Network Cooking Show Seeking Couples

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Gordon Ramsay is helping people with a new cooking show and couples are needed to appear on the show! The new network series is searching for couples to appear in a few fun and lighthearted segments. Casting directors are searching the country for a man and woman who have lost the excitement from their relationship and/ or who no longer go on dates. They are also looking for someone in a relationship who is in the doghouse with their significant other. Gordon Ramsay wants to help you put excitement back into your relationship and get back in your partners good graces.  Get ready for your chance to appear on the reality TV show and apply today to the new casting call!

About the Show

New network cooking show is looking for couples for a few fun, lighthearted segments that will be featured on the show this season! The two categories they are looking are listed below:

What They Are Looking For

Is the excitement gone from your relationship?
Are date nights with your Spouse a thing of the past?
Is it impossible to get your husband/wife to do new things/go out on dates?
Has life as a couple become so predictable?
Do you ever miss the way things were?
Gordon Ramsay is here to help you put some excitement back into your relationship!

Do you find yourself in the doghouse with your spouse?
Have you forgotten a birthday or anniversary that landed you in hot water?
Has your spouse been frustrated by something you didn’t do quite right?
Want to get back in the good graces of your significant other?
Gordon Ramsay could help get you out of the doghouse and back in their good graces by finally doing something right!

How to Apply

If interested please email and include the following information:
Pictures of the two of you
Best phone/email to reach you
A brief description of your current situation/Why you are the best pick for the show

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1 Casting Response

  1. amy

    not exactly as requested: a marijuana lawyer and a trial attorney (boyfriend and girlfriend) decide to plunge into everyone’s fantasy by leaving their practices for a year, buying an old yacht to sail the “Great Loop”, and travel the US experiencing food at local dives, ports and even small town fine dining. Twist: they have little or no boating experience. Reality show idea? this is about to happen. please email me if interested. or call: Amy Peterman