WWE New Project NXT Kids

WWE New Project NXT Kids

WWE is creating a new NXT Kids Show, giving young fans a chance to become a part of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Family.

WWE has kept mum about the shows concept thus far, but has released a casting call giving us a little insight on what they may be planning for their new show. A portion of the show will feature talented kids doing on-air interviews and commentary work with NXT Superstars.  The kids will also serve as announcers and in some cases presenters for NXT.

It has been speculated that NXT Kids would be the launching pad for Bayley Superfan Izzy, who has become the inspiration for the show with her quirky personality and the ability to interact superbly with NXT Stars. The WWE hopes to foster more mega-fans like Izzy, who interacts so well with NXT Stars with her unrestrained personality and emotion. But the top billing spot is not set in stone so it could mean that there is a tiny superfan out there who could possibly hold the honor for the new half-hour show.

WWE producers for this fabulous new show has released a casting call seeking boys and girls between the ages of 7 – 14 with very high energy, an amazing personality and who are lively, very quick on their feet and great talkers. These talented kids should have an understanding and familiarity with WWE programming. Kids will serve as announcers, interviewers, presenters and commentators. Casting and filming for this brand new kids pilot will take place in Orlando, Florida during the week. If talent is chosen to participate in the show they would be required to come to Orlando bi-weekly, during the week. All talent will be compensated.

If you would like to submit your amazingly talented kid for this opportunity please submit a headshot with slate and/or video links to previous work, parent contact information, and a quick description of yourself and why you think you would be a great fit for this project to pilotcasting78@gmail.com.  Be sure to check back here for more information and casting updates for this amazing new kid series. Leave a comment below this post and tell us what you think of NXT KID series and why you would like to be considered to be a part of the show.

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101 Casting Responses

  1. Taurean

    HI my name is taurean Carter. I’m funny and I have a good personality. I’m a people person who gets a crowd pumped. I’m one of a kind. That’s why I think I’m a good choice for nxt kids.

  2. Finn

    I am 11 years old and from belgium, i wrestle for over 3 years and now tons of moves, thanks

  3. Adriel hill

    Hi am Adriel hill and 11 years old I’ve been watching wwe since 5 years old and I like wrestling or a announcer so can I be in but the only thing is that I live miami florida so nxt for life

  4. Adriel hill

    Hello im 11 year old and I’m Adriel I would love to be in wonderfull show Ive been watching this since 5 years old i like seth rollins and smack down and raw so I hope I can join but I live in miami florida but do a lot of hype and personality NXT FOR LIFE. Oh and I am using my mom’s email.

  5. Tracy

    Thank you!!

  6. gabriel santos

    I would love the show. im 11 gonna turn 12 in march and tall. I would love to be in the show

  7. Dondy

    Hey wassup my name is Dondy booker im 14 years old 5”4 african american male who has a huge humor filled with energy and very athletic growing up a huge fan for wwe and would be a great fit for this show because I can provide for this show because im talented with a lot of things and whatever u got planned for me i can get right to it

  8. Ryan

    Hello,My name is Ryan McDaniels and il I’ve to wrestle i do it everyday I’ll be happy to fight anytime you need me to!Thank you!

  9. Ryan

    Hello,My name is Ryan McDaniels and il I’ve to wrestle i do it everyday I’ll be happy to fight anytime you need me to!

  10. Amy Lacey

    Hi my name is Jordyn lacey I’m ten years old I have blonde hair blue eyes I love wrestling me and my dad watch raw and smackdown every week my favorite wrestler is roman reigns I have a great personality very energetic
    I’m using my moms email and name

  11. Amy Lacey

    Hi my name is Jordyn lacey I’m ten years old I have blonde hair blue eyes I love wrestling me and my dad watch raw and smackdown every week my favorite wrestler is roman reigns I have a great personality very energetic

  12. Craig

    My name is Craig I will like to be on nxt kids. am 13 I like to wrestle and i always watch samckdown and monday night raw and i think i will be perfect for your show because i know about roman rigens and with his superman puch and i like wwe i love it senes i was 3 and i hope you guys let me be on the show.

  13. Harmony Thomas

    My cousin her name is Daedae and she watches WWE all the time with her dad and my other cousin Prailyn loves it to they know everything about every wrestler its amazing of how much they know they sometimes do the wrestling moves and everything they would really love to be on the show even though I’m trying to find something to be on I just wanted to be nice and maybe give my cousins something to be on.

  14. Laniyah

    Hi my name is Laniyah and my Brother Jaylen is perfect for the show and he love to wrestle and he loves watching the show all the time. I think he would be perfect for the show.

  15. Tara Georges

    Hi, my name is Tara and I’m 11 years old. I am African American and 5 foot. I live in Orlando so it kind of hard finding auditions because most of them are in Miami so I hope you contact me for this show. I’ve always wanted to be heard, I always had that dream of becoming that girl “Tara Georges”.

  16. Kathy

    Has anything been done on this yet?

  17. Trinity

    Hi I’m Trinity I weigh 80 pounds and I’m 59 inches tall, hispanic, long brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m 11 years old I would like to be in this show because I’m really energitic, funny, and kind. I’m a huge fan of WWE and would love to be in this show

  18. subham singh

    hey i am a good wrestler i want to join NXT kids my dream is i want to go in wwe i am 14 years old my name is subham i am a indian and my nick name is rey styles becouse i love rey mysterio and aj styles

  19. Joshua Settles

    Hi, my name is Joshua and I am a HUGE fan of WWE. I am 11 years old and I think NXT Kids Series is a great idea. I am very out-going, friendly, and energetic. I watch WWE all the time on YouTube. I am always makig friends and talking to people every where I go. I am interested in participating in this show

  20. elijah

    my name is Elijah. I’m 11 years old and a huge WWE fan. I know a lot of moves, and i would be a great commentator. I’m full of energy, and i’m a good talker. I would do anything to talk to a WWE superstar.

  21. inderpreet kaur singh

    can it be kids 18 and under since i am a bit too old

  22. Chaise Darling

    Chaise Darling is a 10 year old girl who lives WWE.She imitates all the wrestlers , knows everything about them, follow them on twitter, and just has the passion to be a wrestler herself one day. She would be great for this not only does she loves wrestling, she also sings and act. She is a great speaker and very smart, straight A student and very good and clear with her language also very intelligent.

  23. Angie ponce

    My son Romeo is very charming, energetic and talented! He watches wrestling non stop daily. He would love to audition for WWE NXT kids.

  24. Serena

    My sister is 12 drop dead gorgeous! She’s very tall and skinny has bright green eyes tan skin and blonde hair not too mention she’s a huge WWE fan. She is half Mexican and half Native American

  25. Britni

    My daughter, Harlowe, would be PERFECT for this show!
    She is 7, is full of energy, very strong, super quick, loves to talk and not to mention, very cute!
    Please keep us in mind!

  26. Bridget

    Hi I’m Bridget if I could be Bayleys number 2 fan I would I’m a girl and 11 I would love to be on this show but I’m poor and I don’t have money to come to Florida plz come to Cleveland

  27. sharjeelali

    my name is sharjeel ali.I am from pakistan.wrestling is my passion.i am 18 years old,hieght 6 feet 4 inches

  28. Brianna

    Sign me up

  29. Belleh Hall

    Hello!! My name is Izabelleh Hall (Belleh for short) I love WWE shows, fights, and the people!! I love watching the fighters crush their opponents and get applause. I love the fighters style and ambition to walk on the stage. I would love to interview or talk to some of the people. I had a happy personality and I am a great talker and am not camera shy. I’m trying to start a career in show business so this would be a great start for me.

    Name: Belleh Hall
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde with Blonde highlights at the end
    Age: 11
    DOB: December 22, 2004
    Passions: Singing, Dancing, and Jump roping
    Height: 5″2 1/2

  30. obed rocky dadzie

    I’m obed rocky dadzie.I really like acting.I participate in school drama.I’m really active.many people talk about it that’s why I want to join.please I’m in ghana I’m poor that’s why I want a chance to support my family.I don’t even have money do plane ticket.please someone should help me.I’m twelve years.

  31. Chanti

    I may have to sign my child up for this! Being that we are hard core fans who love the matches, the WWE network and her favorite weestler is The Undertaker! She models and acts now in Texas, and family in Florida so this shouldn’t be too hard!

  32. Jose J. San Martin

    Hello, My name is Jose San Martin Jr.
    I am eight years old. I live in Illinois . I would LOVE to be the next NXT kid!!
    I wrestle almost everyday, I love watching it. I’m a HUGE fan of the WWE…I have my very own signature move! I Wanna be the next BIG thing.

  33. Jaydon

    My name is Jaydon Griffith ( Jay) I Love WWE my favorite Wwe superstar is Seth Rollins I am 10 years old i am very passionate about wwe and Nxt Its my dream to be a superstar please pick me.

  34. Jessica Isbell

    Hi! This would be great for my daughter, Autumn Tucker! She is 8 years old, long, blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a very good student! She loves wrestling, video games, science, art, and READING! She loves to be funny as well as laugh. She is fairly new at the acting thing, but has gotten very positive feedback. She is very animated, has an amazing memory, and is a superb reader. She would love to be considered for a spot in your WWE family! Thank you for your time!
    Jessica Isbell
    (Autumn’s Mom)

  35. Ann Jadown

    Are you still accepting candidates? I have a WWE obsessed 10 year old son who loves to reenact matches on a daily basis, dress up like WWE superstars, watch all WWE events and read WWE books. He is handsome, can quote any WWE statistic and is outgoing. He is a superfan!

  36. aleysia ball

    I would love to be a part of this except i do not wrestle. i have gone to many wwe events with my family and i watch all the time. If you are in pittsburgh, i am your girl

  37. alonna ball

    Hi my name is Alonna Ball and I would love to be an interviewer or escort. please call me if in pittsburgh

  38. Jaesan Gaylord

    I am Jaesan. I live in Illinois. And I want To participate. Please help me someone!

  39. mendy lamb

    i love nxt i watch wwe every night it comes on i think i wold be grate for this i am always in Florida

  40. Janelle Imhoff

    Hi my name is Janelle and I am an 11 year old girl who LOVES WWE. I love to act and sing, I have Pretty blue eyes and I am 5 foot 1 and a half. I have dirty blonde hair. I would love to audition for NXT, I have been watching WWE for over 6 years! Thank you.

  41. Tamara Kokko

    Hi my name is Tamara Kokko! I am 14 years old! I very athletic I run track and play basketball with Canada Elite. I’m always doing something active and I have very high energy level. I love wrestling and I love action. I have done some speeches and I love publicly speaking. I enjoy preforming and putting on a show for people as I have been on stage since I was 9!

  42. Jason Suire

    I am a hard working multitalented kid who loves wrestling as much as any one else I am a thirteen year old 5 foot 2 105 pounds african american . Also I think its so cool that there will soon be an nxt kids . I have no speech probloms very funny in an appropriate manner and can be serious so if I get accepted they will be recing a hard working , multitalented young man .

  43. Emily Reams

    Wow I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply for my son. My son Cody is a WWE fanatic, he has basically lived and breathed wrestling since he could watch tv. He has always told me he wanted to be a wwe superstar. He’s almost obsessed with it. He knows more about it than most adults. He is a good actor and would be great for commentary, interviews, announcing, and has ability to make great matches between wrestlers. This would be a dream come true for him and an enriching experience.

  44. Roberta vargas

    Hello my name is roberta vargas and my son is the biggest fan of wwe my son is richard martinez 13 and is very energetic he is very happy that you guy have nxt kids the only thing is that we live in California please contact me thank you

  45. Steven Schlonski

    My name is Steven Schlonski and I am 12 years old, me and my dad used to watch wrestling(he’s in heaven), but i still love watching it, I watch with my Grandma, LOL…
    I have a good education, going to McQuaid Jesuit and I have a wonderful personality, my mom loves talking to me, LOL… I’ve always wanted to be in WWE when i grow up but i knew it would be very tough, saw your show Tough Enough. If u could please contact me at my email below i would really appreciate it, and plus, i promise im not lying about my dad!

    Love WWE thanks for your Work,


  46. Jake Harkins

    I`m from Austin Texas and I have a 1st degree Black belt in Taekwondo, I am an improv master and a great conversationalist. I`m very enthusiastic and I don`t care for money, I only want this as a learning experience.

  47. Tameka pickens

    My son xander is a very energeticand athletic kid, his hobbies consit of swimming, basketball, soccer and reading. He very outgoing and spontaneous. ..xander is a very popular kid among his friends sometimes a funny one…He would love this given he is the biggest John Cena fan, he loves wwe and smack down …

  48. Teresa Capezza

    My son was born for this show. He eats, breaths, and lives WWE! He would love to be a part of this!!!
    Please give him a chance to show you what he’s got!

  49. Teresa Capezza

    My son was born for this show. He eats, breaths, and lives WWE! He would love to be a part of this!!!

  50. Kerry Morton

    Hello, I’m Kerry Morton son of wrestling legend “Ricky Morton” from the Rock n Roll Express. I am current 14 and Live in the U.S. I have been involve with Wrestling or the entertainment scene for a long time. To me WWE or anything involve with it is stepping up another level and I’m ready to move with it.
    Please, contact me

  51. roseann stubblefield

    My daugter is Bilingual in English and Beginning Spanish. She is advance reader and writer for her age. She is a Enthusiastic and Energetic Child Performer, Capable of playing much younger roles because of her young appearance. Thank you

  52. Tina Byrd


    My daughter, Caitlin, would love an opportunity to audition for NXT WWE. She loves to be in front of a camera and thinks this would be a great chance for her to explore her passion.

  53. Riley Armstrong

    I want to audition, but not in Orlando, Florida. I want to audition in Fort Wayne Indiana. I LOVE wwe. I’m always wanting someone to wrestle with me. I have a lot of energy. So i f you give me an audition here, I would be REALLY happy.

  54. Shay

    Dear nxt my name is shay and my cousin and I would love to be on nxt kids we are always wrestling and we both watched this since we was kids we always wanted to wrestle even if u don’t pick us if any need of help we are there and we well never fight to get to the top and u can believe that and Sasha bank that are favorite wrestlers is Stephanie, triple h,Andre the giant,all of the formal shield brothers,sting,rick flair,the bellas,aj lee, stamina,team bad and I hope we not annoying u by writing this much but we really want to be on nxt we live in va thank u????
    O and my name is shay long and my cousin name keshauna

  55. Shay

    Dear nxt my name is Shay long and my cousin keshauna and I would love to be on wwe nxt, my cousin and I are always wrestling and since we been watching wwe we haven’t Missed one yet , we would love if u picked us to be on nxt because my cousin and I always Dreams of becoming tag team partners ,even if u Dont pick us you no if there need of any help we are there this have been a dream and we been watching this every since we were a kids im 14 and my cousin is 13 and my favorite wrestler are Stephanie , triple h, all the formal shield brothers ,sting,Andre the giant ,rick flair,the Bella s,lita,natalya, aj lee,team bad and we live in Virginia and if I have to convince my mom to drive all the way to another state I will and u can believe that ! We planned what we want to be called and what are theme song going to be like i hope we not annoying u by writing this long message but we really want this opportunity we have a voice that the world might like too hear we are determine and hopefull and anxious and u can sasha bank that. Thank u for your time and please pick us ????

  56. Christela Lewis

    I have 2 gorgeous and talented children whom would be ideal for this acting role 9.5 daughter Valerie and 11 son Jacob. Please contact me 469-478-7760 We are in Dallas willing to travel.I do have recent photographs and interactive videos. Thank you, Christela G Lewis

  57. Tyler Tinsley

    Hello there!!!! My name is Tyler Tinsley! I am 14 years old and have been watching WWE for years. My favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns! When I watch wwe I am usually by myself But I act like im a announcer! It is my Dream to be apart of WWE/NXT, Im very enthusiastic about Wrestling! I love it! It is my favorite sport! I am full of energy all of the time! When my friends watch wrestling with me we act it out and wrestle! I hope you consider me for the show!
    Location- Missouri USA
    Age- 14
    Name- Tyler Tinsley
    Height- 5’9
    Hair-Dark brown
    Eyes- brown


    Hello my name is Alejandra Frias and i am very interested in this audition for NXT for my son Levi Corral. He is full of energy, funny, talented, athletic, outspoken and very exited to hear from you soon. please take this message into consideration.



  60. Bilkisu Koroma

    I love wwe so much and it will and amazing experiences for me to be on N-X-T. please email me if there is auditions. I live in Australia and am 14 years old.

  61. Kaleb Thomaston

    I’m Kaleb reddish brownish hair I’m amazing with my speaking ability I love wwe I love acting and I would love to be apart of wwe ps I’m 5/2 like 130 pounds and I wrestle for my school so I know a little something I hope you pic me and I’m African American

  62. George Figueroa (Sean son)

    My son and I have been wwe fans for as long as we’ve been on earth. Nxt is something we get excited about and watch every week. This is a great chance for my son to fulfill his dream, it’s a start to work for the WWE and he one day wants to be WWE champion. His name is Sean Michael soon to be 12 years old, knows his wrestling, his favorite NXT stars are Finn Balor, Enzo and Cass and Tyler Breeze. Please give him a chance to audition.

  63. kyshawn malone

    i would love to be on nxt of wwe.i would be great for the jb

  64. Sam Saboni

    Hi I have been watching wwe for 7 years. Never watched NXT because I didn’t have wwe network well before was just pay per view. I would absolutely love to be apart of my dream I just imagine all the time my theme song going off I run down there and gosh uuugh I can’t say this without smiling. I have an incredible personality because I think I am the only child. I speak great loud and clear I rarely develop a stutter but that hasn’t happened in a while hope you would consider me

    Thanks for your time
    Samuel (Sam) Saboni

  65. Kiaya Davis

    Please call me, please call me, I will make you proud!!!

  66. Yash khushwani

    I want to be join ur show.. how I would follow ue show so if u be want to take me in ur show 9807263284

  67. sofi

    IZZY should be the NXT kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Riley Colestock

    Riley (RJ Rock) Colestock, 9 year old girl. My dream is to work in the WWE one day. I have done some work on the microphone in front of cameras at our local shows with independent organization ASWA. I play all sports and know and love every thing about pro-wrestling. I would love a chance to audition. Please let me know what I need to do next. Thanks.

  69. Ashley Meehan

    I want to audition

  70. Sharika Smith

    Age: 16
    Height : 4’10
    Weight: 105

  71. Hudhaifah

    Hi i’m Hudhaifah.
    I’m 11 I’m in year 6 I come from somalia. I always watch wwe it’s my best show.
    I always fight my older brother every time I fight him I get stronger.
    I am talented and I always jump from high places( eg from the roof,garage).so this why want to be in wwe NOT kids.
    So please can you chose me I really want to be in NOT kids.
    Thank you for listening to me. I’m sorry if waste your time. Thank you.

  72. Brielle Clark

    My name is Brielle Clark, I am seven years old, athletic, fun, and full of energy and I would love to audition for anything that has to do with the Disney Channel. I also love to act, sing, dance, and model.

  73. Julisa del rio

    I would like to get in

  74. kolinreynolds

    i wish i could be on n-x-t i want i think i would do good

  75. victor hoya

    please email me if auditioning in illinois