. Matthew Drake

    Hi my son matt is 13 with brown hair brown eyes.. He is an awesome singer… He takes voice and has performed in many shows solo and in group. I just need to get him out there. When people hear him sing they stop in thier tracks. Please let’s send you a clip. Please give us a chance.

  23. MADDY summers

    Hi my name is maddy
    -age 11
    -5 ft
    – I live in Missouri
    If you would like to contact me plz call 4173100130 or email me.

  24. Alyssa Deering

    I Have A Dream.

  25. dolma sherpa

    Hi my name is dolma sherpa. I live in new york and i’m currently in 12th grade taking theatre class. I love acting and singing and I think this would be a huge opportunity for me. Me and my class recently did a play called rent where i got the main actress of being mimi and because of that one play i have been so devoted towards my singing and acting skills.
    A little detail about my self:
    -17 years old
    -i’m 5’1
    If u have any question please contact me in sherpa_dolma1@yahoo.com

  26. Morgan Lazenby

    Hi director of pitch perfect 2 i am Morgan I am 13 years old. I want to be in the movie because I want to follow my dream of being a singer and the way i want to accomplish it is to be on the movie so if you could just help me accomplish that dream it would be a big honor. i also would like to become an actress so please just help accomplish that dream and that same goal it would be the greatest moment of my life to have my first and maybe only movie to be PITCH PERFECT 2!!!

  27. Quiera Nelson

    Hi, I am Quiera Nelson I live in North Carolina, I am 25 years old and I am 5’6. I love to sing/act and I am a very talented individual and it is killing me that I have yet to share with the world. I am a blast to be around and I always give 110% in everything I do. I love the first pitch perfect and I would love to be cast in the second.

  28. Greta Hayworth

    Hi my name is Greta i am fourteen years old and I want to try out to be a dancer on the movie. I can do any kind of dancing and I am in dance right now. I love to dance so much and I want to be a dance teacher when I get older so please help me reach that dream.

  29. Sabrina

    Hi! I’m a freshman at Loyola University Chicago studying music with a focus in voice. This would be an amazing opportunity and so much fun. I love to sing and meet new people and what better way to do that then to audition for a movie with a very large musical aspect. It be great to just have the change to audition. Pitch Perfect speaks to all kinds of people and all ages through music. I want to help inspire other like the cast of Pitch Perfect has done and thats why I think I should be given a chance! Hope to hear from you.

  30. julie Williams

    Hello, im currently a student in seattle, Washingon. My voice has really good vocals, i can harmonize any tone you give to me with ease. Im currently in choir and have been selected to be in honors choir. I can sing from adele to christina aguleria, from jessie J to beyonce. I can sing country really well and rap too. I can pratically do it all, as i have trained myself to do so. Now all i wish is to show you. I’ve been dying to sing, in a acapella group — movie or not.

  31. Khailee stoughton

    I’m. Or gonna write a big long paragraph to explain how amazing I would be for this movie because it would take pages and hours to give you all the reasons so let me just start by saying….hi my name is khailee I’m 13 I’ll be 14 May fourth. I’m 5’2 I have blonde hair with brown roots. I know every single line in the first pitch perfect. I’ve seen that movies more time then I can count on my fingers and toes. I really hope you contact me back. I know you wouldn’t regret it. This movie is my inspiration. I can sing and I’ve never had any professional experience with acting but everyone tells me I’d be a great actor and that I’m a good singer. Me and my friend love to make our own shows and post them to Facebook and YouTube. Anywhere I am I’m always singinging, oh and I can dance. Thank you for reading this.

  32. JIsselle Morales

    Everyone and everything about the first movie was absolutely perfect.
    I am very outgoing, charismatic, funny, i have a great sense of humor. I love to act as new characters and become different people (and told to be very good at it). I can do other accents upon request including: English (UK), irish, spanish, and southern. I am also willing to learn more. I am told to be very quick when learning new things and can pick it up perfectly.

    NAme: Jisselle Morales
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height: 5’1
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair type: Naturally Curly
    body type: curvy / hourglass

    An opportunity like this would mean the world to me. Thank you.

  33. isaiah

    My name is isaiah virgil im 13 years old I’m 5 foot 6 inches brown eyes and have been watching movies ever since I was little and have always had a passion for acting.
    I have always been know to Be good at comedy, drama, etc. I’m in 7th grade and have A’s and B’s and am in most advanced classes above my piers level. Contact me please I would be honored to be on this set. I have participated in school plays and have done role play and acting at schoo
    call 6197648272

  34. Courtney Cox

    I have had little experience in theater but a lot in choir and private vocal coaching. Although I have little experience I have a great determination to be best at what I do. I work well with others and take direction and constructive criticism well also.

  35. Melodee

    To keep it short…

    My name is Melodee & my name describes me perfectly. I sing more than I speak.

    I’d love to be apart of Pitch Perfect 2 and I am a great harmonizer.

    If you choose me, you will see my passion for music more than I can write to you on this message.

    I am 20, 5’6, and 118 pounds.



  36. Janae Gray

    Hello, my name is Janae Gray. I’ve been singing since the age of three. Music has played an important role in my life, I feel like Music is my escape from all the negativity and situations I go through. I would love to be part of this amazing film because I think I could bring a nice touch to it. I sing all types of music, very versatile. I’m multi talented, I dance, sing and act. I’ve been in the theatre for 5 years and dance for 3. I truly believe this is my season and im really grateful for the opportunity.

  37. Autumn

    Name’s Autumn. I loved the first Pitch Perfect! Gave me cold chills it was so great. I am a singer, always have been always will be, whether I get famous or not. Harmony is my forte! Sometimes I’m harmonizing and don’t even realize that I am lol. I can harmonize to anything. I’m from WV (woot woot!) and as much as I love my state I will admit there is no opportunity here. Probably doesn’t help that I have like no funds to get out either lol. I was born to perform. I’ve never really gotten a chance to act but I have been told that I’d be great at it because I’m so animated and like to imitate people (I’m surprisingly very good at imitating people). I once had 6 people in a bar convinced I was British and they seemed pretty sober to me (not that I was haha.) All I’m saying is I really feel.. know that I could do this and go places, I just need the opportunity. I will do whatever it takes to audition. The above message isn’t very clear as to how to do that though. Anywhoo name’s Autumn, I’ma 25 yr old Caucasian, female, 5’7, 143lbs, brown/reddish hair, brown eyes, and relatively straight teeth :D. Please, please, help a girl out!
    ~With Love

  38. Anita Aiken

    Hi, my name is anita aiken. I have always wanted to be a singer/actress. singing runs in my family but no one has ever put it out there to let it be known. I would like to show my talent and become someone. I would like a chance to prove to those people who said that I cant do something that I really can. I am a hard worker I put my everything into something when it comes down to singing. I am 16. currently living in Columbia sc and iam in 10th grade. It would be an honor to be apart of the cast of pitch perfect 2!

  39. Robert Kavakura

    Hello, i am definitely not a one of a kind thespian but I have dreamt to be in a big production. I have participated in musicals, talent quests and caberets. I am 14 years of age as of march. I all taller than my age group average. I have dark brown eyes and black hair. I am not good at dance, though i do like to dance like a maniac. I am self concious about me smile, but if im laughing i dont care. I am an islander(samoan, cookislander). I have begun to learn the piano and I leave my singing to be judge by others so i can improve. I do find it embarassing sing in front of a small crowd.

  40. China

    I have always wanted to be an actress ever since I was little. I was even in theater for about two years and was in three plays. I played major roles in all of them except the last one, which I played several different minor characters.

    It would be a dream come true to be in an actual movie, even if I were just an extra. Please consider me for a role in this movie. I loved the first Pitch Perfect movie and it would be such an honor.

    Name: China
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Eye color: blue-gray
    Hair color: light brown with golden highlights
    Nationality: Caucasian (mostly British)
    Experience: acting for about two years, singing since I was nine but got vocal instruction for about three years. I am a soprano but can hit many alto notes as well.

  41. Shaelyn Ruddy

    My name is Shaelyn Ruddy and I am 22 yrs. old. I love to sing, dance and act and would love the opportunity to audition of Pitch Perfect 2. I have been singing since I could walk and had dance lessons from the age of 3. Performing is what I was born to do, so please help me realize my dream. thanks

  42. Jenna Miller

    My name is Jenna and I am obsessed with the movie pitch perfect. I watch it whenever I’m depressed. I am a singing waitress at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in NYC and go to Columbia. I have been trying to break into the business for 6 years and am working very hard and just need that one break. I went to circle on the Square theatre School and am very talented. I have many fans that come into the diner and post videos of me singing on You Tube. Just go to You tube and look for Jenna Miller, Ellen’s Stardust diner and you will see. I can’t wait to hear from you!!

  43. Christina Varghese

    My name is Christina Varghese. I’m a 24 year old model living in New York. I was born and raised in Bahrain and is originally from India. I have a great sense of fashion internationally and is very familiar with the richness of different cultures in the Middle East and India which gives me a great sense of passion in meeting new people from all over the world.I am musically gifted and has been surrounded by music my entire life. I’ve been given the opportunity to sing with Michael . W. Smith’s choir. I truly believe people from all over the world will be able to relate and connect with me as I do represent women from different walks of life and is a very fun person to be around with.

  44. Joele Simmons

    Hi my name is joele I’ve been singing since I was 5 years young and now that I’m 18 I think its my time to show the world.I went to audition for Americas got Tashkent and never got a chance to audition because of some mishaps.My heart was shattered and I just want to be heard

  45. Nouhaila

    Hey ! I am Nouhaila just a girl who loves acting and singing ( I honestly love singing even more ). Being an actrice is incredible. I am very good at being another character it make me see in an other perspective. I actually always pretend like I am an actrice at home to have answers to my own questions ( I know..it sounds weird hahaha ). Pitch Perfect will be Perfect for me. It’s a mixture of all the things that I love : singing , dancing, being an actrice, having fun and being creative ! It will be great if you gave me the chance to be in the movie ! 🙂

  46. Taneya Burke

    Hi my name is Taneya Burke, and I am extremely interested in being apart of the new Pitch Perfect movie. I have been singing from I was 7 years old, singing is my first love. I feel completely at home when I’m singing, it’s one of my biggest dreams to become a singer, literally can not go a day without singing. After watching Pitch Perfect for the first time I became in love with the movie, being apart of a project like this would be simply amazing and something I know I wouldn’t forget. It would be an honor to have this amazing opportunity.
    Location: Florida
    Age: 21

  47. Jiana chambers

    Hi, my name is Jiana I am 13 years old my dream is for me to sing and act. I have dark brown hair brown eyes, curly hair in the 8th grade I live in Chicago, il and I will never give up on my dream


    Hi my name is darius i am a really good singer and people say i sing like bruno mars or chris brown sing os my life so is danceing and acting i can do all three so yeah contact me

  49. Janelle graves

    hello my name is Janelle and im 23 years old. I aspire to be one of the greats. I love to sing dance model. You should pick me because I will leave SPEACHLESS!!!!!!!!! PIck Me Please

  50. Raquel Domingos

    Hi I’m Raquel and I’m 18 years old. Singing is my passion, It’s what I really like doing. To be honest I never act before, so I don’t have any experience in that area, but I would love to try ( with work and dedication everything is possible).
    I think I would do a really great job, because I’m a really outgoing and friendly person. I don’t have any problems in being in front of the camera, I’m not shy at all.
    I like new experiences and new opportunities, and I would love to be part of this one.
    Thank you for your time.

    Name: Raquel Domingos
    Date of birth: 8th December, 1996 ( 18 years old)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown/greenish
    Hair: Wavy/Dark Brown
    Curiosities: Freckles

  51. Katlyn Wells

    Hi my name is Katlyn Wells. I am 15 years old. I have auburn hair and hazel eyes. I am young but I am also mature for my age and highly dedicated. I think I would make a great addition to Pitch Perfect 2 because I can follow directions and slip into a character. I give everything my best and keep a positive atitude. For years I have been the leads in school plays and in selection choirs because I am one of the best at my school for singing, dancing, and acting.I am one of the younger people so it would be much easier to teach me exactly what you want and it would benefit me in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration in a possible audition if the time comes.

  52. Traci Biondi

    I’m a physician and I can sing. I absolutely adored all of the characters and wonderful music in Pitch Perfect and would love to be a part of this movie. Thanks!

  53. Mercedes Munoz

    Hi I’m Mercedes Munoz. I’m 17 Years Old My Birthday Is Coming Up Soon On April 10th I’m So Excited. I’m A Very Talented Singer. I Also Write My Own Lyrics. I Have Performed At the university mall in Tampa FL in a really fancy food place called Matiyano’s for the foster care Christmas event. I also was personally chosen by the principle of my school to take the lead at the Christmas play last school year. I even had my own 2 solos. I also was going to audition for a Spanish singing competition singing auditions in Hillsborough county FL for a show called talento tengo mucho talento but we could make it because my real mom couldn’t afforded it and my real dad isn’t around and my foster mom always has her hands full. im also in school getting my G.E.D and going to collage for cosmetology. well that’s it thanks for your time I really appreciate it love Mercedes munoz

  54. Cameron Kirby

    Hello. my name is Cameron, I am 17 and I am an aspiring actor and singer, and i would love to be considered for your film casting. I believe I can bring a lot to the table as a performer, and this film would be the perfect display of my skills. I am a white male, standing at about 5’8, and i weigh 215 Ibs. I consider myself respectful, and I am up to take on anything. If you consider me I will take it upon myself to give it my all. I loved your first film, and It would be a tremendous honor to be apart of this next installment. I thank you for your time, and consideration, and hope to be contacted at your convenience .

  55. Chloe

    Hi, My name is Chloe , I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but i’m currently studying in Indonesia. I’m short but i’m trying to grow taller. I really want to take place in this movie because i love acting and i’m adventurous and i’m also determined. I love singing and i would like to sing in this movie.I’ve watched pitch perfect and i loved it especially the songs. I really, really want to get casted. This is a big chance for me. I will do my best to remember every line and act according to the character. I will work hard to be as good as the other actors/actresses. I would really want a role.
    Name: Chloe go
    Age: 14
    Sex: Female
    Height: 153 cm
    Weight: 50 cm
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Black
    Race: Asian
    Nationality: American, Asian and Indonesian
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Acting, Reading, Writing, Listening to music, playing sports.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions, you’d like to ask. Thank you!

  56. Keesha Fajardo

    The first Pitch Perfect was so incredible that I would be so ecstatic if I could be a part of the second movie! I go by Keesha or Keeshcake, 24 years old and originally from the Philippines. It’s been my life long dream to just share my talent to the world. A gift is rare to have and not a day goes by that I am grateful for it.
    I got sass, I can dance, write music, and belt my heart out like there’s no tomorrow. The passion oozes out of me whenever I perform. I am confident that I will be a great choice for this project and I will not disappoint.
    I would be honored to be given a shot at this.

  57. Gabriella Rubio

    To whom this may concern, I believe I should be considered for opportunity because I am a young and spirited soul who is willing to work hard for what she wants. I am 18 and have experience in theatre and singing. Singing is my passion and I can’t think of something more amazing than being in a movie that depicts exactly what I wish my life was like

  58. brittini tubbs

    Hi my name is Brittini Tubbs and I am 16 years old and I love singing and acting so this will be the perfect Parr for me and I love movies especially comedy and if you pick me I will not let you down.Thank you for reading this

  59. Kae


    I’m Kae from the Philippines. Singing is my passion. People tell me I have a great and powerful voice.
    I used to sing in a band and now I sing in church. If there is anyway I could send you a demo of my voice and/or performance I would love to share it with you so you I might be considered 🙂

    Thank you!

  60. Brianna Stowe

    My name is Brianna Stowe. I have a passion for singing. It’s been my dream since childhood to be able to follow that path. I was in choir in school and college along with band. I can read music and can match pitch. I’m looking into majoring in music for voice. I’m 20 years old and would really love and enjoy and amazing opportunity like this.
    Thank You

  61. Rachel Milton

    Hello. I am Rachel Milton and I would like to star in pitch perfect 2. I do a little singing and would love to lift up my voice in song in this movie. I am 13 years old, almost 14 and it’s my dream to be an actress along side of others:) I hope you choose me to audition for this film. Thank you.

  62. Marissa

    I can sing in different languages and I am used to singing in front of crowds am even working on a duet with a glee star names hazel faith and would love to be on this movie
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: bright blue
    Height: 5’4
    Age: 18
    Hair length: long
    race:eastern European
    Talents: singing, acting, languages and dancing

  63. Arianna Bennett

    Hello my name is Arianna Bennett I am 19 years old. I currently live in Tampa, FL, I have always loved singing,dancing,and acting. I was in choir for 9 years from 2nd grade to 9th grade I singed a German song in 6th grade with fellow choir students. I was in multiply church musicals. I was a dancer and singer, I acted in 2 school plays called Alice and wonderland, wizard of Oz when I was in 4th and 5th grade. I enjoy music and all sorts of preforming arts. I always want to be famous for my talent. I am a mother of a wonderful little girl that is a blessing from god, I want my daughter to look up to me and one day follow her dreams like I’m wanting to. I want to touch the stars as do I want my child to. You will not regret having me in pitch perfect. I’m fun, outgoing, and hard working for my dreams. If you find my attitude and personality the right one you can email me at Ariannabennett123@gmail.com or RHENDRICKS19@TAMPABAY.RR.COM, you can contact me at this number between 12pm and 9pm (813)-512-6118. thank you for giving me the time to tell my story have a wonderful day and god bless you. 🙂

  64. Karina bonilla

    I love singing. Singing is my passion. I wasn’t born here but I can do anything that I can. I love the first movie. And I will love to be part of it. I have stage experience because I sing at my church in a group youth. So I will be very happy if I were to get a chance.

  65. Samhitha

    Hi! My name is Samhitha Thudi. I am 12 years old. I had always wanted to be an actress growing up. I am really good at acting. I have been in many plays where people would always compliment me for how great I act. My inspiration is Anna Kendrick. She inspired me by her acting skills. That’s why I really want to be in this movie. It is my dream to be an actress winning many awards. Please consider me for a role in this amazing movie. Thank you so much!

  66. madelyn carmichael

    Hi my name is madelyn but you can call me maddy. I have always loved singing sence i was 5, there were tons of videos of me singing when i was little, i laugh at them now because i have realized how much i have improved from just a little girl to a teen.I have been to school talent shows the teachers were all surprised by my singing i used to always think i didnt know i was that good!. My friends pressured me to sing once and again they were all surprised by how good i was but i always seem to hide this talent from everyone else, giving me this role will help people see i can sing and it would be greatly appreciated! :).
    Hair color: red w/natural gold highlights
    Eye color: green/gold/blue mixed, mostly green
    Hight: 5’5/5’6
    Age: 13-14 on march 16, 2015
    Hair length: long/almost below my chest area
    race:white as can be, W/very little freckles
    full american
    Talents: singing, fake fainting, good infront of camera, fake death sean (if necessary),1 year cheerleading, 4 months ballet, riding a bike, scooter, skateboard,
    Talents that maybe necessary that i can (NOT) do:cry on Q, major acrobatics,major stunts
    born from:Longview, TX
    I might have a little bit of a country accent but i can turn it off like a switch :).
    I am easy to work with and very nice and well mannered.
    I hope that this will clarify if i am perfect for one of the roles in this T.V show if not i am open for any other roles.
    Sincerely, Madelyn.Carmichael

  67. chelsea

    Hello you should consider me because I have a good voice and I love to act I am 15 years old and I am a very hard worker

  68. Daniel Cloutier

    Hello, I am 25 looking for a new career opportunity. I am very passionate about music, especially the singing part! Ihave been singing since high school and have lots of stage experience. It would be amazing to get the chance to be part of this film and see where else it leads. I am hard working and capable of giving my 100%, 100% of the time.

  69. Nancy Lucero

    Hello everyone;

    I’m from Mexico, I’m and always was different, passioned about singing and music, always looking for an opportunity to be me, sharing, helping and enjoying this life. Maybe, if you could think that dreams are possible, you can support a chance for this girl, and this could even have an amazing cultural taste.



  71. katie kelly

    hi my najme is katie i would like to be in this movie iam 14 and always loved to sing and dance i did a singing acting and dancing camp for 5 years and have hade many solos.

  72. Brenna

    My name is Brenna and I am 12 years old and in 6th grade. I absolutely loved the first movie and it inspired me to keep singing. I think it would be an amazing opportunity for me to get a minor role in this movie, I love to sing and I have taken lessons for many years. I have been told numerous times by teachers and friends that I have a beautiful voice and that I have an exceptional range. For the past few years I have been in all of the available select choirs at my school and have been awarded many solos. Although I am not an experienced actor I am decent enough to play a minor role. I would be honored to get a part in this movie! Thank You, I hope I am put under consideration.

  73. valentina medina

    it would be really nice if you accept an 11 year old in the movie. The first day pitch perfect came out i watched it and i loved it i would watch it again and again i just loved it.
    my name is valentina medina
    i currently live in miami florida to contact me email me to valentinaasbed25@hotmail.com

  74. James

    I think you should consider me because I have a decently good voice and I loved the first movie it inspired me and I have always wanted to be a singer/actor. I would really appreciate it you will not regret it.

  75. Morgan Abbott

    I am 11
    My name is :Morgan Abbott
    I live in :Louisville, KY (Shively)
    I look 13 i love to sing
    im 5ft
    If you have any other questions call 502-593-7362 or (home phone)502-774-4764