Type of Performance: Crime/Comedy

Required: Different roles

Application Date: ASAP

Payment Mode: Paid

If you are a young, adventurous, and fun-loving person who will enjoy acting in crime scenes in the beautiful streets of Sacramento then our directors have a job for you.

The casting crew of the new show, ‘Sac-Town’ is looking for lead and supporting roles for their upcoming crime and comedy drama that is scheduled to be filmed in the streets of Sacramento, California. It is a low-budget, independent pilot with amazing plot and dialogues. The casting crew will hire SAG and Non-Union actors therefore feel free to apply for the job as soon as possible.  Aside from earning money for this job, you will work with some amazing people.


It is a story that revolves around two adventurous and courageous men named Rich and Carlos. They are basically gang members that are now fleeing in order to save themselves from cops. The plot is full of humorous dialogue, emotion, action, and thrill. The TV Pilot will be filmed in beautiful locations of California in Spring 2016.

Details and Requirements

The following roles are required for the TV Pilot:

Carlos Mendez

  • Co-lead
  • 19-years old
  • Chubby
  • Dark
  • Mexican-American
  • Average physique
  • Average looks and clean shaven
  • Fluent in English
  • Meth dealer
  • Courageous
  • Action figure

Carlos is a co-main character who attended Academic Decathlon High School, but ended up as a meth dealer in a Sacramento gang. He met Rich in the streets of Sacramento.  He is a tough guy that isn’t afraid to pull the trigger, but he is also quite funny.  He is also an emotional guy who still loves his ex-girlfriend.

Rich Balanco

  • Co-lead
  • 25-years old
  • Light skinned
  • Latino
  • Speaks English
  • 6-feet height
  • Muscular
  • Heavily tattooed
  • Strong hands from boxing and fighting
  • 2 years of jail in past
  • High IQ

Rich, the co-lead, has a great personality and high IQ.  He grabs everyone’s attention when he walks into a room.  He loves his family and friends and would do anything for them. He is cocky from his time spent in jail and he loves the street life. Tattoos are not necessary for applicants.

Auto-Shop Owner

  • Supporting role
  • Half German-half Mexican
  • Around 40-years old
  • Street Smart
  • Many tattoos
  • Belly
  • Body hair
  • Creator of Wolfgang
  • Every young and old respects him
  • Tattoos would be good but these are not necessary for applicants.


  • Supporting role
  • Mechanic at the auto-shop
  • Expert on drugs
  • Mid 40’s

Wiley has tried all types of drugs.  Tattoos would be nice for applicants, but are not necessary.


  • Beautiful Mexican-American woman
  • Mid 30’s age
  • Mother of 3 children from Rich

She has been through a lot of drama, but she is also in deep love with Rich. She is not willing to leave him despite his unpredictable and aggressive lifestyle.


  • African-American
  • Good looking male
  • Mid 20’s
  • Hustler/money maker

Tony is full of moneymaking instincts. He likes to calculate investments and make quick financial decisions.  He does not have a killer instinct or fighter’s mentality.  Tattoos are not necessary for this role.


  • Father of Carlos
  • Mexican-American
  • Mid 50’s
  • Loving and providing father
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)

The father of Carlos, George used to be an alcoholic. He is a very loving father. He knows what his son does, but he has failed to deter him from his criminal lifestyle.  George is a hard worker. The applicants must be able to speak fluent English and Spanish.  The applicants need to be dark-toned and have skinny legs.


  • Mother of Carlos
  • Late 40’s
  • Beautiful Mexican-American woman
  • Used to be in a gang
  • God-fearing woman
  • Bilingual

Nellie is a beautiful woman who is very faithful and has strong belief in her son.  The actor needs to be bilingual. Most of the dialogue with Nellie will be in English, but some conversations between George and Nellie will be in Spanish.

Officer Hernandez

  • Mexican-American cop
  • Small muscles
  • Mustache
  • Late 20’s

Hernandez grew up in a Los Angeles gang, but he later became a cop. He is an honest and strict cop that is very interested in moving to the narcotics department, so he is constantly trying to prove himself. Tattoos are not necessary.

Officer Farmer

  • White male
  • 40 years old
  • Great mustache

The director has described the mustache of farmer as something to be dipped in bronze and preserved in a museum. The officer is only 10 years from retirement.  He dreams about going back home to enjoy the rest of his life with his family every night.


The requirements of each role have been specified in the details. If you fit the part, send the following requirements to as soon as possible.

  • At least two pictures including one full picture and one headshot (Avoid wearing sunglasses in the pictures)
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Immediate contact information
  • Resume
  • Video or sample of your work, if any

It is a paid job and the filming location is San Francisco, California. It would be great if you are available to work flexible times. If you fit any of the given roles, send the requirements as soon as possible. The filming will begin in Spring 2016.


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7 Casting Responses

  1. Ben Thai

    Legal name on ID: Benjamin (Ben) Thai
    Age: 20 (looks 16 or younger)
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 135
    Shoe Size: 8
    Tattoos (please list locations): Forearms are covered tattoos I got when I was 13. My newest one when I was 19 is on my shoulder.
    LOCATION (City/State): Chandler, Arizona
    Have you worked a the show before & what roles were you cast as?: No shows even though I always thought it would be neat for my dogs back in bowen homes to see me on tv haha! I’ve been in many plays in high school and an improv comedy group in the same vein as Who’s Line Is It Anyways.
    Were you seen on camera?: I think they recorded most shows
    Physical Appearance: Asian/American. Short but broad shouldered. Short black/brown hair with glasses. Tattoos covered my forearm (it was what all the jits did in my neighborhood to fit or to not get shot) would like to get them removed but feel as if they are a part of who I am. If you were to glance at me in the street you would assume I was a trouble maker and a no good thug or so I’ve been told mainly because I was the only vietnamese kid hanging with the black kids in the neighborhood. My ma told me I always had a baby face though so it works out lol.

  2. Boadil

    lets work from ours HEART Rich Balanco…

  3. luis mateo

    Good morning I like to introduce myself and I like to tell you a little about myself I live here in Chicago Illinois I was born here my race is Puerto Rican I work in Chicago for the Chicago Transit Authority I’m a painter I paint the CTA buses I was also a professional boxer I was champion of the world I was just inducted into the Chicago Boxing Hall of Fame and also I I sing with my own Latin group I also train boxers here city of Chicago Oakley boxing gym The Saturdays I go to school for acting Armitage Ashland n Elston Chicago acting school i am 5 7 tall i weigh 180 pounds i have green eyes end i am built i speak English spanish

  4. Ryan Hill


  5. Brandon Posey

    Interested in the role of Tony.
    Afro male, muscular tattoo built, Thespian Arts Major from Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, MI

  6. Tony Walker

    Hi im Tony. I heard your having auditions. Im up for the test.

  7. Dionne Borden

    I’m looking for auditions for singing and acting in commercial