Scream Flea Productions Presents I QUIT

Scream Flea Productions Presents I QUIT

I Quit is an empowering new Docu-series from Emmy-Award winning production house Screaming Flea Productions. Screaming Flea Productions are known for their groundbreaking series such as Hoarders and Sell This House. Their award-winning shows have aired on Lifetime, A&E, Discovery Channel, Oxygen and many other networks.

A great show starts with a great story. Screaming Flea Productions is currently working on an empowering docu-series project that will give millennials a chance to take back control of their lives and pursue their dreams. “They say WINNERS never quit, but sometimes, QUITTERS WIN!” Is there something you want to quit to pursue something else? (Is it school, job, family business, home, sport, social group, sexuality, race, religion, culture, etc.) Is disappointing someone or your family holding you back from making a change? Are you ready to start living for yourself? Are you living someone else’s dream? Are you stuck in a situation that you’ve been longing to get out of? I QUIT, will give you the grand stage to quit something, someone or a situation in your life that is holding you back from reaching the stars. The stage will be set for your EPIC EXIST and celebrate the start of your new life.

Screaming Flea Productions has released a casting call seeking individuals seeking a DRASTIC life change. The casting team is seeking individuals willing to tell their story and ready to pursue their dreams without being held back.

If you or someone you know are ready to make the greatest change of your life with this exciting new project email your name, contact info, recent photo and story to or apply online at Be sure to check back with us for more information and casting updates on this groundbreaking new series. Leave a comment below let us know what you think of this empowering new series and tell us why you would like to be considered to be apart of the show.

Scream Flea Productions Presents I QUIT

Scream Flea Productions Presents I QUIT

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35 Casting Responses

  1. Colleen Clark

    been too nice to get rid of my roommate (who is an old flame from over 10 years ago) who lost everything and doesn’t pay me rent or anything and its been killing me emotionally, financially, and holding me back from moving on with my life….

    I can’t throw her to live on the streets allthought she is ruining my life, my friends think she is using me, I think she is suffering from depression and doesn’t really seem to be hurting/using me on purpose

    she is also dirty and a bit of a hoarder which makes things even worse for me I’m embarrassed to even invite people over to my own home and due to the financial situation I’m looking to sell my house to my neighbors now in lieu of losing it due to not being able to afford it on my own…

    I’ve threatened her, cried to her, gave her legal notice, begged, pleaded and she is still here….

    she is my friend and has been hurting me more than anyone, not sure how to get my life back
    I’m hoping to sell my home ASAP and am even willing to give her $ from sale of house to help her get on her feet…. ugh I’m a SAP

  2. Rizza May Arcangel

    I quit my job and forget about career women just to be a stay at home mom and take care of my job and I don’t have regrets at all. So happy I made this decision.

  3. Alyssa Davis

    I think that I would be an awesome fit for this role, I’m a recovering heroine addict and I have been trying to rebuild my life, to drastically change the course of my ultimate destiny

  4. Vera Harris

    I think this is a great concept for a show! So much “follow your dreams” shows and programs target the youth. I like that this seems all inclusive. Adults are just kids who had to learn to behave and give up on their dreams, so they could support themselves. But that dream is still there nagging everyday. So I think this will do very well and i am excited to watch it unfold. Way to Go guys! I would love to be a part of this show because I want to quit my life so badly. I gave up all my goals to work a regular 9-5 to survive. I am ready to stop surviving and start living!


    Looking for a platform where my skills and expertise of real estates sales can give me the opportunity to make a name for myself in RI where there are few minorities and hard to break into this business and be the first to show others that giving us opportunities will help us shine and be more productive in our communities ,,,,

  6. Destine johnson

    Hi my name is destine and there has been so many things that have stopped me from my dreams. I love to sing, dance, act and helping other people and more. Things like family, money issues, school and other things that have happened that has been in my way. I feel like if someone was to give me that one chance I would work my hardest and my best to do the work and to succeed.

  7. Stephanie Nubuor

    Good morning, I’m Stephanie and I wanted more information about the open casting call “I QUIT” and I would like to tell my story. So basically, I want to quit the high expectations my dad has made for me since I was born and moved to America. Now if you don’t know, almost ALL foreigners want their children to become something great in life like a doctor, lawyer, an engineer and etc. but anything outside of those pristine titles is “forbidden”. So basically their living their lives vicariously through us not realizing that when they’re dead, we’re stuck with whatever they oh so dreamed for us. Now I’m taking a stand for once in my life against my dad (without him actually knowing that I am; the irony) and grabbing ahold of my life. What I want to do and have wanted to do since I could remember was to act. Now that’s not a stable job; financially but I love it so much. I would also love to go into the business world. See I’m not totally stupid! When I decided “the hell with this, I’m gonna do it” I found this listing and thought ” oh wow, this has me written all over it!” Now I think you should pick me because I will be an inspiration to all other teenagers who are forced into doing something they obviously don’t want to do and are too scared to speak. Because I’m the end it is your life. I know our parents gave us life but we get to choose what to do with them; it will help us grow as individuals.
    Thanks and goodbye.

    18 yr/o Ghanaian born female with a spunky personality

  8. Dawn Potter

    Im goin to recommend this show too all my friends.Thank you Dawn Potter

  9. Jorge Lara

    Been suffering with anxiety and depression for the past 13 years. I’ve had multiple jobs but can’t stay at any because I was sick. I’ve been living with my mom since birth and am 33 years old so I am ready to move out and try to start acting and maybe stand up. I’m looking to quit my way of life and become somebody

  10. Smooth

    I am a Screen Printer In Troy Mi and I love what I do as far as work, but I DEPISE my work environment. We have NO structure NO RULES, is DEFINITELY OVER WORKED I work anywhere from (12-18) hours a day at the least. Work for a maniac thats ONLY nice when he wants & need last minute or rush work orders ran and shipped out. He BLOWED you up WAAYY before your “START TIME” I FINALLY make good enough money but that’s because Im THEE only person there. I have a published book I wrote that I haven’t had the money to promote and do signings for “Shatters Of My Broken Heart” I am a full time unsigned Music Artist and I have NOOOOOO time for My music, I just be wanting to Quit & maybe open My own little screen printing shop & use that to support My music etc and just live it up.

    Times I had to leave work early to go to shows, my boss have said to M3 with the most serious face: “Hey, dont go off and get famous and become some big super star and not be able to work for me anymore.” ? Thats was the most inconsiderate jacked up thing a “Business Owner” could say to a highly motivated Employee. I have more to say; but i’ll stop here. I BET im your perfect Candidate.

  11. Tiffany Saindon

    Hi my name is Tiffany Samson and I live in Quincy MA and am looking to break into the acting business. I am a 33 yr old girl but look like I’m still in my 20s…..all I want is a chance to audition. ..if you would just give me a chance I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you

  12. Kim Beemer-Grin

    So my husband quit his life of a figure skating coach, in Norther, Ontario Canada to be a Captain of his own sailboat. One morning he woke us up and said he was going to show us the world. We started in Connecticut and currently the sailboat is in Raiatia (the island beside Bora Bora). It’s been quite the adventure. My 18 yr old son loves it, my 8 yr old daughter hates it. My 40 yr old husband is determined to make it around the world. For me this is pretty drastic. “I quit” is an epic quote for me right now.

  13. T Lawrence

    I think this is a great idea for a reality show and I’m ready to quit my job after 17 years evening knowing it will be a drastic life change. I have submitted an email.

  14. ShaRae Ross

    I feel as though I would be great for this show do the the fact I have so much determination, motivation, and dedication to begin my career. I didn’t have the money to finish college, which I know would’ve helped me a great deal in getting my foot in the door. Although, I don’t have an agent or multi professional experience I can assure you all you will not regret casting me for this show. I have so much to offer. I promise this will be a big change not only for me but for the production team as well. Thank you for your consideration!

  15. Latavia Young

    I am Latavia Young and I have been recently diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease where my immune system cannot tell the difference between good and bad cells and so it attacks them all. Due to this, I cannot eat inflammatory foods, which is pretty much sugar and salt; so nothing processed. I need help quitting processed food for the sake of my health but it’s so hard to do as a college student.

  16. Vincent Ruggieri

    Hello, my name is Vincent Ruggieri. Looks to me as though you don’t have many males commenting on this so I thought I’d throw myself in the mix. I aspire to be a filmmaker not an actor, but in doing so I must understand acting in itself. I consider my personality to reflect that of an actor/I’ve been in a handful of plays and if you’re interested in interviewing me etc etc.

    Age 20
    155 lbs
    Muscular/athletic build
    Brown hair
    Hazel eyes

    Don’t necessarily need a main role, but could definitely handle one.
    Thank you for your time.

  17. rochelle bullchild

    Hi my name is Rochelle I am fifteen years old and I love to read, play sports and horseback ride.

    I am definitely interested in acting and I love being a different character. When I was younger I thought it be to be in a film. This will be my first time and hope it will be so much fun. Thank you for your time.

  18. Priscilla

    Hello, my name is Priscilla…and I am ready to QUIT! I am done with my life as I know it. I am ready to embrace my flaws, faults and most of all, my neglectful childhood and being abandoned. The fallout from all of it truly affected my life in a negative manner and I am ready to let it all go and be free…be me!!!

    I am camera friendly, not shy and most of all…I am ready.

    Priscilla Gauthier
    AGE: 35 – 45 range
    145 lbs
    Long brown hair
    Brown eyes


    i really want this

  20. Patricia Riley

    Hello my name is PatriciaR.
    All my life I have spent time trying to make it happen for other people and their families. I raised 4 children. All boys. One of these children was my sisters. I have used the little money I had feeding not only my family but other people children who came into my life. If I found out their was a need for clothing, shoes, food, I contributed to the cost. I made sure my freezer was stocked up enough to feed my family plus have the opportunity to share. I gave of my resources and my time as much as I can. I am 56 years old now and still give back into the community by volunteering. I have tried to get a life for myself without being selfish. I never had a lot of money but I have a lot of love. I would not say I quit in showing love toward others. I quit in showing love for others and I myself do not have the resource to do so myself. The reason I say I quit is because receiving this role would give me a great start in life myself with opportunities to give back having the money to give back. I can not say I quit shoeing love because if I see anybody especially a child hungry or need encouragement (true) love I will share without ever regretting. I am not upset about what I have done. I am upset because I never got the chance to complete major projects I have started to make my life productive enough to leave a good legacy for my grand children. I have done my best though by volunteering at Boys and Girls Clubs, Elementary Schools, Church’s Sunday School and Vocational Bible School, 4-H Clubs, and doing things in community to make a positive change in my children and other people children lives. Although I am older and face many physical challenges now, my life still counts. I quit trying to please others only now it is time to make my life productive. After all, I really think my life does count as well. I believe you do too. This is why you are casting this show. I look forward to play a part in your decisions. I have attempted to go back to school but every time something happens such ad death, conflicts, etc. In spite of it all I just kept trying, I even tried to pay for classes myself but I was unable to get through on their webinars to submitted my lessons. I could not complete because I was having issues with school technology. Even though , theu faithful took my $49. It was always nothing on my part I had many hindrance. I tried my very best. I tried to move forward on many projects of my own but did not have the resources to publish my material. It has always been one thing or another. I believe this is my break through your documentary. I would love to be a part of it.

  21. Misty N. Plant

    To the Casting Directors of ‘I QUIT!’:
    I Quit!
    Or at least, I want to quit.
    I want to quit my relationship. I want to quit my self-destructive habits and addictions. I want to quit obesity. I want to quit from mental illness. I want to quit drugs. I want to quit smoking. I want to quit being homeless. I JUST WANT TO QUIT!
    I am in need of a major life change, but my family and my fears hold me back from seeking a new life. I am diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, and as of my most recent hospitalization in September, there is a possibility I may have Schizophrenia like my grandfather before me but the the doctors at the state run mental health facility where I recieve free medications don’t take the time to diagnose, just treat mental illness. My family, fearing for my safety away from them and for my sanity should I unhinge again, wish to keep me close to “home” where they can shelter and protect me indirectly. I’m stuck living in an RV with my now ex-boyfriend (though we don’t act or think like exes and I don’t think we will until we live separately). There are drugs, alcohol and smoking around me all the time, and I would like to leave those behind.
    I was once a fully functioning, drug-and-addiction free, independent adult, and I wish to be again. My life dream is to serve the homeless population, because I was raised by my family who ran a homeless shelter in Dallas, TX.
    To successfully go from unemployed, disabled adult, I will need Occupational Therapy to teach me coping skills and some basic cognitive functions I lack due to my Autism. To quit obesity, I need help learning how to exercise and eat right (on a budget). To quit drug, cigarettes, and my relationship, I need a new living environment. To quit being homeless (by HUD’s insufficient housing definition of ‘homeless’), I need a habitable place to live (even if it needs some fixing up, I am down for learning ANY skills I need to be independent once again).
    I wasn’t diagnosed with Autism until I was 14, and at the time and since then, I didn’t receive any help with learning to function in a Neurotypical world. I have to carefully monitor everything I do and say constantly, and often it isn’t enough as I will make some social faux pas and inadvertently offend or anger someone. My sensory processing is out of whack due to my Autism (sounds are so loud I walk around with earplugs around my neck to put into my ears at the slightest hint of increased volume or an additional over stimulus of sound, my coordination is very bad, my sense of taste is so enhanced that I can’t drink milk if it is within a week of it’s experation date, my sense of touch is so sensitive I am almost always in pain and I have trouble organizing my thoughts and emotions when all my senses are always overwhelming me.)
    I need to be learn coping skills. I need to learn healthier habits. Autistics are all about routine: I NEED A NEW ROUTINE. One which empowers me, and allows me to better enable others to reach the goals I am aiming towards.
    I am a researcher. I have researched and planned many different ways to start my journey. Please contact me for further information.

    Yours truly,
    Misty Plant
    Age: 25
    Height: 5’5″ (down 1.5″ since the age of 20 and unable to go to the doctor for a diagnosis of the reason because I fall through the cracks of State Health Insurance and the Affordable Healthcare Act)
    Weight: approx. 300 lbs.
    Size: 22
    Looks: I am told I’m pretty “for a big girl”.
    Eye Color: brown/hazel/gold
    Hair: Natural Brunette, dyed Dark Brown/Black

  22. Cristal Jaquez

    My name is Cristal age 24. Here is the story! After 6 and a half years of being “The Crazy Drunk Couple” me and my girlfriend (Heather age 30) are ready to put the bottle down. You would think after a domestic abuse case, losing almost every friend we had, plenty near death experiences etc. etc. That we would have quit a long time ago but no… Our story runs very deep. We met young both of our fathers were pastors and you could say her father was my father’s mentor. Years later we end up in a full blown lesbian relationship and as you can imagine nobody was happy. It’s been hard trying to convince our families that we are not toxic for each other and our relationship is not the reason for our drinking. It’s alot I could go on all day so please please contact! You won’t regret it!

    FYI we get told on a daily we need a reality show! We entertain on a daily, from coworkers to people in line at the grocery store, we keep people on they’re toes.

  23. Toni

    Hi! I tried to submit talent info but it didn’t submit. Im a homeless college dropout trying not to be suicidal. Looking for some inspiration. ..and fun 🙂

  24. Jeanine Miranda

    I raised 4 children alone. 3 girls 1 not. 27g, 26b, 22g, 19g. Now they are adults. 2 with sons of their own. I stopped dating to as they got older, as to remain focused on them and their needs. Now, I’m ready to go out and get myself a life. I want to go back to school, have some fun and possible move to Europe (anyplace there) But, I now suffer from adult A.D.D. and, I also have severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. And fear I’m running out of time to live my dreams. The pain is getting worst. And I don’t know if I will be able to walk or move. So while I’m still able I would love to be apart of this show.

  25. Simone A

    This sounds absolutely identical to what I’m going through right now. I’m interested!

  26. Brian

    There are 2 people including myself ready for a LIFE Change READY to follow their dreams

    My Fiance, Dena 43 Graduated from College 2015 with her Masters in Psychology and is afraid to leave her job as an ASST. to a mortgage loan officer.

    My son who was stab in oakland and is recovering here in LA. at home but suffers from PTSD
    and is not sure of the world or what he wants to do.

    Last but not least Me , Brian wants to leave the Family business of 43 years to pursue his Music Career he gave up 30 years ago after an album and video in the 80ds I would like to be back to playing in a Rock & Roll Band and Record a new album.

  27. Faith Nicole Heathcote

    Hello. My Name is Faith. I live in Indiana but am willing to go anywhere to act.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (almost 15)
    Grade: Freshman
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Ethnicity: White
    Talents: Danced for many years competitively, cheerleading for high school, did many sports, can sing, and love acting in school plays and community plays.
    Extra: I have Scoliosis. I have dyed my hair dark red but am willing to dye it back to original color. I feel like “I Quit” is something I am interested in. If any roles are available feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading and put me in consideration.

  28. Serena Davis

    I am interested in the new series “I Quit.” I have little acting experience, however I would like to know of any current castings that are suitable to me. I am 31 years and 5’2” tall. Please contact me for more auditions.

  29. Eylissa Henry

    My name is Eylissa Henry, I also go by Jzammorah.
    I believe this is a great show, to give others the reality of how someone who wanted to quit, but also found out there is much more to face and/or lose if you quit rather than not quit and succeed. I would love to be a part of this series, because I have actually quit and started back wanted to quit again but did not. I am a artist I deal with the pressures of the entertainment word, I am a working background singer/individual artist. My journey has been rough but has been beautiful at the same time and I have some very far and I am proud of the success I have had and having.

  30. Gina

    Walking dead is the best show ever!!! I think it can use a knew important character though

  31. Roger Cooke

    Good Afternoon,
    My name is Roger Cooke, I am presently the owner of a Restaurant called THAT PLACE in Capon Bridge WV. I believe that I fit your project perfectly, I am done!!! I am done being what everyone expects me to be. i have been a Chef for as long as i can remember. I was once married to the wrong woman but had 2 beautiful girls from her. My life is at a stand still, I cant do it anymore…… I need a change. I have always wanted to be an actor, It is my Dream. Don’t get me wrong, I am an Amazing Chef that never got the recognition that he deserves. At the present point in my life, i have lost EVERYTHING. Lost my House, lost my wife, I only get to see my Daughters 50% of the time. My business is now up for sale due to too many family issues that i can count and it took its toll. My Grandmother just passed away and i have nothing to look forward to. I need to Quit, Quit being a Chef, Quit being this man that Everyone in my life expects me to be. i NEED to be me for once. there is so much more that i can ramble on about. But if you want a person that needs to quit and needs a change, then i am Definitely your man. Give me a chance, You will not be disappointed. An extremely unique individual i am. And 1 more thing, I am a Brutally Honest person. Ask me Anything but be prepared for the answer.

  32. Britney Killings

    HI Im Britney im a Patient Care Asssaint at a Hospital, I’ve been working as one for 6 years. Im only 21 years old and basically my life is bery Routined. I care for sick people daily and watch people past away everyday as much as i love to do work pleasing to god, I would love to do work pleasing to my self like being in the entertaning world I feel like im full of life and challenges I want to be myself cool, sexy, crazy. I would to be a t v host ,actress,business ower,book writer and one day a minster to tell about my testimony and my life turn around however, I feel myself moving but i feel like its still major moving coming along for me. I love to laugh I love to dress I love make- up and I love parting and looking good I love nice lavish things However im in a facilty all day having to look sad be serious dress in scrubs all day and do dirty work pls I quit!

  33. RazzyD

    Hi (: I am RazzyD, I am a 17 year old with a story.

    I want to quit feeling like I am not important. I want to be somebody in my life, I do not want to be remembered as some face in the yearbook, I want to be heard. Currently, I make youtube videos, and I have 317 subscribers. I know it is not a big number, but I am finally being heard by some people and I love it. I just want to make people happy, in any shape or form. Putting a smile on people’s faces is my dream! If I could be casted on this show, my life would be complete. I just want people to know me more than just some girl who likes makeup. I want people to know who I am. My family is not against this, but they do think I should focus on school, which I agree with but this is my dream.

    Height: 5 feel 5 inches
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Dream: This.

    Please help me reach for the stars, this is my dream and if it comes true, I can’t even imagine my life. Help me out(: Help me be heard.

  34. Sarah Bogden

    Hello, I found this post at what I believe to be divine timing. I believe I am a perfect candidate for this documentary as I have already quit my previous, pre-destined, planned out, safe route for life and dropped out of college to pursue my dream of teaching yoga and motivational speaking. I am struggling to make ends meet at this point and have been influenced by my family to go back to school, when I already know that my passion is teaching yoga, spreading compassion and good vibes, and mostly helping others heal from the suffering that comes with being human. I believe that my good intentions and dream to create a better existence for all is something worth investing in and would appreciate your consideration.

  35. Jessica Armstrong

    Hello my name is Jessica and i was asking deeply can i be in this document series. I love acting with all my heart. I am an inspirational actress ever since i was 10. My only 16 years old, but their is a lot i can do. People remember me by my facial expressions and how i always play funny characters. e.i. Scuttle and Pumbaa. You want regret putting me into this show. I guarantee 100%. Please feel free to ask me any questions.