Motive for Murder Seeking ActorsMotive For Murder is looking for Ohio based actors to fill out their talent pool for the upcoming murder mystery season and beyond. This is less community theater and more occasional part-time work. If you love a good murder mystery and think you have the acting skills to take guests on the wild ride of solving a murder mystery, this is the perfect job for you.

About Motive for Murder

Motive For Murder offers interactive murder mystery entertainment for any occasion, be it one night, overnight or an entire weekend. You and your guests become detectives, discovering clues, interrogating suspects and sifting through evidence while trying to figure out “whodunit?”.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are seeking male and female actors who are over the age of 21 to work in the upcoming murder mystery show. The pay for each actor is $100.00 per performance.

The company is currently casting the following show dates:


TALBOT: male; age 35-45; a tortured soul; morose and brooding but with a tendency for violent outbursts; think Chaney Jr.

YGOR: male; unspecified age range; a hunchback; prefer a petite actor under 5′ 6″.


DISGRUNTLED FEMALE EMPLOYEE; 20’s -early 30’s; somewhat sexy tomboy and a bit of a vixen

STORYTELLER: non-gender specific; no specific age; should like chocolate and/or candy and be good with treating adults like children; has a bit of a 1940’s flair; should know how to hold book.

FEMALE AGENT: no specific age; typical Hollywood agent

Ideal candidates should have theater experience, reliable transportation, and the ability to ad-lib comfortably in character. Improv skills and comedy chops a plus. Prior murder mystery experience not so much.

Rehearsals generally held mid-morning/early afternoon on the weekends in Euclid.

Must be 21 or over

$100 per performance

How to Apply

Serious applicants should send headshot/resume to: with the subject heading “Kill Me, Please” to be considered.

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