Mom and “Mini-Me” Daughter Duos – Reality TV

Reality TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

Are you extremely close with your mom?  Do you have a one-of-a-kind relationship with your daughter?  A new television series casting call is looking for you!  An acclaimed TV production company and a major TV network are casting an all-new, groundbreaking documentary series that profiles fun, over-the-top and extremely close moms and daughters.This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put you and your mom/daughter’s incredible bond center stage on television, get paid and have the time of your life! This is an incredible opportunity to be on a reality TV show.  If you are ready to become a reality TV star, here is your chance.  View the 2018 television show audition information below!

About the Show

We’ll showcase their one-of-a-kind relationship in a fun and feel-good series that celebrates and examines unique and special mother daughter relationships.

What They Are Looking For

Seeking: Inseparable, Extremely Close & Over The Top Moms & Daughters! (Casting Nationwide-Daughters Must be over 10 years old)

Are you and your mom and/or daughter shockingly similar? You look the same, act the same, dress the same, finish each other’s sentences?

Do you have a daughter who is your, “mini-me,” your “spitting image?”

Do you and your mom/daughter have an unbreakable and extremely close bond that outsiders have considered odd, unusual or extreme?

Is your mom or daughter your best friend and one another’s entire world?

Are you extremely involved in your daughter’s life—do you know her friends? Help her plan her social calendar? Are you two more like best friends than mom and daughter?

Do you two literally do EVERYTHING together?

Are you closer with your mom/daughter than friends or family members and sometimes even spouses and significant others?

How to Apply

If you answered, “YES!” to ANY of these questions, we want to hear from you! EMAIL:

EMAIL US, names & ages, bio, location (city & states) and several recent photos

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22 Casting Responses

  1. Anne McCombs

    My 16 year old daughter and I are best friends. She is the greatest contribution I’ve made to the world. We laugh constantly, she can’t be away from me (to the point I drove 400 miles to pick her up from a camp 2 days bc she was so homesick). She’s crazy talented, and gets all her talents from me… her mama! She tells me all her secrets and we do everything together. She recently got her license and if only there was a camera in the car with us during driving lessons and while she’s still a newly licensed driver. She drinks Diet Pepsi non stop, bc I do, and she has a problem with it. LOL She has my chin and my heart! All of her friends love me… one even says “Anne don’t crack” bc I’m aging so well (apparently). We share shoes, she steals my clothes, my makeup, tells me I’m the best cooker in the world (she always said that when she was little and still does). We really are funny together… and have been told we should have our own show! She’s more like my sister/best friend than my child. My daughter gives me dating advice… bc my dating life is non existent and/or a ridiculous farce. She refuses to allow me to leave the house in certain outfits and gets so irritated when I pluck my chin hair dropping her off at school LOL. The lighting is perfect for that!! My ex husband and I are still very good friends and everyone also thinks that’s weird. My daughter and I live with my parents who are in their 80’s and they too are characters! They can’t hear and well… we are all quite the crew together!

  2. Erica Turner

    Hello 😀 My daughter and I are so close that we are best friends! We do and know everything about each other and we look like sisters. My daughter is taller then me tho and a lot of times people assume she’s the adult lol she and I are so close we get along with each other’s friends. Sometimes we have our own language and can laugh all day! Please give us a try we would definitely not disappoint you 🤣 My name is Erica and hers is Kacie, hope to hear from you soon! Thank you 😊

  3. Alivia Davis

    We are Laura Pearson (mom. Age 34) and Laura “Alivia” Davis (daughter. Age 15)
    We are inseparable and have a one of a kind relationship. We often get mistaken as sisters.

  4. Tammy

    What show? What network? Interested, but would like to know more.

  5. Bethann

    Hey !! My name is Bethann and my minnie me’s name is Alicia . I am 55 and she is 37. We vacation together, work together, play together . She’s my girl . People are amazed at how much we are alike, looks and habits ..

  6. Dana Creel

    I was a teenager when I got pregnant with my daughter. We are 16 yrs apart always been close people always thought we where sisters. I pushed her hard to make her the things I never got to be or had the courage to be. She was Show stopper over the top child. She made a pharmist and I am hair dresser. We have party together, cried together and worked hard together. She never wanted a best friend only me… I prefer to have lots of best friends. lol

  7. Abby Morganstein

    My daughter and I are PERFECT for a mini me reality show. We look alike. We are fascinating and unique. She has been traveling since she graduated Cellular Biology through Africa, S. America, Europe and beyond. Living in tents, tree houses and caves. We are beautiful too.

  8. Abby Morganstein

    My daughter and I are PERFECT for a mini me reality show. We look alike. We are fascinating and unique. She has been traveling since she graduated Cellular Biology through Africa, S. America, Europe and beyond. Living in tents, tree houses and caves.

  9. Melissa Brown

    I’d like to apply with my daughter. We are extremely close. She is my mini me and my best friend.

  10. McKinley Lamberson

    i sent y’all an email!!

  11. Felicia hunt

    Hello! My names felicia Hunt and me and my daughter Briannah Holman. Are a perfect match for all the things listed above! We have lately drifted but manly because she’s a teenager but I believe us doing this together can bring us closer together than ever before!

  12. Sierra Martinez

    My daughter and me have a close Bond I think would be perfect for the show

  13. Stephanie santiafo


  14. Harlei Jean Shiflett


    My name is Harlei and I am 16 years old. I live with my mom Dawn in a little yellow house in South Carolina, not so far from Charlotte. My mom and I have been through so much. She is actually my aunt and my legal guardian but has been taking care of me for so long that she is truly my mom and the only one I’ve ever known. I used to live in CO with my little brother and my dad but not very long before my ninth birthday my father decided to take his life. That is when my aunt chose to take us in and I have never been more grateful and since then she will forever be known as my mom. Just this past November my mom’s job relocated her from CO to SC. My brother was really upset about the move and stayed back with my grandparents. At first I was kind of nervous for it to just be my mom and I because we used to not get along that well but it truly has been the best thing to ever happen to us and our relationship. The move has brought us so close that sometimes my mother feels more like a friend/sister. We go out every weekend to find some new adventure and something fun to do. We tell eachother everything and I’m never afraid to bring any problems to her concerning boys, school, friends, etc. We love the house that we moved into and are constantly working on projects inside to improve the place we call home. I’ve always wished for the special mother/daughter relationships that you see on TV until I realised that that is what I actually have and I could never be happier. We would love this opportunity to share our relationship and our constant shennaigans with others. Thank you! =)

  15. Moyo Ayodele

    Excited if I could work with my Mommy on set! I don’t have a lot of friends so my Mommy is my BESTR FRIEND! Moyo-12

  16. Damiqua Savage

    Hii.Im Damiqua Savage better known as Tine 38 years of age and my daughter is Destinee Mia who’s 18 years of age…we reside In the city of brotherly love ..Philly…We gave a very Unique ,close relationship.Yes very different from others..I have grown up with my daughter ..learning as she grows..We seen great times as well as not great times and also th3 t8mes that could have broke us have made us stronger than ever,,Yeet we still have a lot of growing and learning to and go through..

  17. Divya bhasin

    M extremely interested and the kind of rapport me and my girl have ,will certainly reflect there

  18. Carole Filyaw

    I have answered all the questions with yes and we are do look a lot like each other

  19. Jacqueline Watley

    Interested !!!
    Have great story !!!

  20. Latoya Turner

    Mom and “mini-me” would be perfect for my mom and I. We are extremely close. We go out together, vacation together, shop, along with many other things. Whenever you see her, you can guarantee I’ll be attached at the hip. I believe people would find our story quite iinteresting.

  21. Latasha Kelley

    Hello my name is Latasha my daughter’s name is Americus. She is 14 & my mini me. We have the best times together. We smile, laugh & make memories together. She has always dream of acting/modeling. where we live that is not offered. We are two hrs away from Cincinnati Ohio. If you are looking for some extremely close mommy & daughter that literly do everything together except I can not go to school with her. lol!! We are the mom/daughter you are looking for. 🙂 hope to hear from you soon.

  22. Tanika Allen

    Is this for older mother daughters… Younger mother daughter sets?
    Also… Will it be on location or in the individuals home?