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Movie Casting Call for Lead Roles

Do you want to star in a movie? Your chance is here! The upcoming movie “Brian Banks”, based on a true story, is looking for actors. The actor casting call is searching for men and women for lead roles! Casting directors are searching for African American females in their 40’s, a Caucasian or Asian male in his late 40’s through 60’s and an African American male in his 50’s. Filming will be in Memphis, Tennessee so local talent are needed. Exact shoot dates are unknown so all talent must be flexible in their availability. Pay for chosen actors will be the SAG scale rates of $956.00 per day. This is an amazing opportunity for any experienced or aspiring actor to launch their career. Apply to the 2017 acting audition to be considered!

About “Brian Banks”

“Banks” tells the real-life story of Brian Banks, an all-American high-school football player committed to USC by his junior year whose life was upended in 2002 when falsely accused of rape. Despite furiously maintaining his innocence, Brian was nonetheless railroaded through the system and sentenced to a decade of prison and parole. Ultimately, with the help of the California Innocence Project, Banks’ conviction was overturned in 2012 and he ultimately achieved his NFL dream with the Atlanta Falcons’ pre-season squad in 2013. [Variety]

What They Are Looking For

*PRINCIPAL TALENT* (Speaking Roles)

WANETTA’S MOTHER: 40s, African American female, Wanetta’s tough mother. She is covered in tattoos and has the tough, surly deameanor of someone steeped in gang culture. She used her daughter’s rape accusation to sue the school board. Now, a decade later, that charge is being called into question. Should be comfortable with cursing as this lady has some colorful dialogue. Tattoos not required but are helpful…6 speeches & 9 lines, 2 scenes

JUDGE MONK: Late 40s-60s, Caucasian or Asian male. Professional, judicial. This stern judge throws the book at Brian, despite a supposedly “lenient” plea deal. Years later, he once again holds the fate of Brian in his hands…6 speeches & 7 lines, 3 scenes

BARBARA FORD: 40s, African American female. Professional. Brian’s defense attorney, she persuades her teenage client to take a plea deal that puts him behind bars…10 speeches, 2 scenes

ARTHUR: 50s, African American male. this fidgety private eye has been hired by Brian to question the now adult Wanetta…6 speeches & 13 lines, 2 scenes

Pay rate: SAG Scale ($956.00) plus 10% agency (if applicable)

Location is in the MEMPHIS, TN area. Local Hire talent ONLY!

How to Apply

To apply for the casting call with subject line Brian Banks Principal (Specify Role).
You MUST include first & last name, height, weight, a valid contact number, city/state you live in.
Also include (2) RECENT photos – (1) headshot type and (1) full body type standing. (NO SUNGLASSES PLEASE! – we still have to be able to see your face).

NO blurry or pixelated photos! Also include any relevant acting experience – experience is NOT required but you should be very comfortable with being on camera and memorizing lines. If selected, we will ask you to come into our office for an in-person audition within the next week.

**Please do not send more than one email! Please do not email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work dates!! We are NOT currently accepting submissions for other Principal or background roles. Thanks!*
**PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT to this booking if you are not 100% fully available and committed! This will be audition selected by the Director and we do not want to audition anyone who isn’t going to show up or who isn’t fully available!**

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