Type of Performance: Acting/Theatre

Required: Male and female actors for different roles

Application Date: February 26

Payment Mode: Paid

Location: Washington DC

Do you have a flare for acting in front of different types of audiences? Do you have experience in theatre acting? Then ‘Voices’ theatre production has a great opportunity for you! The casting directors of ‘Voice’ are looking for young people for a number of roles in the upcoming theatre play. The open auditions will take place on February 27, Saturday from 1 PM to 3 PM. If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting production, then be sure to be on time at Source Theatre in Washington D.C.

About the Show

‘VOICES’ will be presented by the RoseProse at FlashPoint Gallery. The popular gallery is located in Chinatown in Washington D.C. The show will be presented from May 12 to May 15 and from May 19 to May 22 in the gallery.

‘VOICE’ is the second installment or sequel of ‘BOXES’ trilogy. ‘BOXES’ was written by Ebony Rosemond. Presented in Trinidad Theatre Workshop in Trinidad, it was a huge success that sold out tickets every day. The show was also presented in The Bowie Center for Performing Arts in Bowie, Maryland and Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainer, Maryland.

Details and Requirements

In order to apply for the audition, prepare a two-minute monologue. Bring at least three pictures including two clear headshots and one full picture. Avoid selfies and pictures with distracting items like sunglasses and hats. Make sure to bring your resume including your acting experience, if any.


The auditions will be held on February 27 in Source Theatre. The address of theatre is 1835 14th St NW Washington DC 20001. The auditions will be taken from 1 PM to 3 PM. Make sure to be there at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

3-4 days of rehearsals per week will be conducted. The rehearsals will start from March and will be scheduled during evenings of working days and on weekends. You need to have a flexible schedule if you want to become a part of ‘VOICE’.

Not all actors will be called on rehearsals. The performers and staff at the theatre will receive stipends. It is a full-length play and currently five males and five females are required to play the lead roles.

Required Cast


Male/female actor is required to play this role. Ryan works in a mental institution. Ryan is a group therapy facilitator at the institution named Voc S.C.K. He is a dedicated facilitator who is more interested in analyzing the patients than the desires of the patient’s family and friends.


Male or female actor is required for this role. Age requirement is 22 to 45 years.  The IDA is tired of Sam’s frustrations and inability to accept his instincts. The ID now wants to tell the truth for Sam’s self-actualization.


Barbara is an exhausted mother and wife. She is tired of the societal norms and want to speak her heart out without any interruption.


Chuck 40 to 45 year old man. He is a laid back professional landscaper that is satisfied with life.


This middle aged 35-45 year old husband and father has left his career in a church for a career in corporate America. Sam now regrets his decision.


Phil is Barbara’s husband. He is still stuck in his 1950’s and he wants to leave his difficult life to spend the rest of years undisturbed.


Male or female actor is required for this role. Age requirement is 30 to 55 years. Executive is everyone’s most hated co-worker.

Barbara’s Mother

She is also stuck in 1950’s. Barbara’s mother is sincere with her and advises her daughter on different issues. She does not realize that her advice is actually harmful for Barbara’s self-motivation.


A male or female actor is required for this role. Age requirement is 35 to 45 years. EGON is the EGO of Sam that doesn’t want him to listen to IDA. Ego wants Sam to maintain his status quo.


Shirley is 21 to 30 years old adopted daughter of an absentee mother. She is originally from Ghana. Shirley is very shy by nature and suffers from low self-esteem.

Sam’s Son

Aged 17-22, Sam’s son is a rebellious guy and annoyed with his parents all the time.


A male or female actor is required for this role. Age requirement is 35 to 55 years. Alex is the world’s best car salesman.


Male or female actor is required for this role. This is an inspirational character.


This 40 to 45 years old man is a successful father and husband. He projects his calmness and inner confidence to fight frustration and boredom.

Joseph’s Coach

A 40 to 45 years old male is required for this character. Joseph’s coach wants the best for Joseph. He is sport fanatic.

Female Visitor

She is a mother of a patient admitted in the institution. This 50-65 years old woman belongs to Ghana.

Joseph’s Wife

She is 40-45 years old woman. This social climber woman is unconcerned with her husband’s happiness and needs.

Joseph’s Mother

This lady of 35-40 years of age is a bitter single mother. She depends on her son for needs.

 Sam’s Father

A 55 to 60 years old man is required for this character. He is a crazy guy who does not understand or care about mental illness.

 Male visitor

He is the father of a patient in the institution. He is a 50-65 years old Ghanian man.

This is a paid job. Make sure to submit your profiles before February 26.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a play with professionals that know their way in and out of the business.  You will be working with people who have made a name of themselves in show business and you may be noticed for more projects in the future.  Apply as soon as possible to help us fill the roles and participate in a production that will surely make an impact on everyone who watches it.  Do not hesitate, because casting directors are searching all over for talented people to fill these roles.

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5 Casting Responses

  1. Ife

    Hello! I am interested in playing IDA. Please send me the contact information

  2. Elle Lawrence


    I just submitted for an audition and am specifically interested in the role of Barbara or Ida. Hopefully you received my submission information, as I did not receive a confirmation.
    I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.


  3. Sidney jones

    Hi I am interested in coming to the audition Saturday, and was wondering if scripts can be email for looking over or study before audition. Is any way to receive confirmation that I have submit my information properly.

  4. Diquanna Adams

    I’m interested in playing Shirley, I would be perfect for the role.

  5. jasmine

    I’m interested in playing Shirley 🙂