"Night School" Starring Kevin Hart

Movie Extras Casting Call

Do you want the chance to work with the 2017’s biggest movie star? Kevin Hart is in Atlanta filming his new movie “Night School”. A movie extras casting call needs you! Young adults are needed to portray high school audience who will be cheering on a wrestling tournament. The production team is searching for males and females ages 19 to 28. They are seeking those who look like high school football players and pep squad girls. Because this scene takes place in 2001, you shouldn’t have any super modern hairstyles and be able to pull of the look of the era. Filming will be on Thursday, November 2nd. It will begin shooting at 7:00am. You must be fully available for the entire day and night as we don’t know when it will finish. This paid acting job will compensate talent $68.00 for 8 hours. Check out the movie acting audition below if you are interested and are interested in working with the “Ride Along 2” star!

About “Night School”

Based on a story by Hart, Night School follows a group of misfits who are forced to attend adult classes with the long shot hope that they’ll pass the GED exam. [Variety]

What They Are Looking For

Currently BOOKING BG Talent to portray students at a wrestling tournament. Seeking new young adults this is an interior shoot inside a high-school gym!

Filming Date
Thursday: November 2nd
Rate: $68/8
Preliminary Call time: 7:00AM
Subject to change

Seeking Guys That Look Like High School
Thursday Only-Student Audience 11/2 only
-Football Players And
-Pep Squad Girls
This is intended for those that are available and have open availability!
Booking for High School Age

Males and females
Age: 19-27 as HIGH School Audience to cheer on the Wrestling tournament…
This scene takes place in 2001

How to Apply

Do NOT RESUBMIT if you have submitted to the wrestling tournament and have received a booking email, we will move you around accordingly. It will be in the final email.
SEND (3) photos
Distance to Campbellton, Road SW, Atlanta, GA
Email: MhcNightSchoolEvent@gmail.com
Thursday only:
Students Audience: 11/02 only
Subject: FOOTBALL PLAYER 11/02
Subject: Pep Squad 11/02

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Maeva Hope Ailaouamaua

    Hey, my name’s Maeva, I was born in Cook Islands and I can only speak English…. anyway, I have light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes, I can sing, and play the Guitar and Ukulele, but the downside is that I’m 15 turning 16, I look quite mature and that may be another problem…. haha anyway, I have no Acting experience whatsoever, but I’d love to get a chance ^^

  2. Athena Armatrong

    Hi my name is Athena Armstrong and I been wanting to show you I can model and love acting. lots of my friends want me to be in a show or movie because I am really funny and the face of a star. I am 19 years old and I live in Macon Georgia waiting for so long to show who I am to other men and women.