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Commercial Casting Call

Are you ready for your chance to appear in a McDonald’s commercial? There is a 2017 McDonald’s commercial casting call that is on the hunt for everyday people who stand out. Casting directors are searching for marvelous men and women who are collectors, who have show stopping wardrobe, amazing hair, carvers, visual and mural artists, sculptors, musicians, who have crazy decorated cars, identical adult twins or quadruplets, shop owners and more. The team wants people who are larger than life and something about them or what they do is visually incredible. McDonald’s commercial auditions will be held Tuesday, August 29th through Friday, September 8th. Filming will take place on September 20th and September 21st in Vancouver, Canada. This is a paid commercial job! It will pay union rates. Apply to the commercial casting call if this sounds like you. You may see yourself in the next spot for the fast food giant!

About McDonalds

Back in 1954, a man named Ray Kroc discovered a small burger restaurant in California, and wrote the first page of our history. From humble beginnings as a small restaurant, we’re proud to have become one of the world’s leading food service brands with more than 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. [McDonalds]

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for people who stand out – in a beautiful fantastical way!

People whose everyday selves are Larger than Life!

Or they could be quietly unique but incredibly expressive with their art or their home or sense of style.

Something about them or what they do is Visually Extraordinary.

Collectors of well, almost Anything…This is your Passion
People with Show Stopping Wardrobe Style!
People whose Hair is their Crowning Glory!
Visual Artists!
Mural Artists!
Musicians/Bands whose persona is Distinctive and Memorable
People who have crazy decorated cars
Identical Adult Twins or Quadruplets
Shop Owner of unusual but awesome
And all Family Friendly of course!
SURPRISE US! We haven’t met you yet so how could we possibly describe the Fabulous YOU?!


Auditions: Tuesday, Aug 29 – Friday Sept 8 (for some auditions we will come to You!)
Shooting: September 20/21
Callbacks: To be decided

Union/Scale/6 Month Dealer A + NY/1 yr. internet *Talent must not have appeared in a McDonalds commercial for 2 yrs.
Markets:6 Months Dealer A + NY/1 yr. Internet

How to Apply

Please email our team at info@VancouverCasting . Tell us a little bit about what makes you the perfect candidate and include a recent Photo or two of you and your Passion.
Also please let us know your Age, Contact Info, and put MCDONALDS in the subject line.

DEADLINE: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! (but latest Thursday Aug 31 by noon)

All submissions will go through a selection process. If you are chosen we will contact you with an audition date & time and address of the Studio!

*NOTE: If you are with an agent and you are called in to audition, please make sure to enter your agent’s info on the casting sheet. Your agent is your friend and ours!

Visit—mcdonalds-commercial.html for more information.

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Colleen Uhryn

    Hi!! My name is Colleen Uhryn and I am an actress. I live in Edmonton, Alberta.
    If there are any thing in Edmonton, Alberta I would like to audition for.

  2. Alex

    I am extremely into fashion and I play volleyball at a high level and I am interested in this audition, but I am 13 years old. What ages are you looking for particularly?

  3. Lisa lei

    Are there any auditions in Vancouver for kids?

  4. Rajveer

    I want auditions in india if possible in kolkata