For years you have put off becoming a Mother or Father, you always thought that somehow you would find the time or the right person eventually. You were too busy climbing the ladder of success and building quite the career so you could become financially stable or you wanted to experience life before you were tied down to a family. Now your biological clock is ticking and you are ready to become a parent.

Have you exhausted all possibilities of finding a romantic mate to conceive a child with? You have tried online dating, speed dating, blind dates, recommendations from family and friends, you have even tried dating those you work with or lurking in bars waiting for your true love. Now you are thinking out of the box and ready to try something radical to become a parent. Are you currently looking for or are in the middle of partnering with someone to have a baby and simply co-parent? We want to hear your story!

We are currently looking to cast for an upcoming television series that will feature 3 stories including: one single woman, one single man, and a couple in a unique social experiment. The series will follow each story as they proceed in a process known as Parenting Partnership. Our cameras will document the highs and lows of what it actually takes to go through this process; including how each participant exhausted all possibilities of trying to either find someone to have a baby with or conceive a baby, so they decide to find a person with whom they want to simply co-parent with.

We are seeking individuals in their 30’s to 40’s from all over the United States who are willing a Parenting partnership. If you or someone you know are thinking or are in the process of forming a Parenting Partnership please apply for you chance to be featured on this groundbreaking new TV series. To apply, please send a description of your story along with a recent photo and contact information to SUBJECT LINE should read: PARENTING PARTNERSHIP – YOUR NAME.

Everyone has an incredible story of how they become a parent and now this brand new series is giving you the chance to share your story with the world. Be sure to check back here for more information and casting updates for this groundbreaking this new series. Leave a comment below this post and tell us what you think of this brand new upcoming series and why you would like to be considered to be apart of the show.

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  1. Mikaila

    I’m very interested to get my story out in the public, just so young mothers can understand that staying with an abusive person thinking that they will change when the baby arrives is not okay, and that being a single parent is sometimes a better choice than having both mom and baby abused. I am struggling my way through college with my 5 month old little angel, and a psycho ex who is trying to take our son away, even when he refuses to feed him since he thinks our infant child needs to go on a diet.

  2. Kelly Stovall

    Boy do I have a story to tell! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2-2.5 years. Three miscarriages later and and a failed IVF treatment led our doctor to give me the “talk” about looking into a donor because my eggs have expired even though I am only 39! My sister (40), also married, has been trying to conceive for also 2-2.5 years with 12 failed IVF attempts. Together my sister and I decided to take the donor route but here is the twist: we decided to use the same donor! We will both be having a child that will be cousins and half-siblings! We are scheduled to be implanted towards the end of September. Fingers crossed! We are a beautiful family with a crazy story just trying to make lemonade with our (or our donor) “lemons”.

  3. Julia

    My story is a bit different. I got engaged to my long term boyfriend (now fiancé) in 2014. Everything was perfect and going as planned…but after planning our wedding, things went downhill with his family and I wasn’t allowed be part of it anymore. Culture played a big role. Long story short…they took him away from me, changed his phone number, stopped him from contacting me and made him leave me a voice-mail saying that we were done. I had a hard time and thought it was time to move on. Fast forward, this year, he joined the Army and called me. Told me everything and that he still loved me. I went to his Family day last weekend, his family is totally mad. They don’t want to see me at his graduation on June 2nd. He’ll is about to rain down on us on that day but I’m still going because he wants me there. So much drama. Ugh! Anyways, what they don’t know is that, my fiancé proposed to me again and we did it when I visit him so I’m waiting for the 21st to come around so I can check if I’m pregnant. We’ve been so busy trying to graduate from college and settling down first but now we’re finally ready to have a family. Looking forward to the results. Fingers crossed.

  4. Don

    I’m interested in the series to get my story out there because I worked I played I did everything then I got put on disability. If you think my story would be dull give me 7 minutes of your time if you don’t like what I had to say in 3 minutes you can hang up and I’ll never bother you again.

  5. Anthony L Moodya

    Hoping to be apart of a once in a lifetime opportunity with the show my girlfriend is 5 months now and we are engaged and in love and I would be truly honored to be apart of your show

  6. Cody Theriault

    Hi. My name is Cody. I am inspiring to become a comidic actor. I am quick off the fly with improve, can over do over twelve different voices, and at thirty, have a work ethic like no other. I am looking for a chance that I know I can’t fail at, and will attract many fans. Let me show you how sore I can make your stomach.

  7. Mishieka Ardds

    I’ve always wanted to be an actress frim a child. Growning up I didn’t have the opportunity niws my time to prive theres nothing I cant do .. Space is the limit.

  8. ashlyn

    Hi i’m Ashlyn. I love to act and I have a a pretty much free schedule. I have been in the play Beauty and the Beast. Also I have been in my other school play Peter Pan. I’m 10 years old and in 5th grade. I did dance for a while and I am in gymnastics. I am a good student in school and get a lot of A’s. I would love to have a role in your movie. I have blond hair and blue eyes.

  9. Kiera soares

    Hi my Kiera. Soares I am 9 years old ! I am very outgoing and have open sceduleand wpuldnlobe nothing more then to act , dance ,sing or just simply be on TV itself 🙂 . I had an audition. I made it top 10 out of 1500 kids for my personality and looks with my confidence !!

  10. Alyzza Raya

    I live in California .I love acting.I can sing act and more.I’m 13 years old This would be a dream come true.Give me a chance.

  11. Justin Greenberg

    Name: Justin Greenberg
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 105lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown

    Hello my name is Justin Greenberg. I am 16 years old and have been doing theater for four years now. I have worked professionally with companies such as Disney in the past thanks to my YouTube channel which I do voice acting for cartoons on. I have not yet done anything too big in the television / movie film but I am hoping to get myself out there. I hope you consider me for a role or even as an extra. Thanks.

    Instagram: @Uhmagin
    Twitter: @Uhmagin
    YouTube: Uhmagin

  12. Jessica Neeley

    I sent an email and am extremely interested in being in this series. I know I could be a great asset to your team and could be a very likable character. I am a mother actually, but I can relate to being focused on success and missing out on so much, because I am 25 years old and have worked my butt of end up successfully running a business! It comes at a cost and I know the cost well. No time for fun, play, or family etc. Then you realize wait the clock is ticking and what is life really about and what is really important. That’s why I am auditioning, chase your dreams, have passion, but don’t miss out on living!

  13. william hunter

    i wanna be a actor i love movies and im local pennsylvania boy looking to make it big