Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

4 films, $3.7 billion in worldwide box office grosses, superstar Johnny Depp and a whole lot of fun. The Pirates of the Carribbean movies have all of these and now fans around the globe are about to have another amazing installment of one of the biggest film franchises in history. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth action packed adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow on the open seas will roll in front of cameras soon and casting calls for a number of fantastic roles will be held very soon for actors of all ages. This could be your chance to land a part on one of the biggest movies of the decade.

Legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pearl Harbor, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bad Boys) will once again be teaming up with Walt Disney Pictures for the next chapter in the Pirates franchise from a script by Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Rush Hour 2). The award winning directing team of Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki, Bandidas, Max Manus: Man of War) have been chosen to take the reigns of this billion dollar franchise that will find Mr. Depp (Finding Neverland, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland) working alongside yet another stellar cast featuring Golden Globe nominee Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3, The Town, Vicky Cristina Barcelona), two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, The Three Musketeers) and Rolling Stone Keith Richards.

Casting calls for several exciting roles for the next wildly anticipated Pirates adventure will be happening very soon and actors of all ages interested in supporting, day player, stand-in and extras roles can submit themselves today by sending emails here courtney@rkcasting.com. We will be posting more details as the production grows closer so keep checking back for every casting and production update and leave a message for us in the space below and tell us why you love this epic franchise and why you want to audition for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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  1. Mini Singh

    Hi, my name is Mini Singh. i would love to be in the new pirates of the Caribbean movie as an extra. I am a huge Pirates fan and have seen all the movies. I am willing to travel and good at listening and taking directions. i love acting and would very much love to be apart of this film. Also I’m from the West Indies where the first film was shot, but I now live in D.C. I do have an accent. This would be an amazing and phenomenal opportunity to do something i would absolutely love. Please consider me for an extra, I would like and hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  2. Kaitlin

    My name is Kaitlin. I am 21 years old, and I heard you were looking for a naturally busty wench. I have head shots and body shots. Contact me for more information.

  3. Havana

    Hi my name is Havana Marie Gonzalez.
    My age is 13 I will be 14 September 21
    I have brown with an inch of blonde tipped hair and brown eyes
    I am 5’1 and 120lb
    I would love to have a part in this movie in any spot you will need.
    I am very determined and will do anything I need to be in this film
    Please get back to me asap!:)
    Thank you

  4. Havana

    I would really love to be in this film. I love Disney and all the pirates of the Caribbean films and grew up watching them, still do actually! I’ve always wanted to do acting I’ve done a few school plays and I love the atmosphere it’s amazing. I’d do anything to be in this film I am very determined to be the best I can and do what ever it takes!:)

  5. nile

    26 year old blonde female small time actress from new zealand!
    I moved to Australia three months ago and would absolutely love to be involved in a pirates of the carribean movie.

  6. Sophie

    Hi I’m Sophie Wilson. I would love to get my acting career started.
    Age: 12
    Eye: green
    Height: 5’6
    Hair: dirty-blonde
    I may be young but I’m hard working and very determined. I have lots of experience. My favorite things to do is to act and sing. I’ve been acting since I was 6 and I have been in a couple plays and been through acting classes. I’ve been taking singing lessons since I was 5 and I have performed at Antoines and other places in down town austin. I appsolutly love the Pirates of the Caribean movies. Thank you for considering me for an extra or a role. Have a nice day.

  7. Gisselle A Pimentel

    Honestly, when I first saw the first pirates of the caribbean movie, I hated it. I didn’t have a good reason besides the fact that I was 12 and if I didn’t like how it looked then I would despise it. After the second movie came out on dvd, my older sister forced me to give it a chance (I was 14) and then I fell in love with the movie. I felt like a hypocrite, but I honestly just fell in love with the movie and Captain Jack Sparrow. I adored the character. It was pretty much an obsession until I turned 17 and I got into other things. Now, I’m almost 20 years old, and I can still say I love all the movies. I honestly don’t have any acting experience, but I’m interested in learning and I feel like I might have talent for it, though if it were up to me to decide whether i have talent, I would consider myself a dirty rage in the standards of acting. Though I don’t want to be the one to stop myself from trying. I’m born and raised in Queens, New York. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’4 and I have a slim figure. I’m motivated to try new things, energetic and dedicated to whatever I’m doing. I’m polite, blunt and always speak my mind, unless its rude then those thoughts are kept to myself. It would be an amazing opportunity to even be an extra in the next film. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

    Love, Gisselle 🙂

  8. Makenzie

    To Whom It May Concern

    I absolutely love The Pirates Of The Caribbean. The first time i saw the movie i declared it as my favorite movie/series and it has remained so to this day. I love all the immense detail and time that was put into the series to make it outstanding. i would love to be part of this new film and to see what new adventures await our dearly beloved pirates.

    I am sixteen years old, i have long curly brown hair, i am five feet tall, and i have hazel eyes. I really enjoy acting. I really get into the characters. In my church talent shows i always perform a skit. The first time i performed i recited shakespeare. The second time,i performed a comedy skit from a youtube famous group called STUDIOC. I was told by the audience that i was quite talented at acting. I put a lot of time into memorizing my lines and portraying the characters thoughts and actions. I am a very good listener and i love to work with others. You can contact me by my email makenziec.18@gmail.com . I can’t wait to hear back from you. Thank you for your consideration.

    Makenzie Cox

  9. Naomi colon

    Hi my name is naomi and I love acting I may be young but I am a good actress
    I am 13
    Have dark hair/eyes
    Im puertorican
    Been in a lot of school plays
    It would be a privillege to be in this amazing movie

  10. Jack Shipley

    Hi my name is Jack Shipley I would like to apply to be an extra on the new pirates of the Caribbean movie. I love all the previous movies and would love the chance to work on the new one. working on a Hollywood blockbuster would be an honour and a memory to take to the grave. The idea of working alongside and watching some of the worlds best actors in their line of work gives me goosebumps. I am 20 years old 5ft 11 olive skinned. Medium build,Long brown hair and brown beard. Would be very grateful to hear back thankyou.

  11. Yasmin Svarc


    My name is Yasmin, i’m a Queensland local who was born in Australia ~ i’ve always been fascinated with mermaids and it would be an honour to portray one in Pirates of the Caribbean 5! When I was a child I used to love swimming near a shipwreck on Rainbow Beach called “The Cherry Venture” and pretend I was a mermaid. I have always loved painting and drawing mermaids and won many art awards where my artwork was displayed in the Queensland art gallery. As an adult I have the hourglass body shape of a mermaid, pale skin (mermaids are ghostly pale as they usually live in the abyss of the ocean and rarely see sunlight), grey eyes (like a stormy sea!), and auburn hair ~ but of course my hair can be any colour you want it to be! When I was growing up I did a lot of dancing (ballet / tap / jazz) and was performing in eisteddfods ~ I also acted and sang in many school musicals, which gave me the confidence to be an actress. I am currently working as a Nurse and as much I love helping people, I am constantly surrounded by tragedy and sadness. I know deep down in my heart that I am meant to do something fun, wild and creative like this, even if it’s just once in my life ~ to be a mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean would be a dream come true <3

  12. Raffaella Hamilton

    Hello, I have been a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean forever, I have seen them all numbers amounts of time, and I know them all so well. Acting & singing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’m originally from England, but I’ve been living in Australia for the past 7 years. I would be a phenomenal experience to be a part of this movie, and I would be honoured to work with you, as an extra.

    Name: Raffaella Hamilton
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 59kg
    Eye Colour: blue
    Hair : dark strawberry-blonde (wavy)
    Skin Type: fare
    Body Type: rectangle (slim)

  13. Erick contreras

    I am willing to travel anywhere in the world to work with some of the greatest actors and producers I have done some acting but been in Pirates of the Caribbean would be an honor and I gave up my military life to follow my dream of acting and everyone deserves a chance I hope u consider me thank you for you time!

  14. Robert Gora

    Hello and my name is Robert. I am a Michigan actor and have been for 10 years now. Iv been acting at one of Michigan’s local Haunted Attractions and IV always wanted the chance to be in a movie. I have seen all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and iv always wanted the honor of working with Johnny Depp. Im willing to do all and what ever I can to make my dreams possible and if I’m chosen, you will not be disappointed. I am very reasonable, dedicated, and will always give 110%. I hope that I will be considered for a role in this amazing film and hope to be a part of the Pirate Family. Thank you very much, and enjoy your day.

  15. Sandy Santa Cruz Lehrke

    I should be considered because I am teachable, trainable, pretty with a great smile, but not so pretty that I would steal the stars light. I’m a southwest flight attendant so I’m great with people. I’m a water lover who is an avid scuba diver and I spearfish. I’m 48 (no gray hair yet) and 5’8 and a Disney Pirate at heart.
    Thank you,
    Sandy Santa Cruz Lehrke
    Tampa, Florida

  16. Juztise

    Hi my name is Juztise, I’m 14, 15 in September, and I live in the Gold Coast, I have been a big fan of Pirates Of The Caribbean and I would love to be in Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 as it is an opportunity of a life time! Only last year I started to like acting, and even if it’s just a role for an extra I would be thrilled, I really hope you consider me!

  17. Jesse Hernandez

    49 year old male with brown hair and brown eyes. 5 ‘ 9″ tall 250 lbs.
    Ready to start an acting career. I live in North Carolina.

  18. Neil Brownlee

    47 yr male 5’5” muscular build fit / bald with tattoos i have 3 imdb credits have worked in battle scenes for hbo in game of thrones have stage combat qualifications have done minor stunt falls have done introductory to stunt course under Britains Rocky Tylor and Tony Van Silva.have trained in fight coordination under cc smiff form game of thrones ,i have APC passes in stage combat with rapier and gauntlet, small sword, broadsword and unarmed combat have been featured in all things that i have done good knowledge of hat is required on set and and can deliver lines, , not afraid to get dirty nor afraid to do long hours on set, have supplied own costume to wear on set on occasion can travel and work at short notice imdb= imdb.com/name/nm5954641/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

  19. Nathan Kuringi

    Hi I am Nathan kuringi, 25 years of age
    am from an island in the south pacific which is rich in cultural diversity, I am an energetic individual with datk complexion and dark curly hair. I am always ready and can be an extra in your film, I can also navigate through the set with limited help.
    I have acted as a warrior in the german film ‘Jungle child‘ my profile is on IMDB (internet movie database)
    pls if you need more details feel free to contact me.

    thank you

  20. karen king

    I heard they were looking 4 big busty girls I reckon I,d make a great looking wench

  21. Cecil Bayanes

    Hello, I am Cecil Bayanes, an Asian from the Philippines. I am 25 years old but people think I do not look like my age. I have black hair and brown eyes, 5’2″ height and 100lbs weight. I can act, sing and dance. I am a humble person with determination and discipline. I am hardworking and always works on time. I will do my best to meet your standards. I am one of Johnny Depp fan and working with him would be a dream come true. I wanted to be a character in this kind of movie, its like a fairytale come true. I will do what ever it takes to be one of the characters so please consider me.People say that I am very good in acting, in school they always choose me for acting activities and I always stand out. I like being challenge, it makes me stronger and better. I have been following this movie since it started and dreamed of becoming one of the characters. I can be an extra too. This movie was one of the greatest and I think this new episode of Pirates of the Caribbean will be a success too. I will contribute my best of my talents and my workmanship for the success of this movie. Let me represent the Philippines. Thank you.

  22. Skyler Knopp

    Hi, my name’s Skyler, and I should be considered because I look like I could be related to Johnny Depp. (Also I fight and act, and I’m 22)

  23. Brandon Briscoe sr.

    I am a pirate and up for any acting challenge.

  24. india knight

    my name is india. I’m 14 years old. i have red median length hair. i can do one ascents and i would love to be in this movie if you would give a chance

  25. Courtney Brown

    Name: Courtney Brown
    Age: 16 (may be 17 when filming takes place)
    Location: England
    Hight: 5.5
    Hair colour : Dark brown
    Nationality: Mix raced/ English
    Hi and I would love the opportunity to work and gain acting skills during filming. I am currently apart of a youth theatre called ‘Yew Tree Youth Theatre’ which has been a huge part of my life, I have gained so much confidence working with people with all sorts of different acting abilities. The youth theatre has made me a better actor then I could of ever imagined and I am still growing (I hope).
    I am hard working and always willing to push boundaries. I absolutely adore Pirates of the Caribbean, it would be an life time dream to be apart of it.
    Thank you for your time,
    Courtney .

  26. jordon costello

    Hello, my name is jordon costello age 22 . I am 6’4, roughly 220lbs, curly long brown hair. my ethnicity is canadian , jamacian. I do not have any acting experience but it does run in my family i have two uncle’s that are successful actors. I figured why not give it a shot!

    Why i would like to be a part of the pirates movies! Piracy run in my blood, my ancestors were pirates much like caption jack sparrow. They were running from the law looking for treasure and ships! When things got rough, they settled in Jamaica to escape death and put piracy behind them. So i would like to be apart of the crew and get a taste of what a pirates life was like. See a glimpse of what my ancestors experienced! Thank you for you time.

  27. Jisselle Morales

    name: Jisselle Morales
    age: 18
    height: 5’1
    weight: 110
    eye: brown
    hair: dark brown/ naturally curly
    skin: tanned complexion
    body type: hourglass

    The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can’t do. For instance, you can read this, consider me, and have me audition or you can lose out on something special. But true talent is in your movies, so you’ll have to consider me some day. And me, for example, I can meet Johnny Depp and have my dreams come true, but I can’t do that all by me onesies, savvy? I can sail under the command of a pirate, there is no “can’t” involved.

  28. Emma Turnour

    Hello, my name is Emma and I am a resident of Queensland and would love to be part of the Pirates of the Caribbean production. I have always had a curiosity and a desire to pursue acting but a lack of first hand experience has left me hesitant to continue this seriously. I feel like being an extra for this film would be an experience I would be a fool to miss as it will show me what an acting career is like and will help shape my plan for the future. I am someone who greatly enjoys the films as well as a total history nerd, to be in the middle of the atmosphere would be amazing. I live very close to the Gold Coast where the majority of the filming is set so I believe my location would be a bonus for the company should they need me. I hope you will consider me for an extra position in this film, thanks.

  29. isaiah

    My name is isaiah virgil im 13 years old I’m 5 foot 6 inches brown eyes and have been watching movies ever since I was little and have always had a passion for acting.
    I have always been know to Be good at comedy, drama, etc. I’m in 7th grade and have A’s and B’s and am in most advanced classes above my piers level. Contact me please I would be honored to be on this set. I have participated in school plays and have done role play and acting at school
    call 6197648272 or 6196346626

  30. Halil Mejia

    My Name is Halil Mejia I’m From San Diego California and I’m not a Normal teenager boy, I am one of the youngest Special FX Make-Up Artist in San Diego and I’ve been playing the violin for Almost 9 years and also I was a finalist in the Directing Change student film contest. The reason I would like to be part Iof this film is because I grew up watching all pirates of The Caribbean and it would be an amazing Experience for me to Participate in a such amazing film, i would be more interested in being an Extra for the film.

    Thank you, sincerely Halil Mejia

  31. Gracie Mathews

    Hi my name is Gracie Mathews. I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan and have praying there would be another movie after Stranger Tides. I am very dedicated and don’t shy away from hardwork or long working hours. I have read all the books and continue to re read and love them. I think this would be a wonderful once in a life time experience to meet new people and try new things. I have played smaller play parts when I was younger and recently won first place in a costume contest at the supernarural convention in Houston, Texas and was interviewed and put on newsfix to talk about my costume and supernarural. I am athletic and have played soccer all my life up until this point. I hope to be possibly considered as this would be an incredible opportunity!
    Height: 5’8
    Hair color: red/brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Mexican/Caucasian

    Thank you again!
    Gracie Mathews

  32. Jack William Owen

    Pirates of the Caribbean has been a huge part of my life as the first instalment came out when I was quite young. It’s compelling plot, characters and immersive nature make it impossible not to wish that you could live in this fantasy world. It provides an escape from reality which helps add a little more magic to the world. I can’t help but think that these films have contributed, even just in the slightest way to my personality. I often find myself listening to the film scores as they evoke feelings of hope and that there’s still a great journey ahead in my life. I have taken this opportunity to be apart of something that will have an impact on many peoples lives. I am english, aged 18, and live in the city of York.

  33. Tiffany

    Hi, my name is Tiffany. I live in San Jose, California. Acting has been a huge part of my life and started when I was young. The first time I had a real introduction to drama was in third grade when there was auditions to be in a school play (Character Matters II). I got one of the main roles, Cinderella, and the drama instructor grilled into our minds that memorizing the lines isn’t the most essential part to a successful play. The emotions, feelings, and actions behind the character and his or her persona has to be interpreted through the actor or actress. That moment was the moment when I decided this could be my escape. Away from this boring, non-unique life I’m living. I live in a suburban part of northern California. Not a lot of exciting things happen around here, nobody seems to be able to understand that there is variety of “chances” out there. I am now 13 and in 8th grade. I think over time I realized that everyone has a job in this world, a passion, something to work with that makes us all valuable and needed. I really hope a journey as an actress is the road I am able to take. I would say that there thousands of people out there, looking for auditions or casting calls, but maybe that’s not exactly at all what they’re looking for. They’re looking for what’s underneath the surface, an opportunity, a chance. I think whats special about this film is the plot and storyline behind it. Its a fantasy, of course, but there is a meaning throughout the story. The adventure it takes you on is truly breathtaking. I am a huge fan of the Pirates of the Carribean series and would be overjoyed and honored to participate in the making of this film. I love how the actors and actresses in this movie have participated in a large variety of roles, each differently built up. The real talent is being able to incorporate anything and have the audience feel and understand it. Thank you for considering me and have a wonderful day. Email me at tiffany.chu@rocketmail.com if you have any questions!
    Name: Tiffany Chu
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2” – 5’3”
    Hair Color: Brown with highlights (dyed from black)
    Nationality: 1/4 Chinese 3/4, Taiwanese
    Hometown: SJ, California
    Thank you for your time.

  34. Isabell Söderlund

    My name is Isabell and this year I will be 20 years old. I live in Sweden, but I wanna move to LA so soon as possible! I think there is no bigger fan then me! I have loved Pirates Of The Caribbean sence the first time I’ve seem them! Sence I were 11 years old. And I remembered how big my crush was for Captain Jack Sparrow, and I still am. What I love about these movies are the adventures! And that is what is so exiting about these movies! It is always new characters, new places, new adventures. I love the characters and their chanches through the movies, their journey. Sence I’ve saw those films I have dreamed of being part of one of those movies. I went to theater/acting school for three years in Sweden and learned body language, carte del arte, and a LOT more stuff! I’ve done many theaters and I have also played theater in Stockholm on “Riksteatern”. I have watched POTC like 10 000 times! Sometimes even two times a day. I would be honerd if you choose me! And would be increddible thankful! Cuz this is my dream! Those movies made me wanna become an proffecial actress. This would be the biggest dream come true!! Pleace contact me for an audition! Or if you want a picture or something! You should give me a chance cuz I can play any role you have. I want to challange myself and try new things and I am not affraid to try new stuff. I am up for anything! I am working hard for something I really love, which this is and I will always do my best! And I think I will fit perfect into this movie! I have always dreamed to be a pirate! And this is my chance! To do something I dreamed of sence I was 11 years old! I wanna have swords fights, run in the jungle, seil shipps! Pleace mail me back!

    Age: 19 years old.
    Length: 163 cm.
    Weight 44kg.
    Body type: Thin/small girl.
    Eyes: Darkblue.
    Hair: Black brown hair with copper brown highlights.
    Skin type: Light.
    Done with school.

    Pleace make my dream come true, I promise you will not regret it!!

  35. Sara

    Hi benefactors, thanks for the chance to say: this production is already legendary.
    I’m an actress, studied for in Italy and Holland, strong comic talent, higly trained body, ex model
    I’49 and I really see myself as the wife of Captain Barbossa.


  36. Elvis de Los santos

    I’m 15 I would like the chance to be in the movie so I can get more experience as an actor and learn from the cast and crew

  37. Zoe Lockwood

    Hello my name is Zoe I just turned 15, I live in Sydney Australia and love the series. I have seen them all and am keen to become and actress. I have always want to participate in a big screen production like this, actually EXACTLY like this. I would love to be able to have the behind the scenes expirence and be able to work with someone as amazing as Jonny Depp. I don’t want to sound like a typical person trying to get a job saying “ohhhh I love those movies and acting is totally my dream” but it’s true if I have time I’ll watch pirates or I’ll seek out the newest gossip about the next movie or watch interview trying to understand the expirence of the actor. I don’t have much acting experience, but when i auditioned for a lead role in my school musical they said the only reason they turned me down was because my singing voice wasn’t strong enough but everything else was excellent. I do drama as a school subject and can keep a straight face when needed. I am willing to work beyond my hardest if I become an extra or even get a speaking role. Getting to be a part of a production like this would mean a lot to me.

  38. Marina

    I have seen all Pirates of the Caribbean movies more than a hundred times and would love to be in one. I am 16 years old and I live in Roseville, California. I have brown hair, brown eyes, 5’7, 111 pounds, and I have porcelain skin. I don’t have a lot of acting experience but everyone tells me I should be in musicals or in theatre because of my dramatic and weird personality. I hope you’ll consider me!

  39. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily and I am thirteen years old. I live on the Gold Coast and I have been wanting to be an extra in a movie for some time now. I’ve been interested in many different movies but they have involved traveling and my parents said no. As this will be in Queensland and fairly close the where I live I thought why not try.

    Height: 158cm
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
    Weight: 48kg
    Skin: White Caucasian

    Thanks for your time, Emily

  40. Will

    HI my name is Will and i live near Brisbane, I am originally from Scotland at 51 years young i feel its time i had my 15 minutes of fame and to do it in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. I would be a great Extra i”m fit and lively and an old sea dog from an island race, i look like a cross between Mr Burns ( the Simpsons) and Brad Pitt a great combination , i know you wont be able to resist giving me a roll as an extra and once i get my foot in the door there will be no stopping me on the road to stardom.

    I hope to hear from you soon Matey

    Will ( 51 )

  41. Alex

    Hi, my name is Alex and I live in Warwick QLD (two hours from the Gold Coast). My brothers and I grew up doing play swordfights and having adventures in all the different places we have lived. These days I am an artisan of sorts. When not studying, I am doing everything from going out running and exploring the bushland near where I live, climbing the boulders and trees, to practicing fire twirling and weaving chainmail armour (most people don’t believe that I knit chainmail; it’s not that weird is it?). When Pirates of the came out, well, that just fed right into our thirst for exploration of far-off places. This series of movies have some of the best mixes of story, action and comedy to be found in movies today (most movies these days are just made up of things exploding) and it would be amazing to work in a movie that fills people with so much excitement. I am a hard worker by nature and will do things as many times as I need to in order to get the best results.

    Age: 18
    Hair: dark brown (thick)
    Eyes: blue-green/yellow/brown (I have heterochromia in both eyes – majorly in the right eye)
    Build (body): broad athletic
    Height: 172cm Approx.
    Weight: 70kg Approx.
    Skin tone: mildly fair (Caucasian)

    Thankyou for your consideration.

  42. Jordan Hubert

    I hope that this is serious because if I were ever chosen to participate in the 5th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise it would be a lifelong dream come true. My name is Jordan and I am 5ft tall with shoulder length blonde hair and minimal acting experience but tons of passion for THIS movie. Im 19 years old and my love for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is known by all my friends and family and one of my biggest dreams came true 2 years ago when I was lucky enough to meet Johnny Depp. He was so amazing and kind in person that it made my admiration for these films so much greater. Right now I work in Phoenix Arizona doing freelance makeup and if that is something I could assist with for these films I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Even if I could just shadow someone in the industry would be great experience. If there is ANY role whatsoever I could play in making this movie come to life I would be eternally grateful. Whether that be an acting role, makeup job, or even just to assist anyone with anything I would accept the job in a heartbeat. I have the availability to be anywhere I need to be at anytime.

  43. Martina Babis

    Ahoy Courtney!
    I would love to be part of the next Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!
    I have seen all the films and think I would fit in very well. I got this wild, adventurous yet fragile look. I have been acting in many short films and music videos, some of them were nominated for different awards (more in the email I sent you). I dance and do yoga so I am pretty flexible and know how to move well! I live in Dublin / London.

  44. kate

    I would be great to have on set…

    And I have acting experience.

    I even live locally (gold coast).

  45. Caitlyn Fosterling

    Hi my name is Caitlyn Fosterling I live in Wisconsin I have always been a huge fan of all of the Pirates of the Carribean movies and I know pretty much every line. It would be soo amazing if I could have the chance to be an extra and be a part of the Pirates of the Carribean. I am a hard worker and up for anything. Thank you for you consideration.
    Hair:Dark brown
    Age:16 (I turn 17 in March)

  46. Amanda Bodensteiner

    Hello my name is Amanda. I have seen all the pirate movies to many times to count. They are my absolute favorite movies ever!
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Skin color: beige
    Live in: Fargo, ND

    I have acted before, have danced for years, and can sing.

    Would love the opportunity to be in pirates and experience being around all the cast members!

  47. Miles Hensley

    I am a trained model and actor and i have been doing Pirate events in florida for years. I live near Disney Orlando and have the funds to travel anywhere.

  48. Claire Kelly

    I just can’t think of anything cooler than being paid to be a Mermaid.
    I m 5’11,brown eyes,long brown hair,slim athletic build. I have my advanced open water diving licence & HR licence if that helps.Sending bio & pics now

  49. Eduardo Pulido

    Hello, my name is Eduardo Pulido. I’am 27 years old. I have a spanish, european look. I also have been taking Swashbuckling sword classes. I have been diving into the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean. I have been studying Shakespeare to perfect the lingo and accent of that time period. I think working in this movie would be a great experience. I know I will deliver a excellent performance. I become the character that is given to me. I eat, sleep, and breath, who this person is. I go beyond the role. I develop the person. I question why they are a certain way. I question the physiology behind the person. This way I become that person. I know it will reflect on camera. I can show you better then I can tell you. Thank you

  50. Michael Bonaccorso

    Good morning Courtney,

    My name is Michael, 34 yrs old and I live about 40mins away from Port Douglas in cairns. I would love to do any extra work or anything to do with the filming of the Pirates film and I heard on the grapevine that you are the person that can make this happen for me.
    I am very flexible and can be available at the drop of a hat as I have taken long service leave at present so I am available pretty much any day and at any time.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my email and I will look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Cheers and thanks,
    Michael Bonaccorso

  51. Morgan Ladyman

    I would love to be part of this amazing movie!!! I have had several lead roles in theater, two callbacks from The Voice, and recently opened for four country artist with over 10,000 in attendance. I love to sing (lead singer in a band), act, play piano, and I YODEL!!! I am 16 years old and I do very well in school. Would love to hear from you!!!

  52. Rob Hawkins

    Very keen to be considered for any extras work on the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. What an amazing opportunity to be part of such an exciting experience happening in beautiful Queensland’s backyard.
    Resident of South East Qld. 178cm, 92kg, fit to muscular build, beard, blue eyes. Very fit and athletic, strong swimmer, only 1 small upper right arm tattoo (4 words in latin script).
    Will send any further information as required.
    Many thanks

  53. Dani

    My name is Dani I am a proud resident of the beautiful Cairns QLD. I have always been a Pirates of the Caribbean fan. The chance to be apart of the film would be amazing 🙂 I am extremely excited about this and I thank you for your consideration 🙂

    Age: 20
    Height: 174
    Weight: 57kg
    Skin: fair (Caucasian)
    Eyes: green
    Hair: light brown
    Body: slim

    My name is Dani I am 20 live in Cairns QLD. I have always loved Pirates of the Caribbean fan. Tje chance to be apart of the film would be amazing 🙂

  54. Paris Swan

    Hi my name is Paris Swan, I am 15 years of age and live on the Gold Coast, Australia.
    Height: 5ft 3
    Weight: 54kg
    Size: Small
    Complexion: Medium
    Hair color: Auburn
    Eye color: Brown
    I have very strong interest in volunteering as an extra for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell no Tales as I am a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. I believe I should be chosen to be an extra because I am a very hard worker, confident and am willing to put in my best. Although I don’t have any experience as an Extra but I do Drama as a subject at school and absolutely love it.
    It would mean a lot and be an absolute pleasure to be chosen.
    Thank you, Paris Swan

  55. Chris

    I’m a 42 year old male living in Brisbane. I am reasonably fit and strong. I love heights and adrenalin. I am good at most sports/physical activities. I am also intelligent and able to learn quickly and take direction. I am 6 feet tall with brown hair and able to grow facial hair if required but usually clean shaven. I have no tattoos. I do not wear glasses. I am currently a student, so have a flexible schedule and would love the opportunity to experience working on a major film in a franchise I have enjoyed watching.
    Thank you for your consideration

  56. Nicole Holtfreter

    Hello. My name is Nicole Holtfreter. I’m from Maumee, Ohio and I would like to be part of the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I have been a fan of the movies since I was around eight and nine years old. In addition, it would be an honor to work with gifted actors like Johnny Depp, Robbie Kay, and Geoffrey Rush. I have been in three school productions (one in middle school and two in high school). I have experience in stepping out of my comfort zone through color guard, flag spinning and dance. I maybe a junior in high school but I’m not afraid of a challenge, I’m hardworking, and I would do everything I can to prove that I can be great for this production. I could play a townsfolk, or a pirate. I don’t know how to sword fight but color guard has taught me how to keep in time, foot work, and doing routine correctly. I hope you respond and give me the chance to be a part of Pirates of the Caribbean family. Thank you.

    Age: 16 (Jan. 14 will be 17yrs)
    Height: 5’3′
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Skin: fair (Caucasian)
    Eyes: green ( wear contact lenses)
    Hair: light brown
    Body: well built

  57. chloe

    I have just started out in modelling, and have decided to take an interest in acting. I am 16 with dark brown (almost black) hair, dark brown eyes, tan and have a thirst for the camara. I believe that I can alter myself role to role but will however play each role to the best of my ability 🙂

  58. Corinne Michael

    Hello, my name is Corinne Michael im 14 ill be 15 in February and I live in st. Louis MO.
    height: 5·5
    Weight: 127lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Muscular build
    I am very good at taking direction, ive had no experience but hope to start soon. I have had some expirience being on stage crew for school plays and musicals and im very good at that. Im an extremely strong swimmer, a good violinist, I took fencing lessons for acouple years, im quiet, im a good listener, I dont get seasick, and I can most certainly keep calm around stars and I know not to bother them. Thank you and I really hope you consider me for a part in tgis franchise!
    Thank you!

  59. Skye

    I live on the Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia, where the movie is being filmed. I am only a 5 minute drive away from the studios at Movie World. I would love the opportunity to appear as an extra in the movie, as it’s something I’ve always aspired to do. I am 39 years old, married with two daughters (aged 13, and 11), so if you are also looking for children, they too would love the opportunity to appear as extras in the movie. I am 168cm tall, 60kgs, with long brown hair and brown eyes. I have Mediterranean heritage, therefore I have olive/fair skin, and could pass for a number of different nationalities.

  60. Abigail Olsen

    Hello,my name is Abigail Olsen,I am 13 years old.i HAVE GONE TO A DISNEY AUDITION they said I have A UNIQUE LOOK,and TALENT.i would love for you to get back to me ()thanks!
    Brown hair(goes past shoulder)
    Brown eyes
    I can sing,act
    I am working on getting an acting coach.
    Please get back to me,thanks again!!
    I love pirates of the Caribbean!

  61. Dirk Dehrmann

    I’ve read that you are seeking for pirates and soldiers.
    I just started my big trip of several years of travelling.
    I arrived to australia a month ago and I would love to be part of the movie, even if just in the background juggling rum barrels, do some fire juggling or fire staff …
    youtube.com/watch?v=jKODk6VjWZA&index=2&list=PL_crMcgSVUdqmNvGFn7ajcnMDFshn8Ugd here you can find a few first videos of me playing with fire clubs

    I already applied earlier and send 2 pictures as well, where also all the details like phonenumber etc. have been asked. I didn’t get a response yet, so I wanted to check again for the job offer.
    It would be awesome to tell my friends to see me in the cinema since I’m not going to see them for a couple of years.

    I’m 26, finished my studies in computerscience, have a very unique face and hair (curly front, dreadlocks rest of it, pretty long- I’m a juggler, musician and multitalented.
    At the moment I am volunteering in Mount Nebo at a lovely family, I was part of the Fire Event at the woodfordfestival and have a few stage experiences.

    I don’t mind getting dirty or make fun of myself, I’m realy practical and yeah lots more!

    I am not looking for the big acting role, I’m more looking forward to tell my friends

  62. Jazmin Elso

    Hello! My name is Jaz and I am a 20 year old female from Australia, I would love to be an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
    I am actually a Jack Sparrow impersonator myself, a walk around in public dressed as Jack and act as him for long amounts of time, staying in character for hours on end, bringing smiles to peoples faces, I have even learned his voice (which was quite hard for me, being a female). But of course, that roll is already filled but the one and only Johnny Depp!
    I also occasionally act as my own version of a young male pirate.
    I have short blonde hair and even though I am a female, I am quite androgynous and i suit more male characters than female. I am thin and average height.
    I am able to do an English/British accent if needed.
    I don’t really have any professional experience in the acting industry, I haven’t even taken acting classes, but I have taught myself a lot about acting since I have started being a pirate impersonator, I am a fast learner and I’m quite outgoing.
    Lastly, and I’m seriously not just saying this, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are my favorite of all movies. I watch at least one of them once a week, and am pretty sure I’m a bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean know-it-all, it would literally be my dream to just be on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, even if I was just cleaning up to be honest, I actually don’t even care about the money!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  63. Joshua tyrrell

    Hi my name is Josh I live near the Gold Coast I am 21 years old and am 6 foot 2in tall I have dak brown short hair and love the possibility of being a part of this movie. I have never done any acting but I am sure with the right direction I would be a great actor in the making. I have my own car so I can get to the auditions without any problem you just need to letme know when and where. I am looking forward to working on the movie and I await your email to let me know if I can be a part of this great movie being shot in my country.

  64. David O'Carroll

    My name is David O’Carroll. Age: 31
    I have never acted in a film before but would like to throw my hat in the ring for an extra position on this one.
    I have been living in Cairns for 7+ years, working full time as a zookeeper. Constantly in the public eye, delivering animal presentations complete with public speaking. I am relatable and can convey information to all ages. I am also used to working odd hours or all hours.
    Please consider me,

  65. Susanne Lynch

    Hi I am 19yrs old with long black hair to my waist, so think I’d be great as an extra:-) I live on the Gold Coast and have my own transport. Thanks for your time.

  66. Adam Wilson

    hi love pirates of the carribeen every one my name is adam Wilson i am 12 and love to act its my dream job i have done lots of work in theatre and hope to be in this movie pick me

  67. amy

    Hi my name is Amy, I’m twelve and I live on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.
    I have seen all the series and I have all the DVD’s. I have sent an email to the CV’s and done what they have said to do. I don’t have a lot of experience but I will try my hardest, 110%.
    I thought if I gave this a try it would be a huge stepping stone towards my experience because I am doing drama as one of my school subjects. I am a huge fan. I have read at least all the websites of information I can find. I’m all set and ready to go waiting for a phone call for further information, if I do get it because this would be my only chance and I’m young and I’m not allowed to do any auditions unless they’re in Australia, QLD. So if you could consider me.
    P.S my three favourite actors and my favourite actress are in these series but I meet them I wouldn’t go crazy or faint even though I won’t meet them because the extra role auditions are at the Village Roadside Studios on the first on January and the main actors are up in Port Douglas or the Great Barrier Reef or in Bowen

    Thanks for your time, Amy.

  68. Enrico Caddeo

    I’m Chicco from Sardinia Island (Italy) and I’m 37 years old.
    I was born here, living between mountain and sea, fishing in crystal waters and walking through wild forests in search of wonders of nature! I have a huge passion for ancient history, folk traditions and epic music. I love playing piano, guitar, bass, drums or banjo when I want to write a soundtrack to glorify an epic time of the life! Music has always been by my side, great and faithful companion in arms, like a sword to unsheathe or a flower as a gift!
    I believe in the power of Love and in respect for others as my mother taught me.
    This is me, and I’m ready to devote all myself to this adventure!
    If you choose me I will not disappoint ever!

  69. Hodan Hassan

    I’m Hodan im 13 going on to 14 and I love the pirates of the Carebian but I also think that there should be a young female hero and I am sure I am wounderful for that part I’m funny at school I’m the school crown I joke around but I take my sting seriously because I love to entertain people and I think that’s what acting is and I’m Somaliy not many of my kind want to act they stay in shadows and I don’t want that I want to be in this movie to show them that there is nothing wrong with following your dreams so pic me

  70. Mark Taylor

    Hi, I’m 45 yrs old, I’ve never been in a film, but love watching them, I live in Townsville just down the road of port Douglas, I’m multi skilled as I’ve done 22 yrs in the army, I’m a carpenter, and a plant operator, I would love to be an extra and all so help win the construction to the set, so drop me a line if I suit your needs.


  71. Sanne Vlaming

    I am a fifteen years old dutch girl. I have seen and definately enjoyed all four pirates movies. When I saw that a new pirates movie was expected I decided to have a look if there was a posibility for me to be an extra. I have been an extra once before in a dutch movie called Michiel de Ruyter. I loved it and I also have had acting classes for one and a half a year now. I am blond, 173 cm and super excited for the new movie. Hope to hear from you.

  72. Shannon Lindsay

    Ahoy there!

    Ask anyone who knows me and they will give you the same answer! Been a HUGE fan since the first movie back in 2003, after watching it most likely over 2,000 times the second movie was released on my birthday which I considered a massive SIGN. My obsession then lead on the researching and learning more about the history of pirates which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially women pirates. That then also lead onto watching every single Johnny Depp film he ever starred in, and to this day his is and will always be my number one idol.

    My name is Shannon Lindsay, I’m 19 years old and currently travelling the East Coast of Australia. Choose me and I WILL not let you down.

  73. Alan Spooner

    Hi, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribean films and have eagerly awaited news of another film as I would love to be given the chance to be part of it. I have had previous film and tv work including acting / walk on and extra work. i am in my early fifties, ex forces, with good swordsmanship and gun handling experience, and excellent horsemanship too, being well disciplined but have a great sense of humour and at this present time have a beard and already have a missing tooth and gap! plus a slight belly!. I would love to hear back from you with any opportunities that may arise. Best wishes Alan

  74. Anke Bezuidenhout

    My name is Anke Bezuidenhout and I am 16 years old, turning 17 in 2015. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a passion for acting! I have always loved the Carribean series and would be internally grateful to be part of such an amazing project! I am a local in Queensland and would be able to organise my own transport. I have been involved with performance since a young age through dance and plays.

    Thank you Anke 🙂

  75. Daphne Banos Rios

    Hello my name is Daphne and i am very interested in this opportunity of a life time i am 14 and will be 16 when the move is relished. I have black hair i am Hispanic my eyes are brown i have really long thick wave hair and i am 5 foot i hop you will be able to consider me Thank you and have a nice day.