A brand new MTV series is looking to help anyone who is ready to let go of their darkest and most painful secret once and for all. The producers for this ground-breaking new series are seeking people willing to share their stories and unburden their secrets in a safe environment. MTV will give you the chance to finally set yourself free from your darkest secrets to those who are most important to you. Absolutely no more excuses. Definitely no more cover ups.

Do you have a secret that you have been keeping from a friend or loved one? Has this secret spiraled out of control, leading you to live a double life? Are you exhausted from covering it all up? Or just tired of living a life that feels like a lie? Are you ready to face the music? With the professional help and guidance of MTV’s team, you will receive the help you tell your friend or loved one what has really been going on in your life in a safe and supportive environment.

If you are 18 or older and ready to unveil your cruel deception, our team is ready to help you. To apply for this amazing new show please send an email to michaelan.moore@rtvshows.com with a brief description of your story, along with your name, location, phone number and photo of yourself.

Be sure to check back here for more information and casting updates for MTV’s groundbreaking new docu-series. Leave a comment below this post and tell us what you think of this upcoming new series and why you would like to be considered for MTV’s new docu-series.

It’s time to help yourself heal and move forward from your dark secrets.

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15 Casting Responses

  1. YaRonnica

    I would definitely fit this show perfectly. I am in a new 2 year relationship that I am more than happy in but I can not leave My ex fiancé alone, we were together for about 10 years & some CRAZINESS popped off but im definitely living a double life ??. ??

  2. Ang

    Dear MTV,
    I think this is an AMAZING idea for a new show! I am super stoked to watch it whether y’all puck me or not I believe it will be powerful and help others! I am absolutely terrified to tell my boyfriend and my mom that I have been doing something that could get me locked up. I am terrified of one of them walking into my house while I’m in the middle of doing it. I could really use your help in explaining to them what has been going on with me!
    Please Help,

  3. Kate

    My name is Kate I would like to be on the show. hopefully I will be the next snooki and Jwoo.

  4. Dylan

    Hi MTV, I’d like to reveal I’m Transgender that’s a secret that I’ve been holding.

  5. Tanishia

    This is something ive always wanted to do, and ive always though about doing, im nothing like i was when i was younger girl and my im 22 and my mom and dad doesnt really know how i live my life but this show is a great idea

  6. katona risher

    i have a secret

  7. Jesu

    Hey mtv I have a big secret to tell my boyfriend I spend a lot of money trying to leave a rich life and I’m in dead for over 100.000

  8. Jakela Emmons

    I am Jakela Emmons I am 23 years old and I have a beautiful 18 month old daughter. In 2012 I lost the love of my life due to gun violence. When he passed I was lost. I did a lot of things to try to feel the void. I have never experienced pain like that in my life that left me feeling empty. My world changed drastically after his death. I didn’t know how to go from being with him everyday to learning to cope with never seeing him again . To make a long story short I start looking for the love I had with him in all the wrong places; sex, weed,money & men that I knew only wanted one thing . Through the years I have let go of weed but sex has been my relief. To say the least….I would love to share my story with MTV to help others that have dealt with similar situations

  9. Katelyn Harbert

    I need this docu-series to help change my life, to finally be able to fully be truthful with my family.

  10. matthew mello

    I have a secret but im not gonna put myself on blast email me for info

  11. Jose Castillo

    My name is Jose Castillo. Student of Borough of Manhattan Community College, Age 18, Major in theater, loves to act. Experience on stage. Not a stage fright person. I’ve been in short films in school projects. I just want to be in a real actor and be very secured to my future goals. Hopefully i could get chosen to brighten myself. So i can show the people who don’t believe in me my true colors.

  12. Melanie Munoz

    I am 12 yrs old and i am good at acting
    I practice alot in my mirror and i can….
    Act- happy …sad..desparate…confuzed…sarcastic
    Funnu…And much much more

  13. cacedric ross

    I have wanted to be and acter all my life .I am ready to show the world my talent !!!

  14. laquesha henderson

    hey mtv i have a big secret to tell my husband

  15. Benita Ashford

    My dream as a young child was to become a movie star, but took a different path. Now, as I have gotten older, would like to explore my passion for the Arts. I majored in theater, but did not have the opportunity to expend my talent. My story is different, but unique to many women.