MTX! - The Disney Channel

MTX! – The Disney Channel

The Disney Channel rarely, if ever, misses with a project and they definitely have a hit with this one. Their series MTX! sizzles with action and sci-fi adventure packed stories and soon it will be sizzling with hot casting call opportunites. Another incredible hit from the world’s most beloved network is here and so could be your chance at becoming part of the Disney talent family.

MTX! will star Nathaniel Potvin, whose previous standout guest starring work on such Disney hits as Jessie and Girl Meets World put him on the fast track to his own Mouse House project, as Ryan, a young boy with the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind. With this great power

, and the help of his older brother Mark and two best friends Spyder and Harris, he sets out to defeat an evil corporation whose goal is to destroy his city. A trio of rising talents have also been listed in the still growing cast list in the form of Raymond Alexander Cham Jr. (Shake It Up!, Step Up All In, Teen Beach Movie 2), Kamran Allahverdy (Sam & Cat, Bella and the Bulldogs, Shameless) and Robbie Tucker (See Dad Run, Pack of Wolves, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Executive producer Steve Marmel, a 5-time Emmy nominee with credits that include Sonny with a Chance, The Fairly OddParents and Cow and Chicken, will helm the project with the help of director Zach Lipovsky (Sunshine Girl, Time Upon a Once, Ingress Obsessed). This creative duo and their team of casting directors are still rounding out the cast of this impressive Disney series and submissions will be accepted very soon.

Casting calls for MTX! will be taking place shortly for a group of roles including recurring, supporting, day player and extras and aspiring talent of all ages, types and experience levels will be able to apply very soon. Keep checking back for more audition updates and production news for this outstanding series as we will be posting more details as they are published. Be sure to leave a message in the box below and tell us what you think of this spectacular show and why you would like to be considered for upcoming casting calls for The Disney Channel’s MTX!.

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483 Casting Responses

  1. Saima Shahrukh

    my boys age 11,8 and 5 are extremely confident and energetic and of course talkative. They would love to be a part of your team

  2. Cassandra Rhynold

    I am interested in this role, I am from British Columbia, Canada.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Eye: Brown
    Hair: Brown, long
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 136

  3. mayom jam

    i should be chosen for this role because i know that i am highly experience and will fit well with this role.

  4. Tania Boshoff

    Hi my name is Tania and I live in south Africa. I’m 17 years old and I’m not even completely sure why I’m writing this comment, but I love acting, I love how people can live themselves into a roll making it believable. I like that in acting you can use yourself and also be someone completely different to portray a character. I have very little experience when it comes to acting, but even though I haven’t started from a young age I don’t want something so small to hold me back. I have so much yearning and passion for it. I can’t picture myself doing anything else. One thing I feel one should know that acting is not about fame or fortune, it’s about your passion talent to do something that is so powerful and magical, because that is what it is. I may still be naïve and think I’m one people of the many people who will make it someday, but I don’t want to be like others and settle when there is an adventure waiting for me. It would mean so much when you guys can be the starting point for my adventure. Love Tania.

  5. Olachi

    Being a actress is my dream I practice all the time I think I’ll be very good with this upcoming series

  6. kaila

    Hey my name is Kaila and i like to act,sing and dance i am 9 years old and acting is my dream it would be the world to me if i was on Disney Channel i hope you get back to be THANKS

  7. Diego

    Name :Diego Garcia
    Age : 15
    DOB :04/22/2001
    Height : 5’5
    Weight : 130
    Hair : Black
    Eye: Brown
    Gender : Male
    Location : Desert Hot Springs Ca
    Language :Spanish and English
    Race: Hispanic
    Talents : Dancing, acting, and directing
    Experience : I’ve been in some plays with my friend’s, family, and school plays. Acting is my passion I love to do it because it helps me feel free and it makes me happy, I would always act along with the TV show on Disney channel. Please contact me I would love to come out on a show or movie.

  8. Nicole Boland

    Name: Nicole Boland
    Age/DOB: 12 2003/11/19
    Height: 5.9m
    Weight: 39kg
    Size: small
    Hair: light brown – long (if necessary, willing to dye my hair)
    Eyes: hazel
    Gender: female
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa
    Language: English
    Race: white
    Nationality: English/South African
    Talents: acting,singing and dancing
    Experience: I have had three years training with Delia Sainsbury. I have done privet singing lessons for three years. I have also been in two live plays.
    Acting is my passion in life along with singing and dancing, and it has been for the past nine years. I would love to be in any TV show or movie, even as an extra.
    I love to act because it is like having a break from being yourself and seeing what it is like to be someone else.
    If interested, please contact.

  9. Kayla Kennedy

    Hi my name is Kayla I’m a 13 year old girl wanting to live her dream! I like to sing, I like to see people smile and laugh, and I love acting! It’s been my passion ever since I was 5! People tell me i can’t do it but I turn those can’ts into cans! I am 5 1/2 ft and I have long brown hair and brown eyes! If you wanna know what I look like I sorta look like Rowland Blanchard in my opinion. I love Disney channel and I believe dreams do come true! I’ve been in 2 musicals and I sang in front of a big audience! I hope you take me into consideration and have a fantastic day!

  10. Erin Dougherty

    I’m Erin and I’m 15 years old. I can’t put in to words how much I would love to get a chance to audition for this amazing show. I’ve been acting for 6 years and I cant imagine life with out acting. I’m a hard worker, enthusiastic and fun person. I really hope I get to audition and be a part of Disney channel it would be a dream come true.

  11. Seth Johnson

    Hi I’m Seth Johnson though I want to change my name to Jesus Johnson. I’m fourteen years old I’m technically a freshman in High School. I like Dancing, Singing, Drawing, and Writing. I love Disney Channel I basically grew up on it I watch it till this day I love the shows especially K.C. Undercover, and Backstage. I thank Disney for bringing me up when I feel down, or heartbroken.

  12. Zoey McKenzie

    Hi, My name is Zoey. I am 14 years old and LOVE everything Disney! I’m a huge fan of the Disney shows and actors and have always wanted to be a part of the Disney family. I have never acted professionally before, but I do write my own short stories and songs. I can sing; I’ve was a member of my middle school’s Advance Chorus for two years straight. I was also in band in my sixth grade year of middle school. I played the trumpet. I love music and am learning to play guitar. I am a rising 9th grader and am excited and nervous at the same time. I always put forth 100% effort when doing something and this opportunity (if chosen) would be no different. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time!

  13. Nepenthia

    I’ve always have wanted to be an actor and Im really good I’ve pretty much watched all the shows on disney since 2010 and I don’t just want the fame I just want to be in a show or movie like no just background but and real part..??

  14. Jahmarie williams

    my name jahmarie williams Iam 14 years old. I like football Iam a little bit good at raping and I would like to audition for Disney.

  15. joyce megane

    I’m joyce and i’ll really like to be part ofa disney casting but i’m an african and it’s not possible to live the dream i have to sing and dance .To be honest i don’t care about fame i just want to live my passion.And i hope i can count on ur help.

  16. joyce megane

    Joyce megane taylor

  17. Jahmarie

    my name is jahmarie williams Iam 14 years old.From I was 3 years old I always wanted to be on Disney channel.iam good at acting and this is my chance. this is all I got to say I know it’s not a lot but hope you pick me

  18. Emma Hawthorne

    Hi I also wanted to say it sounds amazing I think that once you make this show come to life, it’s sure to be a hit

  19. Emma Hawthorne

    Hi my name is Emma Hawthorne and I would love to be on the Disney Channel. I have played several roles and participated in many musicals at my local theater and I was the only fourth grader out of about a hundred 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to get a principle role in Aladdin jr. I have been writing musicals with my friends and then putting on a play for our parents ever since we were little. I am 5.2, am 10 years old, and weigh 80 pounds. I live in Marblehead, Massachusetts and I love it here. I am a Hispanic, Caucasian mix and I speak Spanish fluently. I have dark Brown hair and eyes. I love art, cooking, and singing! My favorite subjects in school are reading and writing! I am a figure skater and would love to become an actress for the Disney Channel.
    Weather it’s a big or a small part, I would love the opportunity and please notify me if any thing comes up!

    Emma Hawthorne

  20. Katie Gonzales

    Hi I’m katie gonzales.I’m 11 years old 4″11 I live in largo fl. I’m very patient and love disney channel I would love to be on this show if you’d pick me you would not regret it . I’m a female with no experience but I will try to be the best I can.

  21. caryse chong & shanyce chong

    hi caryse is 12 and shanyce is 10

  22. caryse chong & shanyce chong

    hi ,me and my sis are very talented and can sing, dance, act and play intruments
    we always wanted to act in movies

  23. Allison Davis

    Hi, I would like to have an occurring role on MTX. I am a girl and will be 12 on Halloween. My hobbies are acting and studying. I am in Jr. Beta. I have always wanted to be in the Disney family now I have a better chance. I do hope you consider me as an acceptable canadate for an occurring role on MTX. Thank you for your time.

  24. Basil Thompson Jr.

    My name is BJ Thompson. I am 17 years old and I am 5’10. I live in Bushkill, PA. I think this show is an amazing idea and I’m very excited to see what will come of it. I would love to be apart of it. I have 6 years of theatrical and vocal performance experience. I have worked with professional Broadway performers and teachers (ie: Andy Gale and Mark Janice). I have been in several plays and musicals, one being “Hairspray” as the role “Seaweed.” I’m hardworking and very dedicated to performing and I am ready to do whatever I need to do to make this role come to life.

  25. Monique Turner

    Hello my name is Monique Turner, I always wanted to be on Disney Channe.l I am 14 years old.
    I live in st.paul Minnesota. I am African Americans female 5’1 1/2 I would love to work on the show

  26. Nydreisha

    Ello my name is nydreisha williams, i am 12 years young my birthday is july 26. i live in st.petersburg florida currently attend azalea middle school 5’5 african America with dark beautiful brown eyes im in 8th grade i take direction well learn fast i offer a positive can do attitude i am a really outgoing young woman i believe i should be picked out of possibly thousands of young girls because im not doing it for the fame and glory i just really really love acting it gives me a chance to escape reality and i love that feeling thank you for considering me.

  27. Koraima

    Hello, my name is Koraima Bueno. I’m 17 years old. I’m 5’3. I have dark hair and black eyes. Disney Channel has been in my family for years. My parents love watching disney channel because it makes them laugh. My siblings love it and even my grandparents love it. I am also a huge fan of disney channel because of its awesome work and great shows. I would love to become part of the MTX disney channel family. I should be considered for a role in this TV show because I’m very charismatic, fun and easy to work with, outgoing, kind and I’m good at understand others. I’m also very good at working with others and working as a team.

  28. Chelsey Orta

    Hi my name is Chelsey Orta I’m 15 years old and I’m about to be a sophomore in high school. I’m pretty smart and my passions are acting, singing, and drawing. I’m just a really happy, silly person who’s in love with Disney to be on Disney channel would be an absolute dream come true. I’ve been in a few school plays and people usually tell me to pursue acting or singing and that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to do ?
    Height- 5’2
    Hair -brown
    Speak English and Spanish
    Live in Florida
    15 years old turning 16 in December
    Please keep in contact ?

  29. Jahlil Cambrice

    My name is Jahlil Cambrice Iam 11, Ihave been to auditions but it was only 2 when I have seen the work of Disney channel I said “wow it looks real fun being part of a cast and crew and working with the director I promise if you hire me I will not let you down on a scale of 1 to 10 I am at a 6 or 7 for memorizing lines and I do like to make people laugh also I live in New Orleans,LA

    P.S,Disney is my favorite channel

  30. Jahlil Cambrice

    My name is Jahlil Cambrice Iam 11, Ihave been to auditions but it was only 2 when I have seen the work of Disney channel I said “wow it looks real fun being part of a cast and crew and working with the director I promise if you hire me I will not let you down on a scale of 1 to 10 I am at a 6 or 7 for memorizing lines and I do like to make people laugh also I live in New Orleans,LA

  31. AMIYAH

    Hi my name is Amiyah Johnson. I am in aspiring singer and actress. My father owns his own record company but I’ve always been into acting. I have visited Barbizon, 321 acting, Central casting and recently my parents have been looking for a personal acting coach. This would be a wonderful opportunity. I am a creative enthusiastic and chill person. I am also a singer. I am up to any challenge. I’m willing to try new things. I use the motto there’s nothing to fear besides fear itself.

    About me?

    Name- Amiyah Johnson
    Hair – Sandy Brown
    Race – brown – caramel skin
    Eyes- brown
    Smile – big, bright, beautiful
    Grades – principles list, high honors all my life
    Location – Los Angeles
    I think they show would have the possibility to change Disney Channel. I would love to be a part of that change. Thank you for the opportunity and for reading about me.
    I tried uploading a picture to the site it wouldn’t let me. I have plenty of pictures if needed. thank you again ?

  32. Rosa Hernandez

    HI my name is Rosa Hernandez I would love to be consider to be on any show you might have to offer I love Disney I’m age 12 and i work very well with others please contact me soon thank you so much

    Xoxo Rosa Hernandez

  33. abdiwakil

    Hieght: 4 9
    Age: 12
    Hair: ribcage length/ brown with a little hint of faded blue at the tips
    Location: minneapolis mn U.S
    Sex: male
    eye brown
    Somali boy