Peter Pan Live! - NBC

Peter Pan Live! – NBC

Following the huge success of last year’s presentation of The Sound Of Music Live! starring Carrie Underwood, NBC and uber-producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan (Chicago, Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows, The Bucket List) are set to team up once again for another exciting live treatment of an all-time classic. Peter Pan Live! will be airing soon and casting is starting to get underway for several of the unforgettable characters in this singing and dancing spectacular. Casting calls for Peter Pan Live! are happening very soon and aspiring actors, singers and dancers of all ages can apply today for consideration. This is your chance to be a part of what will surely be one of the TV events of the year!

Peter Pan Live! will bring the magic, music and timeless story of the boy who never grew up together for an unbelievable television event. Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook and all of the favorite characters from the tale that has entertained generations of fans will be featured in this incredible one night only production that will be watched by millions of viewers

around the world. Casting is just now getting underway and three exciting leads have been confirmed thus far in the form of rising star Allison Williams (Girls, The Mindy Project, Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After), Academy Award winner Christopher Walken (Catch Me If You Can, The Deer Hunter, True Romance) and fabulous song and dance man Christian Borle (Smash, The Bounty Hunter, The Good Wife). The cast will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months and soon you could land a shot at an upcoming casting call.

Casting for Peter Pan Live! is set to get underway soon followed by a fantastically intense rehearsal period that will lead up to a once in a lifetime live performance. Interested performers can submit themselves for upcoming auditions by sending emails to We will be posting every casting call update as soon as they arrive so check back for updates and leave a message in the space below and tell us why you love this classic tale and why you want to audition for a shot at a role in NBC’s Peter Pan Live!

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  1. Matthew Cooper

    Hello NBC,
    my name is Matthew, I’m a trans male but am able to sing in lower octaves. I can play both male and female roles.
    I would really like the role of peter pan but being cast at all would be perfect
    I’m 13
    my height 5’6
    My past acting experiences are school plays, for example we did into the woods, I played Jack.
    I live in Canada to be more specific Edmonton Alberta. appearance wise I have short brown which is rather
    curly but can be straight.

    It would be a giant honor to be cast in this musical. I could never express my thanks

  2. Sarah Joy Beckers

    I love this show because it really is just playful and brings the joy back into life. Everyone gets to be a child. I have dreamt of being in this show for my entire life. To gave faith is to have wings!

  3. Brooke Carmichael

    My name is Brooke I’m 13 but will be 14 in April. I been preforming in many of my local plays and musicals. One of my favorite musicals I was in last summer was Peter Pan!! I absolutely love the show and all the complex yet fun characters. It would be an honor to be considered for a role like Wendy on of my favorite characters. Thank you for the opportunity given.

  4. Terri Martin

    Dear NBC,

    I’m Terri Martin I would love the role of Wendy.

    Height: 5’3

    Hair: Medium dirty blonde (holds curls for 3 days)

    Acting Experience: West Side Story, I’ve also done workshops to help improve my acting

    Eyes: bright blue



    Build: petite

    Info: I’m Terri Martin I’m a Freshman in High school. I’m in drama class and I competed in drama contest with a group of people from my school and we placed 4th out of 8 groups. I’m also in concert choir and will be in Chamber choir next year. I’m the manager of the soccer team I play piano, oboe, ukulele, little bit of bass guitar, and I play percussion. I’m also in marching band and concert band, we competed for marching band and placed 2nd out of 3 bands. I’m also in drum line, we also competed and got 1st out of 3 other drum lines. I am great at improv and acting in general. I would like to start my acting career sooner than later. I’m a hard worker, a great listener, and I hope I get the role of Wendy Darling.

    Thank you

  5. Madison Downing

    In my music lesson which I have 2 times a fortnight my music teacher was walking around the room checking us as we were preparing for an assessment- for the half a year I have been at my new high school we have learnt how to play the keyboard. My teacher was stood above me whilst I was doing the chord with the walking base for the 12 bar blues and I didn’t realise that she was there. When I did realise she was there she asked me if i had played keyboard before and I said no, then she asked me if I had played any instrument before or had lessons and I said no; she MADE me have a music lesson sheet and wrote a message to my mum on it. I was so surprised that she said that I had natural talent and I am so impressed as well- I was so happy that whilst I was walking home i bought my dad his favourite sausage rolls on the way back!

  6. Madison Downing

    Every day I act more and more like Wendy- no joke it is shocking me but the more I imagine the more I become Wendy!

  7. Madison Downing

    Dear NBC,
    My name is Madison Downing and I am 11 years old, I will be 12 in April. I am approximately 5 foot, I have medium brown hair which curls well and I have green eyes. My skin is olive white and I live in Cheshire, England.

    I would like to leave a casting response to audition for Wendy Darling. I believe that I can play this role because I am very confident and I have a good, strong voice which can be heard well. When I act I use projection to be heard when I sing and act and I express really well. For Wendy, I feel that I could play her well as I have a good English accent.I am the biggest fan of Peter Pan ever. I love the 1953 version of Peter Pan and the songs are brilliant, but I must say that I preferred the 2003 version of Peter Pan starring Jeremy Sumpter, Rachael Hurdwood and Jason Isaacs. I think the different parts from the film make you want to watch it more as they are a little bit more interesting because they make the film romantic. An example of this is when they are at the Indian hut instead of the what made red man red song, Wendy goes outside and sees Peter hidden in the bushes and he ushers her on. He then re-disappears into the bushes and pulls Wendy down. He then holds her hand and shows her the fairy’s in the tree dancing, then they dance. Things like this make you much more interested but it is not my role to decide.

    I have had many acting experiences including a main role in the play Ali-Baba and the bongo bandits, where I had a solo for a whole verse and was in many scenes. At the time I was 10. When I turned 11, just over half a year ago, I played a very demanding role of Joan giraffe in Splash, where our school improvised and gave duets to the partners, so I had multiple lines of the duet as there were 3 pairs.
    I have also just taken part in my new high schools production of high school musical, where we learnt lots of songs and dances. I have also had dance training too as I attend my schools dance club where I have already done a show where I was in 3 full dances.

    I would love the role of Wendy and I believe that I could be a perfect Wendy

    If you would like a picture then you can just text.

    If I have already sent a message then Im sorry that I sent another because it has not shown up on my screen

    Thank you!

    lots of wishes

  8. Madison Downing

    Hello NBC!

    My name is Madison Downing and I am 11 years old, 12 on the 24th of April. I live in Cheshire in England and I have been in love with the film peter pan for my LIFE! Ever since I watched the 2003 film of peter pan starring Jeremy Sumpter, Rachael Hurdwood and Jason Isaacs, It has been the biggest dream of all to be up on stage with my head held high as Wendy Darling. If you ask my twin sister how obsessed I am with this film she will literally go on for hours- I know every single line of the 2003 film, EVERY LINE.

    I have brown hair which goes just below my shoulders which I am growing and green eyes. My hair curls well and is quite soft. I have white, olive skin which is just right for the role and I am approximately 5 foot and growing still.

    After school and in my free time at school, I spend my Wednesday lunch at drama club and have participated greatly in the schools recent production of high school musical. I also do dance club after school which has been incredible for me as already I have done 3 dances on stage. I also have a good history with singing- I have a strong voice- as I have always loved it and in year 5 I have played the lead role of Princess Satsuma in my all-loved production of Ali-Baba and the bongo bandits, in which I sang a whole verse of a song ‘for the very first time’. Although this next piece of information will sound strange for what I just told you, But I take Jujitsu classes 3 times a week. This could help in lots of action scenes as I have fighting experiences and have quick reactions and other skills which relate to Jujitsu. As well as all of this I do girl guiding, guides, every Monday night and have taken part in many charity events like marching through town in freezing temperatures in nearly complete silence for the whole morning- and standing around- on remembrance day to remember those who died in the wars, making comfort bags for patients in hospitals and have helped out at my mums brownies unit and the girls are so sweet and they are great.

    In drama at school, I have learnt a lot about the theatre, including stage left, stage right, down stage, up stage, offstage left wing, offstage right wing, house (audience ) and the apron. I also know types of stages such as the proscenium arch, arena, thrust stage and more. I have had experiences in many of these stage types and have been positive about my mistakes and learnt from them.

    In the future it has forever been a dream of mine to become an actor, and to take up incredible roles which will lead a bright future for me, and what better opportunity than to take on a role which can let me be myself and lead on for more opportunity in the future. With every line, position and situation, I act with emotion. I think of a time in which I have been in this situation to truly become the character even further and to extend my knowledge of them even further. I am capable of any character, any situation, any moment, as long as I have my ability to BELIEVE.

    (If you want a picture or so just ask)

    In school I am doing well as well, with my sats scoring above average on every test which resulted in me being in top set in all subjects at my new high school, including maths, English, English Literature, German, Spanish, PE and science( there are probably more 🙂 ! In dance I scored the highest score in my class, 3- , as the next highest score was a 2+.
    I thought you should know about my academic side as this could help with scrips and more as in English Literature we do things like scripts and poems and books ect.

    My past experiences from all my life are:
    Commitment to all of the KS1 nativities, in year 2 I played a minor role as a non speaking Mary
    Cats drama school- Christmas performance : A Christmas carol (footage)
    Dance classes for 2 years at the daneside theatre
    Choir at school- 2 young voices concerts, singing at the town Christmas fair
    Helping from year 3-4 with the choir at the annual year 6 summer performance
    year 5 Robin hoods merry men (only girl in the merry men which shows how eager I was to preform and be onstage for as long as possible- I had a hideous outfit which I made look awesome!!!)
    year 5 lead role of princess satsuma in Ali Baba with a solo and helped the teachers with most of the dances
    year 6 Joan giraffe in Splash had multiple duet moments in the song ‘two by two’
    year 7 drama club
    year 7 dance club 1 show 3 appearances every year 7 song and I was in through the whole song
    year 7 extra – singer, dancer and actor (no words) in the schools production of high school musical at the daneside theatre.

    I have I fun personality and I can make basically every situation good. I have a very strong commitment to anything I do and make sure that I do it properly. I take part in things and sign up for all the fun and charitable events, including bringing in a lot of cakes for multiple school cake sales. I walk the dogs almost every day now and I am quite fit yet I do not look like a skeleton! I have a great adventurous side and unlike others I don’t mind getting my hands dirty! I am cheeky yet I know when to stop and concentrate, I am very fun and have a lot of great friends who are amazing. I have a good memory and I can remember lines and dances well. I am a natural born actor and I also have a sweet side- I think!: I should be a natural born actor!

    I have never had the opportunity to do quite so much as this and it would help me so much I cannot even try to explain it.

    Ever since I watched peter pan I have literally been skimming through EVERY website to find a role in any peter pan production ANYWHERE and when this website came up to me I was amazed and simply had to send a message. When I read about Peter Pan live my heart was instantly set on it and I can give you the best I have got.
    The least you could do is reply

    Lots of wishes,

    PS. I would love to go to the second star to the right. All I would have to do is go strait on till morning and a world on opportunity would be there for me
    lots of love Xxx


    • Madison Downing


  9. bethany charles

    hi I am Bethany I am 16 years old I am really good a singing I sang in front of my family and friends and my school I love peter pan I know the song of by heart I like acting i am really good at it

  10. bethany charles

    hi iam Bethany I am 16 years old I love peter pan I always what to be in a show I am good at singing I singing all the at home to my family and singing at my school in front of 200 peolpe

    • bethany charles

      I love to be tinkbell

  11. Davin

    Call me Pan

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’2″
    Sandy blond hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Build: lean, broad shoulders for an almost teen
    American / lives in Canada; Homeschooler, will travel
    Description / attached email from his mother: Fun, popular, frequently makes great jokes, eidetic memory, natural born sweetheart and actor, people always saying he should be in the movies, choir member, performance drama actor, cries and laughs on cue, won’t cut his hair until he gets an acting gig in case you want to style it and it’s getting long! Skiing-swim team-biking-foosball- fluent in French and English

  12. Annika

    Dear NBC,I would like to audition for any role in the upcoming live action.
    My name is Annika Simmonette,
    My height is at 153cm.
    I am a 13 year old girl with long brown hair that is roughly up to my waist.
    I have blue eyes,my skin colour is fair.
    And have a love for singing as well as acting.
    My love for acting has grown bigger every year and I love spending my time being involved in acting as much as possible.
    I am involved with NFTA (new faces talent academy) and will be doing acting and modelling in the future.
    I would love if you could email me or message me on social media (oddlyfortunate)
    I will send a headshot of what I look like and all that is needed.
    When I heard that there is going to be a Peter Pan live action I was over joyed and I would love to be apart of it!
    As it is my favourite Disney film that there is and believe that it would be a great opportunity!
    Thank you -sincerely A.S

  13. Annika

    Dear NBC,I would like to audition for any role in the upcoming live action.
    My name is Annika Simmonette,
    My height is at 153cm.
    I am a 13 year old girl with long brown hair that is roughly up to my waist.
    I have blue eyes,my skin colour is fair.
    And i weigh 30kg
    My love for acting has grown bigger
    every year and I love spending my time being involved in acting as much as possible.
    I am involved with NFTA (new faces talent academy) and will be doing acting and modelling in the future.
    I would love if you could email me or message me on social media (oddlyfortunate)
    I will send a headshot of what I look like and all that is needed.
    When I heard that there is going to be a Peter Pan live action I was over joyed and I would love to be apart of it!
    As it is my favourite Disney film that there is and believe that it would be a great opportunity!
    Thank you -sincerely A.S

  14. Neisha

    SO excited for Peter Pan!!!

    • Madison Downing


  15. kendra

    hi my name is Kendra, i am 11 this year and i love dancing and singing and i really love acting. my favorite fairy tale for sure is peter pan, so i would love to be in it

  16. Kendra Galindo

    Hello my name is Kendra I would love to be Wendy I’m 11 I love singing and have a strong voice. I have dark brown eyes,black hair, and brown skin. Could you guys please give me a chance to audition for Wendy?!? I am good at acting! I am good at dancing also and think acting,dancing, and singing is FUN! Peter pan really inspires me and I would be good enough to be Wendy and PLEASE give me a chance to audition for Wendy!!!!

    Yours Truly,

    P.S please give me some advice thanks!

  17. Riley Courtheyn


    I would love to be in this musical. I love the story of Peter Pan and have ever since I was little. I have been in multiple local musicals and plays and have decided that it’s time to branch out a bit and do something with it.

    I take vocal lessons at a local music store and have been in choir for the four years it has been offered. I have also been in the school play every year it is offered. My range is very wide. I can hit notes in the whistle register and can hit notes well below the staff lines.

    I think that this would be a great opportunity for me to jump into the professional line of music and acting.

    Thank you for the consideration!

    Name: Riley Courtheyn
    Age: 13
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5′
    Weight: about 94 lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde and shoulder length, but willing to dye and cut
    Skin: Pale

  18. Riley Courtheyn

    I did forget to mention that I am a very high soprano and can reach notes in the whistle register easily and can hit very low notes for someone with such a high range. I have performed in Itallian and low theatrical and classical pieces and sing them daily. Thank you for the consideration!

  19. Riley Courtheyn

    Hello! My name is Riley. I am a 13 year old girl who’s one true passion is the performing arts. I sing and act and have done multiple shows and musicals locally but love to perform. I have never really gotten stage fright, even when I performed for over 500 people when I was nine. I loved it and I still do. Thai would be an amazing opportunity for me. I can do just about any dance you teach me and have a great memory for stuff like that. I’m short. About 5′. But don’t judge me by that. I can pack a punch. (Black belt in Taekwondo). Please contact me if you need anything at all. I have multiple friends and family members that are talented as well so if you’re ever in need, feel free to email.

  20. Ally Reynolds

    Hello my name is Ally Reynolds and I am looking for any acting and singing role! I am 12 and going to be 13 on July 25th. I love singing and performing. I am truly a great singer. I would love any role you give me!

  21. Lilly Speight

    Hello! I would like to audition for a role because I love singing, dancing, and just performing in general. I love Peter Pan because it inspired me to be myself and never let go of my childhood. I am 12 years old and my name is Lilly. I would like playing any role where I get to sing a lot! I have sang at many of my dance recitals, softball opening ceremonies, and talent shows. I am 5’1. And kinda fat-ish.


    Hey there my name is Rebecca Ramos I am 17 years old. You can pretty much call me a triple threat.. I have been singing for almost 10 years now, dancing for 5 and acting for 4. I would love to be apart of this production, Peter Pan is not just a great show but it has many valuable lessons to teach anyone who watches it!

    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Height: 5’2
    108 pounds

    Past Performances:
    Charlie and the chocolate factory
    How the Grinch stole Christmas

  23. Madisyn Paige

    I also forgot to do my appearance

    Height: 5′ 3.5″
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Crucible : Betty Paris,Eziekel Cheever
    Pinocchio: Candlewick
    Camel Lot: Beth (had solo and duet)

    I am currently making a movie for a school project. Please give me a chance.

  24. Madisyn Paige

    Hello my name is Madisyn, I love the story of peter pan and I wish to have a singing part of some sort except for backup singing. I am a good actor I’m 12 years old (13 in September). I was a lead in the crucible in 6th grade I most recently had a musical at my school that I could send a video copy of where i sang and acted. I need a steping stone into the show biz.

    Thank You,

  25. Allegra Jade

    My name is Allegra. I am 17 years old and will be 18 on the 21st of November. I would love to play Wendy or any other available character in this production. I have always loved Peter Pan and have read the original book twice along with seeing different movies based on the story. I have learned so many interesting things through Peter Pan about what it means to grow up and the good and the bad of remaining forever trapped in adolescence. J.M Barrie reflected this in his personal life. While he was a brilliant writer he never was able to fully grow up and this affected him in some negative ways as an adult.
    I have a thorough understanding of the material and am very professional but still have a childish fun-loving spirit. I have 5-6 years acting experience and am currently taking voice lessons. I am a soprano with a range from F3 to C6 though I’m more comfortable around A5.
    Experience includes:
    Thoroughly Modern Millie-Miss Dorothy
    Romeo and Juliet- Romeo
    Cymbeline- Iachimo
    West Side Story- Jet girl
    Much Ado About Nothing- Messenger/multipurpose
    Leave It To Psmith- Gladys Rumbelow
    Night at the Wax Museum- Anne Boleyn
    The Bachelor King- Paula Abdul
    and a few others

    Physical traits:
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Skin: Fair
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 135 lbs.

    Thank You

  26. saime Lang

    Hi. I’m saime I’m 18 I’m Nigerian but I’m currently in college in Toronto Canada
    I have an experience in acting. I was in a movie in 2007 in my country . I’m petite and light skin with black eyes and black hair . Yes I’m female and I won’t let you down if giving a chance . Thank you ☺

  27. Saeed Anwar

    hello sir

    me saeed anwar from gurgaon haryana mujhe singing k liye audition dena h so plez auditon date and vanue plez…!

    From Saeed Anwar

  28. Connor Johnson

    Hi, my name is Connor and I would love to play the part of Peter. Actually, I have already performed as Peter in a previous production of “Peter Pan”. I am currently performing as “Oliver” in “Oliver Twist.” I love acting and singing and would love the opportunity to show you what I can do. I am twelve years old, have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am about 5 feet tall. I am a little small for my age, but I have very strong vocals so my voice makes up for my height.

    • Madison Downing


  29. Claire Davis

    My name is Claire Davis and I would be your perfect Wendy. I am a wonderful singer, I love the movie Peter pan and acting makes me feel alive. I would love to be cast in this. Choose me and you will not regret it. I am 11 with blonde hair and blue eyes

  30. Claire Davis

    My name is Claire Davis and I would be your perfect Wendy. I am a wonderful singer, I love the movie Peter pan and acting makes me feel alive. I would love to be cast in this. Choose me and you will not regret it.

  31. Megan roesch

    Hi my name is Megan. I am 12 years old almost 13 in October .i love acting it is my passion. My favourite kind of plays and moves are dramatic and comedies but I love all acting Opportunities and it would be great chance for me to do what I love to do. i did some acting classes at the u of r. If you give me a chance I will not let you down. As you are reading this you might be thinking why should I give you a chance but the difference between me and others is there is no one like me I am one of a kind plus others might be better at dancing than me but I feel that no one can be better than me at the things I love to do and acting is what I love to do. So as you are reading this don’t think of me as Another kid that has big dreams think of me as the girl that loves to act and is one of a kind. Please give me a chance to show you that I can do this if I have a chance.

  32. David LIsboa

    Hello, my name is David. I am 16 years old, I was told that I have a lot of raw talent that other people would kill for. I started doing musicals two years ago, but in my first year I got the lead role. Being a part of Peter Pan is a dream for me. I learn very quickly, I can dance to choreography, and I can read piano and vocal sheet music. I would love to get an audition for this show.

    Gender- Male
    Age- 16 (with parents permission)
    Height- 5 foot 4 inches
    Vocal Range- tenor/ alto
    Skin Tone- Tan

    -Seymour- Little Shop Of Horrors
    – Dauntless- Once Upon A Mattress
    -Multiple roles- The Laramie Project (Drama Show)

    Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope to hear from you.

  33. Sara Chiappetta

    Hello! My name is Sara and I’m 11 years old. I am a soprano but I can also sing low. I’ve been singing and acting all my life and if you gave me a chance to audition I know I would blow you away. I am 5″, skinny, have red hair (that can be easily covered by a wig), have green eyes, and can easily pull off a 12 or 13 year old. I have a lot of experience in theatre and I have done a lot of plays. Please give me a chance to audition for a role.

  34. Brooklyn Burt

    I am 11 years old and I love to sing all genres of music. Broadway, Musical Theatre and Classical music runs through my veins. My training includes vocals(3yrs), dance(8yrs), musical theatre(5yrs) and piano(2yrs). I am blessed to perform and sing just about everywhere: church, hospitals, nursing homes, fairs, festivals (with Louisiana Kids, Inc.), conventions, competitions, with my local choir(GBRCC), with my local community theatre(TBR), and I perform the National Anthem for my state university ( LSU -Go Tigers!) I just love the story of Peter Pan as well as all of the beautiful music. Being in this production would be like a dream come true or a thrilling trip to Never Never Land!

  35. Brooklyn Burt

    I am 11 years old and I love to sing all genres of music. Broadway, Musical Theatre and Classical music runs through my veins. My training includes vocals(3yrs), dance(8yrs), musical theatre(5yrs) and piano(2yrs). I am blessed to perform and sing just about everywhere: church, hospitals, nursing homes, fairs, festivals (with Louisiana Kids, Inc.), conventions, competitions, with my local choir(GBRCC), with my local community theatre(BRLT), and I perform the National Anthem for my state university ( LSU -Go Tigers!) I just love the story of Peter Pan as well as all of the beautiful music. Being in this production would be like a dream come true or a thrilling trip to Never Never Land!

  36. AMr

    Just to let you know, there is a movie coming out about C.S. Lewis. It’s caleld The Lion Awakes .Since this is a Narnian site I would really recommend finding news about this movie. It sounds like they are trying to make it epic as well as stay with historical aspects and Lewis’ Christianity. And they seem to be trying to jump start start the Narnia movies with this film so I would jump on this. Just saying

  37. Kosi I

    Singing is my life along with fashion so if i could do this it would be a dream come true.

    Name:Kosi I
    Hair color:dark brown
    Eye color:dark brown
    Race:African american

  38. Ayrianna Brady

    Hi my name is Ayrianna Brady and i’m 11. I love peter pan and would love to be in the show. I sing and do drama enrichment program school plays christmas magic and other things to. I take voice piano play violin and flute but i’m a real good singer. I was in chataquas got talent up competing with high school people and I was in up til the very end but I didn’t win. They told me I need to be with disney and be on stage. I have long curly hair but I like to make it straight. I’m 58 inches tall I have lots of pictures my mom can mail you if you give me your address cause my mom isn;t good with computers. Please call my mom or email her and she will send you pictures because I really want to be part of peter pan. I weigh 90 pounds.Thank you

  39. Maia Vicente

    I have been a Peter Pan fan forever and would love to have the opportunity to perform in this wonderful show…I really enjoy acting singing and performing so if you want the best talent for this magnificent show feel free to contact me to set up an audition that will blow you away. Sincerly Maia V.

  40. trisha gentry

    my names trisha mom of 3 been married almost 5years.i am singer and u would love to be a part of one of the best child hood movies of all time.i love everything about peterpan.i watched it as a child.i fell in love with the movie hook and who doesnt love be a part of this would be amazing,to be in something you read to your kids,something that was read to you.i hope you would consider letting me sing for you thank you trisha.also my bdays in august best bday gift ever i turn 32.

  41. Genesis

    Hi my name is Genesis and I am 16 years old,
    I will love to be part of this great experience it will
    Be amazing to be part of an incredible production.
    I can sing, dance and act; I have dance since I was 5,
    I am a fast learner on stage. I have a great experience in
    Musical Theatre. When it comes to perform I always
    Show all what I can do, I am very active and creative
    With performing. I got to say that I learned to sing in
    Musical theatre plays and act even in my own productions.
    I am tall, skinny, blonde, brown eyes and 5’3″ tall.
    I have perform “Guys and Dolls”, “Seussical”,
    “Les Miserables” and other plays like “The Great Gatsby”
    When it comes to act on stage or TV I love to have fun with it.

  42. zoe real

    my name is zoe and i love peter pan if you need and extra or a singer i am happy to help
    i am from loveland, colorado
    i would have to wear a wig due to the fact that i have died hair but ive been acting and singing since i was 3 years old

  43. Karen

    I would love to be an extra if needed..I’m from Swansea Massachusetts

  44. knya

    Hi my name is knya perry and i am the only girl and i have 2 twins brothers and im just looking for a chance to become my dream

  45. Nancy Sosa

    Hello my name is Nancy Sosa and I am 16 years old and 5’4. Growing up and even till this day is Peter Pan and Tinker-bell is my favorite Disney Movie and it will be a great opportunity to start my career with something I love. Peter Pan’s fairy tail is so amazing because to me if one can believe in what they want that makes them happy they could accomplish anything using the term “think a wonderful thought any happy little thought …. you could fly”. I like to say I could sing, dance, and act and it would be a great opportunity to join the team. I would like to thank you in advanced for giving me the chance to be casted on Peter Pan Live.

  46. Yenne

    Hi! I’m Yenne, 14 year old singer/dancer and it would be a pleasure to be a part of this production. I’ve always loved performing on and off stage and acting has always been a passion of mine.

    When I was a child, I use to dream that I was Wendy so I could meet Peter Pan and fly with him and knowing that they have this musical production just makes me really happy. I really wish you could give me a chance to prove that even with such a young age, I can also be a great performer on or off stage and that I could adjust to whatever role that’s given to me because I believe that no matter how young or old you are, as long as you’re passionate at what you’re doing and you work really hard, you’ll rock it. Good day and I hope that I’d be lucky enough to be a part of this amazing show out of all the people who auditioned.

  47. Raquel Di Lauro

    My name is Raquel and ‘I’m 15 years old. I’m from Toronto and I can sing, dance and act. I sing recreationally, making YouTube videos and have auditioned fo YTV’S “The Next Star” I also have been dancing for about 8 years. I do hip-hop, jazz, tap, and musical theatre. I’ve worked with dancers like Tyler Medeiros, and from two top ten dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance. I am also currently part of a Toronto acting agency call Max Agency and have had the opportunity to do acting classes and auditions. I would love to be the voice of Moana. It would be an honor. I hope you consider me and please check out my YouTube channel by searching me! Thanks!!!!!

  48. pamala williams

    I want to be apart of this because peter pan is one of the most adventurous Inspirational stories of leadership, loyalty and friendship…it’s a feel good story and i loved watching ago many movies in result of this story like Hook…of i had the chance it would be a great opportunity…

  49. Kylee Bah

    Hi, my name is Kylee, and I would love to be in your Peter Pan performance. I have watched several different versions of Peter Pan ( whether on tv or in a play) and have always enjoyed watching it because I just really like the magic and story line to it. Please consider me to be in your Live Performance! I do sing and I enjoy an audience, and have been apart of a few plays and I’m trying to make my way to the top. Plays I’ve been in: Annie Jr, Wicked, and Beauty and the Beast. Thank you!

  50. Paola Beschin

    Hello!!! My name is Paola and I Peter Pan was the first Disney Movie I watched as a child. I watched it many many times!!!
    I am versatile singer , studied vocal technique in Verona , Milan (Italy) and London . I took dances classes too , not as a professional.
    I am a dreamer that loves to sing.

    Would love to to be a part Of this !!!

    Thank You,


  51. Char Calloway

    Hello Casting Department
    My name is Char and yes I must say I would love to be apart of this all -time classic. I do sing a little background only. I have a lot of background extra work experience since 1999 in movies and theater. I would love a chance to be apart of this great team and awesome cast please keep me posted I believe real dreams do come true.
    Thank you for your time!

  52. Gabriella Rubio

    To whom this may concern, I believe I should be considered for opportunity because I am a young and spirited soul who is willing to work hard for what she wants. I am 18 and have experience in theatre and singing. Singing is my passion and I can’t think of something more amazing than being in a live performance of a movie that largely influenced my childhood

  53. Ana Cochón

    Hello, my name is Ana i’m 15 years old and currently in 10th grade. I am interested in being taken in account for your audition. I am bilingual (english and spanish). I am a ballet and jazz student, and have been since the age of three. I have taken acting classes since I was ten, and I have taken singing lessons too. As a performer, I have been a part of some musicals that have required for me to practice all three disciplines at once.

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’4
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Long; Dark Brown
    Voice range: Soprano
    Languages Spoken: Spanish and English

  54. Alexander

    I have a son named Alex, he is naturally funny and loves watching your show. He is a really silly kid who always puts a smile on his face, a kid who all teachers say he works so hard and never gives up nor complaints and that again is because he just has this natural silly , funny, loving attitude. Alex always wants to help everybody. He is the life of our parties and dances silly but with no shame. I think Alex would be great because I really don’t think he would have to act to be funny, for him it would be effortless ,you either have it or you don’t and he does. I know I’m mom and every mom would say that about their child, but I know or think he would be great and he wouldn’t be acting he would just be him. Alex is 9 yrs. old , comes from a Hispanic family, very fair complexion, black hair , really light brown eyes, long eyelashes. Thanks for your time and allowing us to post. Good luck on finding the right kids!

  55. Oba

    Hi . My name is Oba and I am 9 this year .I have acted in so many plays in school.
    Hair color : black
    Sex: male
    Complexion :brownish
    Eyes: black
    Height : 3feet .
    Past performance: Alice in wonderland.
    I hope I get a part.

  56. Katie

    I’m Katie, I’m 16 and I’ve performed in musicals since I was in 3rd grade. I’ve taken voice lessons and am in numerous singing groups in my school. I grew up watching basically any Disney movie to come out. I love the story in Peter and Pan and would enjoy being a part of it.

  57. Adena Cahill

    My name is Adena Cahill, I’m a 21 year old singer, actor, dancer and model from Newfoundland, Canada. I’m currently finishing my degree in Opera and Vocal Performance and looking to start working in the industry. This would be a phenomenal opportunity.
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 145
    Hair Colour: Auburn

    I have been singing my entire life, in many genres including opera, jazz, choral, and of course musicals, dancing for 10 years, and was a gymnast for 6 years prior to this. Having performed many roles both starring and background with an array of characters in musicals, operas and dramatic theatre, I feel confident in my abilities to embody a character. I currently teach acting classes and private voice lessons with local production companies.

    My website is should you be looking for any more information, or my full resume. Some roles included are Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, Murderess in Chicago, and Princess Fiona in Shrek.


  58. Jazaliah

    Hello my name is Jazaliah i am a 14 years old female I’ve always had a passion for acting since I was about five years old. I have a very outgoing personality and I am not afraid to act infront of an enormous amount of people. I am also a great singer. Over the summer I have been in a program which is called Break Through Providence where we have done plays and skits while reading books of Shakespeare such as ” A Mid Summer Night Dream”. Also I have participated in acting out scenes from the wonderful book “A Raisin In the Sun”. So I have experienced being in front of the camera and have also done a spoken word poem I wrote myself. I would love to be apart of this and begin my acting career. so I would really love if you can get in contact with me about this amazing opportunity.

  59. Claire

    I think you should give me a chance because I have seen the movie several times and am SUPER good at memorizing lines. I am an 11 year old girl. And it has been my dream since I was a little kid to be a performer,. I take dance classes, I sing and I am always putting on shows for my family. I am acrobatic, athletic and possess a fairy-like physique and manner.

  60. Anasha Leary

    Hi, I am 12 years old, and a very good actress. I am a very outgoing person once I get to now you. Also I can sing, and dance (if you teach me the moves). So PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You!

  61. Jake Parker

    I love the story behind Peter Pan because of the back story and all the magic and adventures that come along! I would love to begin my acting career with a role in Peter Pan. Acting is ALOT of fun and I love the experiences and opportunities I can receive from it!

  62. lenny tosky

    Hey, I’m lenny and I think I should be considered for this because first of all I have the talent to whatever I want, I’m latino and I sing, I’m 17 years old and the most important thing is that I believe in myself ok?

  63. Chelsea Atz

    I have been singing since I was 4years old. I’ve been in a number of competitions making it to the finals in Las Vegas, New York City, New Jersey, etc. I had my first singing teacher when I was 10 and was trained classically. I’ve also taken acting classes when I was younger and attended a performing arts high school! I would love to be a part of Peter Pan!

    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    125 pounds
    22 years old

    Hope to hear from you! Warm regards!

  64. Camryn

    Hi, my name is Camryn. Peter Pan has always been my favorite movie since I first saw it. I think I would be good in one of your roles because I can sing and act. It would be awesome if you choose me in one of your positions. I know all of the front stage, left wing etc…. It has always been my goal to be in a play on TV.

    Hair: Golden Brown
    Eye: blue\ green\steelish
    Age: 10
    Height:4feet 9inches
    Past Preformences:
    Suessical Jr.
    Your a good man charlie brown
    Revolutionary play (school)
    Annie Jr.