Open Casting Call For The Disney Channel!

Disney Channel Open Casting Call

Christmastime has come early for all of you talented performers out there dreaming of a role on the fabulous Disney Channel! Disney Studios will be holding an open casting call for a variety of roles on all of their current hits and productions in development. In one day you could find yourself a young actor with a dream to the next Disney superstar.

Disney realizes that not every talented kid lives in the Los Angeles area. Some of you just cannot make it out to the west coast but they still want to see the undiscovered talent that is out there. Years ago Disney in their infinite wisdom decided to hold two casting calls per year in different centrally located cities to help them find the countries most talented performers and now 2012’s first Disney Open Casting Call is here! The event will be held on Saturday May 26th in Kansas City , Missouri and it will be open to ANY performer aged (or who looks) 10-18. This is a huge opportunity for all aspiring actors to work on The Disney Channel and Disney XD productions. When this event was held in 2004 Disney was able to discover current Disney favorite and worldwide superstar Selena Gomez!

This will be a chance for Disney talent evaluators to find new and exiting performers for all of their quality productions. That means that this is a chance for you to audition for EVERY project in one shot. You could be cast in an all new Disney film or musical, one of Disney’s awesome TV shows like A.N.T Farm, Shake It Up!, Lab Rats and the upcoming new series Code 9 and Bits And Pieces or as the voice of an animated program. This is going to be the place to be for every actor, singer, dancer and comedian in the country and you need to be there.

The open call will be held from 9am to 3pm on May 26th and many are expected to attend. You will need to arrive early and be ready to prepare. Disney will provide you with a one page reading with which you will  perform your short audition. You will also be required to fill out a short application. You can go here to download and fill it out now and get a jump on the process. Your time to be a star is approaching. Submit yourself today to be the next Disney star.

Disney Open Casting Dates and Information:

Date — Saturday May 26th

Time — 9am – 3pm

Location —

Kansas City Convention Center
301 West 13th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

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  1. Naomi Setu

    Hi my name is Naomi, I’m from New Zealand and I would really love an opportunity to be casted in your films. I’m 20 years old.

  2. Star Taylor

    Hi my name is star and I am 13 years old I am a very happy person I have dark skin 5’1 every time I watch Disney it bring so much happiness it makes me fell like I can do anything I have wanted to be an actress since I was 5 my hair is shoulder length and it’s curly.

  3. Rebecca

    I would love to audition for Disney but I live in Ireland is there any auditions being held here for any Disney parts I’m 17 dark brown hair hazel eyes 5’4 and obsessed with Disney 😂

  4. Mrs S Westbury (Anisa's mom)

    Dear Disney casting,
    We would like to know if you do Disney auditions for kids from the UK? It’s my daughter’s dream to be in the Disney channel ! Her name is Anisa Westbury. She is 15 years old, 5′ 6″. Mixed race with shoulder length curly hair. We live in Worcester, UK. She has done different types of dances, she’s done singing since she was 6 and has done few acting roles as well. It will be lovely if you are doing some sort of arrangement for U.K. kids Disney auditions. Can you let us know please? Thank you

  5. ActressBella

    Dear Disney Casting,
    My name is Isabella, I’m eleven years old, about 5’3. I have shoulder length hair that is brownish-blonde and I have green/blue/brown eyes. I have wanted to be an actress my whole life and now, it’s finally my chance. My best dance genre is contemporary, but I can also do jazz, ballet, lyrical and a little bit of acro. I sing quite okay if I do say so myself. My hobbies are painting, ice skating, playing around with makeup, shopping, singing, dancing, and of course, acting. I will add that I do not have any acting expirence, but I do think I might have a chance. I would be so thankful if I got a lead in a Disney show. My favorite Disney princess is either Tiana, Rapunzel or Belle. I would really like a lead role in “Andi Mack” or any new upcoming Disney shows. Please email me a reply when you see this. Thank you so much for your time. I hope I can soon be an actress for Disney!

  6. Jazmyn

    I would love to auditions for andi mack I would really really really love to auditions for andi mack so by any chance if you can send me a Emily and see if I can auditions for andi mack my name is jazmynot but this is on my sister tablet thank you

  7. Ariana Prophete

    Hi, my name is Ariana Prophete! I am 10 and I have black hair and brown eyes. I have never had an acting experience! Although, I hope I can join Disney Channel! Thank you!

  8. Griffin Atwell

    why are people commenting on this like it’ll get you a spot

  9. Ashlyn Dager

    Hello, I am Ashlyn Dager, 14, I dark brown hair and dark drown eyes. I sing and act during the summer at camp. I am 5’4 in height and up to anything. I am not the best at dancing but can do it none-of-the-less. I enjoy writing my own scripts and hope to make them a musical or movie someday. Thank you.

  10. Alexis Gray

    My name is Alexis Gray. I love acting and I would say that I’m pretty good at acting. I wouldn’t say that I’m amazing at singing but I gotten better with practice but I still love to sing. I am 11years old and 4,10. I love sports and dogs. If possible I would love to be on K.C Undercover, Bunked, Girl Meets World, Andi Mack, or Bizaardvark. I live in Arkansas, U.S.

  11. Alayna Markovich

    Hi my name is Alayna Markovich I’m 10 I really want to be on a show! I have brown hair and green eyes too.I hope I’m perfect a fit for you guys!Thank you.

  12. Veronica Deng

    There should be a casting call in Sydney NSW, Australia this July you’ll find lots of talent here! and I’ll be sure to attend with a couple girl-friends.

  13. Grant Bally

    Hello, my name is Grant Bally and I am about 5’8 and I am 12 but, will be 13 in April of 2017 I have brown hair. I have never acted before and probably to inexperienced to play any part but I am taking the risk and hopefully this will be a step up and acting and getting a good part. I have always wanted to be an actor and loved acting in front of parents and friends. I hope I get the part

  14. miriam


  15. Kieana Oliver

    Hello my name is Kieana i am nine years old and love to sing and dance i have been trying to find places in ocala where i live to act,sing,and dance mabey you could help me with that.

  16. Daryianconley

    Hi,my name is Daryian, I know I will never be an actor because i live in wichita,ks and nobody shoots here. I gave up hope last year ,by the way I am 11 years old.

  17. Dmitry

    hi im Dmitry i am 13 and funny athletic nice a guy and i already act in plays but everyone like teachers parents friends think I’m really good so i really hope you choose me for a good part i mean its been my dream to act for disney channel ever since I’ve seen it and my height is 5’1

  18. Dmitry

    Hi, im Dmitry i am 13 years old athletic,funny,nice,a guy,good looking and i act in plays and every one of my teachers think i should do this even kids and friends plus my parents so I’m feeling confident of doing this plus my height is 5’1

  19. Amelia MacMurray

    Hello, my name is Amelia Jade MacMurray , and I am Frederick MacMurray’ great niece. I am 19 years old. Very hard working. I have blond hair , blue eyes , and my hair is natural. I do not dye it. I am 5’5 and a loving personalty. I hope I am the perfect fit for the part.

  20. Amelia MacMurray

    Hello, my name is Amelia Jade MacMurray, I am 19 years old. Very hard working women. I hope I am the perfect fit for you.

  21. Ciara

    Hello my name is Ciara woods I am 16 years old. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I am half Belgian and half Irish. I speak three languages fluently . French Spanish English and I am a dancer. I would love to audition for a Disney series but I live in Ireland

  22. María Valeria Méndez López

    My mane is Maria Valeria Méndez López singing,dancing and acting un plays and speaking spanish

  23. Gale Phelps

    Is this in the year of 2017? Because I would like to make the auditions

  24. Jeannine

    Hi, I am Jeannine, I love to sing and act since I was little. I am 15, live in West Covina, California, and go to Rowland High School. I would love to join in anything well depends what I will be. But love to be a character in a movie or show, plz give me a chance to show you what I can do and try my best to complete my dream and also make a sucess in my life. Plz contact me or whatever to see you giving me a chance, and I am full of drama and singing 24/7 and thats it

  25. Yasmine james

    Hi my name is Yasmine my dream is to be an actresses and I really want to get a part so if you pick me that would be great.i have black hair brown eyes and I am 12 years old I love to act and film me and my sisters are always acting at home.

  26. Yasmine james

    Hi my name is Yasmine my dream is to be an actresses and I really want to get a part so if you pick me that would be great.

  27. Ellie Noe

    I’m Ellie. Born in 2005. I’m 11. I have dark brown short hair. I am Korean. Love acting. Wanted to be an actor for forever. Somebody who is a producer at girl meets world goes to my grandparents work sometimes. I met Michael Colear. I adore PEYTON LIST. I can speak a little Korean. About 4’12. Would LOVE to be on Disney Channel Movies or Shows. My Christmas Wish and Birthday Wish every year is to become an actress for Disney. I live in Torrance, California. I REALLY want to be on Disney Channel.

  28. Cherish

    Hi my name is cherish I love to dance I live in Houston Texas its all ways been a dream to become a famous dancer and make up my on moves and do them in frot of a lot of ppl while i am still 11 I hope there will be some opening in HOUSTON TEXAS by summer of 2017

  29. Mika

    Hi my name is mika i am female i have brown hair and i am 11 year old i really want to be in a disney channel that is my hole dream when I was little I would alway dance and sing and act I would be brought to be in

  30. Cashmere

    Dear Disney Channel I have always wanted to be a Star cashmere Chandler

  31. Stephanie

    Please call me my daughter want to be an actor she is very good bye Disney.

  32. Geraldine

    Hi, I’d I am dolapo, an a Nigerian u can also call me Geraldine I am 13 years old and I have always wanted to become an actress since I was 5, block I am going to be leaving high school next year and I am Disney Channel’s biggest fan of am 5.9-6 ft tall I have a dark and and short hair I kinda look lyk China parks. All dats stopped me from auditioning is my location. I hope I get a response soon.

  33. Malonia

    Hi my name is malonia gonsalves, i have natural black hair..i stay in goa. I am 13 years old i love acting and dancing if you’ll are coming to goa for any audition do inform i don’t know if i am late …..but please do give me a chance to act
    Thank you!!

  34. Jessica Burrell

    Hi my name is Jessica Burrell and I am 11 years old born August 4th 2005. I have dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. I have mixed skin. I am very short (4feet 6inches to be exact) I would defiantly want to be on Disney channel.

  35. Nancy Lam

    i also live in Ontario Canada

  36. Nancy Lam

    Nancy loves to sing,dance and act. She is 12 years old and she has black hair, Asian, brown eyes and is 4ft 8 . She loves to act and it is her new hobby she is trying to find an acting job! It as been my dream to be on disney channel and i have always been since i watched disney channel when i was 4.

  37. iyss fields

    120 lbs
    5′ 1”
    Eye color:
    Hair Color:

    Make Main
    About Me
    I love singing, I love meeting new people, people tell me I’m very photogenic, and I can adapted to new situations
    My Hobbies
    singing, dancing, reading, and hanging out
    My Talents

  38. Lolly Cazares

    Hi my name is lolly Cazares i love to sing and I am 10 years old I have chestnut colored hair and I want to audition as a roll of a girl who got famous and one singing competitions on backstage I hope you read my request!

  39. Heidi novak

    My name is Heidi Novak I’m about 5 foot 1 in I’m a blondie I can act and sing I have been in plays and I’m in choir I always loved being on camera or acting a new if I can be in a movie that will make me happy it’s my goal ?

  40. Ryan Nkosi


  41. Tahiya

    Hi I’m Tahiya Chowdhury I can act I can make videos I’m an actor, editor and director and I want to learn how to play instruments. I have black hair and I’m 12 years old, I’m about 4ft 11 and I live in the UK, Newcastle. I can be in any programme but it would be good if I was in liv and maddie, Backstage or Best friends whenever! Thank you

  42. Tiana

    Hi I’m Tiana Godhigh I live in Tennessee Nashville I’m African American brown eyes and probably 5’3 my dream was to be an actress and act on Disney channel or Disney xd it would mean the world of I be on Disney channel

  43. Kiera

    i Would Love 2 be on Camp Kikiwaka or KC Undercover Or Girl Meets World

  44. Kiera

    Hello! Im Kiera I Have Light Brown Hair Dark brown Eyes I Love To Act And Sing But Acting Has Been My Dream Since I Was Little My Idol/ Fav. Disney Channel Star Is Skai Jackson I Love Her Show Jessie its the Best Show Ever I Watched it Everyday…Also I Am 11Yrs Old i Would Love to Audition For A Disney Channel Show In North Dakota…

  45. Jacob Castillo

    I’m Jacob I have dark brown hair im 12 im 5.9 I love to sing act and dance it’s been my dream to be on TV since I was little I would love to be on back stage or girl meets world and I’m Hispanic/British.

  46. Jacob Castillo

    I’m Jacob I have dark brown hair im 12 im 5.9 I love to sing act and dance it’s been my dream to be on TV since I was little I would love to be on back stage or girl meets world

  47. Yailenys Perez

    Hello my name is Yailenys Perez I am 16 years old Latina speak both English and Spanish I’m 5’2 And i live in Miami florida. My hair color is light brown with some blond streaks. Thank you

  48. Beautiful Fischer

    Hello my name is Beautiful I have dark brown hair im african american and im 5.2 Feet tall And I live in Columbia South Carolina

  49. Casey

    I’m Casey. I have dirty blonde hair and I’m about 5’2″! I am also 12 years of age. I love to sing, act, and film! My #1 idol is Sabrina Carpenter! ❤ I also love my home state of Virginia so if there is any shootings of shows in VA, please contact me! I would shoot after school…if I ever get a part!

  50. Casey

    Hello, my name is Casey Leoni and I am 12 years old. I’ve been acting since I was about 7. I have a YouTube channel named Stone House Stables where I make my own films and I voice act for them as well. I am really looking forward into my acting career as far as on TV. I love Sabrina Carpenter so acting and singing would be my #1 priority. I don’t really care what TV show it would be, as long as I’m following my dream of acting, I’m all ears.

  51. Sydney

    Hi my name is Sydney,
    I am 12 and a half,
    I love to act and sing,
    I am 5’2.
    I have been looking for an audition on Disney.Maybe on girl meets world or K.C undercover.
    I have wanted to be on TV since I was 5 years old

  52. Enya Carroll

    Hi,my name is Enya Carroll and 13 yrs old but im turning 14 next month. I really wanna start my career in the acting industry and, i believe that Disney Channel can help with that. Im mixed with mexican and african american so im a light brown. Im 5.4 tall and I have brown curly hair. Some of my hobbies are singing and dance. Acting and dancing are very important to me and I would love to be casted to be in a dance series. Hope to here back from you guys. Bye.

  53. Erick Cornejo

    Hi I am Erick and I am 13 and Looking for auditions for my dream of entertaining people my whole life,I live in Indiana Please write back.

  54. Karen Joel

    Hi am Karen Joel I really want to be a Disney star I’m free for December I go to boarding a boarding school I know Disney will make my dreams come true

  55. Cherish

    Hi, my name is Cherish Hamilton andni am 9 years old, I would love to be part of Disney channel, that would be a dream come, true I love to act,i have been in drama club for a year and a half and has been in Annie (just for school)

  56. Reece

    I wish disney was looking for actors from other countries

  57. Elizabeth Davis

    Hi I’m Elizabeth I am 11 years old I can sing and act but can’t dance I have red hair and hazel eyes I have glasses and I have never worn contacts I am also only 5 feet tall I would love to be on Disney Channel or if possible Lab Rats Elite Force I would audition in person but I live hours away from most major cities in Ohio and PA if you consider me thank you so much

  58. Elizabeth Davis

    Hi I’m Elizabeth I am 11 years old I can sing and act but can’t dance I have red hair and hazel eyes I have glasses and I have never worn contacts I am also only 5 feet tall I would love to be on Disney Channel but I live hours away from most major cities in Ohio and PA I think I have potential because my personality is kind of like Chase and Spike in Lab rats but it is split into more than two personalities If you do consider me Thank you so much

  59. Jazlene

    Hi my name Jazlene Lopez and I’m 9 years old and I live in California and I love food,singing,dancing,and school!! I’m going to the 4th grade!!!! My favorite colors are pink purple and torqoise!!! I want to be on Disney Channel because I love their shows Jessie,Bunk’d,Liv and Maddie,Girl Meets World and more!!!! Hope I be in a new Disney Channel show!!! Love, Jazlene♡

  60. Promyse Peete

    Hi im 9 Turing 10 and Wanted to be a actor can i please call back

  61. Morgan Hardy kady Archuleta

    My name is Kady Archuleta. My bestie is Morgan Hardy. We LOVE to act! We would love to be on Disney XD. Preferably on the same show.

  62. Lilly Todds

    Lilly Todds has participated in a bunch of plays including: Peter Pan with the role of Peter Pan, The 12th Night Shakespeare, Music Man playing Mrs.Paroo, and over 20 others! She’s placed first and 3 in a fall for singing and has 4 years of piano lessons and 4 of singing lessons, she’s been acting since she was 7 and absolutely loves it! She’s constantly practicing her singing and acting to continue to keep on with her role

  63. Luna Staszel

    HI my name is Luna. I will be 9 in one month. I Always wanted to be on Disney Channel. And I am so excited right now. I am auditioning for the voice kids. I have an amazing voice, my singing teacher told me that if American Idol was still on that I could go to It. And I am really excited if I get excepted for the role. Thanks a lot; if you except me, thanks even more !!!!!!!!!??