New Teen Model Competition TV Show

Nationwide Casting Call for Teens 12-16 for New Model TV Show

Have you always wanted to be a super model? Do you dream of walking the runway at fashion week? How about having a full-page spread in your favorite magazine? Being the face of a clothing line? Or being the next GiGi? NOW, here is your chance!

About the Show

The producers of the Emmy Award Winning show “Undercover Boss” and a major cable network are looking for the next teen supermodel ages 12-16. This is a nationwide casting call!  They’re looking for teen girls with the look, talent, skill and drive to make it… AND they want girls with a rockstar mom helping “momage” them to reach their goals. They need moms with big personalities who are ready to prove their daughter has what it takes! Moms are just as important as the girls!

What They Are Looking For

Girls ages 12 to 16 years old

Nationwide (so you can live anywhere in the U.S.)

They want girls that are already going on auditions, have head shots, a portfolio of work and know a bit about working in the business, but need that opportunity or coach to help groom into the next super star. They want moms that are helping manage their daughters and believe they will be superstars.

If selected, mom and daughter will be flown out to NYC where you will compete against other mom and daughter duos to become the next model superstar! This is a career making opportunity and they want to hear from you ASAP!

How to Apply

To apply – email a photo of model daughter and mom, send 1 headshot only of the aspiring model, email mom and daughter’s full name, ages, phone number, along with a brief introduction and information on why you have what it takes. Email all of the above information be sure you have included everything requested before you send it in!

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18 Casting Responses

  1. Caitlin Chloe Sowdagar

    I live in South Africa. I am soooo GORGEOUS. I have an extremely awesome figure please choose me

  2. Caitlin Chloe Sowdagar

    I love modelling. Its my talent ! I am a beautiful figure and can sing amazingly. I pose in every photo i take. I am totally photogenic and i love to act in everything.

  3. dallas

    Im a 14 year old girl and my mom has a huge redneck life

  4. Laura love

    Hi my name is Laura love and I am 15 years old and I would love to enter

  5. Benita Eric

    Myname. is Benita Eric from Nigeria.
    I am 16 years old and would be turning 17 on September. I am 6ft tall, I’ve never had any experience whatsoever,I only model for makeup artistes but I’m ready for any sort of challenge and would really love to enter. Thank you

  6. Latifah

    Hi my name is latifah I am 15 years old I have been modeling for 2 years and I would like to enter

  7. Peyton Quinn

    Hi my name is PEYTON Taylor Quinn I am 12 yrs old .I have been modeling for about a year now and have done a huge campaign for JUSTICE clothing and just finished a print ad with Bombas socks. My mom and I would love to be considered for this show! I would love to send photos if I can get an email!

  8. Terri-Ann Jansson

    Hi my name is Terri-Ann and I am 13years old turning 14 in September,and i am from Cape Town I would have always liked to become a model but I never had enough time,but now I have all the time in the world to do what I really like to do,I think I stand a big chance of getting this.I have what you want,Sassy girl,funk,and so on and so forth,Thank you very much if would like me to be one of your models please contact me again,
    Kind Regards

  9. Catherine

    Hi Me and my best friend always wanted to be a model, but were from philippines. we hope we had a chance. thanks

  10. Lexi Johnson

    Hi! my name is Lexi and I am 14 years old. I have always dreamed of becoming a model and I believe I have a great chance of doing so. I am a all-star traveling-competing level two cheerleader so I have potential to shine on a stage. I was given the “best performing athlete” award on my team two years in a row. I am a first-time model also. if you believe I have potential, please email my mother, thank you!

  11. davine jackson

    Hi my name is Davine Jackson I’m 16 years-old and I’m from new Orleans. I have what it takes to be the next teen model superstar, I have lots of experiences and always ready for a challenge.. I feel my Mother and o will bring entertainment to the show. Also this can be a dream come True if I get picked

  12. Davine jackson

    Im also from New Orleans

  13. Davine jackson

    Hi my name is Davine Jackson. I am 16 years-old and have wat it takes to become the next remodel superstar. I have lots of experiences, and also ready for a challenge. My mom and i can bring ententertainment to the show. Also this can be a dream come True if I get picked..

  14. Muskan shukla

    My name is muskan nd m from India (M.P). I luv modelling nd m interested nd exited abt it. But I doesn’t have experience. My height is 5’2. I play badminton. Uhh pllzz give me a chance…

  15. Allison Beyer

    Hello thanking for taking this time to read my application and for even considering. I’m interested for the roal and so is my mother it would be such an amazing opportunity for us. I’m am a brunette blued eyed girl and my mom is Hispanic with brown hair and blue eyes
    Please contact at anytime about questions
    Thanks tou again

  16. Angel Rogers

    Hello. My daughter and I are very interested. She doesn’t have any experience but she is 14 and 6’1. Beautiful lil girl. She plays volleyball and basketball. How shall we apply? Angel Rogers.

  17. Sean Freeman

    My name is Sean Freeman & i would love to be a participant In this role