Tiny Luxury on HGTV

Tiny Luxury on HGTV

The hit HGTV TV series Tiny Luxury which follows a husband and wife duo as they build high-end tiny luxurious homes. The casting team for Tiny Luxury is currently seeking Families who are planning to build or buy their new tiny luxury home.

Have you always dreamed living in a luxury home? Have you always wanted to own your own tiny home? Are you planning to buy or build your very own tiny house? Now HGTV is giving you the chance! This is your moment to liv in the home of your dreams without breaking the bank! The all-new reality series Tiny Luxury is now seeking families, couples, individuals (with corky and fun sidekicks!) who are looking to take the plunge and own their own Tiny House! Ideal candidates will be introduced to a highly skilled tiny home building team who will design and construct a 100% customized tiny house that boasts high-end and luxurious amenities, creature comforts and premium materials.

The Tiny Luxury building team of husband and wife duo, Tyson and Michelle Spiess, together with Michelle’s two brothers and their spouses run the country’s premier, high-end tiny home building company. Together they design and build custom luxurious homes that can hit the highway at a moment’s notice so their clients can live however they want or wherever they want. Each episode will follow the team as they build a tiny home from start to finish and try to fit their clients wish items into a space suited to travel anywhere at the drop of a hat.

If you or someone you know long to own your very own tiny luxury home that you can take all over the country submit an email with your name, location, budget range, FULL contact information (phone and email), recent photos of yourself and a brief  bio describing why you are interested in owning your very own tiny house to tinyluxury@bodegapictures.com. Interested candidates must live in the U.S. and plan to build or buy their tiny house between Fall of 2015 and early 2016.

If you are dreaming of buying a luxury home, you do not have to downgrade your dream you simply need to downsize! What would you do if you were given the chance to custom build your very own tiny home and live anywhere you could ever dream of.


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7 Casting Responses

  1. Alexis Calipusan

    Hi. My name is Alexis and I’m from Philippines. Your tiny home luxury is so awesome! Me and my girlfriend love your design 🙂 i hope you can help us build our first new home. 🙂

  2. Jacquelin deangelo

    Bought a house in tennesse selling my house on Long Island New York. Want to build a tiny house as a kennel for my champion show dogs

  3. Lisa and Adam Janvier

    I feel like a tiny home is the only way we can really have what we want and not be held down to one location. We are in the food industry. My husband cooks bbq and I’m a baker. We have no kids, just our 3 wiener dogs. I need a nice house. I’m so sick of apartments. I want my nice farm sink, soaking tub, full sized washer dryer, dishwasher, king sized bed. I want nice back splashes and classy finishes. I wAnt to put my touch on something. I want to be able to utilize outdoor space with some kind of a deck. We want 300 sq ft or more. And it needs to be able to be moved by a trucking company, etc… We won’t be towing it ourselves. We would figure out our new location and have it moved. My husband is a chef so a nice kitchen is a must. And our dogs! We have three miniature dachshunds, Miso, Roux and Grits. They are hysterical and the best part of our day and the house really has to cater to them. Maybe a small hallway that connects the lofts that only they can fit on? Stairs that are short enough for them. Some kind of dog door. They are literally our life. We want a really luxurious, happy, tiny house they is designed for our 3 wieners. We have a decent amount set aside, but we are interested in financing a portion to make sure we get everything we need. My husband is on board, but he needs something awesome to fully agree.

  4. Judy and Rick Eckert

    My husband’s dream is to own a tiny home. I am all in, but, I still need luxury. We have a home in Homer, Alaska and we are renting in Lihue, Hawaii. Homes here are at least 6 to 7k. It looks like we are going to be here for awhile. To alleviate the costs of two homes, we would like to rent out our Alaska home. A tiny home would give us the flexibility to do that. We have property out at Caribou Lake 30 minutes from Homer. A luxury tiny home would give us the option of parking it on our property in town or taking it out to the country. Both locations have stunning views. The Homer location looks over Kachemak Bay and the glaciers. The Caribou Lake location is situated on the Alaska wilderness plains. Epic and majestic are words that only begin to describe both locations! We qualify for 6 to 7k here on Kauai with our house payment in Alaska. I am sure we could pay cash or finance the luxury tiny home without a problem. A home that looks like an Alaskan cabin would be what we are looking for.

  5. Tru

    Check out on Instagram ! We are looking to branch out on adventure and travel !

  6. Diana

    You catter to handicapped, and section 8 housing subsidised? They will pay for buying.

  7. Jasmine Jean-Baptiste

    I live in Tampa
    -Gender: Female
    -Height: 5’1
    -Weight: 112
    -Hair color: brown
    -Hair length: medium
    -Hair type: straight
    -Eye color: Brown
    -Extra Features: Glasses
    -Race: African American
    -Grade: high school Sophomore
    -Talents: Dancing, Singing, Piano a little, crying laughing and being serious at the right moment, I can go from laughing to serious right then and there.
    -I am very athletic and love sports
    -I smile a lot, always happy, and acting has always been a dream of mine and I hope this could start my future career.
    -on my free time I honestly act out scenes for the show or even create my own episode as if I were a character in the show. Acting is my life and I just want a great start on TV, I have experience on television and also act in musical theatre and one act plays at school.
    and I hope this could start my future career.