One Down Michigan Movie - Acting Audition

Movie Acting Auditions – Detroit, MI

Are you looking for an acting audition in Michigan in 2018? The College for Creative Studies is gearing up to shoot a film. An acting casting call is searching for men and women for lead roles. Males and females who are between the ages of 18 and 24 years old are being considered. This is a SAG-AFTRA affiliated project that is being directed by Jonah Stoppel. Auditions will be held on Monday, February 11th in the metro Detroit area. Exact filming dates and locations are still be determined. The film “One Down” is looking to cast the five main roles of Eric, Chelsea, Teddy, Marshal and Amber. While the shoot is not paid, those chosen will get IMDB credit. It is a wonderful opportunity to gain some experience and to showcase your skills and talent. Check out the Michigan casting call below!

About “One Down”

A group of stoners quickly turn on each other when they discover an alien ship while camping.

What They Are Looking For

Character Bios

Eric, Male, 18-24. Lead
Anxious, Intelligent, Friendly and likeable but constantly scared that he isn’t. Responsible enough to take charge when he needs to.

Chelsea, Female, 18-24. Lead
Uptight, girly, and eager to prove she’s tough. Not smartest girl but still deservedly a know it all.

Teddy, Male, 18-24. Lead
Goofy, gay and confident stoner. Friendly and forgivably stupid he never quite grasps the gravity of most situations.

Marshal, Male, 18-24. Lead
Cynical, sarcastic, and reluctant to be camping, or to do anything to hard. Jokester who tries to act tough.

Amber, Female, 18-24. Lead
Quiet and private stoner. She has been replaced by an alien who stays quiet but can’t help acting alien.

Compensation: Unpaid, but you will receive a copy of the film, IMDB credit, and craft services. All SAG-AFTRA guidelines, as found in the Student Film Agreement, will be followed

How to Apply

To apply email and include your headshot, resume, link to acting reel if you have one, your name and phone number.

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Devin Baker

    I would love to be a male lead in your movie. Please email me at anytime.

  2. Osunbayo Daniel

    I want to cast in this movie
    I will be a great opportunity to cast in it

  3. shreya sanyal

    i am do i apply for female leads ?

  4. Tyrone

    Can i please get a role please call at what ever time