Audition In New York - TV SHOWIf you have ever wanted an appearance on ‘Person of Interest’, then now may be your chance. The casting directors are on the lookout for extras for the show that are currently in or around New York City.

Grant Wilfley Casting Requirement

The casting agency is on the hunt for men and women who would be able to play military NSA employees. The TV show will be shooting on Tuesday, December 1st in New York City. The casting agency has stated that while none of the actual military experience is required for the job, the candidates will still have to have hair that is appropriate for the military. For the reason, the men need to be buzz cut or have short hair that is more in line with the military type hair, i.e. above the ears for men. If they do not have such a haircut, they must be willing to have it cut on the set.

About The Show

Reese, a former CIA agent who is now presumed to be dead is working with Finch, a billionaire software genius. They join forces in order to eradicate any crime prevailing in the city. With the help of a program developed by Finch, the two are able to use pattern recognition which helps in determining the individuals who might soon get themselves involved in crimes. This way, the two are able to stop crimes before they even happen. Sameen Shaw, a former army intelligence support activity operative, also joins forces with the two to help eradicate crimes and evil from society.

Audition info for “Person of Interest” on the CW

Here are the details for the auditions:

• Seeking: men and women who can portray NSA employees or military type personnel
• Work Date: 12/1, Tuesday, in NYC area
If you are interested in auditioning for the role and will be available on the date mentioned above, then feel free to send in your particulars on The details that you will have to send along are as follows:

• Subject line: Name, SAG # or NONUNION, Phone #, Facebook NSA, Avail 12/1
• Two recent pictures of you, one should be shoulder up and the other should be a full body picture
• Current sizes:
Weight, height, neck and sleeve, shoe, jacket, and waist and inseam for men

Weight, height, waist and bust, shoe, and dress for women

The applicants must remember that they should be comfortable with a haircut if it becomes a requirement and they should bring along any dark colored suits that they own. However, the suit should not be black in color. The candidate should also be clean shaven or be willing to shave if needed.

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