Pampers New Born Baby Model

Baby Model Auditions for Photo Shoot

Baby auditions are being held for one of the most well-known diaper companies. Pampers is searching for newborn babies and their mother’s to appear on the packaging and advertising of a variety of Pamper products. This is a magnificent modeling job for your baby and possibly you too! Casting directors are seeking babies who were born between April 1st and April 18th of this year. They must fit into Pampers Newborn Swaddlers size 6 to 8 lbs. Baby model auditions are being held in New York City. The photo shoot will paid selected children $400.00 each for the shoot date. Moms who are used in the shoot will be compensated $750.00. Apply to the baby model casting call for this incredible opportunity!

About Pampers

Disposable diapers have come a long way since 1961, when Victor Mills, a P&G engineer and researcher, was inspired by his baby grandson to design a better disposable diaper. Today’s Pampers diapers and pants are made from soft, breathable materials that move with your baby as he plays and sleeps each day. Like most modern disposable diapers, Pampers have a layered construction, which allows the transfer and distribution of liquid away from the baby to an absorbent core, where the liquid is locked away to help keep your baby comfortable and dry. []

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are searching for babies who were born between April 1st and April 18th, 2017. Must fit Pampers newborn swaddlers 6-8 lbs.

Mother & babies may be on the packaging and advertising of a variety of Pampers products.

The babies hired to participate in the Pampers photo shoot will be paid $400.00 each for the photo shoot day. If the mom is hired to participate as well, she will be paid $750.00.

Local to New York City

How to Apply

If you would like to audition with your baby for this exciting opportunity please email. Please include the following information: mother’s name, mother’s age and mother’s ethnic background, baby’s name, baby’s age, baby’s weight, baby’s ethnic background and a recent photograph of the mom and baby.
Auditions are being held by appointment only. No phone calls should be made to the casting director. Those selected to audition will receive instructions by email.

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156 Casting Responses

  1. Michelle

    Michelle perez 25 years old I’m salvadorian born and raise in New York
    Xavier Villegas 2 months 21inches long 10 pounds Salvadorian and Puerto Rican

  2. Marwa

    I would like to participate with you.



  3. Suyatha

    Mother : Suyatha Lachman (Suriname)
    Baby : Ryan de Groot (Holland)
    Age: in 10 days 3 months
    Weight: 5.6 kg

  4. Matshidiso

    I am matshidiso matsape am 23 years old and I have a daughter Natasha matsape who is 8months I would her to take place in baby model audition

  5. Aqsa

    I am a doctor and I want to selected my baby in audition

  6. Brigette Shields

    My name is Mrs. Shields. I’m from Mississippi. My Son is 8 months old Beautiful completion with a head full of good hair. We are African American and we only use pamper products. My husband loves the pampers brand! We are also rewards members…Go Pampers!!!

  7. Chezka Emutan

    Mother Name Chezka S. Emutan
    Baby’Name Autumn Amanda E. Guray
    7mos. Old
    9.5 weight

  8. Deepshikha

    How to apply

  9. Cynthia

    I would like to enroll my little girl to model for pampers. I would like more information in how to do it. Thank you

  10. Lucia khoza

    My name is Lucia khoza im 28 years old my pumpkin is 5 months old she was born on the 4th of April she weights 5.9 lbs she adorable loves smiling very energetic

  11. Angela

    My granddaughter is 16 months old n i believe she can model.I would love to send you a picture

  12. Angela

    My granddaughter is 16 months old n i believe she can model.

  13. Mansi Rahul porwal

    Sir /mam pls give a role in that ads for my 6 month baby boy. He is very beautiful and may be suitable for you ads. Can you give a chance for my baby Mragank Rahul Porwal from Bareilles

  14. Sydni Frederick

    My beautiful daughter’s name is Nevaeh Monet shes 6 months and 15 pounds . my name is Sydni and im 21 weighing150

  15. Dhatri Sri

    My baby is very very active and cute. Please select my baby

  16. Ruby kumari

    My name is ruby my hubby name pawan and have baby boy 5 mothns old my recently adress gujrat in chikhli

  17. Ruby kumari

    My name is ruby my hubby name pawan and have baby boy 5 mothns old

  18. yohanna gonzalez

    Hi my daughter is 7 months and she love taking pictures

  19. Melissa Zaidan

    Hi I have a handsome 3 month old baby boy with big brown eyes, dark brown curly hair and brown skin ( mixed race) who is filled with lots of smiles and loves the camera. Contact me for any jobs. We live in Dublin Ireland.

  20. Ronak kamble

    Baby audition

  21. Aruna fandel

    Scott Fandel He’s so adorable & super active loves to smile & play I would love to have this opportunity I have really good photos of him I can sent through emails.

    Thank you

    Mother:Aruna Fandel
    Baby’s name:Scott Fandel
    Age:4 months
    Baby’s background: German & Guyanese
    Weight: 7570 G

  22. Jyoti

    Hi m Jyoti Goswami, 32 year, my baby boy Nayaansh 6months old, have cute smile with awesome energy all d time

  23. Mezt Mattis Helm

    Hi, my name is Mez Mattis Helm 29 yrs old Carribean American – black and my husband is 34 yrs old white American. And our 4 months beauty queen daughter is Juelina Tiffany Sky. And just at 2 months, she won Charlotte County Florida Queen in the baby division. Also getting a paid fee to Florida state finals & the international pageant. She has hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair, an ambiguous Meghan Markle prototype baby girl look. She’s 27 inches 14 lb and will truly blow your heart away. By her sweet angelic giggles, photogenic glow. When the light touches Juelina hair you see the golden blonde tint that brings out her ambiguous look even more. Our daughter Juelina can reach so much of your audience through race, Creed, & cultural nationally. Just by her angelic glow alone. We’re looking forward from hearing from you.
    Thank you.

  24. Scott Camberlin

    My grandson is Josiah. He’s a beautiful handsome cute racially mixed baby boy. He’s always wanting to be taken home by strangers. People immediately falls in love with him.

  25. Emilia J Tang

    Mothers name :Na Huang
    Background :Asian Chinese
    Baby’s name: Emilia
    Weight: 9kg
    Age: 11months

  26. Norma Flores

    Thank you and I hope we get to have this opportunity to work with you Lucas was born on Friday the 13th in April he is very photogenic and a very cooperative baby. I have great picturesof him I can send through email . Thank you.

  27. Norma Flores

    Norma Flores
    Ethnic background: El Salvadorian
    Lucas Fernandez Flores
    Age: 5 weeks old
    Weight: 8.5lbs
    Baby ethnic background: El Salvadorian

  28. Krystal

    Mother name: Krystal
    Background: African American
    Age: 24
    Baby name: Celine
    Weight: 25 pounds
    Age: 1 year
    Background: Hispanic & African American

  29. Melanie N Brennan

    Hello my baby Caleb and I would be thrilled to be part of the modeling. My son caleb was born with a brain injury. The injury was as a result of a traumatic delivery. We spent alot of time in the NICU at CHOP in phila. I constantly had nurses, doctors and other parents tell me I should put my son in modeling. I do not think there is enough special needs baby models. We are all different and need to show the world it is beautiful to be unique. Thank you for considering us to be part of this experience.
    Mother’s name: Melanie Brennan Age: 31. Mother’s occupation: Paramedic for phila. Baby name: Caleb. Weight: 18 pounds. Baby’s age: 8 months. Caleb is 28 inches long. Baby’s background: Irish, Ukrainian and Hispanic

  30. Dianne

    Dianne, age 32, Hispanic
    Selina, 11 months, Hispanic

    Please email me so I can attach the photograph as per your request

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  31. Hiza ali

    My baby is 8months old she has dimple smile she is very cute doll plz give a chance to participate mother name Hera 23 year father name asif32year business in saudi

  32. Sylwia

    Mother’s name- Sylwia
    Age 35 years old
    Baby‘s name- George
    Age- 9 months
    Weight-9 kg
    Beautiful baby with big blue eyes and blond hair. Such a character too. Loves posing to the pictures

  33. jesline villatoro

    Hello My name is jesline I would like to participate either with my son or my daughter.

    My son – Kaidon,1 years old,he’s about 20 lb

    My daughter- Jazabel,she just turnt 2 months today and weights 8.4 lb.

    I hope to hear from,thank you and take care.

  34. Krishika sikka

    My self dipika sikka from jalandhar..cute baby girl krishika sikka 7month..My self 31..father bussiness man..background indian

  35. Krishika sikka

    Interested.. 6month baby girl..

  36. Alexis

    Good afternoon my name is Alexis Powers I’m 22 years old. My background is Italian and Irish. I have a daughter who’s only a month and half. Her name is Amelia Griffin. She is mixed with Italian, Irish and African American. She’s weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces. My daughter and I would love to be apart of pampers. When I was 20 weeks I found out my daughter would have club feet. It’s curable but has a long journey. I feel my daughter would be a great model especially for the kids who have club feet. And to make this condition known. My daughter will rep for pampers and as well as kids with club feet.

  37. Alexis

    Good afternoon my name is Alexis Powers I’m 22 years old. My background is Italian and Irish. I have a daughter who’s only a month and half. Her name is Amelia Griffin. She is mixed with Italian, Irish and African American. She’s weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces.

  38. maseema Eunice

    My name is Eunice maseema
    Age 22
    Ethnic African

    Daughter boikgantsho maseema
    Weight 3.8
    Babby age 1 month

  39. Ankush Sondagar

    My baby boy is very cute and active. Pls do consider once and give the chance to prove us.
    Thank you

    Father name: Ankush
    Age: 28
    Mother occupation: Admin Executive

    Baby name: Kabeer
    Age: 6months
    Baby Nidhi : Front office Executive

    From INDIA

  40. LaRosa Griffin

    I have a cute and entertaining 6 month old baby boy. Everyone who sees him adores him. I would love for him to be a baby model. I also model.
    Mother’s name: LaRosa Griffin
    Mother’s age: 30
    Mother’s ethnicity: African American

  41. Erick Romero

    Mother’s name: Kayla Yang
    Mother’s age: 20
    Mother’s ethnicity: Hmong
    Baby’s name: Malakai Gojco Romero
    Baby’s age: two weeks ( born april 14th, 2018)
    Baby’s ethnicity: Hmong and mexican

  42. Dishika reddy

    I and my baby love to be the part of modelling. My baby is very cute and active.
    Pls do consider once and give the chance to prove us.
    Thank you

    Mother name: Sandhya
    Age: 24

  43. Shaquan

    Mom:Shaquan James
    African American
    Baby:Zha’kyrii Anderson
    African American

  44. Neha khandelwal

    I and my baby love to be the part of modelling. My baby is very cute and active.
    Pls do consider once and give the chance to prove us.
    Thank you

    Mother name: neha khandelwal
    Age: 28
    Mother occupation: fashion designer

    Baby name: adhvay
    Age: 9months
    Baby father: business man

    From INDIA

  45. Jordyn

    Mothers name :Jordyn
    Background :Caucasian
    Baby’s name Kinslee
    Weight 22 pounds
    Age 1year
    Background Caucasian

  46. Karen J Siegel

    My daughter is 26 years old, Caucasian and my granddaughter is five months old, half Jamaican, half Caucasian.

  47. Lynn

    Jack was born on 4-17-18 and currently weighs 6’11” and is 18 inches long. Mom is Jillian and is 30 years old. They are both Caucasian

  48. Aiaha

    Mothername :Aisha
    Age : 2
    Baby name : inaya
    Age 6 months old
    Weight : 5.6 kg

  49. Noopur Thakkar

    Mother’s name: Noopur Thakkar
    Mother’s Age: 28 years old
    Mother’s current job: tutor
    Baby’s name: Mishwa Thakkar
    Baby’s birth date: 5th May, 2017

  50. Meghna

    Mother – Meghna verma 27yrs indian
    Baby- Meher verma 17 months 12 kg

  51. Shiv kyada

    Mother name- Avani Kyada,mother age 25,baby boy name -shiv Kyada, baby boy age -8 month old,I interested baby pamper audition, My son is cute baby n lovely smile n so funny boy… plz I just want to be aply this audition.
    Thank you

  52. Katria Jefferson

    My son Kyrion is 8the months old, has a BIG smile that will light up the room with 2 bottom teeth (cutest thing ever).He listen very well to order & direction. I just know he will do very well in this profession. Just take a look for yourself 🙂

  53. Geeta

    My Son is 6 months old. He smiles when you say “who’s a Smart Boy” He is so adorable. He has beautiful blue/gresh eyes & He even giggles too! I always wanted to be famous on tv but I never got that Oppourtiny. So I want my Lill Champ Nivaan to have the chance which I never got . I would like my Son to have a chance on the pamper modeling

  54. Aashma Saiyed

    I would like my baby to do this shoot!
    He has done few print ad shoots , cloth shoots! But this is something I always wanted !

    Mother Name: Aashma saiyed
    Age: 23
    Baby: Azaan Saiyed
    Gender: MALE
    Age : 6 months
    Complexion : Fair
    Weight : 7.8kgs

  55. Charlie Guy

    My sons name is Nasir. He is 4 months old. He smiles all the time. He loves to roll over. He has the most outgoing personality. He is honestly the most heart warming baby you will ever meet.

  56. Lara

    mother s name Lara
    baby age 9 months
    where can I send the picture ?

  57. Pooja arora

    Hii..I am Pooja My baby is 3 months old she is very sweet she loves to smile she’s very happy baby brown eyes fair colour

  58. melina

    Mom’s name Melina Rubio, age 25, Latino, baby’s name Sophia age 1 year 3 months

  59. Vera

    Vera Stuart
    Age 31
    I have two daughters they are twins their names are Abrielle and Angelina ,they are 3 months old and 10 pounds each. My girls are full of energy and sweet.

  60. Queeny Rissa Ila

    Hi. My baby is 12months old. Aren’t u looking for a 12month old baby?

  61. reyansh mishra

    Mother name-soni mishra,mother age- 24 baby name-reyansh mishra ,baby age- 1 year

  62. Ayanda

    My baby will be born late next month, May 29 according to the doctor’s prediction. I will send pictures emmediately

  63. Tia Lake

    My daughter is 2 months old. She smiles when you say “who’s a pretty girl” it’s honestly adorable. She has beautiful blue eyes & she even giggles too! I always wanted to be famous on tv but I never got that chance. So I want my daughter to have the chance I never did. I would like my daughter to have a chance on the pamper modeling.

  64. Heloisa

    Hi! My newborn and I would love to have the opportunity to be the next one modeling 🙂

    Alora is 12 days old and I am 29. We live in Dallas TX, but I am originally from Brazil.

    Thank you.

  65. Charu

    Hi I am mother of 7 month baby boy, being a mother i want to start his journey in advertising. He is too cute baby, joyful kind of nature. He has always smile on his face. His name is Divyank, weight is 9 kg approx, skin colour is fair.

  66. Stephanie desouza

    Hello, Im Benjamin’s mommy. Benjamin weighs 22 pounds. He has big blue eyes and light (almost blonde) hair. We are so interested in doing this.

  67. Stephanie desouza

    I constantly get told my baby needs to be on a pampers box or even a Gerber baby in general

  68. Jacqueline

    My baby is 5months old..she is an adorable and very lovely baby..she loves to tantrums..very happy baby who loves to see her face on selfie baby Zia is not just beautiful on cam but much more on personal..

  69. Venera

    Hello I am interested about diaper audition for my baby son Ethan

  70. Owethu

    Hi, i have a handsome babey boy he’s 7months and i would love him to advertise pampers Thank you.

  71. Olatokunbo

    Mother’s name: Olawale Olatokunbo.
    Mother’s age: 37 years
    Mother’s Ethnic background: Yoruba.
    Baby’s name: Olawale Isabella Morinnakore
    Baby’s age: 6 months
    Baby’s weight: 8.5kg
    Baby’s Ethnic Background: Yoruba.

  72. isha

    Hello.I am Isha.My princess name is Prisha.She is very adorable kid and she looks lyk a angel fairy.Her beautiful golden brown hair is so sweet.Whenever we go in public place;eveyone admires her beauty And want to click a pic with her seriously.I am interested in pamper modelling.

  73. Lizbet perez

    My baby is 2 month and half and like to smile a lot. If you smile he’ll smile with you 🤗. Joyful, and like to play

  74. Stephany Glass

    Seraphina Zoella is a beautiful 1 year old girl who loves being in front of the camera. She is smart, sweet, kind, and caring. Her activities include coloring and playing outside.
    Seraphina is 30 lbs. Has dark brown curly hair and blue eyes.

  75. tamyka

    Hello I have a baby boy 7 months.. Interested in the pamper modeling