"Rise" Competition - Tour with Drake!

Hold on to your hats boys and girls because the opportunity of your musical lifetime has just dropped into your talented laps. Multi-platinum recording artist Drake is choosing one lucky performer to open for him on his new tour and that lucky person could be you.

Are you an aspiring hip-hop artist? Have you always dreamt of going on tour with one of the biggest acts in music today? Do you think you have what it takes to travel across the country and entertain thousands of fans every night? If you do, this is could be your shining moment. The Real Hip Hop Network in association with OurStage is proud to bring you the “Rise” Competition. Any artist looking to enter will choose their best hip-hop track and upload it to the contest website where fans across the world will choose the winner. And what does the winner receive? Quite simply the greatest prize in music history – 20 dates on Drake’s new Club Paradise Tour including all travel expenses, your very own customized tour bus and the featured role in a documentary of your path to stardom entitled “Rise”! Star making chances do not get any bigger than this. to apply for this exciting contest you can go here http://www.ourstage.com/prizes/8988 and please be sure to leave a comment below and let us kn ow your thought on this awesome opportunity.

Your road to hip-hop super stardom starts today. This is your time to turn all of your hard work into the life that you so richly deserve. Apply today and you could find yourself on the road all summer as the winner of the “Rise” competition with none other than the biggest voice in hip hop today, Drake.

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  1. Elijah Morris

    Hello Good Afternooon I go by Eli The Prophet , im 23 been making music since i was 16, i do positive rap i have over 100 songs i writ-in on paper i love the good vibe hype im on the road to working and saving and a boost like that will lift my spirit

  2. Andrea Kobylkova

    Hi. I am an 13 year old female who loves rapping and has been rapping ever since I can remember. You guys should should make my dream possible because i know almost all the lyrics to all song and I am very passionate about rapping.

  3. Rodrig D

    This is the one n only Rodrig D
    A rapper / poet and I wanna do what I love and that is performing my music myself told stories of life in n out here from Ny I have accumulated rhyme n rhythm of the boy who was incarcerated at 13 that’s where it all started in tryon
    Dfy facilities in 1999 I have this burning desire to Mc when I’m
    Goin in I get this feeling I can’t
    Explain so if you wanna hear me get back to me at
    Regards Rodrig D

  4. William Causey

    Iv opened up for T pain, Flo rida, and pleasure P.
    Also worked in radio broadcasting

  5. El Dorado

    Hi there we are two young passionate rappers and we are on the finals of UK open mic and we really want to bring our music out to more people.
    I’m going to leave here a link of our work so you can see if you like us.

    Thank you for your time and attention

  6. Lela

    I’ma 14 year old female rapper from California I’ve wanted to be a rapper since I was 5 u guys should make my dream come true cuz I’m young and about my music

  7. eminex

    Hello am eminex artist musician
    Rapper singer edm rock and roll pop afro blues Christian gospel rnb reggae acoustic guitar and drummer e.t.c am looking forward see if I can have any record deal or contracts possibly contact me

  8. Jovon Green

    I’ma do it like future and be way to gone!!! 🙂 – Black Thunder

  9. Spoofy

    This could be dope
    So i wanna try 😂👌🔥🔥🔥

  10. Diamond mack

    Hi I’m Diamond Mack manager of the group called Da Yoodaats. I can assure you my group of 3guys will give u a show too remember.. they are great story tellers and knows how too please a crowd. Thank you for your time

  11. J.P. The Pompafillian

    I’m a Hip Hop artist looking to get my foot in the door. Everything you need to know about me is in my lyrics. That’s how I know who listens, and who say they listen. After 16 years of playing, i’m finally serious.


  12. QM Credit

    Ready at all times… bringing straight lyrical heat.

  13. Carey

    I can rap to Hilltop Hoods songs (50 in 5, Love It, Hard Road etc.) and Eminem (best at sped up “When the music stops”…or “Sing for the Moment” etc.

  14. Andrew Kelly

    I am a songwriter/rapper. There’s nothing on this planet that I love to do more than raising my son and rapping. Wayne and Drake always been major inspirations for me throughout these past 8 years of me rapping. I got whatevaaa you like up in my catalogue of music. This opportunity would be picture perfect. I am out in STL by the way.

  15. Mizz Jay

    This would be a great opportunity for me and my fans to get the music we love heard. I am a Hip hop artist/Songwriter, who writes from Country to Gospel and yes they are Hits. My goal is to get exposure. I absolutely Love music and all its contributions to the world. I’m a nurse who works very hard, so I’m not afraid of hard work. I live off of energy, so everything I do on stage and off is Lit, I strive for perfection. I am new YouTube user, check me out, you will also see that my sound is very unique and different. My works range from real heart felt Message songs that everyone can connect with, o Peace here, I Done Told Ya Bish, In The Trenches

  16. 211Joe

    My stage name is 211Joe, and my fan base are upset that i haven’t been recognized more for my music. i’m just dong my part and throwing my hat into the ring. i’m a regular dude from the DMV who is very creative and open minded. ww.211joe.com Thanks

  17. Robert Parliament

    Whatsup my man! I have been making music forever over about 10 years and have been working on an album in the works and would love to take this to the next level Love from your homie @Snow Wolf Ravage; home of the raptors my dude. Peace. Robert Parliament.

  18. phillybanks

    been looking for the chance to see how good I really am hopefully I get the chance too.

  19. Daressalaam Mosley

    U need to holla at me if u want a winn-ing 🏆 team

  20. Sydney Miller

    My name is $ydDAKyd and I have been doing music all my life. It would be an amazing opportunity to preform as an opener for Drake. My message is that you can be strong and still need somebody’s help in the world. That you are not alone no matter what. My music is all good vibes and positive energy. I know I would be an incredible asset to the tour. Everything I write is me. Who I am. And what I believe in.
    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.

  21. Ebony Garvin

    This is an amazing opportunity and we are excited to be able to have this chance. We are an upcoming record label and delivering awesome music. Thanks again for this opportunity

  22. Patrice

    My name is A-1. I’m from Savannah Georgia and I’m dope. I want this. I prayed for it. And I worked so hard. Please choose me.

  23. Dukebarnone

    New hot artist from Milwaukee you will love this refreshing new hip hop artist songwriter,genius artist like yourself and has the flow and look that reminds you of our late great Tupac Shakur you won’t have any regrets.check out his

  24. ViciousLeviticus

    Hey.Hi. What’s GOOD Fam? This opportunity seems way too unrealistic to be true. Seeing as you most likely won’t read this since there are dozens of other people like myself selling dreams imma keep it short like celeb relationships. I’m just your average guy with big dreams/goals of letting him self be known to the world and would like to be an influencer. I’ve been writing poetry since 9th grade and my love for music and poetry transitioned to a love for rapping. I’ve been tryna get myself known through Instagram by remixing/slaying beats like diisigner’s panda, Cardi B’s Bodak yellow, Gucci Mane’s I get the bag as well as Meek Mill’s R.I.C.O etc. Anyway to “rap” this up give me a chance. I’m not the best MC but I’m certainly different with lyrical ability.

    I wish everyone else best of luck!

  25. Michael Joseph Tyler

    My name is Michael, A.K.A T.O.T.O Reppin, Not the dog, but the God. Just listen to this banger. If you don’t like it, your crazy. This is the song of summer!

    And sorry I made this before I ever had a studio. So if we do this, remake the beat, and ill spit it again. LEGGO!

  26. Skillz Galore

    I Am a god. And I would be honored to share stages with a legendary being like Drake. It’ll be something to go down in the history books.

  27. Alicia A Barefield

    I think it’s absolutely incredible!

  28. NewkeyDaOne

    My name is NewkeyDaone I was born into hip hop the first time I feel in love with rap battle is from streets corner battles. From there I took my hard life and musical talents and shoved my way they my small town Rockford Illinois, then Chicago then Milwaukee also coast to coast live a few radio stations I’m just looking for my next big break

  29. Shawn

    Im shawn 16 yr old.im a texan ..live in alabama..not a huge fan..just a honest dude..looking for a way in life to get some where..and i would like to learn to rap from the best..im a big Fan of old school rap..be honored if accepted..if not its cool.thx anyway for the opportunity to share….

  30. Andrew Stephens

    KT and I’m apart of the #1 unsigned rap group in Atlanta called P.M. (Pure Melanin)

  31. Malia

    I am more than ready to display my talent to the world

  32. Latosjane

    Im going to keep working hard for my mom. Im 14 and trying to live big. I want my dreams to come true. My dad didnt pursue his rap dreams so i want to pursue mine. I really deserve a shot to shine and grind for my dad and mama. I want to make them proud and be a legend!

  33. Latosjane

    My name is Latosjane Lawson‼️ I’m 14 and come from a small town by the name of Holly Springs, MS. I have a very interesting story on how i started rapoing. My father is in jail and is failing on his rap dreams. He has always taught me how to do different styles of rap since i was 4-10. I first started when my dad was taken into custody for saling drugs. I want to be the first in my family to make my family proud. My mom is a single mother of 4 and i want to help her starting at a young age. This will forever and always be my dream and i will not stop chashing it! I have bug dreams that i pray to the Lord himself will come true!💯

  34. Kellie Szymczak

    I have a best friend who is really good and maybe you won’t notice and that’s fine but I want to nominate him so he can forgive me for looking all his trust so please keep it touch thank you.

  35. Justice

    Nexted Up & what a prefect opportunity

  36. Reginald Delvalle

    My name is Reginald Delvalle stage name Summitfield RJ and ima rapper and songwriter from upstate ny. I’m 30 years old and I know one thing I make hits! I got bangers! I am the diamond that hasn’t been discovered yet! Just give me an opportunity and I guarantee success! Mark my words I’m an ill Mc and even a better songwriter. I can’t be put into box because music is freedom and art. I’m the next best thing I have the Midas touch from hooks to verses I can write Any type of song and I can control a crowd. I’m going to last in the rap game for a very long time I want it more than I want to breathe!

  37. Shonta (Son-Shyne) Gavin

    This is such an amazing opportunity! It would be a great honor and privilege to share the stage with Drake! I have committed my life to the art of lyricism and this is the perfect platform to share my art with the world, on the level in which I’ve always hoped!


  38. Kidd

    My name is kidd well i go by kidd i always wanted to rap rappings been my thing since i was 6 years old. Till this day before summer started i was in school winning rap battles back to back. I learn mainly from Drake and nicki minaj and other rappers. But since the age 6 Ive been wanting to rap i dream about rapping. I rap every second i get. I go all in i write my own raps also . So like i said if you need a rapper just

  39. Devon Sanchez

    I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I’m 16 and I am very passionate about music. I have my doubts but who knows? There’s a chance I may get picked. I’m from Harlem, NY

  40. Zy Amerson

    Im 13 Years Old And I’ve Been Rapping Since I Could Talk Literally. This Is A Goal Ive Been Longing To Achieve In .


    My Name is Vondrake Guillory am from Baton Rouge La, Am 23 yrs old i moved to ATL in pursuit of making it in the Rap Game EVERY day am on my grind trying to make something happen if am not rapping in clubs am doing plays i also Act just to keep my rent paid. Some days i just want to give up because it’s a cutthroat business i tried to do opening for other act they would till me send this much money and when i send the money you never here back from them. I know i got what it take if only giving that Chance. If it not too much to ask just check out my work. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME… PS..I PUT IN 100% ON EVERYTHING I DO YOU WANT BE DISAPPOINTED.

  42. Ayonna

    Please please I really do need this I really can rap

  43. Tayo DeNiro

    2 words…IM HUNGRY ..I mix Real Life Rhymes wit Impeccable & Respectable wordplay ! All i need is a shot !

  44. Leash

    This just can’t be real 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m still gonna sign up anyway though just in case 🤦🏽‍♀️🤞🏽

  45. David coleman-williams

    What’s Poppin drake.this is thriller tuneing in yo this my spot so what you need some hits I got some. Thanks big homie.. Try me