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TV Show Casting Call for Parents

Vice has grown in popularity over the years and now you have the chance to be on it! The network is looking for parents and kids to appear in a new series. A TV show casting call is looking for moms and dads who are raising their kids without technology. They are looking for families who are local to the Toronto, Canada area. This Vice branded project wants to hear your opinions on technology and why you have decided to have them be tech free. Filming will take place for one or two days between December and the end of January. This is a great paying acting job. Those chosen will receive $1000.00. This is a fun and exciting chance to land a paid acting job as well as to get to share your opinions.

About Vice

VICE is a global media channel focusing on investigative journalism and enlightening videos about everything from world news, travel, art, drugs, politics, sports, fashion and super cute animals.

What They Are Looking For

Casting new VICE branded project about modern parenting living in the Toronto, Canada area.

Do you feel exposing your children to technology is a bad thing? Are you planning on, or currently raising your children technology-free?

The nature of parenthood is changing. As the world becomes a more expensive, technologically advanced, overcrowded and challenging place, the decision to have children is weighed against a multitude of uncertainties.

We want to hear all about your opinions on technology specifically and why you feel technology is not good to expose your children to.

Compensation for selected parents: $1000+

Must be available for a day of filming between December and end of January. (One or Two filming days)

How to Apply

To be considered, please apply here: Follow the instructions on that link. Be sure to apply right away if you would like to be considered.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Lindsey

    Hi my name is Lindsey Mathias, There are 7 people in my family/household
    My parents always want us playing outside and not addicted to the Wifi, TV,
    and electronics. This would be awesome for my family.


  2. Ruby

    Hi there,
    Is this casting call still open? We’re a family of 3 – our newborn is 7wks old and we’re trying to be tech free in certain aspects like no wifi in the home, no cell phone or screens near the baby etc.