Nickelodeon TV Show Looking for Extras

Casting Call for Nickelodeon TV Show in Los Angeles

Have you ever wanted to be in a Nickelodeon television series? If so here is your chance! A Nickelodeon show is now casting men and women that appear to be in their 20’s to 50’s. They are looking for extras who own renaissance faire attire.

About Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon now known as just Nick, is the go to cable network for kids and teens. With popular shows like Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Make It Pop, Bella and the Bulldogs, Henry Danger and The Thundermans, Nick has quickly become the top teen show network. Casting directors haven’t released the name of the Nickelodeon show they are casting extras for but it’s sure to be a great one.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors from Central Casting are looking for Men & Women that are in their 20’s to 50’s with their own Renaissance faire attire. They are looking for talent who are local to Los Angeles as the show will be filming in Burbank, California.

The series will be shooting on Thursday, June 30th and Friday, July 1st. All background actors must be non-union and available for both days. These are all paying roles.

Men & Women

Ages 20’s – 50’s

Must own Renaissance fair attire

Burbank, California

Available 6/30 & 7/1

How to Apply

Central Casting is now accept non-union submissions for background extras. To apply for a role on the Nickelodeon show, email Emails should include a photo of yourself in your renaissance faire clothing, your name and your contact phone number. The subject line of the email should be Renaissance Faire. They are only accepting people who are registered with Central Casting.

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67 Casting Responses

  1. Jabby Michael

    I’ d really love to be part of a nickelodeon show…I’m Jabby from Nigeria and I’m very talented….I hope I’d be given the chance cuz I’m sixteen and I wish 4 a brighter future…..

  2. Hadassah

    hi, I’m hadassah and I’m from Nigeria and I would really love to act in nickelodeon and I also believe I have all it takes to act in nickelodeon. I hope you pick me ☺☺

  3. gabby elder

    hello im gabby im 21 and a very good actused, though i have not yet had any experience acting on a set i can act very well. i used to practice in my spare time. i can cry on cue and immures myself deeply into a role

  4. Derick. Joseph

    Hi am Derick ineed to join good actor and singer ineed to help my family am from TANZANIA.Thats my request. Thank you

  5. Anita

    Hey, my name is Anita and I am 12 years old,and I love singing and acting because it defines all expression of me and life is all about emotions and feeling toward someone or something.

  6. Anita

    Hey, my name is Anita and I am12 years old and really have a great passion for acting because anytime I act it defines many emotions which life is all about

  7. Anita

    Hey, my name is Anita and Ivan 12 years old and really have a great passion acting because anytime I act it defines many emotions which life is all about


    i would like to act on neckelodeon and thise would maybe my chanse to be added on the list too and iam from NAMIBIA and iam 15 years old

  9. Stefan muleke

    Hi my name is Stefan muleke
    13 years old
    Would really, really, want to audition for Nickelodeon

  10. Stefan muleke

    Hi my name is Stefan muleke
    13 years old
    Would really, really, want to cast in Nickelodeon

  11. Great Okoi

    Hey✋. My name is Great Okoi and am a Nigerian from CrossRiversState. Like ,I’ve made a lot of researches on Nickelodeon… I’ll act in any movie assigned to me long as I’ll act there coz It’s my dream… I’m also 11 this year, and I live in Houston, soon to move to California… I’m good at memorizing long scripts… I💖Nick. Thanks

  12. Kian Beydemueller

    I would like to apply and audition for Nickelodeon

  13. jeremiah essen

    i want o act on nickelodeon i am very tanlented

  14. jeremiah essen

    i would like to act on nickelodeon i am very tanlented

  15. Wendy

    Love to tell stories which are related to today life and big fan of Nickelodeon shows

  16. Alisha

    My name is Alisha Quiñones, I’m Puertorriqueña, I’m from Ohio Cleveland & i will like to audition to Nickelodeon😊, I’m just a regular girl & i don’t think I’m talented enough but i love to try something new in my life and to let my family that i hace a future and i can do this & I’m also can dance hip hop and play sports. This is like my dream… Thank you.

    • Great Okoi

      Hahaha!!! Like ya courage… Me too🙌like it’s ma life

  17. kurt

    hi my name is Kurt small and I am 16 years old and I live in south Africa.

  18. Ronald Ikang

    Hi I’m Ronald Ikang from Nigeria, Cross River state I’m 16 and I would love to act on nickelodeon because I am talented and it will also do me and my family a great deal contact me

  19. Fortune Kayimba

    hi my name is kayimba fortune,am 16 years old I live in Africa ,I have always dreamed of being in Nickelodeon since I started watching it ,pls give me a chance thanks

  20. Eve Augustus

    Hi. My name is Eve Augustus and I’m thirteen years old but will be turning fourteen April. I am literally obsessed with Nickelodeon and it’s been my dream since I was seven to be on Nickelodeon. I understand that many others say that it’s been their dream too but… mine is an obsession and I will stop at nothing to accomplish my goals. Thank you for your time. 😘😘😘


    I’ve been watching Nickelodeon so please so give me the opportunity to be part of game shakers thank you


    I’ve also been watching nickelodeon since 5 so please so give me the opportunity to be part of game shakers thank you

  23. Naomi

    Also I’m 11 years old my name is Naomi Crockford

  24. Naomi

    It’s my dream to be on Nickelodeon I’ve been watching it ever since I was 2 I’ve just always wanted to do this it would be a great opportunity and I would do anything to be on game shakers so plz give me this once and a life time opportunity xxx

  25. Dennis

    Hello I loved to be on Nickelodeon its been my dream

  26. Dennis

    Hello I loved to be on henry danger its been my dream

  27. Gianna peck

    Hi I would love to be on Nickelodeon💞💞💞😙

  28. Joel Rading Pierce

    Hi, I’m looking for auditions for Nickelodeon.

  29. Donevin

    Hi I’m Dobson and I would to be in Nicky,ricky,Dicky,and dawn

  30. prosper herry

    my name is prosper her I am 14 years and I love all Nick movies and more and I’ll love to be one of you.

  31. londyn

    i love nick this is my drem

  32. Ruth Mpofu

    Hie . My name is Ruth Mpofu . I live in Zimbabwe .i am agood actress like riele downs . I am thirteen years old . I have talents of dancing ,singing and not forgeting acting which is the best . All these years i have been trying to express my talents but i have a feeling that this time my dream will be fullfilled . Please accept me nickelodeon . I want to act in henry danger thats where you will all see my talents . Please call me as soon as possible , please?

  33. Aisha Abdisalam

    Hi my name is Aisha my age is 16 years and i leave in Kenya .my biggest dream was to be in nickelodeon especially in the thundermans . I can sing 🎶 dance and am really good at pretending.

  34. Andres DE santiago

    Hi My name is Andres and I am 13 years old when I saw the show game shakers I wanted to act like one of them that is my dream to become an acter

  35. Bianca Orinjo

    Hi, I am from Kenya but now I leave in Norway. My big dream is to be an actor on Nickelodeon. If I face my dream I would congratulate all of the people who works on Nickelodeon.

  36. Sofia

    Hi my name is Sofia I am a Nigerian I have always wanted to act on Nickelodeon

  37. Adebayo Samuel

    hi i am 15 years of age
    i can act, sing, dance, obessed with music, love to write and wish to appear on nickelodeon and i hv a story for mr dan schnieder for the film henry danger season 4

  38. Jorge

    Hello my name is Jorge Garcia i been watching nick a lot and i feel like i want to be with the crew.

    im 11 year old

  39. Hannah Bourne

    My daughter is 11 and loves nick but has always wanted to be apart of the nick crew so can you reply back to me if there is any thing she can audition for can you email to me any auditions.

  40. clarence shem

    hi my name is clarence shem and i am 12 years old.since the first day i started watching nikelodeon i have always wanted to becom a member of nick studios ..i like the shows of henry danger and school of rock.i hop you will give me an opportunity to becom a nick kid..i will be waiting for a reply..and i live in kenya at nairobi.thank you…

  41. Melrose Kamara

    My daughter loves Nickelodeon she can never stop talking about how she loves the thundermans and how she can never stop watching Henry Danger and she always says she wants to do acting on a Nickelodeon show and she keeps on saying she wants just like Kira kosarin and if she could she would like to be a 12year old actor so please give me a reply back at my email for an audition or anything for her to be on a Nickelodeon show if you could I would really apreciate it and I am sure she would too.

  42. chantelle

    my name is chukwudi chantelle am 15 years old i love nick and all shows in it and i will love to take part on nick i will be honoured if you reply to me and give me a chance

  43. chukwudi chantelle

    i love nick

  44. Karenzi Chris

    Hey nick can u give young and passionate Africans a try I am Karenzi Chris I am from Rwanda

  45. Gabriella Lopez

    I my name is gabriella Lopez I love nick and alot of show from that channal I will love to be on nick I like the thunder man’s and Henry danger there all amazing show I would be honored if you read this and reply to me and give me a chance

  46. amanda

    I love nickelodeon! I really wish to be an extra. 🙂

  47. Ryan Osome Ashiema

    If there extras I really want to be an actor 11 years

  48. timi

    nickelodeon can u please give we young superstar a try i mean entry form am 15 my full name is abiala timileyin

  49. Adelekan Tobiloba joshua

    Hi,am tobi from Nigeria and am 15 years of age.I love watching Nick’s movies a lot especially Henry-danger and Thundermans. I want to be acting cause I love it and to be in a play of Nick’s movie to meet my top superstars….Pls write back to me if it is possible..

  50. Hunter

    Hi, I am a huge Nick fan and watch your network ever day. I am a huge fan of “The Thundermans”and “Henry Danger.” It would mean the world to me to be a part of these shows!

  51. Zak

    Hi, I am a 15 year old boy, who would love to act in any show on Nickelodeon, I love all the shows on Nickelodeon, and would be like a dream come true if I were to act in any show on Nickelodeon.

  52. cameron P

    I am a 10 year old looking to try out acting.

  53. Cambria

    I’m 13, and if you need an extra or a supporting actress. I might be the one.

  54. Stephanie Mirabel

    If you guys are looking for a 12 years old girl I’m here to be an extra ? I really want to be in one

  55. christian obichukwu

    I wantvto be a Nickelodeon superstar. thank you

  56. Anna Mae Hagan

    They Anna Mae and Jade Barbie Michele acting Jobs 2016

    Hair-naturally red hair
    weight-158. But it never stays the same

    I have a Associate of Fine Arts In Computer Graphic Arts
    Salem Community College,Carneys Point,NJ. I am all so working on my Bachelor of Since Degree Media Design and Photography
    Minor:Digital Image Editing.Classes I have taken.3D Design,
    Wilmington University, New Castle, DE. I have taking class in DRA 105 Introduction to the Theater at WU. In high school I was in a school play. I played a kitchen watch.I was in the Drama. I have all ways thought acting was interning . I give credit to these who do. I know it take hard work, long hours,you got to love what you do. I can all so paint, crafts. My daughter and I have a YouTube Channel called Adventure Tears The daughter and mom show .
    I have a three year old daughter
    Name-Jade Barbie Michele Gohde
    Hair-naturally red hair

  57. Tony kinoti

    hey am tony kinoti 15 years of age n living in kenya,am ur no 1 fan n usually watch nick everyday.I need a job to help my mum to pay my school fees,i can draw sing act and also i write plays, please If you find it possible please write to me.Thank you

  58. Błażej Sobczak

    from Polish I am 12 years old I would like to castings to nickelodion I can in English

  59. Stephanie onyejiaka

    Please leave a message for

  60. Rylan

    I would like to be in nickelodeon show don’t careven what show because I have always dreamed of being on a TV show and it would mean the world to me I am a pretty good actor too

  61. Shaun

    I want to be on nickelodeon in LA California

  62. Kayla foster

    Hello, my name is Kayla Foster
    age: 15
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 115
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: brown
    Birth date: September 6, 2000
    Im not shy and have a great attitude. I have a creative mind, my personality is bubbly and outgoing. Am very desirous and mature for my age. I am not shy and I sing often aswell I have been dancing for 10 years so choreography will be no problem for me. Iv been playing piano for two years now and aswell play the violin. I love action, comedy, and adventure and I would love to be on this show, Thank you!

  63. Elisea

    and for the girls of 13-14 years old?

  64. Richard Cohill

    I really love to become a nick actress on the thunder mans or henry danger.

  65. shannon comer

    I cant wait to become part of the team!

  66. Allysa yount

    Hello, my name is Allysa Yount and I was actually with some producers in the winter for the halo effect. This would be a really good experience for me and my family. I live in Kentucky and I would love to be seen. I have been in a lot of acting classes and in many plays. People say I have a unique personality and I would love to show that one tv.