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Reality TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

They say you can’t go home again, but we think you can! We’re now casting for people across the country who want to journey back to their childhood home to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. Have you always wondered what the home you grew up in as a child looks like today? Would you love to show your children or your boyfriend the place where it all began? Whether you want to show someone new in your life the home where all of your childhood memories took place or you want to go with your sister, brother or other family member, this is an incredible new opportunity for you. The HGTV casting call is looking for men and women of all ages. They are seeking people who have not been back to their childhood homes since they moved out. They are accepting submissions from people across the country. If this sounds intriguing to you, view the 2018 reality TV show casting call information below!

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What They Are Looking For

Do you want to show your boyfriend where you had your first kiss? Show your kids the tiny bedroom you shared with your brother? Or travel back home with your sisters to see if the treasure you buried in the backyard is still there? Then we want to hear from you!

We are casting people who have not visited their childhood home since they moved out. People across the country are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

To apply fill out the casting questionnaire at: right away!

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14 Casting Responses

  1. Nora Dunne

    I grew up on Long Island. We had a large home across from the Nassau Blvd station of the Long Island Railroad. My parents had 10 children and a grand parent in the house. I also spent my summers in East Hampton. My cousin’s had 40 acres there. (Part of which has been bought by the town and made into an open space. When we were younger we swam in the sound and later we were allowed to swim in the ocean at the East Hampton Main beach. I still have many relatives on Long Island and would love reconnecting with them.

    I am also a descendant of Dr. Edward McGlynn, a beloved Irish New York priest. He was known for being excommunicated from the Catholic Church and then re-instated without recanting his views. There is a statue of him in a NY cemetery that I would love to see. Pick me.

  2. JO

    My childhood home is in Midland Texas. I have two sisters and one brother, all in our 60’s now. It would be a privilege and true pleasure to visit the house my Dad built. We are all still in Texas and both parents have passed on but Midland will always be our home town. Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Judi Bratcher

    Hi! I’m a 62 year young woman who was born and raised in Mt.Vernon N.Y. I was raised in the same house as my father. My great grandfather bought the home and transformed it into a 2 family home so he could be close to his only child (my grandmother). He turned the porch into a bedroom for my dad & his brothers, which became my and my sisters bedroom. My grandfather planted climbing rose bushes around the window to aide in safty, but we managed to steel a kiss from our “boyfriends” at age 12 who used the thorns from the rose bushes to cling to their pea coats, holding them up and stick their heads through the window! There were no doors, just doorways and 1 bathroom!! In the 60s my uncles and dad dug into the ground under the house and built a fall out shelter in preparation for the nuclear war. My italian immigrant grandfather had a wine cellar of rock, dirt and wine barrels in the basement. Thinking I was cool, I tasted all those wine jugs when I was 15! It wasn’t pretty. We were two blocks from the bronx. I often tell my children and grandchildren about the fond memories growing up in that neighborhood. We live outside Chicago now. We did a drive by once when we were home for a wedding. I pointed to the girls the rock I would hide behind and where I thought my treasure might still be I buried. It was with my best friend Roseann under a piece of slate on the front walkway lol. I loved that home and I would love to see not only how it changed but to share that with my sisters, my kids, and grandchildren.

  4. Mariah Waller

    I would love to be apart of this experience , my childhood home was inhabited by my mother , father myself and my sister. In 1998 my sister who was only one year my senior passed away from cancer at the age of 5, me being 4. She went through cardiac arrest in the basement , I never felt as though I have gotten closure. I have always wondered what the house looked now being 24 I’m more curious than ever to just see in be in the house , and hoping to fill a void I have had for so many years.

  5. Jen

    Grew up in Saint Louis MO. I grew up in a large household with five siblings. The home we grew up in holds many special memories. Havent been back since.

  6. Mark Evan Ivie

    I was born in Eagle River, Alaska, near Anchorage. My father, uncles, aunts and Grandfather had homesteaded there in 1946. It was a very wild and beautiful place, and together they had built several log cabins. I was born in 1955 at the hospital in Anchorage and lived in a lean to trailer until the log cabins were ours to move into. I remember a tremendous amount of the adventures there, including falling through the ice of the pond (1/4 mile from the house) at age 5, with only my sister (6), cousin (7) and brother (3) with me, or having a bull moose step out in front of my sister and I as we were walking along the gravel road to the bus stop for school. To me, it was a magical place full of wild adventures, fishing, wild berries, ice skating, Iditarod race, snow shoes, etc.
    My dad was the village fix-it man, volunteer fire chief, bakery delivery man, etc. Both my mom and dad were an avid hunters along with my uncles, kept us in food for the winter with moose, caribou, bear, and we even raised rabbits for food. When I was 6 1/2, my dad, unfortunately, never returned from traveling to Montague Island from a hunt… the small plane went down somewhere and was never found. It was decided they had gone down in the ocean.
    We lived there for a while longer until we made the move to Anchorage… I was 8. The Alaskan earthquake happened in 1964, and changed things again. We moved to another place until we ended up moving to California as I was turning 10… quite the culture shock.
    I have subsequently moved to Tennessee and am now 62, an artist, designer and worked in film teaching swordfighting to actors, doubling them, etc. on films like Zorro and the first Pirates of the Caribbean… (and am a volunteer fire fighter myself)… and a doting dad… I have an 8 year old daughter who has never known Alaska or where I came from.
    My sister spent quite a bit of time in Alaska since (she was an archaeologist for the pipeline) has been able to find the cabin again… and it was being restored when she was there a couple of years ago.
    I would love to revisit/reconnect with Alaska, the cabin and area, but more importantly, show my daughter the world I knew.
    Thank you for your consideration… Mark

  7. Carey Overstreet

    I grew up in Grand Forks, ND with my mom and my brother. We lived in a low income apartment with many other single mom families. Fortunately, we had a basketball court right behind our apt and three playgrounds. We had tons of friends to play with all day long. We snuck into the nearby hotels to swim, played sports in open fields and spent hours on the basketball court. In the long cold winters, we would shovel the snow off the bball court to play. For being poor, we really had allot of blessings through sports and recreation.

    Additionally, I babysit for a family who had a daughter with Down syndrome. All of my experience lead me to my current career of twenty years as a Recreational Therapist coordinating recreation programs for people with disabilities in Littleton, CO.

    My extended family lived on farms in Forest River, ND. This also gave us the best of both worlds by enjoying all of the farm activities and opportunities along with our small city life. I would love the opportunity to show you the ups and downs we had during our childhood. I have many interesting stories to share with the world.

    Currently, I am taking modeling and acting classes in hopes to find my next career move. I really look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time.


    Carey Overstreet

  8. Gail Padgett

    My name is Gail Padgett Nevels is my maiden name. My childhood home is in Westside Detroit. I loved our home
    I have three grown children and 4 grandchildren I would love to share my childhood home with. I would love to see what’s changed. With the trouble Detroit has suffered it would be nice to see what great memories are still there. I currently reside in Knoxville Tn. I’ve been here since leaving DETROIT in 1982 my senior year of high school.omg The World’s Fair was in Knoxville then. I miss Motown


    I have the BEST memories of my childhood home in Montville, NJ!!!! It was my Grandparents’ home, however, with my mom being a single mother working 2 or 3 jobs at a time, plus going to nursing school part-time, most of my time growing up was spent in that house. My mother had 3 much younger brothers who still lived at home at the time, so they became more like brothers to me than uncles. I remember it being the ultimate party house, with the lower level complete with a full length bar, a pool table, a ping-pong table, and always filled with family and friends there having the best times! There was a huge built in pool in the back yard with a slide and a diving board, I learned to swim at an extremely early age by having my grandfather throw me in and letting me fend for myself! At 17 years old, my grandparents sold the house, and retired to Florida. I have wondered my whole life about who has lived there over the years, and what they’ve done to change or update my favorite parts of the house. I often fantasize about going up to the door, ringing the bell, and begging whoever answers to please let me have a tour! I would absolutely LOVE to go back and be overcome with that feeling of nostalgia!

  10. Kimberly Brennan

    I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood home. I am a single mom and I have 2 beautiful teenage daughters. I was born in Minot, North Dakota. They where born in Bakersfield, California. The worlds are polar opposites.
    As a child . I grew up on a 5 and a half Aker small farm. In a town called Logan. There where no stores in the town. Only one mom and pop style butcher.
    Long before I was born, there was a little strip of businesses. But being so far in the middle of nowhere one caught fire, they all burnt to the ground. Before the fire department could reach them. So the town was never rebuilt.
    The house we lived in was home. It makes teary eyed now thinking of it. It was 3 story. I believe the house used to be a grain business before it was converted into a house.
    Memories… 🙂 where to start. Every 4th of July my parents would have huge bar-b-ques with the beautiful full bloom fireworks.Allof family and friends would come. ( Most are deceased now). Every year there was a corn roast my parents put on using corn from our garden. There would be giant bonfires built with metal barrels in the fire full of corn and boiling water. All you had to do was fish one out if you where hungry. 100’s of people would attend. There was epic Halloween parties. My parents were awesome hosts.
    But what I miss the most was my freedom and safety as a child. No weirdos were around. Everyone knew everyone. Early in the morning. I would do my chores. Feeding Cows, and Chickens. Then walk to the line of trees to find where a mother deer had nested for the night with her fawn. Then lay down there with a blanket. Imagining I was in fairy land. Then I’d be off to build mud pies. Or ride my 3 wheeler.
    In winter. Our dog would wear a harness and pull us around all crazy on a red plastic disk sled. So many memories. So many things my daughters will never see. It would be so awesome to touch that land with my hands and feel a wall on that house. So many of my fondest memories live with in those walls. I hope you’ll consider us for your television program. 🙂

  11. Debra

    my name I Debra Baker I was born in Morgan city Louisiana I move away years ago married a military marine .he never got a chance to see where I was born the house and street I lived . Thanks

  12. Aisha

    I think this is a really cool idea! I’ ve Always wanted to see where my dad grew up. I think it would be a really cool experience for me and my little sister. My dad said he would want to visit the mansion in Kalona that he lived in when he was 3-5. He moved around a lot but said that would be the house he would want to visit. He thinks that a lot has changed and wants to see what has changed. He left that house at a pretty young age and is pretty old so I am really shocked he can remember that house. He had told me a lot of fun things he remembered doing there, my aunt had told me some stuff as well.

  13. Janice Scott

    Janice Scott originally from a small town in Arkansas. I would love to participate to show others that if I can be successful as an Author Minister and Motivational Speaker and Actress and Ambassador for Shark Tank Daymond John coming from a no name town do can you

  14. B. Susanna Meeks

    *** People to Visit Their Childhood Home ***

    I am very interested in revisiting my childhood home in Sutherlin, Oregon. I was raised in this home from age 1 to 23, I did go away for college but my parents staying in the home. They sold the home in 2000 to a family and moved to the Portland, Oregon area. I also live near Portland with my two children. I was an only child but we opened our home to four foreign exchange students and I have many fond memories of my childhood in this home.

    B. Susanna