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Acting Auditions for Film – Detroit, MI

Have you been searching for a Michigan acting audition in 2018? There is a new casting call you can apply to! The College for Creative Studies is looking for actors in the Detroit metro area. The SAG-AFTRA affiliated film will shoot from late February and March. The movie “My Name is August” is looking for men and women who are between the ages of 18 and 60 years old. There are a lot of available roles so this is a extraordinary opportunity. Movie auditions in Michigan are being held on January 30th and February 4th.  This is a wonderful chance to start your acting career or add to your resume.  All actors and actresses will get some fabulous footage.

About “My Name is August”

August, a cautious and inexperienced transgender man, attends his first queer-centric party with friends, Kay and Olli, only to be exposed to a darker side of his fellow queers. Mature content.

What They Are Looking For

August, Trans-Male Character, 18-24
Lead speaking. Cautious, anxious, and inexperienced. Transgender man. Worried about how other people view his identity, easily taken advantage of, surface level relationship with parents. Able to wear a chest binder, smoke convincingly.

Olli, Male, 20-30
Supporting speaking. August’s more soft-spoken friend. Responsible, caring. The one that’s there for August in the end.

Kay, Female, 20-30
Supporting speaking. August’s abrasive friend. Seems supporting but is only interested in partying. Oblivious to the effect of her words.

Christopher, Male, 25-35
Supporting speaking. Obnoxious, self-obsessed, gay party host. Kind of messy. Enables August to go after a hot guy.

Sam, Male, 20-25
Supporting speaking. Attractive gay man. The antagonist. Transphobic. Almost predatory. Ultimately insecure about his own sexual identity.

Paul, Male, 40-60
Supporting speaking. August’s Bud-Light drinking father. Unbothered. Complacent to Bridgette. Not worried about August’s actions.

Bridgette, Female, 40-60
Supporting female. August’s mother. Conservative. Willfully ignorant towards August’s identity but still cares about his well being.

Also casting featured extras for a party scene.

COMPENSATION: Unpaid, but you will receive a copy of the film, IMDB credit, and craft services. All SAG-AFTRA guidelines, as found in the Student Film Agreement, will be followed.

Audition Location: College for Creative Studies
Shooting Location: TBD; Metro Detroit area.
Production Dates: Approximately late February and March.

How to Apply

Send the above information to Casting Email:

Auditions: Tuesday January 30th, Sunday February 4th
NOTE: Casting will contact you to schedule an audition on these dates

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  1. Rodney Belcher

    Hi wanted to see if they are still casting for this film. I applied to Nine9 and they set up an interview for me. I just want to make sure this is a legit company connected to the actual production process.

    Thank you,