True Life: Are You In Love With A Stranger?

True Life: Are You In Love With A Stranger?

MTV’s groundbreaking and Award Winning hit series “True Life” is on the search for your fascinating True Life stories and your amazing first-person point of view. For almost two decades MTV has been blazing the trail of documentary storytelling, sharing the unique experiences and perspectives of young adults with the world. True Life has covered over 140 topics which include money issues, sexual topics, drug use, social behavior, Love triangles and extreme sports fanatics.

Are you in love with someone you haven’t actually met in person yet? We know love is powerful and nowadays some of our strongest relationships can start and flourish online. Did you meet on Twitter, flirt on Snapchat, date on Skype and get engaged on Instagram? Are you already talking wedding dates, but you just haven’t met face to face yet? Or maybe the situation is much more “old school” and you’re getting into an arranged marriage. Mom and Dad know what’s best (or not) and you’re putting your love life in their hands. Or has a prison pen pal captured your heart and you’re just counting the days to their release so you can finally get married? Are you about to make a forever promise to someone you have never met in person? People do it every day, and we want to hear all about your story!

For your chance to be on MTV’s True Life series please send an email to the casting department at with a description of your story. Please be sure to include your name, city, state, contact phone number and recent photo. Everyone has an incredible story and MTV is giving you the chance to share it with the world. Apply today for your chance to share your completely incredible story.

Be sure to check back here for more information and casting updates for MTV’s groundbreaking and award-winning docu-series. Leave a comment below this post and tell us what you think of this upcoming new series and why you would like to be considered for MTV’s True Life docu-series.

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13 Casting Responses

  1. Reemasinh Thakur

    I m just so profound to be a part for the reality show mtv. Specially that can be based on for loved onces, so as i can build up my relationship bond.. Thank u

  2. Mary Jane

    Hi, My name is Mary Jane and im in love with a man i’ve known since 17. I gave him my virginity back in 2005. Well we started back talking and i’m just so lost on him, still he is so secretive. Between the 5 years we weren’t talking one of my little brothers were killed (2010) I lost my mother and grandmother the next year(2011). Since 2013 and at 4 months pregnant I began back talking to each other. This guy is the love of my life I just don’t know why he is so secretive. i’ve meet no one in his family or friends since i’ve met him only his so called first born son. I’m ready to marry him and I just want to know that his love is strong for me as well.

  3. Akira Williams

    Hi ! My name is Akira I’m 20 years old and I’m in love with a guy in jail that I never saw ! I sent him money and put money on his phone, he played me but we still talk. Oh yeah he’s 7 years older than me

  4. Den'ee Downing

    an ex just notified me he has not stopped loving me after no contact in 21 yrs after I moved from Conn to Ohio he wants me to go back and marry him.

  5. Braden Austin Travis

    You can’t possibly pick anyone else,
    I fell deeply in love with a local musician who I don’t even know.
    You simply must consider myself for the role.
    26 year old Male
    Edmonton Alberta Canada, the mother ship of Canadian rock music!!!

  6. Serena Davis

    Greetings my name is Serena. I recently learned about the television audition for True Life. I am interested in casting for your organization. Thanks for your consideration.

  7. junup

    acting is my dream

  8. Marion stobbe

    Name is Marion lindsy-rose stobbe I am 15 years old and I live in Kamloops bc
    Ever since I was a little girl my passion has always been singing or acting but I never thought I would ever be good enough. But maybe I’m wrong, I’ve always wanted to become an actress. It would be a dream come true. And after reading the new series coming soon real life, I can relate to. No I have never gone that far with a complete stranger but I have talked with people all over the world over apps and never met them. This show I find is so true people all over the world do actually do this. And the person that thought of this amazing series. You are going to bring so many people to love this. I’ve just read about it and I wish that it was out now. I would love to get a chance to take part in this series.
    I am not someone who has played in any shows but i am a person willing to dedicate my life to acting

  9. Debbie

    Acting is my passion and did a play called “confessions of a psycho” was a mental patient and loved every minute …I’m very dedicated and hope I get a chance for a part in your series..Thank you in advance.

  10. Kapil chaudhary

    Actor apply

  11. Carri

    I am interested.

  12. Omari

    Im real asf nd i got almost over 1000 message to girls flirt ing back I just play it nd get number s on numerous sites nd apps i need to be a true star i got what it takes and i love football to death????

  13. Dominiqué Vega