A musical in Ohio is casting talent now!

About the Show

Have you ever wanted to act out a board game live in front of an audience?  Are you witty, comedic, and a good performer?  Now is your unique chance to participate in an exciting musical close to you.

There is nothing like playing a tense board game with family or a group of friends.  With the suspense of not knowing your opponents next move, or the hilarity of someone messing up a turn, board games create rivalries and friendships.  There have been thousands of well-known board games that will simply never be topped by modern day video games or technology.

Help us embrace the beautiful art of board games in front of an audience.  This musical is based off a popular board game and the audience actually gets involved in choosing the outcome.  The audience members choose cards representing potential scenarios, and the actors on stage act out the scenes and come together to form a conclusion.  In order to be a part of this cast, you must be able to think on your feet and give the audience a great show!


Looking for

Role #1, baritone/tenor: A male age 18-60.  This character is charismatic, handsome, and the playful host of the show. .

Role #2, mezzo: Female age 18-60.  This character is manipulative, social, and sexy

Role #3, baritone: Male age 18-60. This character is an intellectual with a wry sense of humor.

Role #4, wide vocal range: Female age 18-60. This character is shrewd and very attractive.

Role #5, baritone: Male age 18-60.  A pompous military man.

Role #6, wide vocal range: Male age 18-60.  Fun-loving maid portrayed by a man.

Role #7, baritone/tenor: Male age 18-60. A handsome, sly fellow.

Role #8, unique voice: Female age 18-60. A snappy, comedic and hard-nosed woman.


Now is your unique opportunity to participate in a musical near you.  Make a name for yourself, and take advantage of one of the several main roles casting now!



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2 Casting Responses

  1. Jerilyn

    I would love to apply for this opportunity.
    I am a 4’9″ female, dirty blonde hair ombre’d to bleach blonde. Green eyes, 20 year sold, and love to sing.

  2. Kellie Anne

    This was my favorite game ever when I was younger and I would love to be in a musical for it.

    My name is Kellie Anne Hughes I am 5’4″ and have a been told that I could sing someone’s ear off. Though I’ve never tried.
    I have plenty of experiance in the theatre field and nim 17 years old soon to be 18 in August. I have frizzy brown hair with bleached tips and Brown eyes. I’m can go anywhere between the ages 14 to 23.

    Should I email my resume and a video bbqnof me singing and where.