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Disney Auditions for Family – Orlando, FL

Are you wondering if there is a Disney audition near me? You are in luck! 2017 Disney auditions and casting calls are prevalent across the country. There is a new opportunity for parents and kids to model and act for the company! A Disney print ad and commercial is searching for real Hispanic families of four. The casting call is in need of parents who have kids between the ages of 5 and 14 years old. If you don’t have children, you may submit close friends or family members to portray your children. The shoot will take place in Orlando, Florida so local people are needed. This is a paid modeling job for kids and adults! Pay will be $300.00 per day. What better way to make some extra money and get to model than to get filmed while you’re playing in the parks with your family? Sign up for this incredible opportunity for your chance to be selected!

About Disney

From classic animated features and exhilarating theme park attractions to cutting edge sports coverage and the hottest shows on television, The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in family entertainment. For 90 years, their outstanding storytelling has enchanted, inspired and thrilled audiences everywhere. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

Casting: Disney Theme Parks- Orlando, FL

Shooting September 12 and 13

Hispanic families and Families of 4
(mom and dad and kids ages 5 to 14)

Pay Rate is $300/day (minus agency fee) per talent to play in the parks and get filmed while doing it!

Cousins and close friends may be submitted together as a family if you don’t have kids in the 6-14 years of age range.

How to Apply

To apply please send an email to
Subject line: Disney parks
Deadline to submit is Wednesday August 16.
Please include your city, ages of each family member and ethnicity if ambiguous.

If you did not receive an email and you qualify for this casting, please email with the Casting Title (example, Zombie Extras, Los Angeles) as the subject line and include your name and text number. Please DO NOT submit if you do not fit the criteria of the casting. Castings are very strict on requirements.

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5 Casting Responses

  1. Samirah Hutchinson

    I would love to be apart of this amazing opportunity. I am 13 years old my birthday is in 8 days but I have a wonderful goofy and fun personality and imagination as if i was way younger. I love Disney Channel I even stay up and watch it all night. My favorite show would defintely be Bizardvark. 🙂

  2. kelly micheal

    hi my name is Kelly Micheal and i will love to be given this wonder-filled opportunity.I have experience if you want one and i think you wont regret choosing me.
    thank you

  3. Samuel Weaver

    Im 12 im I’m fit i have a six pack I’m dirty blonde I’m 5 foot something and yeah ill try my best this is my real email

  4. Samuel Weaver

    Im 12 im I’m fit i have a six pack I’m dirty blonde I’m 5 foot something and yeah ill try my best

  5. Blanca

    Hi I’m love this show and I wonder if you can fit me in I am 8 years old❤️❤️❤️❤️