Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 - Kids

TV Show Casting Call – Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for a 2018 Stranger Things season 3 audition? If you love the popular Netflix series and are looking for a kids casting call, there is a new opportunity for you! The TV show is searching for female children to portray friends of one of the series actresses. For this scene the team is seeking African American of ethnic girls ages 8 through 11 years old. Filming will be on Friday, May 18th near Atlanta, Georgia. This is a spectacular opportunity for any experienced or aspiring child model or actor.  Don’t miss out on the incredible chance to have your child featured on Netflix’s Stranger Things, view the kids acting audition information below!

About Netflix’s Stranger Things

When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl. [Netflix]

What They Are Looking For

Friends of Actress (minors only)
Girls ONLY
African American / Black or Ethnic
Ages : 8 – 11 yrs
Rate : $75 / 8 hrs
Location : TBD (30 min N of Atlanta)
Filming: Friday – May 18th

How to Apply

Parents who want to submit their children should follow this link
and fill out all of the requested information.

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133 Casting Responses

  1. Eden

    Hello, my name is Eden and I’m 14. I am part black and I’m half Korean. There is more to my ethnicity but I am not white so if I fit this role or any other roles, please contact me with the email attached. Extra information; I am around 5 feet, I live in Maryland and I am taking my first theatre class and it is my first year of high school. I did have a role once in an elementary play. I played the voice of a baby. It may be a small part, but it was a part. Thank you for your time.

  2. Naimah Love

    Hi, my name is Na’imah Love I am 5”3, African-American and 14 years old. I fit the role perfectly and I would love to be considered, please email me so I can send my resume, headshots, etc. Your link does not work so please contact me via email.

  3. Denzel Hercules

    Hi my name is Denzel and I would like the opportunity to act in this series or any other projects available

  4. Denzel Hercules

    My name is Denzel Hercules I am a African American male age 21 and i have dreamed about acting in this series and apart of any other netflix series or projects because of what i see and watch how you guys film show and draws in the audience into a character and that’s what i want to do if you do give me the chance to act.

  5. Denzel Hercules

    My name is Denzel Hercules I am a African American male age 21 and i have hoped and dreamed about acting in this series and apart of any other netflix series or projects because of what i see and watch how you guys film show and draws in the audience into a character and that’s what i want to do if you do give me the chance to act.

  6. kenzie levesque

    i am not african american but i am 11 5ft1 and a huge fan of the show been with you from the start willing to do what ever needed to be on show

  7. TahJay Cooksey

    hi my name is tahjay and I am 12 years old I am hoping to combine with you guys but I don’t have any way to get there so I am going to try my best to stay in contact as much as I can

  8. Pacey Upshaw

    Hi i’m Pacey Upshaw and i’m 13 years old ive been watching strangerthings ever since it came on netflix i was wondering if i could audition just notify me on facebook or email thank you.

  9. Sienna Sayle

    Hello, my name is Sienna and I’m 14, I’m absolutely up for anything and any roles and requirements you require. I appreciate your time for reading this and hope you consider me even for small roles.

  10. Rebecca Rochette

    Hi, my name is Rebecca. And I would be extremely pleased if you could contact me if there are any roles I could possibly play. I am blonde, 5’5 (169cm), and 14 years old almost 15. I am Canadian (English) and French. And I have taken theater lessons.
    I do hope I get an opportunity to be a part of this show someday. Thank you

  11. Cassandra Alonso

    hi my name is Sophia Gavales i am 12 years old and a inch away from being 5 foot i love the show stranger things and i am interested in a part i am willing to do what ever it takes to get in i was born in new york city and now i live in florida i am very eager for a part in stranger things thank you very much.

  12. krystan purham

    hi im Krystan purham and i was wondering can we talk more.

  13. Abby

    I am a Caucasian, 4 feet 7 inches, 11 years old, female, who loves to sing and act so please contact me about anything, because I have talent and am willing to change anything about my appearance for the role.

  14. Abby Bisher

    I’m an 11 year old girl and love Stranger Things so much so please contact me with any oppritunities. I love acting, and have been auditioning for different things.

  15. Melanie Strober

    I’m Melanie and i’m 12 years old willing to do anything for the show/series!

  16. Thomas

    I’m 11 been trying to get into the business for years if you find roles open please contact me

  17. Brooklynn

    Hi, my name is brooklynn. I turned 12 just two months ago. If there is any chance to squeeze me in… I am 4’5″ I am white with brown hair and dark brown eyes. 12 years old. Been in 2, hour long plays and played 2 people both times. Thank you.
    Brooklynn Schafer.

  18. Brooklynn

    My daughter just turned 12 two months ago. Can she still audition?

  19. Ashley

    Hello my name is Ashley Rioux and I am 13 years old. I would very much enjoy being in the stranger things series I do enjoy science-fiction or fantasy shows I have admired Daniel Radcliffe work for a while now and I almost positive I’ve watch all of his films and wanted to do myself the stunts sound amazing and surprisingly I have a good fake British accent and I think it would be fun to explore something new and meet new people because I unfortunately don’t have any true friends here and I would like to change that.

  20. selah

    hi im 13 If you need any more actors for Stranger Things, please notify me im looking
    acting job . let me now

  21. Mahogany Lockridge

    Hello, If you need anymore actors for Strangers Things, please notify me. I’m a very big fan of the show and i would really love to audition. I’m a female ,15 years, My height is 5’1. Thank you so much!!!

  22. Aubrey Hallowell

    I am 12-13, and Puerto Rican. I am about 5ft and 90 pounds. Please notify me if you get a chance.

  23. Aubrey Hallowell

    I am 12 years old, i am Puerto Rican and I am a girl. I love acting!

  24. Kaitlyn

    Hello, My name is Kaitlyn Gaspard and I’ve been wanting to be a actress since forever! Just wanted to know how, I love stranger things and would be honoured if I was in it! I’m 13 yrs in one month I’d be 14. Thank you for reading!

  25. Rashonte

    I am 11and Black and Ethnic I love stranger things and I love to act hope y’all pick me love y’all

  26. Lazette Heckstall

    Hello, my name is Lazette Heckstall. I was born in Atlanta, graduated from Mount Zion High School, African American, 5’3 tall & weigh 95 pounds, and and I was extra in couple of college movies, extra in Tupac movie called “All Eyes on Me”. I have been acting and dancing on stage since childhood. I know your casting calls is for infants, but if you ever have big roles and need adults, I am willing to do the job because I have talents for television shows and movies. Please contact me through email or my mobile device.

  27. Oni Oluwademilade

    Hi, i’m Demilade from Nigeria,female between the age of 14-15.I would really like to audition for Stranger things,please notify me.

  28. Valerie

    Hello, I’m Valerie Maties, 13 years old. My height is 162cm and my weight is 50kg.I have natural brown hair and my eyes color are brown ( a little bit gray) .I’m willing to dye my hair( not cut)I can speak English very well.I am Vietnamese. I will try to go through Europe to be able to act. What do I have to do to make you better understand me? Look forward to the help.

  29. janiaya roberson

    i will love to be with you guys!!!!!

  30. Alli Roth

    please notifie me if any stranger things acting auditions come up !!! i’m female 11 years old and caucasian !!

  31. Talia Hazelwood

    I am a female ,just turned ,12 years old, and I am African American. I am 5,3-5,4 feet (160-164 cm). I would love to audition for Stranger Things.Thank you.

  32. Makhi Lovett-kane

    Hi there cast and directors of stranger things i think it should be amazing if you cast me in the show im from Philadelphia,I’m 12 yrs old, I’m 4’6 I’m a Africa American male, my birthday is july 6 2006, I have a birthmark on my face under my eye, you can contact me at just to let you know if there’s a main character role i whould be happy to play him thanks for your time and good luck with the series.

  33. Chelsea Monné

    i am a girl and i am 16 years old . I love t o act so maybe in the future this comment is usefull .
    I absolutely want to act in stranger things not because it is world wide or i get popular (i don’t know ) but acting is so beautiful i ljust love it . I already did 2 musicals the first 2years ago and the second this year and i also did a musicvideo of lost frequencies :Melody .
    information -i dye my hair in a lot of colors so if they want me to dye it i would do it
    – they can do a haircut on me if they want to change my hair
    – i can put ear piercings on but not in my face
    -i am mysterious
    thank you for listening i hope this will help me further than i already am .
    Thank you so much i hope you have a good day

  34. Chelsea Monné

    Hey i am Chelsea
    it is maybe not now but maybe in the future when you need a girl who is white and is between 16/18
    i would deffenetly want to try an audition . because i love the show it is my kinda genre .
    I know it is very silly bit a yes can you get and also a no .
    Thanks for listening .
    Information about myself
    – I dye my hair in a lot of colors so if the show wants it to dye i will do it
    -I am 16 years old right now
    -I have a medium sized body not big or thin just medium i guess
    -I am mysterious
    -I acted in the past in 2 musicals and a videoclip of lost frequencies :melody
    -I am 5’2 feet (159 cm )
    -I have green eyes with a little bit of grey
    -I had ear piercings but i can put them on if they want it ( not in the face )
    I hope you guys can help me . Thank you and i hope you have a great day .

  35. Lucy Price

    If your looking to cast anyone for upcoming seasons, please notify me !! I’m around the same age as the children in the series, (I’m 14), I’m 5”3 and I’m female. I may not have as much experience as many of the other young actors/actresses. But I truly feel that acting is the right career path for me. I’m a very emotional person which I think is great in acting. I can cry on cue. I’m also extremely good at memorising scripts. I really do find joy in acting, and it’s something I feel truly passionate about.

  36. Jordyn Jackson

    I am jordyn Jackson i live in Orlando Florida i love stranger things and I have dark skin and curly hair and i can sing and I really hope I get this part.

  37. lisa

    dear miss/ mister

    i have been watching stranger things and it is such a nice series. i would love to have a role in the series, i have also done some drama so i have some experience thanks a lot.


  38. lisa

    dear mister/miss
    hi my name is Lisa im 12 and i would love to act i have done a lot of drama in the past years and i would love to act in stranger things thanks Lisa.

  39. Adelyn McCandless

    Hi, I’m Addie McCandless. I’m 13 years old, my acting range is 13-15 years old, and I am 5’4 (and a half). I know I’m too old to play this part, but if you ever need extras, please consider me! I have caramel hair that is about two or so inches below my collarbone (willing to have it cut or permed). I am Caucasian, willing to travel, and do lots of theatre in my community, including my school. I am just waiting for my big break that will hopefully come soon. I would love the chance to act on stranger things, as it is also my favorite show. (It’s actually been a dream of mine to act on it since I first watched it two years ago.) I can act, sing (I’m in a choir called The St. Louis Children’s Choir), dance (I dance at COCA), gymnastics (at SLGC), and do much more if you need. I really hope you consider me, and I would love to be an extra, if not a main part. Thank you for considering me!

  40. LaNiya

    I love this show so much, and I’m, black and white and mexican , i just turned 15. I’m tall

  41. PJ Haggith

    Hi! My name is PJ I am a big fan of stranger things and would love to be part of the cast! I have brown hair and brown eyes, I am 5,2 I am 11 yrs old, I have been pretty much all the leads in my school plays and yeah…. see ya!

  42. April

    I love stranger thin things and is would love to be on the show my name is April and I’m a female that is 5’2 (five foot , 2 and i would love to be on stranger things 😁😃😄

  43. Sydney Sanyaolu.

    Hi I’ve been acting for years now even though most people around me don’t believe I’ll ever make because of my current situation my sisters are the only ones who do encourage me and also my inner self….
    I’m African
    I have shoulder length black hair
    I’m pretty good at acting not too many experience but I’m good
    I’m not only good at acting but I’m also a dancer
    And I really want this role
    I love Netflix…. for giving me and other kids the opportunity to make our dreams come true…… Thank you and please I really want this role to prove them wrong

  44. Sydney Sanya

    Hi um am a big fan of Netflix and I’ve been acting for years now although not too many experiences because people around me don’t really think I’ll ever make it but my sisters are the only ones who encourage me that’s why I’m applying right now…. So lets cut to the chase I’m African I have shoulder length black hair
    I’m 12, I’m a girl, I work really well with people I’m a fast learner, and I really want this role..Thank you… for giving kids like me the opportunity to ‘try’ and reach their dreams…Thank you again.

  45. Esperancia

    Hi im Esperancia and i am 12 about to be 13 years old and i am a female and im 4’11 and i would love to be in any commercials or television or any films or movies and im skinny also i have a little bit experience i have walked a runway and read a couple of lines and i am very confident and i would love to get an audition if you have any auditons for me please contact me or send me an email at :

  46. Jess

    hi I am jess and I live in in Australia I am 12 I have light brown hair I am 4.5 feet tall and I am white I have blue eyes, I would really like to be in stranger things. I enjoy acting and I would try my hardest.

    thank you

  47. Abdul jones

    I love stranger things but I’m 14 can I still addition

  48. Syriah jones

    HI, I am Syriah Jones. I am 11 years old. I always wanted to be in a movie. I am a Big fan, and praying that I will be in a movie one day. This will be a dream come true if I can play in the TV show.

  49. katelynne

    hi my name is katelynne I know it is late but if you are still looking for an actor I would love to be the one you are looking for.i am 11 yeas old I weigh 120 /130 I have light brown hair brown eyes and again I would love to act in stranger things I have watched every epiosode so pls pls pls consider me

  50. Jessica

    Hi how are you my name is Jessica Antonioni I am 14 years old but all the time I get told I look 10-11. If you are still looking for more roles it would would be great if you could take the time to message me. I am white but I am a Latina but I look Caucasian as well. I’ve only done a few school plays in the past but I want to show that I can make it in the business. Thank you for taking your time to read this have a nice day.

  51. Olivia Wright

    If you are needing a 14-15 year old female with brown hair, I am more than willing to come audition. I would love to work on Stranger Things.

  52. Liyah Thomas

    Hi my name is Liyah. I’m not in the age range but I am currently 13. My height is 4’11 and I’m African American. I haven’t been able to do any acting jobs because I’ve recently gotten interested in acting once I joined drama club. I’m a very cheerful person and I am a cheer captain for Osborne Jr Cardinals. I am a person who loves to act out emotional scenes. Please contact me if you ever need someone my age with my ethnicity. I also live in Georgia

  53. Eden Girmay

    Hello! My name is Eden Girmay. I am 15-16 years old. I am African American. I am about 5’2. I would love to help with this season.

  54. Aleese

    I forgot to give some information about me.
    My hair is: dark brown
    My skin is: white with a little tan
    My eyes are: brown
    My weight is: 100-105

  55. Aleese

    If you have anymore Stranger Things auditions please let me know! I love that show so much. I am 12-13 years old, I am 5’2-5’3 and a female. I am from Alberta, Canada. Please consider me!

  56. Noelani burden- webb

    Hi my name is Noelani been waiting to act for a long time.
    I’m a
    African – American, I’m 13 , 4’11 , I know I’m short i just really want to be an actor because I tired of pretend, I want to do something my life. It be nice if you guys out me in. Thank you so much.

  57. Jahnae ward

    If you need a female actor in the age range of 11-14 I’m here

  58. Madison Hammock

    Hi my name is Madison Hammock, I am 12 years old. Just over 11 but it would be awesome to have this role. This show inspired me to start acting. If you ever have any other acts open I will be willing to take them. I am 12 years old, white, 5’3, and I will be willing to cut or dye my hair.