New ABC Game Show Match Game

Casting Call for ABC’s “Match Game” Hosted by Alec Baldwin

ABC is reviving the iconic game show “Match Game” and you have a chance to compete on the show! Academy Award nominated actor Alec Baldwin will be hosting the show.  Here is your chance to appear with some of your favorite celebrities on the game show and a chance to win up to $25,000.00!

About Match Game

Get ready to match the stars as Alec Baldwin hosts the revival of the iconic TV game show… Match Game!  One of the most popular game shows from the 1970’s, Match Game is comprised of two contestants guessing how a panel of six celebrities will fill-in-the-blank to a series of various (somewhat silly) questions. The player with the most matches at the end of two rounds goes on to play the big money Super Match where they could win up to $25,000!  The show is set to air this summer!

What They Are Looking For

Applicants must be 21+

Legal Resident of the United States

Casting directors are looking for people with clever and charismatic personalities who have a great sense of humor to play the ultimate version of “fill-in-the-blank”.

No need to be a brainiac or expert with words but an easy going and fun personality is key!

Filming will take place on a week day in New York City between June 13 – July 1, 2016. If selected as a contestant, you will be required to come to the studio for one FULL day.

How to Apply

If you want to apply to the show, you can fill out the application on the Match Game casting website at  They are moving quickly, so apply right away if you would like to be considered!

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59 Casting Responses

  1. Lovely Linda

    Love the old Match Game, love Alec and I’m just a star struck kinda gal. I’m wise, educated and I love to laugh 😆 Not a quick wit and I crack under pressure 😂

  2. monica calderon

    Match game is the best show. I always wanted to be on this show. I have so many laughs watching Alec Baldwin. I would love to win some money so I can put a down payment to a house for my family.

  3. Alberta "Gina" Cooper

    I’ve always wanted to be on a game show! Now that I’m in my 70’s I need to do it now!
    Gene Rayburn was so good on the Match game. But, it would be such an honor to be on the Match Game with Alec Baldwin. Maybe viewers would like to an old fat lady from the country meeting famous people for the first time. Considering how little I get from Social Security I could really use the money & skip going to the food pantry.

  4. J Emi

    Web address has been hijacked so unable to apply. Please advise. Thanks.

  5. Janine F

    Whaddup I heard y’all was looking for me the hip hop era, 80’s baby with 3 babies of her own, sucked into NYC municipal employment system. 2018 is my year let’s just allow it to happen for this Capricorn see y’all soon!

  6. Sarah Farmer

    I am so excited you are bringing Match Game back! I love watching the old reruns with Charles and Brett laughing up top. I would LOVE to be apart of the show. Long time fan! I may not have the best answers but we will have some laughs.

  7. Stacy

    March game!!! No way!!! I grew up watching and always came up with better answers. Choose me to come play. You won’t be disappointed. Who’s more entertaining than a Long Island Housewife with 4 kids??

  8. Trudy Miller

    I love Alec & Mat h Game so much, I am smart, fun, cute and ready to win$$$. Please call or text me and I’ll be right there. ♡♡♡ Trudy

  9. Malik Hardy

    Hello, it will be a pleasure to be on this show I am a huge fan and I will make the most of this opportunity. I am a fun energetic person and have a great sense of humor this show definitely matches me and you will not regret having me on the shown . This is a goal to be on the show hopefully you will give me this opportunity .

    Thank You So Much

  10. Evan

    I would love to be on Match Game. I used to watch the Gene Rayburn originals (70’s/80’s) all the time on GSN, and I think the newest version has done the show the most justice from other revivals tried out later in the 80’s and 90’s after Match Game 7x’s original run.

  11. Diana Hagen

    Hey there, i would love to be on match game, i record ebery episode old and new, i’m 68 n watch at least 5 a night of Gene rayburn and Richard Dawson, This is the best game show ever , with the best host n panel ever, old n new..please pick me 🙏

  12. Nathan Vondal


  13. Janet Tarrance

    I would love the opportunity to be on the Match Game. I love this show…it’s the highlight of my week. It cracks me up!!!
    Thanks – All Smiles
    Janet Tarrance

  14. Linda

    I would love to be on your show

  15. Mary Miller

    I’m a TOTAL fan of Match Game!!! I faithfully watched the original with Gene Rayburn and was thrilled when it came back on the air with Alec. The only difference is the old panel used to “DRINK” during lunch and the current panel enjoys their cocktails openly on the show. I rock at getting the BEST MATCH to answers after years of practice (especially this new version as I’m not afraid to “go there” with my answers!) SERIOUSLY you WANT me on the show. I won’t disappoint. CALL ME! EMAIL ME! TEXT ME! I’m ready.

  16. Colette Houlihan

    Would love to see my daughter Colette Houlihan on the show she is a Irish beauty with a wonderful sense of humor.

  17. Katlynn Jordan

    I’m Katlynn Jordan, I work as a dispatcher for the school district and I live in Arizona. Honestly I just turned 25 and I’m trying to buy my dream car, so adding $25,000 to my white girl budget sounds pretty good. Don’t you see the match already. .I’m 25 and I can take $25,000 home!

  18. Kim Mitchell

    Big Fan!!! Positive energy!!! Fun Fun Fun!!

  19. Joyce Griffin

    My name joyce, retired from state of fla over 25 watching tbe match game originally started . i”m a peoples. Person like having fun.sing a little painVot Volunteers ununited way artserce , libraries. Would love that oportinuty to play my child hood games. Thank you

  20. Dominique

    Hi I’m Dominique and I’m 25, I’m a Stay At Home Mom and I Would Like To be on your Show I Love To Watch Your Show, I also Loved to Watch Match Game 78 and Let Me Be Frank You Guys Are On The Right Track 👌

  21. Cynthia juarbe

    I would love to be on the show. I’m very sarcastic and have a great personality for the show. I could definitely use the money to pay bills and student loans. Please consider me. Thank you!

  22. Rachel

    Hey, I’m Rachel. It would appear they serve booze on this show, which definitely makes it better than other game shows (suck it jeopardy). I’m pretty funny as far as women go, and I would probably use any money I make to pay for future car accidents. Many thanks 😘

  23. Justin Weisman

    Yea ok I would love some money just for meeting some celebrities, finally shoe’s on the other foot. But honestly i would like a shot a winning some extra money for bills and finally have some money in the bank. I’d be good for 2 reasons, 1 I can dish it as good as I can take it. And 2 is I’m very quick mentally and Im very funny. Thanks for bothering to read this if you made it this far, Congrats, Justin

  24. Sarah Kowats

    Hey my names Sarah, i’m different then all your other applicants. Give me one chance and I can prove it. Not just applying for the fame and fortune. Sure everyone says to pay bills and students loans off or “just want to be on TV”. I’m spontaneous and at the rate i’m going i’ll be super genius by 30. Just kidding! But give me a call and i’ll show you who I am and why I think i’m worthy.

  25. Karen Olson

    Hi my name is Karen and i have a strong desire to do something fun and of the box. I watch matchgame faithfully and just love it! Love alec Baldwin as the host and the celebrity contestants!! Love to laugh and would love to be on your show!!

  26. Rachelle Morris

    Hi my name is Rachelle Morris and I have been watching Match game since the 1960’s and I am very good at and funny to. I would to be on the show, it would be my first ever for being on TV. I am a wife, mother and grandmother of 10. I loved to laugh and have fun.


    Hi my name is Cherrelle Johnson,I would like you start off and say I love this show ,it brings back a lot of memories I used to watch with my grandmother,I would be a perfect match because I’m energetic,great personality,smart ,I’m funny and charming personality,I would be The one to bring spark to the show “pick me”

  28. Benjamin Anderson

    My name is Benjamin Anderson, I live in Detroit Michigan and I would love to be a contestant and win some money I been watching the show since i can remember. im 22 Native American, and im kinda low on money out of a job and living with my brother and i need more money to start my business so im ready to match.

  29. Keisha Shirley

    Hello there my name is Keisha Shirley and i watch match game every Wednesday night before I go to bed. I enjoy this show. I think i would bring great reviews to the show. Please contact me ASAP.

  30. Chenelle Moore

    Hi my name is Chenelle what are they talking about, I still watch the old match game and I would love to be on the new show. I am going to tell you right now that would be the episode everybody would want to watch over and over again so pick me choose me text me please email me Like NOW!

  31. Joyce Bastien

    Hello. I have been watching the Match Game since it’s debut. I love Alex Baldwin & tape every episode. I love game shows & have a mind that would help me win the game! Lol!! Pick me!

  32. Robert

    Hi my name is Robert, as a child i have watched game shows like, To Tell The Truth, Pyramid, Jokers Wild, Match Game. Just to mention a few. I’ve always wanted to be on a game show! If there are any casting calls for ANY game show. I would appreciate some information. Thank You

  33. Jo Ann Gunter

    hello,i am Jo Ann would like to be a winner on the game show match game. tell me how one would be on the show. send me information.

  34. Sandy Steinpas

    I am trying to get on the Match Game castings page. It is not available. Any information you can provide to allow me to send in an application for an audition to appear on the show would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  35. Nyasho A

    I am very interested in taping for 2018! Where might that information be available?

  36. bob harnden

    having a chance to see charles nelson reilly,richard dawson and brett somers put a smile on everyones face in this lighthearted gameshow was the best.

  37. Jessica

    I absolutely love love love pretty much all the games shows and i have always dreamed of being on a fun exciting game show….i act like im already in the shows in my living room.and i think it would be truley a dream come threw not to mention a blessing…i really cant think of anything else that eould make me happier….

  38. STEVE

    you guys are sick if you keep a pedophile as host of the game show… THIS GUY KNEW FOR A FACT SHE WAS UNDER AGE… AN IDIOT COULD TELL… IT CAN BE WATCHED ON YOUTUBE… SICK MAN

  39. Andrea Felten

    Facebook me for details;)

  40. Nick

    Match game

  41. Lisa GallegosDominguez

    If you guys ever have a show in LA, i would love to be a contestant. Thank you

  42. Greg

    Got some Great remixes of think music from the 70s. Why do they keep repeating the same stuff every round now?

  43. Vera LaForce

    I would luv to be on a game show. I do it very well at home. Me PLEASE.

  44. Sonja johnson

    This would be an awesome opportunity! I’ve grown up watching many game shows and having the chance to participate would be great! It would also give me a chance to treat my significant other, a retired Combat Veteran, on an amazing vacation!!!

  45. Colby

    It has always been a dream of mine to be on a game show! I have many, many favorites and have gotten quite good at many of them and have the bubbly and outgoing personality to match!!

  46. Michael Boccanfuso

    To whom it may concern; ( always sounds professional even on the “stupidity index”…
    My name is Michael and I currently live with one of my brother’s and mom. I have two other brother’s but there about as useful as a snowflake in a snowstorm….
    Returning to our story, my brother and I have accepted this is life. We rent a small house in upstate N.Y., and have been through more in a our 43 years that a lot of people have experienced in a lifetime. I am 43 and David is 39. Mom , 66 and spunky as a squirrel on acid. Now myself, I know deep in my heart , insert the tear jerker, I was meant to entertain people. I am a hairdresser for many years and an Interior designer (freelance) , and freelance artist and photography lover. However, my credit is so bad, they won’t take my cash. I have tried to look up my credit score , but lost sight for a couple weeks as the computer I used to obtain the score, I am pretty sure laughed and then the screen shot glass at me…..think some spit was in there too…..It’s amazing how a bad credit score means “guess again sh&*bag”…
    My reason for writing is none of my family has ever flown. One due to that takes alot of money which I can’t seem to find any around the house. I have looked thoroughly, but apparently the house doesn’t produce cash….BUMMER. Similiarly, we all are big t.v. fans and the most we have won between the three of us is 3.00 on a scratchoff, and I think possibly once a free slurpee. pretty sure they thought I stole it even after winning it. 😉
    O.K. let me get to the point, you need me on your show. 1. The audience and viewers will wonder where’s this guy been. I am a gay man with too much style for living in the woods, unless I re-style a tree. Maybe ad a tree skirt, some bark cover up etc…….The bark is rough to match up….
    In closing, all I am hoping is that you at least give me a call and just maybe a shot at winning some much needed money as we do not have a car, and want my mother’s life at this time to be fully enjoyable. Throw a guy a line……..throw a guy a dollar bill……
    Michael Boccanfuso

  47. Ray Ferrell

    Any game show. I’m your man. It’s been on my bucket list for over fifty years

  48. Michael O.

    Fantastic, im terribly not camera friendly but love to win some $$ for the wife who is fighting

  49. Margo Batchelder

    Love the show

  50. Dawn Bowman

    I would love to try out for the show. My name is Dawn Bowman. I live in Vista, Ca. I have no problem flying to New York. I love this show. I still love watching the old episodes. This is one of the great classic game shows that stands the test of time in the present day. You guys ROCK AMAZEBALLS! Blessed Be.

  51. Angela V

    Are there tryouts in L. A.?
    When selected, do you pay your own way to NY? If so, if you don’t win, does that get reimbursed?

    Please and thanks.

  52. Valerie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW PLEASE CALL ME TO BE A CONTESTANT I’D BE GREAT I JUST LOVE THE CAST & the,HOST I THINK ALEX &ROSIE WORK WELL TOGETHER this is 5 stars compare to you sister show that comes on before you if u no what I mean

  53. kelly

    OH man i missed the auditions

  54. Michael

    ABC! America wants Betty White on your fun new show!

  55. Tanna Martin

    My name is Tanna Martin I’m 26 years old I live in alvin texas I’m bubbly loud an not shy I would love to be apart of any show.

  56. valerie Senatore


  57. Marilyn Rock

    Tried to load pictures site would not allow

  58. Susan Kocher

    I was on Match Game in 1979. I am now 80 years old and would like to be on again. I have a tape of the show where I won the money. I would like to send it to you. I live in Wisconsin but have a sister in Los Angelos so it would be convenient for me to come to LA.

  59. SexyDiva

    Thank you for the information