Perform With Snoop Dogg And Nicki Minaj

Perform With Snoop Dogg And Nicki Minaj

Two transcendent artists, one once in a lifetime chance for aspiring musical talents to share a bill with them! The world renowned BET Experience, a multi-day entertainment extravaganza packed with performances from the hottests acts in music today and capped off by what promises to be unforgettable shows from Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg, is coming and so is a chance for talented up and coming musical artists to be chosen for a spot in a live televised pre-concert performance. Apply today and you could find yourself working alongside some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment in the fabulous city of Los Angeles.

This years event will feature the dynamic headline duo of Snoop Dogg, who has been at the forefront of the rap game for over 20 years dominating the entertainment game with 13 solo albums, multiple chart-topping collaborations with such artists as Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa along with his extensive work in movies and television and Nicki Minaj, who has achieved worldwide stardom with 3 multi-platinum albums, a stint as a judge on the hit reality singing competition American Idol and a burgeoning film career of her own. Other artists scheduled to be a part of this amazing showcase include Ne-Yo, The Roots, Ice Cube,

Bell Biv Devoe, Kevin Hart, Miguel, Doug E. Fresh, Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar and many more!

This Music industry talent competition is looking for pop, gospel and R&B singers, singing groups and rap acts of all ages. The winner chosen will be given a trip to Los Angeles for the chance to perform at the Staples Center, receive a $100, 000 in their rising career and a shot at touring with the artist of their choice.

Casting for this unbelievable new performance opportunity will be taking place very soon and submissions from solo artists and groups of all ages are being accepted today. More details for this audition can be found here To apply for consideration for in person auditions submit your information along with links to a past performance from at least one of the following: YouTube or Facebook link, Instagram (with at last 2 performance videos) or MP3 files with photo to We will be every update for this amazing singing competition so check back for more news and information and leave a message for us below and tell us who you would like to perform with and why you think you should be picked to receive the fabulous grand prize.

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  1. Anthony Hames

    Yung Dullah

    Coming straight out of the slums of West Trenton, NJ. He started singing in his local church choir at a young age of five years old. Dullah decided to take his talent serious his and started to write and perfect his craft in 2010. On May 1st, 2014 he inked his first digital distribution agreement with Premier Entertainment Group. A sub-label for E ONE Music. He has since then terminated his contract with PEG on November 18, 2015 and is now a free agent! In the month of August 2015 he inked a sponsorship deal with Rudeboy Clothing Brand and Rudeboy Lifestyle Magazine. March 26th, 2017 he released his debut project titled, More Than Ready. Also he is the COO of Street Legends Multimedia LLC out of Philadelphia. He has done shows in NY, Philadelphia, Delaware, North Carolina, Alabama State University and his home state of NJ. He is multi-talented and
    can both sing and rap. His inspiration comes from listening to artist such as jay z, drake, bryson tiller, meek mill, and more! Yung Dullah shows very promising
    talent and authenticity!

  2. Nathan Houser

    55yrs young, I have been in many Michigan films, and have not been invited the Grammy’s show yet!!! Yeah I need to get a grammy after filming Souls of Black Men by Rodney Rhodes, and action thriller The Forever People film on Facebook, and my awesome music video Deadman Walking by Blaze, just to start!!!!!!

  3. Denisha Littleton

    Big Butt, Big Heart. Love the world at 27 years old. I love the DMV. 5’6 and tall in status. I’m human.


    My vision is debonair. Put me on the spot and watch magic happen. You won’t regret the feeling.

  5. Edward Pollard

    brown skin
    200 lbs
    athletic build / slim
    slightly blemished face
    nice smile

  6. Jayon 'Mayfield' Anderson

    My Name Is Jayon Anderson
    I Go by Fly Milli
    I am Curtis Mayfield Great Nephew From Saginaw Mich.
    I Am A R&B Singer And hip-Hop Artist i Also Do
    I Think I Am Worth being Selected Because I have Alot To Prove To Not Only Myself But Too the World
    That No Matter Were you Come From You Are Only Steps Away From Living out Your Dreams Along As You Keep Them Alive. Are Dreams And Goals Are Only As Big As we Make Them And my Dreams And Goals Keeps me Focused And Driven Too Explore Multiple Avenues Too Achieve My Full potential
    As A Artist And A Child Of GOD.
    I Know I Have A Greater Purpose in my Life.
    My Music Tells Stories About my Past And Life Experiences.
    Its My Get Away From Life And All of Life Traumatic Situations That i Have Overcame In the Past.
    My Music is Similar to my Great Uncle Curtis Mayfield it tells Stories of Happiness, Pain & Sorrow.
    To Every Storm That Came And Went Away.
    Sun Shine Came And Washed The Rainy Days out Of my Life
    And Shined Light On The Bright Future I Have Ahead Of me.
    It Would be A Honor And Life Changing Event For my Too Be Blessed With A Chance To Broadcast My Talent And Love for Music Along Side Of BET’s Legendary inspiration Such Snoop Dog & Nikki Minaj With All the Accomplishments And Ups And Downs She Over Came As A Black Woman.
    I Hope You Take In-consideration This Letter Of Sincerity And Offer Me A Opportunity Of A Life Time.

  7. Victoria Mcquillin

    My Name is Victoria Mcquillin i love singing When my dad left my mom got sick and i really started write and singing i would love to be considered I am on youtube Order Victoria Mcquillin

  8. Alaila Levy

    Hi my name is Alaila levy i am 16 years old. I would love to be chosen to be on stage with two of the world star. I love nicki minaj i am a huge fan and snoop dog as well. I am a good singer, dancer actress and rapper and i try to excel at everything i do . i am full of enthusiasm i have positive energy and easy-going and i have bin waiting for this opportunity for along, time i am just really looking forward to be the lucky one. #hopeneverdie

  9. Jaquel and Jakale Whittick

    Hi my name is Jaquel Whittick and i have twin brother name Jakale. We sing, rap and also write music. We was born ready to get in a booth and spit. This will be a GREAT chance to help our family when we win and to grow as an artist. We are from Florida and will be turning 18 on April 25.

  10. Pelenaise Prescott

    I’ve been wanting show my talent and to do it on this sick stage with start my life anew with music.

  11. Jeremiah Nelson

    Well Hello Snoop Dogg, and Niki Manja? My name is Jeremiah Deshawn Nelson. And I’m ready for any type of realistic, and most famous performers in my lifetime. Because I can write songs for myself or anybody else’s songs that is where or about any thing to the question of this question today. But I’ll do ithat, I’ll do it right and I don’t care if it takes me allnight to do it wright because I think I can do it to make my whole family and friends especially my other past family members proud of what I can do for my city and my whole life together in complete sorrow for me to be ready for this kind of thing to for my favorite Singers, and rappers. but I’ll do it for me, my family, my friends, and for my cousins cousin’s cousins family member so that they can be so proud of me of when I come on stage to perform a song for my whole family, friends, and for my Performers too be so proud of me of what I’ve accomplished by being on tour, or at a concert like performing a song from your great Performers today. Because if I had to go somewhere today? And I’ll have to take someone with me to Hollywood with me it would be my family, and friends. ???

  12. Tyreona

    Hi, My name is Tyreona and im a Mississippi singer/dancer i love nicki and snoop D-o double G i’ve been wanting to take off my career ever since i found out i could sing i dont do it for fame i do it because of my Passion to sing and dance i explore life through singing i just wanna sing i dont care about the fame !!

  13. Diamond

    Hey everyone!! Im Diamond ! ? No ? thats not my stripper name ? . Im an aspiring rapper/singer since 9 years old ive been spitting bars, writing poetry, singing in my moms high heels with a brush in the mirror, making up dance routines to 1,2 step and re-enacting plays. I would absolutely LOVE ? to perform with Nicki Minaj! She is my IDOL, im not just a Nicki fan i may be a LOT bits of crazy about her!! I love the music she makes as far as what she brings to the table as a female M.C., actress, woman, and artist!! I would give it all to perform side by side with her! I actually have had multiple dreams of it and honestly, I feel Nicki has the voice of greatness, that makes people want to pursue their dreams . I say that alot of young rappers have one, she just was the only one with the BALLS to dive in headfirst in the pool of her dreams regardless of past rejection from the industry, she has made her mark! I want to be that voice for my people and show them that regardless of the crazy, unfair, hurtful, hardships you went through you can still be a DIAMOND that shines and not crack under pressure!

  14. Cantrell Mask

    I would love to perform with Nicki Minaj because she is someone I will be like as a person when i’m older. She is my inspiration i’ve learned ro chase my dreams watching her. This can help my family and I out. She is the truth and I can relate to her. Thank you for reading.

  15. Jazmin Gaura

    My name is Jazmin Gaura and I am 12 years old. I live in Connecticut so there aren’t many places for me to sing at but I’ve done solos at school and sang the national anthem at my towns opening day baseball. I battle with anxiety and depression sometimes but I have fought back. I would love to your with 5 Seconds of Summer or Katy Perry or Rachel Platten. I have always loved to sing and write songs and this would be the opportunity of a life time. I have an older brother who is in a band so he gets most of the starlight so I want to see if I could do it. I love pop, alternative, punk rock, emo, and classic rock.

  16. Malik

    Hi i am 12 and for some time now i have been trying to find a way to show the world my talents.and i think this is the oppertunity i have benn waiting for i am a song writer a graet love song maker to i live in boston ma
    And hope i will be chosen for the consert for snoop dog and nicki monage

  17. Queensha

    Nicki Minaj I am who you are looking for I am the talent , I am Concretewisdome you are my Bestfriend and it is my dream to go on tour with you and snoop I engineer and I am a production student at the Los Angeles recording school

  18. sincere carter

    they need me !!

  19. Queenie

    I would like to perform because I have always wanted to be a rapper since a young age and I would love to show off my attitude to the world and show that I’m a force to be reckon with. I think I am just special. I’m a totally different though a lot of girls hate me because they say I “think I’m better than everyone,” but I don’t…well I actually do but its a defense mechanism and like religion its my belief and to each their own. Now talking about rapping I won’t lie and say I freestyle because I Don’t though my brother says I can’t be a real rapper until I learn to so its a work in progress but when I start a rap I swear on my uncles grave that i will finish it in under thirty minutes my hands are like magic on paper they go so fast you’d think I was flash and let me just say i LOVE NICKI MINAJ she is an inspiration and my favorite person in the whole entire world. I lost my mother to a very nasty divorce and went through pretty much everything and music was like a comfort through it spitting bars and lyrics about pain but still managing to put in a few disses in it and make it lit was always my thing and nicki minaj was like the mother figure i placed all my dads girlfriends out to be and they weren’t like her i particularly didn’t like them. Nicki Minaj was like the person who taught me to be how i am today which is lit, turnip, too much for anybody to handle etc lol if i was to continue there would be no room for anybody else to write anything. Thats why i would want to perform with Nicki and snoop is cool too lol but i love Nickiiiii.

  20. Morgan Johnson

    I’m a session singer, check out my work.

  21. Keoca Washington

    Hello..My name is Keoca..but my artist name is Ladidah Hott.I’ve been singing, writing,dancing and recording since I was six years old.I’ve have humbly been working with artist like,Busta rhymes and My Spiritual Sista And Mentor Erykah Badu,Yolanda Adams and Fred Hammond. Jan 19,2013 I put my first album out.. Dance floor love, please check me out on reverb just Google Ladidah Hott!..I would love to Murder the stage with Nikki!!! Thank you sooo much for your time..Be Blessed!

  22. Riley Courtheyn

    I’m a 13 y/o girl and would love to perform alongside any of these amazing artists. I can sing with an insane range. Very low notes to whistle register notes. I would love an opportunity such as this one. Thank you for your consideration

  23. Jasmine

    I love Nicki and snoop dogg I would love love to be a dancer for them I don’t care what I have to wear or how I have to dance I want to there

  24. Kumari

    Hello, I’m Kumari. I’m a Singer/Writer/Performer. I’m a former songwriter for Bang Village/Jive Records. I have been in music ever since I was 14yrs old. I grew up in with my mom, brother, and myself. I’m the youngest of 10. I lived in shelters with my mom at age 15 for a year after losing house and taking my job money and putting it toward recording. I would LOVE to perform on stage with Nicki Minaj. Thanks for the opportunity giving.

  25. Carly Davis

    My name is Carly Davis I’m 27 a Chicago singer. I go to church have sang in one vocal competition. I must say I am a stud in the lgbt community, the most I sing is in my bathroom because I’m afraid of rejection. Although every one on the post has given you great reasoning as to why they should get picked I’ll just give you one from my heart if I had the opportunity to work along side of someone it would be snoop dog he is a original a spunky hip type of guy he allows his music to give him character. I think I should be chosen because music is what saved me from every heartache, every suicide attempt, every bad day music saved my life. I don’t want to be rich I just want to tell my story thru my music.

  26. Gabriel Truth

    My name is Truth, im 21, born and raised in Los Angeles, i know for a fact i got more heat than anyone here, thats no knock on anyone either, but I know what i can do if i had some beats and help. Please let me know what i can do to apply. I got more flow, bars, and brains than anyone in the game today. Please let me know thanks

  27. Ashley

    my name is Ashley I love singing and I am very good at it. I am 13 years old I know many songs, but I’m talking about like old time songs. But yes I know many new songs and can sing any song I would just have to practice that song for a little amount of time and also I really would love this opportunity but my only problem is I am in New York ….

  28. Kaylin Orleans Ruffins

    Hi my names is Kaylin Orleans Ruffins I am a 10 year old female who sings and has been siging since I was 5 years old publicly. I would love to have to the opportunity to perform with my all time favorite Ariana Grande with Niki Minaj rapping. My dad is the reknown Jazz Trumpeter Kermit Ruffins so I guess one can say I’m following in his footsteps. I reside in New Orleans, LA. where the Birth of Jazz come from. I would Love to have the opportunity to further my career. I’m hungry for the industry.

  29. Courtni Bruce

    Hi my name is Lil Court im 26 years old and I think that I should win this competition because I believe I have what it takes to be a singer. I’ve been wanting to be a singer since I was very little and striving towards it ever since. I would like to perform with Nicki minaj and Miguel because I love their music and when they perform they never have a dryy moment

  30. victoria

    I’ll like to perform in the contests and sing I love nikiminaj songs and snoop dogg I remember seeing him in pitch perfect I love the song he sang and memorised it I now like love the song I wish I can be part

  31. Arianna Ong

    My name in Arianna Ong, I am 14 years old, and I live in Sacramento. I really want to become a singer and an actor. I know that may never happen. But I also know as long as you practice and dream at least part of your dream is bound to come true. This would be the experience of a life time, and I would love to sing beside Nicki Minaj.

  32. Billy Logan

    My name is Billy Logan I’m 29 years old residing in Memphis TN. My artist name is Jone I would love the opportunity to perform in L.A. I am an aspiring rapper screenwriter and author and actor.I have performed in many talent shows in Memphis TN and Mississippi my Hometown. I have released two cds and two mixtapes..Grindaholic Overcoming the Struggle.Mixtapes It’s Official and Greatest Freestyles Ever.The music was produced by me under the label Mastermind entertainment. I am a big fan of snoop dogg music and with him being a pioneer of the industry.From a artist perspective and looking at his career is an example of hard work and Consistency. These are the links to my music YouTube Jone Mastermind Entertainment. Reverbnation Jone Mastermind Entertainmen.I look forward to the experience of being apart of this megastar show. I believe that I have a lot to bring to the table and also giving the fans something extra that they will remember.

  33. G.R.

    Wish you all thebest of luck, keep pushing for your dreams anyone interested come check out my cool original music on youtube for a little inspiration.

  34. Julie

    My name is Julie, I’m 15, Nigerian. I can do all kinds of music from RnB to Rock to Hip Hop to Country…you name it… I submitted my application, waiting for a reply.

  35. miyanna

    hii , my name is miyanna simpson an I am 13 . I live detriot Michigan and this is a great chance . I don’t just sing I act and model also. I have big dreams and goals for myself and I want to share what I got with the world. this would be a great chance because I always wanted to be in stage but if I got the chance to be up there on stage with nikki and snoop it would be the best day of my life. if I could to tour with anyone it would have to say beyonce because I love her so much and its been my wish for a while to meet her in person and have her come to my birthday party and idk if it would ever happen but this would give me the wish I always wanted BEYONCE is like the one artist that makes me cry when I see her even if shes on tv I just melt because there is something special about her

  36. Briana Schneider

    I’m 16, and have been singing since I was little. For a long time now, I have been writing lyrics. I decided to do this for two reasons. The first is because I have always dreamed of becoming an artist. The second reason is that if I do have a chance of making a career out of this, I want to know if I can improve my work. Also, people say I could make something out of it if I was discovered. The last thing I have to say is that I have always enjoyed all music, now and before I was even born. Going from Elvis Presley to Blink 182.

  37. aaliyah laurant

    Aaliyah here i have been singing for as long as i can remember and i have trying to get a shot on the voice but i was too young now that i am old enough our budget has gone down and cant afford a plane ticket, i hope i get a shot

  38. Kayley giles

    29yrs old im a singer,songwriter i mainly do amy winehouse covers or blues covers im alto singer who also loves all genres, not afraid of a challange

  39. Olive Tauanuu

    Hey y’all!. Lives in Stockton, CA. And working hard to be a international singer/song-writter/performer!! It’s really Crazy to the fact that I’m not the only one who has big dreams!!:0, but to all of you who really Actually want to make it big off of the talent you were born with (singing&dancing), Strive for it!;) there’s a lot of haters out there, but they ain’t ever my problem, and shouldnt be yours!!!;) I’m working extra hard, taking all my vocal classes (Church choirs, individual vocal coach..etc.) to get myself up there on top of my influences Beyoncè….And for all y’all who say there will never be a next international icon like The queen Beyoncè, really need to go and hide somewhere cuhz I remember hella of y’all haters saying ” They’re will never be another Michael Jackson, especially a female one!”, but look now-Beyoncè is compared to Michael J………So no one can talk Sh** bout what I want to do and who I can co-Become!!!! 😉 thank y’all have a nice day!;)

  40. Luke Slusarski

    I’m a 17 year old singer-songwriter in the Austin Texas area, and I’ve wanted to be a recording musician my whole life. I’ve been writing for 2 years now and have an EP ready but I don’t have the money or connections to get my stuff out there. I have four of my original songs (copy-written) recorded in one-takes on YouTube under Luke Slu, being my stage name. I write and perform most genres of music from folk to rap all acoustic and using a loop station (Ed Sheeran uses one). I used to listen to Snoop Dogg’s old stuff when I was younger and I’ve been following Nicki since Super Bass. I could learn a lot from this experience and feel I would be a reliable and valuable asset for this if given the opportunity! Please check out my stuff on YouTube at Luke Slu!!!

  41. Bilkisu Koroma

    I love Nicki Minaj and it will be and honour, a dream come true, the best experience of my life. I can sing. am 14 years old I live in NSW Australia. please email me if you want me to send you video of me singing.

  42. Dennis Say

    Snoop Dogg

  43. Sashalyn Simen

    My name is Sasha and I was born in the quaint town of Riverside CA, I am a proud African American, very ambitious, and outgoing person, always ready to try new things. I am a singer inspired by Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Ne-Yo. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to get my voice out there as soon as possible. I am basically doing this for my mom since she recently passed a year and a half ago and my grandmother who passed shortly after and they wanted me to go for my dreams. I dedicate my voice to them and God and hope that I can share my story to the world. I have been in choir basically my whole life so I can sing high and low. I am a college student in desperate need of funds to further my education. And being with my favorite artists won’t hurt as well. I would personally like to thank all singers and rappers for what they do because I know it’s not easy. I am not going to be cocky and say that my voice is perfect but my family and friends say I can sing well. Thank you for your time.

  44. starla

    OMG PLZ PLZ PLZ let me be the on who Is picked for the concert I would love this opertunety and I love both of these amazing artists im 5.5 Im very entergetic I love singing its my pashion and dream to become big like yall both. im 12 years old and I want inspiration I thought this was it it was screaming my name I couldent resist so this is why im doing this I really hope u consider me and I hpe I can be on stage with two amazing artists thank u for ur time please choose me

  45. Dantoria Crice

    Hi my name is Dantoria Crice I am 14 years old. I love to rap and sing all of Nikkis song. What makes me unique is that sometimes i can rap all of Nikkis songs just like she can the face and all.I have been wanting to meet nikki every since i was 10 so now is the time to meet my idol if i could.

  46. mallory paige & jalin wingfeld

    Hi my name is mallory. I am 11 years old. In fact I just turned 11 a couple of weeks ago. Anyway I love to sing. Exspecly rap. Me and my friend jalin winfeild are like total rappers. We even created our own channel on youtube of rapping to nickI. Me and jalin love NICKI and when we saw that there was a chance to proform with nicki and SNOOP DOG We lost it. She is amazing at singing. We both live in Ocala Florida. I have been in a talent show for 3 years straight once I raped to nicki’s song “Truffle butter” that got me kicked out. But who cares the papers said sing or rap your fav Song. So I did. I don’t want to make this 6 pages long, but I hope you pick me. I would deffentily accept a offer to sing with NICKI AND snoop.

  47. Brianna B

    Hey uh im Brianna. Im 12. Well i love singing and dancing. I love to sing Aaliyahs songs she made like “I Miss You” and “4 Page Letter”. And i know u people are like “omg how does she know those songs to be a 12yr old” haha well my mom and dad love to listen to there 90s songs and i start to listen to them. Ive been singing since i was really little bc i went to a Chruch school and wr had programs but i stopped going when we moved to Indiana when i was in 1st grade. So Preschool they had my singing??! Well anyway people told me i should chase my dreams and well.. here i am. I know this is probably over but i just wanted to write this so people know. SOOOOO?? yah im good noww lol byee… wait was i suppost to say why i should sing with Nicki… oops my bad but yah im not gonna say anything sobby or anything im just gonna stick with the Basics People?? okay okay ill leaveee nowww

  48. jalony sinclair

    I am a very good singer and raper I am a up coming singing ,I love nick minaj I’ve got every album she has ive been listening to snoop dog since I was kitting I’m 15 years old now I’m ready for fame I would love to work with both of these amazing artist .
    Instagram- @killa_leo_

  49. Staci Barbati

    Please check out my friend Kym D trying to get her signed to rrecord label.

  50. Destiny bridewell

    Heyyyy there name is destiny i love these two artist so much i think they are so amazing i would love to performe with anyone because im a person that sings all types of music. Im 14 and i love music music is my passion i have been singing my whole life i won 3 talent shows and performed the star spangled banner at two graduation ceremonies. I have applied for several auditions and god has led me to this site and i believe that i should definitely be chosen for this wonderful opportunity. Check out my videos on youtube those videos are 2 years old i look a little different now i am a very energetic and happy person i am always happy no matter what lol. I would love to be chose.

  51. Destiny bridewell

    Hiii! My name is destiny bridewell i have been singing my whole life i am 14 years old and im mixed with italian, mexican, and black im 5’5 and a freshmen in los amgeles california i believe nicki minaj and snoop dog are very wonderful and amazing artist to work with. Snoop dog has been a performer most of his life nicki has to . I have applied for severeal singing auditions and everything. God has led me to his site and i believe that this is my big chance to get my singing out there and to start my singing career. I have two youtube videos i made a few years ago dont mind my outfit lol i have a totally different appearance now. Please pick me i promise you will not regret it i promise.

  52. Tybriya holman

    My name is Tybriya holman, I am 14 years old and I live my mom and three brothers. I have been singing since I was about 6 and I live in kilgore texas. If i would get this experience I would not take it for granted. I would work hard everday, Im not a quitter I keep trying so I can stay better as a human being an as a young black artist.

  53. Tia Kelley

    You should hear my version of Grand Piano…it will make Nicki Minaj cry.

  54. Derrick Miller

    Hows it going? My name is Derrick Miller 18 years and for the longest I can remember I’ve always wanted this. What I mean by this is the Rush, the stress, the achievement of your work being Recognize. Putting in late hours every week and every night, because that’s the easiest thing that comes naturally so, why not give it my all! I’m very determined don’t give up easy I write my own music to beats I find off YouTube. I can play the piano and read music and I just give my all to what I believe in most…. My Dream!

  55. giselle

    hey 🙂 im 18 yrs old i live in Indiana but was born in California Los Angles, i guess ive been hiding for awhile just in my room writing 43 songs/raps i love music from oldies to new . its now or never that i can actually do somthing but now its my chance . im a hard worker and struggled in my life but music gave came to me and just strarted writing and writing . well not much to say to fascinate but theres nore to me then just this but dnt want to type to much . Hope i get picked

  56. Mariah castillo

    ❤️ Hi my names Mariah, I’m Hispanic, dark skinned , brown hair, blue eyes, love singing, named after Mariah Carey, 15 years old but my voice is bigger than my age. I hope you pick me for this. I’m born and raised in Chesaning, Michigan. I’ve been singing sense I was 3 years old. I can dance. I want to be put on a stage and show what I got to everyone and show what I can do with my voice. I know all the songs by heart. Every song u say I’ll know the lyrics to it. I weigh 130 lbs, & my height is 5’3. I love the song bang bang! ❤️ I live in an old town sense I was born. No cities. Pretty much grew up making my own vocal lessons, make my own versions of a studio, I’ve been trying to save for a microphone to sing in. ❤️ I’m not rich, I’m not popular, I’m just a girl from a small town that wants to make it big and make a better life for my mom and my older brother.

  57. Awien

    Hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,modelling playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Add:Calgary, Alberta
    Gender: female
    I love Nicki Minaj going to open up for her would be one of the best opportunities ever I’ve always been a fan of Nicki Minaj I would always write my raps lyrics and try to make a little remix from her songs I’m inspired by her so much her music. Her singing her modelling her dancing she is such an amazing person and it would be an honor for me to even open up for her

  58. Awien

    Hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,modelling playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Add:Calgary, Alberta
    Gender: female
    This is a very exciting opportunity I love Nicki Minaj and to open up for her it would mean the world to me I do a lot of singing and I also do wrapping but I don’t freestyle at this rate I’ll been expired by Nicki Minaj since I was 13 this is a very exciting opportunity I love Nicki Minaj and to open up for her it would mean the world to me I do a lot of singing and I also do wrapping but I don’t freestyle at is right I’ll been expired by Nicki Minaj since I was 13 Jc I used to always like my wraps and try to make a little remakes from her songs and try to wrap like I sees it’s an amazing and talented person

  59. Jazmine w.

    First off I will start with an introduction.
    My name : Jazmine wayman
    Hair color:black,Brown,orange,red,and blonde
    Weight: around 100lbs
    I should sing with nicki minaj because I just LOVE HERalso I should win the grand prize because I will use the money for family expenses and needs.

  60. Darrelle Robinson

    Hey my name is Darrelle Robinson, I am 15 years old , I live in the the Turks and Caicos islands on the beautiful island of provo and I think I should win because I have been waiting my hold life to do something like this and it will make my family and friends proud to see me win ,and my video will me dope and I would love to perform with Nicki Minaj because she live to turn up and I always to ,and I can learn a lot from her cause she really inspired me to keep going in I would love to meet her in person