"Rise" Competition - Tour with Drake!

Hold on to your hats boys and girls because the opportunity of your musical lifetime has just dropped into your talented laps. Multi-platinum recording artist Drake is choosing one lucky performer to open for him on his new tour and that lucky person could be you.

Are you an aspiring hip-hop artist? Have you always dreamt of going on tour with one of the biggest acts in music today? Do you think you have what it takes to travel across the country and entertain thousands of fans every night? If you do, this is could be your shining moment. The Real Hip Hop Network in association with OurStage is proud to bring you the “Rise” Competition. Any artist looking to enter will choose their best hip-hop track and upload it to the contest website where fans across the world will choose the winner. And what does the winner receive? Quite simply the greatest prize in music history – 20 dates on Drake’s new Club Paradise Tour including all travel expenses, your very own customized tour bus and the featured role in a documentary of your path to stardom entitled “Rise”! Star making chances do not get any bigger than this. to apply for this exciting contest you can go here http://www.ourstage.com/prizes/8988 and please be sure to leave a comment below and let us kn ow your thought on this awesome opportunity.

Your road to hip-hop super stardom starts today. This is your time to turn all of your hard work into the life that you so richly deserve. Apply today and you could find yourself on the road all summer as the winner of the “Rise” competition with none other than the biggest voice in hip hop today, Drake.

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  1. beasty boy banga

    fresh out of nyc brooklyn all the way at the bottom of the map some say one way in one way out my passion is music real hip hop original Beasty boy banga is the name would be an honor to do drake stage dirty

  2. Eric

    Florida Rapper GHETTOEcleva has what it takes to tour with some of the greatest talent we know and love. I believe my music will compliment these artists, as well as get the recognition it deserves.

  3. Bradley Walker

    Excited for the opportunity

  4. Prasant Rai

    And thanks for great opportunity

  5. Prasant Rai

    Hi, how are you? I am Prasant or A.K.A SONIC and I am from India. You can check my song on reverberation and YouTube.And I am looking for sponsor for my rap career and I am ready for whatever comes.

  6. roxanne knox

    hey my name roxanne 29 n i would love to be part of your casting call n you are an inspire artist…n i would to be around u n your good vibes

  7. Harpoon

    Run it!!!

  8. Phoenix Rize

    Hello- First of all I’m a super Drake fan – this is an amazing opportunity- I know I have what it takes – I literally was born to make music 🎶 pick me #RizeUp💋

  9. Adam Kattaya

    i am interested in opening up for drake .. I plan on winning ! please send me where and how to start

    • tut kingdom


  10. Caleb C. Leach

    My name is Caleb C. Leach I have an interest in this wonderful opportunity. Below is a link to one my latest tracks..enjoy

  11. Apollo

    I’m not looking to be anyone but my best self and inspire others to do the same. Gods plans.
    Just label me a creative

  12. Alain Sandenbergh ( Syllable Villain)

    Yo guys!!

    What can I say??

    Im a multilingual Southern African Artist with deep lyrics and a tight flow, this would be more than a dream come true, im based in europe and working with some really awesome afro jazz bands in South Africa ( Femi Koya) Hit me up pretty please with some cherry kush on top.

  13. fuquan a morgan

    My name is Funami973. Im from Newark, N.J Brick city. Im the next best thing in my city. Im a father of twins and im doing it for them. This is my passion, my dream.

  14. Adam Yokum

    my name is adam yokum, i truly believe i have the talent and skills needed to present myself to a large fanbase. this would be a great opportunity to make the big break. here is a link to my soundcloud where i regularly post new music to my fanbase. enjoy

  15. Dot Hawkem

    Im Dot.Hawkem. A rapper, singer, songwriter and chef straight from the west side of Chicago. Ive been rapping for sometime and my music is something that can change the way that hip hop is going. I give powerful lyrical punchlines but its also something you can vibe and dance to. I wouldnt say Im particularly a rapper, more so an artist because Im extremely versatile. Im also a lyricist. Im humble for every opportunity and would love to perform anywhere. Especially for drake.

  16. Grayescale

    My name is GrayeScale and I would love to have an opportunity to open for Drake! here is a link to my latest work!

    Thank you in advance,


  17. Dee

    Is this thing on?…..ugh.yoooo drake.let’s go.



  19. Tony Cash

    Rap name Tony Cash. I grew up in the city of Philadelphia. I am a father to a beautiful 6-month baby girl. I am also a proud husband. I get great support at home and have been rapping/entertaining going on 5 years now. I feel my success in music has picked up greatly and, I am ready to make a bigger step in my career. My Instagram name is Tonycash__, you can also search my music videos on youtube, sound cloud, spirilla and my mix tapes. I am an upcoming rap artist with the ambition of a lion on an empty stomach.
    I hope I get a response. Thanks a lot, Tony Cash.

  20. Charli Skeemz

    Whhaaaattt!!! This is a Lituation. They call me Charli Skeemz. Im an Independent artist signed to my own record label “Young Ballers Association”. Im the best person for this opportunity. Not only do I have the music, but I have other artists that is signed to my record label with some good music. I can fill up that slot time. This would be a great opportunity for Me or Us as a Independent label. Thankyou.

  21. Syoungin

    This is a great opportunity to open for Drake I look foward to the opportunity!

  22. Vitorio Reyes

    I’m Tupac everybody hates me opening up for Drake would be a great thing for his career because the Baltimore 92Q .3 radio station doesn’t care about Tupac and I’m tired of hearing about Colin Kaepernick and it’ll be a great way for me to respond to Eminem and let him know how I walked on water even though I already did on Bounce FM Detroit radio station it wasn’t live but the lady DJ she’ll confirm but right now everybody hates me cuz I’m Tupac and Jay-Z he refuses to talk to me like a man so maybe if I open up for Drake one day I can talk to Shawn Carter

  23. Jay

    Would be great opportunity

  24. youngpapi


  25. Cookie Natari

    Would love the opportunity!! #CookieNatari #HipHopTillIdie

  26. David

    Hi im David i would to audition for drake

  27. Starchild

    Hello! Would love an opportunity to share the stage with Drake or any artist. My music speaks for itself so I won’t rate myself or brag so you will have to judge the gifts after hearing me. Love and light to all!

  28. Polo Gutta

    my name is polo Gutta from FL I love to open for Drake .I have talent I get compared to Kodak black you can check me out, on every side at polo Gutta the music speak it self

  29. Jasmine Cowan

    I am thrilled i am excited everyday i share and talk to a new person and gain a fan that’s supports me in the movement i am looking for to keep me making new music everyday. This will be an exciting process if my music actually does something successful. I would be honored if i got to open up for drake i know the turn up would be real he is a wonderful role model and also has some really sweet music.


  30. Jamon tennell

    Thanks for this opportunity

  31. Evan Knox

    Thank you for this win! I look forward to traveling on my customized tour bus and connecting with the world and to drake and team for sharing this life changing opportunity. Bless!


  32. Nicolas Gerardo Rosales Patton

    Posting my track in December hopefully I read the rules and info on the competition right so wish me luck and pray for me names Lil Mexico can’t wait to show the judges and fans who I am am what I’ve been so patient and passionate about when it comes to music and making hip hop my career please take me as your trophy prize thank u adios